Rest in Peace Rebekah and Austin

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  1. Some people’s Legacy are bigger than them so God takes them to their reward so their Legacy can carry its Power and Potential.

  2. God took two angels back! I'm so sorry for the loss of these two but they are together in a glorious place!!😢😢

  3. Seeing young active kids having fun and enjoying life is beautiful, then to hear about their deaths is sad. RIP!

  4. So sad, we never know when it is time to go home, but if they loved Jesus, they are together, and I love the music

  5. It's said to read comments of such bewilderment. People interpreting something that are words on a page without the individual emotions attached. We have all used words in face to face comments, that we rubbed people the wrong way. Notice the agenda that everybody is a racist. When the adjectives start flying then we may see c–t, jeez, POS, STOP Bitching. I did not read every comment written so please take as for Food For Thought. We live in such the society today that we can hide behind a name real or not and attack each other. The friend that did this video did it out of love. And that got destroyed. The reason you may see similar videos is in fact "big brother" tracking everything. It's like getting the cookies added after you view a website and this one is no different. Always, follow the money. if youtube knows you watch and like and comment on videos about memorials tributes you are going to keep getting more. Why? advertisements people are paying youtube to market a product and the right product is a potential sale. Why do restaurants advertise? Check your "cookies" people generally don't think about that as they are just get added. I have all the ads blocked on YouTube. I can watch a 30-minute video and not see one ad.

  6. Im sorry for your loss❤️
    losing a friend must be super hard. And not just a friend but anyone. But Jehovah God has promised us a better future! We will get to see them again it says it in the Bible: Acts 24:15 but when will this happen? Well in this article you will find the answer:

    If you have any questions please message me back. 🙂

  7. What is the point ? EVERYONE is happy because of their death. What is going on ? In the first place how this people know that they are going to heaven . Please don't play with God.

  8. Wow. A really tough one. We may never understand some of these things but God does promise to turn all things for good and per-fect everything that concerns us. One day we will understand all things.

  9. Do we live on, somehow after physical death? I believe so. Do we join the Universal Energy? Heaven? God? Yes, I think that, too…A young passing is always viewed as tragic, and it is certainly hard to argue about it. Especially to loved ones left behind to ask 'why', and mourn. But there IS a fuller, larger purpose in His Kingdom. And His way….Be comforted all who have lost a dear one.

  10. God calls some rosebuds before they can grow old, to make the land of heaven more beautiful to view. I know we are not spose to question him on things like this its just so hard understanding why he takes people that are clearly here to make a difference and would obviously have so many more years to make changes in this world. A world that can be so ugly with ppl that are mean and evil, it's so hard to understand why he don't take the bad ppl out and leave the good. Lord put tour hands on this family to get through each day of the loss of these precious, young followers of yours and put your hands on me as well for questioning why you do what you do. Hugs from Mpls.Mn (I do hope she made it back home to see her parents, family friends before this happened. This story doesn't say.

  11. I'm lost for words this is so sad a lovely young couple may they both rest in peace 💗💙💑

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