Resort Politics Back In Karnataka; Resigned Coalition MLAs Head To Goa

right breaking news now coming in sources have told India today that the MLA who resigned have now been told to have to go up the MLAs are now travelling in a minivan as we speak all right so it seems that with the whole resort politics that we have witnessed in the past few months in different other states now these Karnataka analysts the rebel MLA specifically could be heading to the state of Goa now where will they be staying whose arranged it who's trying to manage this backdoor meeting these are some of the updates that will soon bring to you but it is Goa that could be the next decks destination for these 11 MLAs now remember we are also being told that the resignation could be for from more than 11 MLAs it could even reach 14 this clearly means a massive crisis in the state of Karnataka and the mla's remember are both from the JD s and also from the Communists let's get an update from Nolan Pinto so Nolan go eyes clearly the next destination now but how has this information come up have any senior leader confirmed it when in fact to one of the discontent devilish was submitted his resignation today did confirm it my colleague now what we have what we are learning is that they might need two teams as of now ago eyes water they have confirmed but some of them also tell us that one team might be send to Goa and another team will be packed off to Mumbai so you have Mumbai and go out to different team most probably each Vishwanath will be heading towards Goa and and along with his team and rubbish they are clearly the rebel Congress leader who has submitted his resignation will be heading towards go up the information we are getting as of now and Nolan what is the present status there in the state what's been happening the Chief Minister is not there Rahul Gandhi is not reacting the the JDS also and the Congress both seem very clueless when it looks like that on the outside but what we told is that the nation are always heading back or rushing back to India from Europe where he is which one that here most probably should land tonight or early in the morning see from the sir we'll be landing in a new row tomorrow afternoon is what we are told so at least two days breathing space is what we are told that the Congress and the JD s will have because the speaker will not be a present in the office that's in the speaker's chamber tomorrow being a Sunday Monday he says that he is out of town so it's only Tuesday and H vishwanadh who spoke to the media outside the Raj Bhavan leading all the other MLAs who submitted their resignation no longer just hold you there former Prime Minister of the country and senior leader of the JD s HD David gora is currently speaking listening to him I don't wanna comment anything right now sir let the I comments all decide what is happening right now let's talk about all these things later when the time situation comes I will definitely talk all right so HD they're gonna are not really reacting and remember he's the only senior leader there HD Kumaraswamy is not even in the country at least for the next few hours and Nolan if you are still with me do you think that as if now a lot of responsibility will be on the shoulders of a steed ever gone up or this is clearly the ball and the speaker's got extremely confusing as to who's taking a call on these issues we thought the hey shiv kumar coming over there no normally one would one would expect the former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who is also the chairman of the coordination committee to look into this but he has remained mum he is the main quite he's he's not at all in the picture in spite of all this drama that's taking place kamaswami like you stated he is not there he is in the US they may sooner always rushing back from from Europe we don't have any other leaders who are looking into this in the JDS also either it is Kumar Swami mr. Kumar Swami the chief minister they forgot other Prime Minister but he very clearly has stated earlier in the day that I'm not first of all he said that he did not know about these things and he got to know about it on TV and he says that he spoke to his son and his son the Chief Minister says that everything will be fine that he is not at all worried and the government will not so it's okay for the people of Karnataka especially it's really confusing as to what is happening in the state right complete chaos it seems in the state of Karnataka with Congress Jarius mla's resign and the number definitely over 11 Nolan please stay on with me because more breaking news coming in thanks for watching the bit here for more such news and updates please like share and subscribe to India to be also check out our other great videos from our Channel we know you would love to

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  1. Fascist forces that have hijacked this country are butchering democracy/democratically elected government that represents the mandate of the people, left, right, centre.
    People of this country are reduced to helpless witnesses of the political games unscrupulous politicians are playing for their own gains and ends, at the expense of over 134 billion people. That size of the population mean nothing to a handful of people (politicians and plutocrats) that have made this nation into their PRIVATE BUSINESS meant for their sole PROFIT.
    India is treated a CORPORATE BODY, a COMPANY and the handful of SUPER RICH on the top of the pyramid are the self-appointed DIRECTORS and PROMOTERS of the company, making money for themselves out of all the business the company does.
    We, the people of India, are showing to the world that we (the current generation of India) are not capable of handling democracy, which the freedom fighters wanted this country to be.
    It only shows that a large number of people that were part of Congress party in States like Karnataka, have been opportunists without any ideals or values. They were wares that could be bought and sold at will. They have been in public life for making money for themselves. And so, when the fascists lured them with tons of money they just fell for it shamelessly. These showed that they have been people with no commitment to the ideals Congress party stood for.
    If Congress and other opposition parties were strong enough, they would, could and should have stood with the people of this country and challenged the elections that BJP-RSS rigged across the nation through the Election Commission and dubious Electronic voting machine based election. It remains the elephant in the room and nobody did anything about it. Congress, surprisingly, appears like it is in collusion with BJP-RSS fascists.
    The unscrupulous politicians have reduced this nation into a joke. They are taking the people of this country for a ride with impunity. It's a sad day for DEMOCRATIC INDIA, if any is left of it.

  2. Wait and watch,indian democracy is doomed,I have a gut feeling of a huge natural disaster coming from the cries of innocent indian citizens……

  3. Shame on Siddaramaiah and all his followers,basavaraj,jhakroli all fraud fellows no proper development in their constituency,J D's is at its mercy🤔

  4. This is like prostitution on the road in day light….what respect for people voted, corrupt to the core

  5. After the lok sabha election in one of the video I commented. That in July we will see this happening and here it is. The main leader of the rebel group is from our city. So he was just waiting for the green signal from Delhi.
    So the question is why now in July but not before or after ?
    Bjp wanted no controversy just after a landslide victory and distract their objectives. So June was given a rest.
    And this same incident will now show the opposition that their cadre is not willing to ally for opportunity and doesn't trust the higher authorities. And it also a big embarrassment for opposition, coz a year back they were dancing on stage of Karnataka and chest thumping about their unity. This is facepalm moment.
    And the second point is to show partners of bjp that any backstabbing act will make them obsolete. This is a very good lesson/example for Bihar to control the horses and scary moment for Mamata didi. This will sure make their cadre confuse and vulnerable.
    In a nutshell we can say BJP is way ahead in playing its moves and the opposition is no where. Their is league difference between the two.
    I wish if the same diplomacy would have been used for international politics by the previous gov. Today India position would have been way different.

  6. Congress JDS destroyed Bangalore … Bangalore was heaven… now no single road is proper in Bangalore, Now 4-4 hours power cut is happening in Bangalore … Can you imagine the Silicon Valley(Bangalore) which is giving the largest revenue to state not getting proper electricity and road… has been destroyed by this congress and JDS Coalition…Congress looted Karnataka like anything for Lok Sabha elections, congress majorly looted money from Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh…. 44000 crores direct scam of farmer loan waiver … good decision by these senior MLAs…

  7. Full drama.If they were serious they would not have gone to the resort. Money matters will be discussed and each may get 10 crores and they will stay back in the coalition. How long can people be fooled? Karnataka people are suffering while HDK is spending 5 lakhs each day in Taj West End.

  8. Dont blame politicians. Its the voters who is to be blamed. Even after repeates lessons learned, no change

  9. Pathetic ! Ridiculous ! Treacherous !shame on humanity ! Highly regrettable ! Condemnable ! a party ti repeat the past misdeeds of some parties exposes itself only its own vulnerability in future .

  10. First all MLA should be disqualified first so that the don't do such a thing as here after in Karnataka history

  11. People of Karnataka deserve this for not voting properly. Enjoy. All top leaders enjoying in foreign countries, resorts.

  12. I remember 90's period, those days these sick parties (jds, AIDMK, bsp, sp, tmc) did everything to stop bjp. They made bjp untouchable party. When I think of those days and see the present condition, I feel satisfied. It's the time which is taking revenge against these parties who tried everything to promote and protect Arabic jihadi culture and those child rapist mass murderer Muhammad's followers.

  13. When crores of rupees are offered they defect , how and where did bjp gets this fucking hoards of money?

  14. When we were young, we watched a movie called " Bombay to Goa ". These days we get to see on the news channels….Chennai to Bangalore…..Ahmedabad to Mumbai…..Bangalore to Goa all throughout the year FOC. Really bad news for Bollywood.

  15. Useless father with useless sons, this person is the main cause for the suffering people of Karnataka today. The great HDD. We are ashamed to have such leaders in India.

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