Republicans Want Protestors To Pay For Police Overtime Pay

Republican representative Jim Banks from the
state of Indiana serving in the US house of representatives is decided that he’s sick
and tired of these damn protesters. I mean earlier this week in Washington DC,
you had climate protesters who blocked off a lot of streets. You know, traffic was all hay wire people
couldn’t get through because of the protestors. It show representative Banks has had enough
and in his anger at these protesters, he decided to out crazy the rest of the Republican party
and he is now saying he’s going to put forward legislation that would force protesters to
pay the overtime costs of the police officers who have to go out there and monitor these
protests, make sure nobody gets out of line and arrest the people who do get out of line. He wants the protestors specifically any of
those who get arrested during a protest, you will now be paying the overtime of those police
officers. Yeah. You can’t do that. And I’m going to explain why in a minute,
but first I have to explain why representative Banks thinks protestors should be on the hook
for those costs. Here’s what he said. “Washington DC collects over 4 billion in
federal funding. Who is your taxpayers shouldn’t be on the
hook for illegal protests. It is a violation of their first amendment
rights.” Right now, my first Amendment’s a little rusty,
but I don’t know that I’ve ever, um, ever seen anything mentioned in the first amendment
of the US constitution that says that it is a violation of your first amendment rights. If your tax dollars go to play a police officer’s
overtime. If that officer had to work extra hours because
somebody was protesting and then got arrested. Now, if anybody finds that in the first amendment,
please do send it to me. All right. It’s been a while since I’ve read it, you
know, a couple of days. So maybe it’s changed since then. Maybe I read an abridged version, I don’t
know. But what I knew now is against the first amendment
of the US constitution, Mr. Banks, is that you can’t infringe on someone’s right to peaceably
assemble illegal protests. According to the first amendment. There’s no such thing as an illegal protest. It is a right given to every citizen of the
United States under that first amendment that is in the constitution, not we shall not pay
police officers over time if a protest or does a bad thing. Yeah. If somebody does a bad thing, they do a bad
thing. That doesn’t mean you get to limit the rights
of a protester. You cannot put an additional fee on somebody
who was protesting. That would be unconstitutional, you idiot. But this has come to sum up the entirety of
the Republican party representative Bank’s legislation may not even see the light of
day and if it does, it sure as heck isn’t going to pass the house of representatives,
but this is the level of extreme that the Republican party has reached trying to violate
the first amendment. By saying that if we don’t do it, it’s a violation
of the first amendment. I don’t know if that’s just a new kind of
doublespeak that we’re not used to hearing or if perhaps maybe there is just an insane
level of stupidity running in the veins of every elected Republican in this country. I’m inclined to think that it’s the ladder.

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  1. I’m from Ft Wayne Indiana the GOP is disgusting..They was giving the clan paid police protection for free in the 90’s.Facts was there myself

  2. All I can tell you is mr. Trump says nothing is going to be the way it was he meant that he is listening to his puppet master he's doing the best he can to mess things up before he leave office that would take years to fix I don't think so I believe the people will come to their senses sooner than later

  3. We shouldn't have to pay for something you have a first amendment right to do and the republicans should forfeit there pay for NOT DOING ANYTHING that benifits the citizens of this country

  4. No we need to have Politicians pay for the police to cover the cost of police overtime for having to be out there to cover the assembles.
    Now that might get us some more money with all these candidates running for office don't you think?

  5. I mean airport staff had to have been pissed in Hong Kong with protestors keeping people from leaving and cops throwing passengers and protesters around like ragdolls. So why not fine them when they at least interrupt businesses like Rank S assholes

  6. Okay, as soon as Trump's campaign rallies organizers pays the states for the overtime cost for his protection while he spread b.s., hatred, bigotry and racism during that rally.

  7. HEY, REPRESENTATIVE BANKS…how about making Chump re-imburse all the cities where he held his "patting myself on the back" fests for their extra police security costs BEFORE you even think about going after John Q. Citizen.

  8. It can't ever pay for all the terror, loss and sorrow, but I want to see federal laws that mandate gun insurance and heavy incarceration for violators. Of course, gun insurance would have to be very expensive to even begin to compensate for such atrocities.

  9. When tRump pays the cities he owes money to for renting their facilities and police protection we can discuss it further

  10. More public suppression of Voters & Citizen rights. The Dictators handmaiden, another Trump Sycaphant. Cheers from Michael. Australia.



  13. I truly hope these idiots in the government see your videos just so they can see just how big a joke they are in the eyes of the American people.

  14. How about Republicans pay for every lie Donald Trump tells. $1 a lie equals enough money to pay off the debt Republicans ran up for 3 years.🙄

  15. Who gives a damn if Republican Banks is sick of Protesters. There wouldn't be so many protestings if it wasn't for stupid asses like them wasn't in office. LOL.

  16. So protesters pay taxes which some part going to police budget.
    While the president doesn't pay taxes and refuse to show his tax files.

  17. Jim Bank need to learn his history. America was born out of protest, against British tyranny. The same way as Kaepernick protest about police brutality. So anyone that hate on Kaepernick for protesting against police brutality probably hate America. Because if British Empire was still alive and still has control of the America and brutalised an American citizen in his or her property, the Americans would probably knee or not even stand up for the British national anthem in protest.

  18. Protests are supposed to disrupt the day to day stuff. That's the whole point. And the Republicans say we libs want to enslave THEM. They only care about what works for them. Democrats, especially Corporate Democrats suck, but the Republicans literally make me sick. They would throw out the entire Constitution if it suited them.

  19. Another unamerican representative 😠 you idiot America was founded through protest the fact they protest is what makes them American.

  20. Yeah..sounds like a burly cop sittin on top of you while you can't beathe with all his weight,stop resisting..i'm trying to save your life!

  21. What does the GOP stand for today? States rights – not Trump just overrode California fuel efficiency standards there goes the 10 amendment,stifling investment in innovation and technology. 5 companies who've already signed up now in limbo.
    Family values – not 3x married serial sexual predator who has inappropriate thoughts about his daughter and pays off porn stars.
    Fiscal responsibility – not 1.5 trillion tax cut to top 1%. 23 trillion deficit. 150+ million for golfing at Trump resorts. $200,000 military accommodation at his Scottish resort. Turnberry lost 4.5 million in 2017 and up 3 million in 2018 after military became it's biggest client.
    Law and Order – not obstruction, collusion raiding defence budgets to pay for wall and his golf resorts. Military kids without new schools to patch up sections of existing wall.

  22. So they want us just shut up and take it. And not used our freedom of speech.hell no…I live in Indiana. And and I think they should used there 1st amendment rights. Specially some not right or unjustified

  23. And I want the police to pay for all lawsuits against them using their own pensions to cover each one. And sue the state and the feds if the department is found to be covering up for them. That will eliminate the bs quicker then trying to change the laws. And with 45 flooding the courts good luck on serious reform!

  24. Republicans saying that using tax dollars to pay for police overtime is wrong , look to your leader rethuglicans to see where the real big money is wasted, and in many cases used to gain, politically. Sometimes the level of stupidity these idiots project is beyond my comprehension, well, it's not , as they do it for a ( ill ) reason, but you get my drift right ? Trumpy my dear sad little conman, you are doomed.

  25. They already are paying with their taxes !!! The Republicans just don’t like freedom of speech! Unless it’s them talking!

  26. I think if it was up to those republicans they would reverse everything about the constitution, the justice system and the amendment and make it about themselves of what work for the republicans "Hilarious"

  27. I am for Trump paying for expenses out of his pocket when he golf, why do they think its ok for him to burn our taxpayers money on his personal entertainment almost all weekends?

  28. And I want Scott Pruitt to pay for the Constant security caravans he had all through his limited and crime ridden term in office. And that's just one example so….. Screw YOU REPUBLICANS!

  29. If they want to make people pay for making police work overtime for practically no reason, then look no further then this administration. Not to mention how Trump makes the secret service run errands for him. Like pick up his McDonalds orders. They the ones need to be compensated. As a person of color, our 1st, 13th, 14th, 4th, 2nd, I mean hell, might as well say all our rights have been violated by this president and his administration. Plus his donors and followers. So where's the compensation for people of color and Muslims??? Don't worry, I'll wait.

  30. Freedom of Speech, now costs money!
    The Republican Capitalist way!

    You're broke? You get no rights. 🇺🇸 Land of the *Free, home of the brave.

    * Free means you are free to purchase freedoms. Ask about our Rich Persons Discounts!

  31. Republicans still trying to suppress our opinions!This is not Russia These crooks work for us ,Banks can move to Russia! Republican Traitors!

  32. Damn right.
    A bunch of ignorant dumbasses being ignorant dumbasses need to be corralled.
    Our policemen have real duties to attend.
    When the miserable liberal losers commies and socialist scum want to protest and cause mayhem,heck yeah.
    Pay those men in blue extra.

  33. "One Republican, Jim Banks from Indiana, has now introduced legislation that would force protestors to cover the cost of police overtime for having to be out there to protect and monitor the protestors." LOL, we have the right to protest by the 1st amendment. Good luck Banks. Now, blocking streets is another issue. We have the right to protest, but don't do it illegally.

  34. So let me get this straight. RethuglieKKKlans want to force people who are merely exercising their First Amendment rights to pay for police overtime because wealthy elitists want to be able to stifle said protests. While at the same time, they're perfectly fine with Wrongald McConald stiffing entire cities on police protection. In other words, give everything to rich, screw everyone else. Typical Greedy Old Pricks.

  35. Well the people pay the police already cause taxpayers pay the salaries of the police and those protesters are taxpayers or children of taxpayers

  36. We paid enough taxes. 60% of the usa revenue for military is crazy. Meanwhile other countries are moving forward with new infrastructures. Get real

  37. Protesting is a Human Right! Republicans are seriously fucking stupid! How about we FORCE the fucking Police to pay out of their pockets for every unarmed black and brown civilians they unjustly kill because they are scared pieces of fucking shits instead of the TAX PAYERS paying for the cops crimes!

  38. They are ok with people to arm themselves with military grade weapons because the 2nd amendment has to be preserved. Any restrictions put on it could be a slippery slope to end the 2nd. But not ok for people the right of speech?

  39. Why not stop paying these people who think we must pay them for doing nothing and pay again when we raise our voices against their corruption.

  40. Oh, the republicans want protestors? Like trump paid them in El Paso and how many other cities did he not pay? It’s so weird being numb to such hypocrisy

  41. What other rights are we going to have to pay for? Our Founding Fathers committed treason to assure we all had these rights and could practice them without the government's interference.
    What's happening now in the United States is proof that all governments are the same. They all believe their primary purpose is the control of the people, any means possible.

  42. Shouldn't the title be "Republicans want LEFTIST protestors to pay for police overtime pay"? Because let's face it, if it were Right wing protestors been made to pay for police overtime they would start bitching about the state taking their money blah, blah, blah.

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