Republicans Trying to STEAL Kentucky Election They Lost

All right, so listen up. Republicans are going
to try or better said they are trying to steal that Kentucky gubernatorial election that they lost, which I told you about yesterday.
By the way, big interest in my story yesterday about the big wins by Democrats on Tuesday
evening and a bunch of different state and local elections. Usually the stories where
I talk about local and state elections and the implications that they just don’t do that
well. But I got dozens of emails from yesterday’s close to 100,000 views on YouTube and just
like the first 12 hours. So this is a good sign that people are engaged with the races
that are going on. So one of those races was the Kentucky gubernatorial race in Kentucky,
a very red state, which Donald Trump won by 30 points over. Hillary Clinton in 2016 had
a Trump loving governor named Matt bell gubernatorial candidate named Matt Bevin. A major democratic
victory has taken place with democratic challenger, Andy Beshear, the attorney general of the
state, knocking out the incumbent Republican governor. Now this is Kentucky. It’s not a blue state.
It’s not a purple state. And officially at this point in time, it is a blue victory in
a very red state. By 5,189 votes for Andy Bashir, the Republicans are going to fight
to the end to steal the election. And here’s how they’re going to do it. First of all,
as as a mere formality, the governor has refused to concede. Now again, as I’ve said before,
concessions don’t really do anything. But later on it can be pointed to, to try to build
the case that they from the beginning didn’t believe that they had actually lost. Okay.
Because of the small margin, they are going to demand that the entire state be re canvased
as it’s called, because of concerns that they are generally talking about regarding voting
irregularities. Now, the thing is, they’re not telling us what those irregularities are. Uh, they say quote, we want the people of
Kentucky to have absolute confidence that their votes were counted as they should have
been counted, but there is no indication about why someone would suspect that their vote
was not counted. And there’s also no specific claims or evidence that have been presented
that anyone’s votes were not counted, particularly in a way that would have hurt the democratic
candidate, uh, or helped the democratic candidate as counted, but would help the Republican
candidate if they had been counted the correct way. But the whole point of all of this is
not even to get the re canvassing to change the results because it is unlikely that re
canvasing would flip 5,189 votes, which is the margin of victory. So what’s the real
point here? The point is they want to escalate the entire process to the state legislature,
which is controlled by Republicans because section 90 of the Kentucky constitution says,
quote, contested elections for governor and Lieutenant governor shall be determined by
both houses of the general assembly according to such regulations as may be established
by the law. So understand that all of this is premised
on supposedly voting irregularities which were not reported on election day and which
the Republicans refused to actually give us any examples of, Bernie is furious saying
quote, in a democracy, we can not allow politicians to just overrule the election results, the
vote, the will of the voters must be respected. Now this is a very long shot, especially since
even if the state legislature does get to decide, they still need to establish, establish
some fixed process for how it’s all going to be carried out. It’s not just they pick
the winner and they pick the Republican, but it is still a last ditch effort and they are
extraordinarily desperate and the most likely way I’m guessing that they would try to make
some kind of progress is to make some kind of argument about the libertarian candidate
supposedly getting 2% of the votes and that’s larger than the margin of victory for the
Democrat. And they will probably try to say there is,
you know, there were, there were votes credited to the libertarian that were met for the Republican
or whatever. I mean, none of this stuff makes any sense. I’m just thinking ahead to what
they’re most likely to do. If it sounds absurd and ridiculous to you, it’s because it is
absurd and ridiculous, but they don’t care. The means always justify the ends if it keeps
a Democrat out of office, even if the Democrat one, so we’re going to be watching this one
very closely. There’s a lot of coverage about this one on common dreams, daily COEs and
a lot of other activists, lefty websites. It’s on Bernie Sanders radar. So hopefully,
um, it will not lend itself to a situation where Republicans can actually pull this off,
but they are furious. They see what Tuesday night’s election results potentially mean
for them in 2020 they see what it means to start losing state houses and governors mansions
in red States across the country. Virginia turned totally blue. There were interesting
results in some parts of Pennsylvania that are traditionally red that I did not get to
on Tuesday night, which a lot of people emailed me about and are important and and we hopefully
will get a chance to talk about at some point so they see what is going on. Whether they
attribute it to being damaged by Trump or not. It depends on which Republicans you talk
to. Some of them do, some of them don’t. But this is potentially going to be a bloodbath
in 2020 but I don’t want a single one of you to hear me say that and believe that now you
can rest on your laurels and not have to work our asses off for 2020 we could take the Senate
back. It’s an uphill battle, but I outlined how it could happen, but it’s only if we really
work in all of those important States where there are elections that could go from Republican
to Democrat. We could knock out Donald Trump, but it’s
going to come down to actually getting out the vote in those key battleground States
that I told you about yesterday. It could look really good or it could be another four
years of a Republican Senate and Donald Trump in the white house. That’s a a real possibility
if we don’t actually do what we need to do.

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  1. If the Republican party gets away with this, will the people of Kentucky take a stand against them to make things right?


  3. Exactly the kind of anti-democratic treachery that GOPs have been perpetrating for decades. The Dems need to grow some fucking teeth and start imprisoning vote frauds.

  4. Democrat governor elect Andy Beshear must have his legal team…"powered-up" for any political unsavory trickery or steal the election shenanigans, that the "loyalist Trump Republicans" will utilize in attempts to overturn the beautiful people's votes in Kentucky.
    Democrat Andy Beshear should make sure his legal team investigate and shadow any alleged voting irregularities… which could be Republican's general assembly… version of election irregularities…lies, lies and more lies. America, don't forget to enroll for healthcare insurance coverage…ACA/Obamacare.

  5. Really- is anyone surprised? The dumb/spineless Dems- just let them get away w/it. Trying to play nice to some thugs & heathens- does not work….By now- the Dems are clueless. If the Dems had stormed into the Bengahzi hearings- like gaetz-( did on the impeachment hearings- & big mouth jordan cosigning him) the repubs would have called the military in on his @§!

  6. Ok now they are coming up with some con sh** , Don't they know the people see all of this, Damn Trump con talk has rub off on them. So every lost they get is to be done the same way, Damn it's enough that Russian is in on our vote.

  7. David thank you for speaking the truth!
    Keep us posted on this matter. The republicans 🤑💩, are the worst low-life crooks in the USA. They will do anything to stay in power 💪. That is anti US 🇱🇷 Constitution and democracy.

  8. Let's learn what we'll see on 2020 if Drumpf somehow beats the impeachment and participates in the presidential election and loses ! If he wins , he will try to stay in power for life and leave a designated heir to the "throne" he's been letting us know his tendencies in repeatef ocassions already !

  9. If this ploy works, we might want to arm up for the 20/20. War could be on the horizon, and our forefathers had to take it to the battlefield to earn our Freedoms. Might be up to us to go back to war, as domestic enemies are attempting to take them away. Use that 2nd amendment as it was intended!

  10. Wrong as they are at least Republican don't go out without a fight and I do find it a lot more admirable to losers of establishment Democrats.

  11. Its always the Republicans who r found to b/have cheated, including a loser by 3 million still sitting in the Oval Office.

  12. Gimme h s politics Anytime.
    If a candidate tried this b.s in CO., the voter base wouldnt allow it. Waste of money. And our vote shall not be questioned.
    Vote Rep.Cory Gardener ( R-CO.) out.

  13. Bull shit, the dems have been cheating in elections for years.. there are votes for basher from people that live in different states. Also Kentucky is a blue state that is turning red. Kentucky has been blue for 90 out of the last 100 years….you clearly dont know shit

  14. Please register and go out there and VOTE #BLUE in 2020. Putin is getting his Russian minions to help tRump rig 2020. The GOP are trying their best using dodgy methods to win 2020 so they can dismantle US democratic freedoms. EVERY VOTE COUNTS so get out and vote #BLUE2020 – our democracy depends on YOU

  15. Oh, they cheated in this election. They just didn't destroy enough Democratic votes. This is what they have been doing since they have been in office. Next time Republicans will destroy 50,000 votes.

  16. Democracy is rapidly winding down in the U.S. and the Republican crime syndicate is doing the winding. If we allow them to, they will shut out all opposition before 2028.

  17. The Russians colluded with Colonel Sanders to steal election for Trump because he eats Kentucky Fried Chicken and there’re lots of chickens in Russia where they make Chicken Kiev.

  18. So the Republicans are trying to make Kentucky like FLA when they don`t get their way. Re count…count it again…count one more time…..count the count that we Re counted.

  19. Republicans have always cheated to win. You don't really think so many voters would vote against their own interests do you?

  20. this dude is filling you with load of bs. want the truth? youtube search "Was Kentucky Election Stolen". runs about 8 mins. the site is called "Millennial Millie". she talks with the state board of elections official, on air, who explained they are searching through 175,000 purged voters who were put back on the rolls just before the election by a dem lawsuit. she wants to know why and how her and her husband voted democrat in kentucky when they are not dems, don't live in the state anymore and didn't vote. she is just one of one of thousands with the same questions. you will see what a liar this guy is and what weak minded idiots he thinks you are.

  21. You can't STEAL an election if there are lists of voters who were never actually registered to vote let alone as Democrats you fear mongering hack job!

  22. Republicans are the scum of the earth and should be treated like any other terror network and locked up in Guantanamo Bay and subsequently interrogated until we find out exactly who their real handlers are.

  23. The only reason trump moved to Florida is to try and steal the presidency election 2020, just watch ad see! Some counties in FL. we're breached last election, so here we go again!!! Putin boys is suppose to try and use satellite communication to alter vote counts.

  24. Mr. Beshear – The phrase your were looking for is "The ends justify the means," not vice versa. But you already know that since you aren't dumb, as many Republicans are pretending to be at this point in history.

  25. Losers prove they are losers when the refuse to accept the fact that they are losers even when "we the people" have identified them as losers.

  26. What ever happened to their oath of office? I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which i am about to enter. So help me God. It doesn't mean sole allegiance to a political party that has gone rogue. It doesn't mean allegiance to the Most unethical and rogue President in America's history who happens to be a Con Man. It means doing the right thing for all of America. Your voters elected you to help make their lives a little better going forward into the future. Not to line your pockets up with ill gotten gains.
    All the while using shorten coded words to

  27. We are,, so tired of the Republicans,,,. Liars Crooks and thieves,,,. Write down all of their names and make sure you vote for the ones running against them,,,. !!! And if you can find one that's on food stamps and welfare,,,. They're the ones that knows what America needs,,,. !!! three part time jobs and never at home with your hungry children is not what we need,,,. !!!

  28. i think we all know how this record goes… GOP accusation of voter fraud… they'll look into it and find one or two instances and they'll be republicans. It's always republicans doing it

  29. He needs to blame trump for that stupid ass rally 😂😂😂 fuck voter fraud..they realize how stupid this president is and that their governor side with this idiot..and made people realize they don’t need his ass! 😂😂

  30. Illegal immigrant voter fraud was rampant in Kentucky.
    Only US Citizens are allowed to vote.
    There needs to be a full and thorough investigation.


  32. This is just a dress rehearsal for 2020 and Trump.  Trump said the election was fixed WHEN HE WON, just think what he'll do if he loses.  Banana Republic, all because of Trump supporters.

  33. They are everything and more that they accuse others of doing. It's simple, they are now the party of corruption but their idiot supporter of this party don't know or understand this.

  34. What's the surprise? At the moment nothing surprises me coming from the Republican party. They just go lower and lower. No values, no social conscience, no democratic behavior, no respect of institutions. I am not American and I don't live in the states, I have been following your political events and I am astonished with that thing that you call republican party.

  35. So a year ago I took you as an intelligent liberal where I could get some actual logical points without all the hyper partisan bias. Now it seems you have gone full MSNBC:
    1) Ky has had a total of 2 republican Governors in the last 49 years, so it this really a huge upset? Yes Trump won it by a large margin , so what? Reagan won it, Bush won it.. and all their terms …. democratic governors. On top of that Bevin was unpopular even with some of his own party. So no, this isn't an upset. In addition Beshear's own ad (that was also running on the day of the election) revolved around Trump voters supporting Trump but voting for Beshear. Does that sound like a referendum on Trump?
    2) You've talked about "crazy republican conspiracy theories" in the past yet have created this narrative about the motives of the republicans and their plans to use a rule to get the legislature to end up electing the governor….. versus that it was less than a .4% margin of victory and they want to recount it. Did you think the Democrats were trying to "steal" the election last year in Florida when there was a recount with a .5% difference (over 20,000 vote margin there!)? I missed that video from you. Or it could be that a lot of states (including Fla.) initiate an automatic recount because when the margin is that razor thin they want to ensure the count is accurate and the will of the voters is met, not to "steal" the election in some diabolical scheme.
    But yes , it makes much more sense that this is an evil republican plot to get the house to overturn an election to gain a governorship for 4 more years of an unpopular governor in the first place, because that wouldn't hurt the republican party in Ky at all (/sarcasm)!
    You have seriously gone to fully living in your own leftist bubble , which is sad as to me you used to appear to use reason first to base your opinions on.

  36. The shameless GOP Gerrymandering, redistricting, suppressing, ballot harvesting, tossing ballots into a fire, hanging chads, blocking doorways, misinformation tactics, rigging voting machines and help from foreign governments. Now, they’ll just use people in their own party to overturn an election in their favor because they can’t see what Trump and his enablers have done to the party and the confidence to the average citizen. Greed, graft and corruption are the core values of the GOP today.

  37. Watch this report of this woman who unregistered in Kentucky and was a republican, but because of litigation that failed to remove 175,000 incorrect voters from the roles she received voter registration that showed her and her husband as Democrat and he wasn't even registered to vote because he was an immigrant. Because of motor voter law, there are additional illegal voters registered and obviously, since this lady's party was switched without her consent, it is possible that this is the tip of the iceberg. Definitely worth an investigation with such a close election.

  38. There is NOTHING Christian about the Republican Party! They wrap themselves in the flag while calling on the cross they weald above their heads in hopes to fool you..(Just as the devil would do)..and for so many gullible folks, thats works!
    You need to STOP lying to yourself, God is not on that team..God IS a Liberal, the biggest that ever was and you are flipping him off in favour of Evil!
    Badly Done Republicans, BADLY DONE..SHAME ON YOU ALL!

    Republicans ARE the Conniving, Lying, Fascist Deep State!

  39. Lets be honest all Republicans do now is LIE, CHEAT & STEAL…. Otherwise they'd never win any elections outside of the deep south….

  40. Republicans are lying cheating hypocritical constitution breaking trash. The entire party needs to be illegal and eradicated.

  41. A win is a win no matter what if I crossed the finish line with and the other racer crossed with me and he as a few inches in front of me he wins plain and simple and the same for this race Republicans lost by 5000 votes there's nothing to argue about they lost.

  42. I mean… what the fuck did you expect from the Republican party at this point? I called it literally the minute I heard a Democrat won in the Kentucky race.

  43. The Republicans party stole Florida but this time we will not allow it. You lost, so move on and let's see what you been doing to the state that was hidden. KARMA ALWAYS allows corruption to be REVEALED.

  44. This illustrates one of the reasons why founding fathers were against parties. The branches can't be checks and balances on each other's when they're colluding due to party loyalty rather than loyalty to their branch and constituents.

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