Republicans question Vindman’s bona fides

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  1. This is hilarious. The Republicans are flailing unbelievably and they can't even wait for answers because they are scared of them.

  2. He cowards away from questions from republicans.. I think he's the whistleblower. This officer never worked hard enough to be a republican or a patriot. Go back to your desk and blow a General

  3. this is a sad day for America. These Republican representatives are lost in the wilderness. They have forgotten their oath is to the Constitution not their party and certainly not Donald J. Drumphenfaust.

  4. Vindman looks unflappable. I guess a seasoned combat veteran can handle sitting in a room as idiotic questions by sycophants are lobbed harmlessly at him.

  5. Remember what they said about Robert Mueller, another veteran? Republicans do not care about veterans. It's all about 'winning' to them. For truly good people winning or losing doesn't matter. It's all about doing the right thing. Republicans are the shallow bastards. Don't ever forget that.

  6. Republicans are disgusting
    and should be ashamed of
    themselves for questioning
    his integrity and his duty to
    this country and not Trump
    as do so many Republicans
    who suck-up to this draft
    dodger, whose father payed
    a doctor to say Trump had
    bone-spurs. The Republican
    party has become a party of
    DEPLORABLES, with no morals and no sense of
    obligation to this country or
    it's CONSTITUTION. Loyalty
    ONLY to Trump, who is loyal
    to nobody.

  7. this is the guy who said he was blown up by a bomb . but was back at work the same day, was it a STINK BOMB by any chance. P.S i would love to be a republican up there asking questions .. i would tell them this sham is going nowhere but IF WE TAKE BOTH HOUSES , at the next election .. the full force of american justice is coming down on schiff and pelosis head . and you will be jailed


  9. US Army active duty Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman puts the California hog farmer in his place on live television. Priceless.

  10. On a related note… Recently I paid a visit to my grandfather, retired Army Colonel Bob E. Lee "Bobby Lee" Shokanaw and tried to explain to him that contrary to how things were when he was on active duty on guard against the Soviet/Communist menace , the Russian Federation is now our ally and their esteemed President Putin (who is not a murderous kleptocratic thug) works closely with ours (who is a Stable Genius who knows all the best words, and is not an overfed, semi literate former real estate bunco artist), and in fact more or less provides all of the policy and directives our esteemed Chief Executive, the Chosen One and King of Israel, needs in order to run the country – the Divided States of Amaralago (DSA), land of red baseball caps, seemingly endless stockpiles of guns and ammunition and Free Enterprise for the wealthy. Initially, Gramps was appalled at the idea that Russia is actually our ally and our enemies are now Deep State Libtards, the FAKE NEWS mainstream mediaand terrorist Mexican hombres who want to sell drugs and molest children in the basements of pizza parlors that don't have basements (and then vaccinate them after they're finished with the molesting). To calm him down, I took him out for a ride in my Heavy Duty Chevy Silverado – the Special "Climate Change Coal Roller MAGA 2020 Edition", which as of last week has a brand new custom painted mural of President Trump's head on top of Rambo's body on the drivers'' side panels and a brand new pair of dangling Truck Nutz.

  11. Republicans will go down in history as the biggest liars in American Political history plus the most racist and most heartless..

  12. Morrison also said that Fiona Hill told him not to trust Vindman and cast doubt on his judgement and suggested he might leak information. After casting aspersions on the character of this American hero in his defense I would only refer back to the glowing employment review Fiona Hill wrote just before she lef, which Vindman had in his possession and read out loud to us. In her own words "he was the best officer she had worked with in the previous 15 years" In her own words he was "brilliant, unflappable and exercised excellent judgement."

  13. This is my Hallmark card The tears of my heart Tears of my thoughts is the tears from heart ,And the tears is of love that haven send from above The love is what God wanted all of us to have in our heart of man and mankind my tears are true and sometime they are blue, But I thank God for feeling my heart and hearing my thoughts on
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  14. Why are we supposed to attack and destroy Russia? Just so Mr. Vindman feels vindicated that Soviet Union was evil and his dad made the right decisions to leave?

  15. We still don't know why Mr Morrison left the room seeking to talk to the lawyers if there was nothing wrong with the call? And why did they immediately feel the need to hide the tape in the secret server?That makes no sense, was brought up several times to no avail. He had no good explanation. Was he lying? What was he hiding?

  16. Let me get this straight, we have the transcript of Trump's phone call, but we need Vindman to reinterpret it for us because we're too stupid to simply read and comprehend the transcript. Similar to when Adam Schiff recently read to Congress a fabricated version of Trump's conversation with the Ukrainian President.

  17. Dig just a little bit deeper into his past and I gurantee you that there are some shocking sexual indiscretions. The look never lies.

  18. Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman.
    Military Awards:
    Purple Heart
    Defense Meritorious Service Medal with bronze oak leaf cluster (2nd award)
    Meritorious Service Medal
    Army Commendation Medal with three oak leaf clusters (4th award)
    Army Achievement Medal with two oak leaf clusters (3rd award)
    National Defense Service Medal
    Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
    Global War on Terrorism Service Medal Donald J. Trump
    Korea Defense Service Medal Military Awards:
    Army Service Ribbon Heel spurs.
    Overseas Service Ribbon (4th award)
    Valorous Unit Award
    Navy Unit Commendation
    National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation,
    Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation
    Combat Infantryman Badge
    Expert Infantryman Badge
    Ranger Tab
    Basic Parachutist Badge
    The Presidential Service Badge
    Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge

  19. LMAO! When caught as the leaker he doesn't want to talk! Do Democrats think we should just ignore corrupt Democrats? Why don't they want Biden looked at???

  20. It seems quite apparent to me that Colonel Vindman bypassed his superior, Mr. Morrison, in immediately communicating his concerns with the July 25th phone call between Trump and Ukraine's President Zelensky because he didn't believe Mr. Morrison was trustworthy enough to take Colonel Vindman's concerns beyond their exchange to expose the corrupt details of that call. Because Colonel Vindman and Mr. Morrison had only worked together for a short couple of months, I believe Colonel Vindman felt compelled to seek the 'safety of others' in the State Dept. whom he had complete confidence with in communicating the treasonous details of the July 25th phone call.

  21. Closet gay medal
    Snitch and Rat medal Scumbag division.
    I'm the new boss of Ukraine medal
    My brother and me are heroes medal
    Me me me me me & my sob story family medals
    Fatso office Jockey medal for bitchy snides with an axe to grind medal

  22. So full of himself that’s why he is a problem . Need control power need to hear what those under this col, V may be experiencing

  23. President Trump ought to immediately remove all U.S. Army personnel from the White House and its environs and replace them with Marines and Air Force personnel in light of his experience with this indiscreet motor mouth.

  24. Vindman is a Bona Fide Hero. Thank you sir. You are one of the very few Brave Patriots in this tRUMP Cult age. There is no Free Speech welcome in this age…. it is in grave danger of being Extinct.

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