Republicans, Losing Impeachment Fight, Call Democrats “Dumb”: A Closer Look

-Republicans are standing
by President Trump, even after major election losses and bombshell testimony and, now, they’re
calling Democrats dumb. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Suspenseful theme plays ]
[ Cheering and applause ] Donald Trump is nothing, if not a pioneer
of the English language. You might think
he’s just making up words or doesn’t know how to read,
but that is not the case. You see,
Trump doesn’t make errors. He makes discoveries. He’s like a scholar. [ Laughter ]
Spends all night scouring obscure, 15th-century
medieval texts, looking for previously
unknown words. [as Trump] Eureka!
I found it! Lawmakers used to be called… -Lawmarkers. [ Laughter ]
-And, recently, recently, Dr. Trump has made yet another [ Laughter ]
profound linguistic discovery. He’s invented a new,
powerful word that he loves so much,
he’s now used it twice at two different rallies
in the span of one week. -First, they engineered
the Russia hoax. That was a total hoax. The single greatest lies ever foistered [ Laughter ]
upon the American people. Then, it was Mueller. Remember Mueller,
with that hoax? [ Crowd booing ] The biggest lie ever foistered [ Laughter ]
upon the American people. -That’s right, foistered. [ Laughter ]
He sounds like Daffy Duck trying to say “faster.” [as Daffy] Foister, foister! [ Laughter ]
The Democrats are after us! [ Cheering and applause ]
Trump is surrounded, surrounded by so many sycophants
that no one was willing to tell him
foistered is not a word, [ Laughter ]
so he used it twice. Soon, his underlings are
gonna to start using it, too. [as official]
This administration is moving foister and foister
[ Laughter ] than any administration
in history, but we’re being stonewalled
by Democratic lawmarkers! [ Laughter ] Trump’s not the only linguistic
genius in the GOP this week. GOP Senator Lindsey Graham
went on Fox News twice to talk about the
impeachment inquiry. Now, Graham was asked
about testimony from one of Trump’s
handpicked ambassadors, a guy named Gordon Sondland, who donated $1 million
to Trump’s inaugural committee. This week, Sondland admitted
that there was a quid pro quo to get Ukraine
to investigate the company that employed Joe Biden’s son
Hunter Biden. That company was called Burisma, and, yet,
Graham couldn’t pronounce either the name Burisma
or the name Sondland. -There was concern that
the prosecutor was getting too close to Hunter Biden, that people from Bearmoosa,
whatever the name [ Laughter ]
of the company, a conversation with Sunderland. Now, here’s a question: Why did Sunderland
change his testimony? Was there a connection
between Sunderland and Democratic operatives
on the committee? It makes me incredil–
incredibly suspicious. Why did Sunderland
change his mind? -You think he’s in cahoots
with the Democrats? You’re not even in cahoots
with your own mouth. [ Laughter ]
Trump and Graham sound like two guys leavin’ a bar
at 4:00 am, arguing who should dive home. [as Trump]
Give me the keys. You’re too foistered to drive. [as Graham] No. Why? No. Why? We need a r–
I’ll call Sunderland. [ Laughter and applause ]
He’ll pick us up in his Chevy Buhroozmuh. [ Laughter ] Also, verbal slipups aside, you think one of Trump’s
handpicked ambassadors, a guy who, again, gave him
$1 million to his campaign, is in cahoots
with the Democrats? These guys are such
paranoid freaks, they’re gonna start accusing
everyone of bein’ against them. [as Trump]
Who’s the whistleblower? Is it you, Rudy? What’s that around your neck? [as Giuliani]
Oh, no! Oh, no! I thought this was
my lucky necklace! [ Laughter ] And, yet, despite the fact
that these guys can barely get two-syllable words
out of their own mouths, they’re actually accusing
Democrats of being stupid. Last night, during Trump’s
rally in Louisiana, Senator John Kennedy brought up the impeachment
inquiry and said this… -And you know what our Democrats
friends have done for him?! [ Crowd shouting ] Speaker Nancy Pelosi
is trying to impeach him! [ Booing ] I don’t mean any disrespect, but it must suck
to be that dumb! [ Laughter ]
-I think you did mean some disrespect. I’m sorry, she’s dumb? You don’t get
to call anyone dumb when you sound like a cross between Gomer Pyle
and Foghorn Leghorn. [ Laughter and applause ]
[ Scat sings as Kennedy ] [ Cheering and applause ]
[ Continues scat singing ] [ Cheering ]
I mean, again, I don’t how can you be
so judgmental. The dude you’re standing next to
thinks foistered is a real word [ Laughter ]
and can’t even spell his own name.
That’s real. [ Laughter ] That is from a tweet
Trump wrote himself. You know how you get points
on your SATs just for writing down your name? Trump would be
the first student in history to get a score back that said,
“Maybe college isn’t for you.” [ Laughter ]
That same Kennedy’s also defended Trump
during the impeachment inquiry by saying that, even if there
was a quid pro quo with Ukraine, Trump didn’t intend
to break any laws. Kennedy said in an interview,
“To me, it all turns on intent motive. Did the president have
a culpable state of mind? Based on the evidence
that I see, that I’ve been allowed to see,
the president does not have a culpable state of mind.”
[ Laughter ] That’s because he doesn’t
have any state of mind. [ Laughter ]
His mind is empty. If Trump took a meditation class
and the instructor said, “First, begin
by clearing your mind,” Trump would immediately shout… [as Trump] Done.
I did it. Mind cleared. [ Laughter ]
Empty head cavern. So these guys think
there’s a shadowy conspiracy against them and they
think Democrats are dumb for pursuing impeachment, despite the fact that a majority
of Americans support it. In fact, these guys are so
out of touch with reality that, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi first announced the impeachment
inquiry in November, Trump himself argued that it
would actually be good for him. -I just heard
that she’d like to impeach and, I mean, if she does that, they all say that’s a positive
for me, from the election. -Oh, do they all say that? [ Laughter ]
When you say they, do you mean your other personalities?
[ Fresh laughter ] [as Trump] Scared Trump
says it’s bad. Sassy Trump says it’s good and Nerdy Trump says bazinga. [ Laughter ] So Trump said impeachment
would actually be good for him politically
and, yet, on Tuesday, Republicans saw major losses
in Virginia; and Kentucky, where a Democrat
won the governor’s race in a state Trump won
by 30 points. Now, to be clear, Kentucky’s
incumbent Republican governor, Matt Bevin, was one of the most unpopular governors
in the country. He fought with teachers
and tried to gut Medicaid. Overturned an executive order
restoring felon voting rights and he tried to implement
work requirements for Medicaid recipients. And I would just like to say,
if we’re gonna start instituting work requirements
for federal programs, maybe we should start
with the presidency. I mean, Trump is always golfing.
[ Laughter ] He never works. He’s like
that friend everyone has who’s always posting photos
from exotic locations, but when you ask him what he
does for a living, he’s like, “Uh, well, I’m workin’ on an app
that tells you which Starbucks
has the best bathrooms. [ Laughter ]
Yeah, it’s called — it’s called Starbutts. [ Laughter and applause ] So Bevin’s defeat —
[ Applause ] Bevin’s defeat was a rejection,
not just of Trump, but of the GOP agenda on issues
like healthcare and education. But the race was also
very much about impeachment. In fact, a source close
to Trump even admitted the GOP losses on Tuesday
were a bad sign, both for Trump’s
reelection campaign and the impeachment inquiry. -A source close
to the White House told CNN the results were totally bad. Kentucky and Virginia
signaled to the GOP they are underestimating
voter intensity against Trump and it could be terrible
for them next year. Bad omen for impeachment. -You guys really needed an omen to tell you things
were not looking good? [ Laughter ]
Republicans are like
Ancient Egyptians trying to predict the seasons. “The air is cooling.
What could it mean? We must look to the stars
for a sign.” [ Laughter, cheering,
and applause ] Ammit. And, what’s worse —
[ Applause ] what’s worse for Republicans is they have
no credible defense. They’re flailing.
In fact, yesterday, an MSNBC reporter caught up to Republican
Congressman Mark Meadows, a staunch Trump ally. Meadows was desperate to prove
that Republicans were not losing
the impeachment fight. -Hold on.
We have Mark Meadows right here. Congressman Meadows,
can we talk live? So he’s walking by right now,
but Republicans are really struggling
to defend -I’ll talk to you.
-the president — Okay. Great. -We’re not struggling
on anything. -Okay, so Congressman —
-So, the Republicans are not struggling on anything. [ Laughter ]
-He’s like a guy who’s too proud to admit he doesn’t
know how to swim. [as Meadows]
I’m not drownin’. Do not throw me
a life preserver. I love the taste of salt water. I think I can see
my grandmother. [ Laughter ] Also, can we hear that clip
again, with the tire screeching? -Congressman Meadows,
can we talk live? So he’s walking by right now,
but Republicans are really struggling to defend
[ Tire screeches ] [ Laughter ]
the president — Okay. Great. -Struggling on anything.
-Okay. -And, now,
[ Applause ] [ Cheering ]
even Trump’s own appointees — [ Applause ] Trump’s own appointees
are admitting there was a quid pro quo
with Ukraine, so Republicans are changing
their argument again. Yesterday, Lindsey Graham,
the guy who couldn’t even pronounce the name
of one of the key witnesses, said Trump couldn’t
have orchestrated a quid pro quo with Ukraine
because he is too incompetent. -What I can tell you about the
Trump policy toward the Ukraine: It was incoherent. It depends on who you talk to. They seem to be incapable
of forming a quid pro quo. -So they can’t be criminals
because they’re stupid. [ Laughter ]
It is not good when your defense is also a confession. No version of that is good. Either they broke the law
or they’re morons. It’s like if a cop
pulled you over and said, “Do you know the speed limit?” And you responded,
“Of course not. I’m too drunk to read the sign.” [ Laughter ] So I guess what Graham
is saying is they would have committed
the crime, but they were too… -Dumb! [ Laughter ]
-This week should put to rest any speculation that impeachment
should somehow help trump. It should also reminds us
that the GOP agenda, on issues like healthcare,
education, and voting rights, is deeply unpopular. I don’t know what
will happen in 2020, but, so far,
Trump’s plans have been… -Foistered. [ Laughter ]
-This has been “A Closer Look.” ♪♪
[ Cheering and applause ]

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  1. Funny that a neo-KKKon fart sack could use John Kennedy name recognition to get elected and work for the plutocratic kleptocracy instead; f for the people and get away with it.

  2. This is dumb, like the democrats not actually being able to find reasons to impeach trump, they can barely find good material in order to make fun of him, like fr they are old they slur their words, talk to one person over 50, you look like a child mimicking stupid voices, not even good comedy, bad at your job, that’s why your still on this shitty late night show.

  3. How could you ever even make up this as a script for TV? It would last the three years currently 1095 days 26280 hours of television😱 That’s a-hell of a lot of TV time!

  4. This is great. I've never seen the media make so much noise about someone mispronouncing a simple word. You should all probably look up the definition of "foisted" which is pretty clearly what he meant.

  5. I’m no Trump fan n very well left leaning but with that said, it’s really disconcerting reading through some of these comments n seeing ppl just along with Seth Myers’ wrong take on the word foisted…here is a definition thru a quick google search…
    More substantially tho is the demonstration that ppl on the left n anti-Trump advocates r no better than Trump supporters in running with whatever their fav tv shows say…it seems the left doesn’t do any critical thinking either. Furthermore, such mistakes give the right n Trump credibility on the fake news schtick. Seth n co, if u c this, u need to do better research b4 embarrassing urselves as u’ve done with this.

  6. This is a harassment show from despicable democrat politicians, it's not the impeachment, and all the sleazy liberal media know it. The hatred for Trump is so high that clouded their minds, and has turned these thugs into wounded animals.

  7. He is supposed to wear glasses but refuses to admit he needs them. He is functionally illiterate. He brags about not reading, proves his lack of writing ability with each twitter post,, and invents words while speaking. This is what he has in common with his base.

  8. And this dumb politicians sign papers to kill innocent ppl… your system is rotten… all t world laugh at you America…so dont 4get ro continue to vote on that scammer coz that's what trump is a scammer and a big baby an ugly one though

  9. president trumk is standing in front of a green screen.  He doesn't go to rallies.  I've seen these same fat-ass trumpkers at other so-called "rallies".  His base is so ashamed they've now refused to stand behind him wearing dumb-ass t-shirts holding retarded, meaningless signs.  Look close!  Green screens, folks.  Green screens.

  10. Foister ??? Please when will this be over? Sonderland changed his mind when he realized he was going to jail for perjury. I don’t allow my children to talk like Kennedy. Vote Kennedy and Graham out, ASAP!

  11. Let's 'foister' the orange drumpf to the yardarms. Take his eunuchs, Barr, Giuliani, Grahman, Sonderland, Mulvaney and Senators John Kennedy, Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy with him.

  12. Great episode. Poor Seth sounds congested… Thanks for coming in and delivering a show when you don't feel well! 👍❤️

  13. On veterans day today i wonder if Trump will take the time remind us all the he "likes the guys who don't get caught" so if you were ever a POW you are somehow a lesser veteran.

  14. “Foister” is a word, and he’s using it correctly (just not accurately).

    It’s where you pass something off onto someone else, particularly with deceit.

  15. Don't you realize Trump is applying his unmatched wisdom and developing the English language while he is talking, especially when twitting! He is from Queens and speaks Queens English! Never mind the Limeys claim that Trump abuses THEIR language!


  17. Rich Americans live under a different set of laws in America. It has never been more clear #InjusticeForAll #NeverHillary #ImpeachTrump

  18. Senator Graham sounds more and more like he's had a few Wild Turkey's before his interview and even the crowds at Trump rallies look uncomfortable.

  19. You People never ceases to amaze me. IF you don't have anything better to report on, you ALL need to rethink the career you have chosen!

  20. Mr. Meyers,

    I love your show and your coverage of the news, especially your closer look segments.

    Now far be it for me to endorse or support any questionable actions or speeches by President Trump (or as some here call him, Dennis the Menace [based on the cartoon character] , I decided to do some checking into the word 'Foistered' which he used in a speech recently.

    The word 'Foist'was first used in 1587 and was derived from Old Dutch, and according to Merrium and Websters dictionary the first definition means "a: to introduce or insert surreptitiously or without warrant; b: to force another to accept especially by stealth or deceit ["when the states … foist unnecessary expenses on local taxpayers]
    the second definition is;
    a:to pass off as genuine or worthy
    [..foist costly and valueless products on the public] or; [… inferior caviar has been foisted on an unknowing public]

    An early sense of the word 'foist', now obsolete, referred to palming a phony die and secretly introducing it into a game at an opportune time. The action involved in this cheating tactic reflects the etymology of foist. The word is believed to derive from the obsolete Dutch verb vuisten, meaning "to take into one's hand." "Vuisten" in turn comes from "vuyst," the Middle Dutch word for "fist" which itself is distantly related to the Old English ancestor of "fist." By the late 16th century "foist" was being used in English to mean "to insert surreptitiously," and it quickly acquired the meaning "to force another to accept by stealth or deceit."

    There is also a related term, 'Foister', which means
    1)archaic : PICKPOCKET

    2)obsolete : a palmer of dice : CHEAT, ROGUE

    Needless to say, words such as these are rarely used in common modern vernacular, and haven't been in some time. It is clear that Trump was attempting to use this term, albeit unsuccessfully, to support his position on the impeachment matters. Especially when the very definition of the word seem to more accurately describe his character and shenanigans than the process currently headed by the democrats.

    Anyhow, I thought that would be a point of interest. Interpret it as you may.

    Tim the Canadian Kung-Fu Guy!

  21. Hey you nitwit, Seth.. "foister" is actually a word and the POTUS used it in a proper sentence, so GFY! You need to fire your fact checkers… Oh wait, you're not using any and just making crap up!

  22. Hey Seth, you bonehead…if and when that "impeachment effort gets to the Senate, shifty schiff isn't running anything but his mouth. He does not set the rules, or have any say in how the VOTE goes in the Senate. Oops.

  23. Federal whistleblower comedy & the quid pro quo are sex robots sniped at ever growing berber toupee factory:

  24. Was it "forced"… Sooo effing stupid! Not even fourth grade literacy… As are his supporters emotional state or educational level…

  25. Lindsay Graeme should have gone a step further and declared that Trump couldn't be accused of setting up a Quid Pro Quo. He's incapable, like he is incapable of wiping his own arse. So Senate GOP's have been rostered to do it for him.

  26. Trump can barely keep from laughing, thinking to himself, "I became President because of stupid cabbage heads llike kennedy and graham."

  27. If you are under 30 yrs age please skip my post. Democrats all screamed and hollered the Russia Collusion. Remember them saying "new positive proof DJT and Russia stole the election" and went on and on for 675 days, until the end. Then unable to admit to the lies and BS they floundered around and 6 months later whistle blower and QUID PRO QUO … meanwhile, Trump keeps moving on; the trade agreements are renegotiated and America is $569B better off each year than the 8 years of Democratic rule left the country. ISIS is a 1% and the main leader is gone, Obama said it would take decades. I could go on through the 71 more ways DJT has made America better for all American citizens. I am only asking folks to THINK, research and get the truth (never news) and THINK not a left or right but up or down.

  28. Actually, foister is a word, but it's a noun: one who foists. Nonetheless, Trump used a noun as a past tense verb? LOL. Trump is a fucking idiot!

  29. Now, the GOP lies about the names of the people testifying? This is the new deliberate slip to prevent the trump lovers from finding the truth by giving a fake reference.

  30. Ok, I never thought I’d ever actually (kind of, not really) defend Trump here, but “foist” is a real word. However, Trump being the idiot he is, used it incorrectly. It’s also an archaic word we don’t use in everyday language so I can’t blame anyone for not knowing this.

  31. 5 year old me: No mum I didn't eat the chocolate chocolate all over my face
    Mum: are you lying?
    5 year old me: well am 5 am not smart enough to run game like that

  32. George Washington once talked about the dangers of partisanship politics undermining the checks and balances of government. Now the U.S. has a President whose own party will protect him to the detriment of the health of the republic.

  33. I find it hilarious(unlike Seth) that you have spent the last 3 years of your career entirely bashing Trump. Guess you'd better hope he wins again or you'll be off the air. LMAO

  34. republicans are just too emotional about their hate for everyone else. They have to believe lies because they are not able to be logical.

  35. I remember when comedy used to be funny instead of griping and moaning and whining. Late night shows spend 90% bashing there President. At least try to make it funny instead of just bashing.

  36. 50% of Americans are dumb enough to be lied to by Trump, and be happy he is telling the lies.
    They wanted him to drain the swamp, but Tump is like fighting diving cavities with sugar. It was always a bad joke.

  37. Is that state of mind-argument even a thing? In my country it does not matter if you intended to break a law or if you were unaware the law even existed. You still broke it! (there can be degrees of course like manslaughter vs premeditated murder etc.)

  38. Just want to point out that John Kennedy is a Mississippian and that very few Louisianians have that Foghorn Leghorn accent.

  39. Excellent worx, thanx; also: Without unions we'd still be paid like our great grandparents, stale loaf of bread and a can of beans a day. No nukes is good nukes. Without freedom of the press there would be no other rights being defended successfully. All life are needed threads in the fabric of life, "…we(e),…" cannot allow to be torn asunder. All that's needed to spark an evolutionary leap in humanity's growth is the fact that there's no profit, pleasure, nor power in manipulation, destruction, murder, genocide, extinction, etc., experiential knowledge which one can grow in the evolution until they experience it for themselves, etc.. If you're not taking bullets you're making them. Walking in nature's balance, giving back to it's abundance, illimitable potential, indivisible as life, you, can reach one, teach one, to self-actuate, evolve, turn 360 degrees around, back to the evolution and the future humanity will only have if we each do 🙂 reality Copy, share as you will.

  40. Foist: verb

    past tense: foisted; past participle: foisted

    To impose an unwelcome or unnecessary person or thing on.

    If the point here is to mock his pronunciation and lack or eloquence, the glib comedy of Hollywood types is what sustains the Orange menace against all odds – please get back in touch with reality and stop doing this – it just feeds into the right wing narrative about education and the educated being arrogant, out of touch people and anything they say to be considered in great suspicion and dismissed as fake news and conspiracy.

  41. We can afford Medicare for All.
    This Political Economy Research Institute study provides an economic analysis.


    Look man, public speaking is difficult and I know you biased satirists just love to pick on every strange sounding word he says but at least google the word before claiming its not a word that he only said twice. Also I think its really sad that the political parties fight against each other. If they are busy fighting each other there is simply no way the government can do its job.

  43. I can't believe EVERY Democrat, independently, read that transcript and came up with the same conclusion. Replace the name Trump, with Obama, in this situation, and see if you come up with the same result. Political hit job and supported by the left leaning media.
    This is a farce with an appropriate out come.

  44. You know what scares me? Back in 2016 the press. Late night talk shows and SNL made fun of trump yet he still won.

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