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  1. All their news reporters like swamp monster Sarah Sanders are quitting . Kelly Ann Conway the insane monster betraying women globally inventing alternate facts is probably the last female he will have defending him in public other than the horribly mentally ill Judge Jeanine Pirro betraying her own race and gender .

  2. President Trump instructed Nikki Haley to bribe, extort nations in the United Nations to vote with her and Israel. Unfortunately since war is in the democrats interest they did not say anything about that use of foreign aid to extort nations to go along with the genocide, ethnic cleansing, land theft, perpetual military occupation, absorption policies, conversion into Israeli citizenship, and plunder of the Palestinian peoples entire nation including Jerusalem.

  3. I can tell you why right off without watching the F#$% A$$ NEW$ .. BECAUSE THERE ISN'T ANT MISCONDUCT ! they are filling your little brains full of Adam SchiTT !

  4. The republicans really take the fifth amendment when it comes to answering questions that they trying not to. The only part of the Constitution they approve.

  5. Get ready to CRY again.. SOON and next NOVEMBER AGAIN !!! loser just can't get over themselves, God Gave us someone to BRING DOWN our Corrupt government and you all be like NOOOO DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN !!! LMAO FOOLS

  6. Can anyone expect America to be taken seriously on the world stage again after electing a criminal to be president, after all he's said and done against allies and kissing up to dictators. His creepy two faced party who will back him no matter what and say crimes aren't crimes if he commits them and 40% of the country still support him. He may not even get impeached in the Senate and get re elected. No one will take America seriously again, not for a long time, the people and their dictator/president can not be trusted.

  7. There is something called sacrifice. The republicans are public servants and if they have to lose their job for this country, they will be held as hero’s if they standup for American, traitors if they dont

  8. Republicans knowingly made a "deal with the devil" in supporting a self-admitted abuser of executive authority and serial criminal violator of federal election laws. The Republican Party was well aware of Mr. Trump's manifest unfitness to hold any office of public trust from the inception of his presidential candidacy in 2015. Mr. Trump's checkered business past punctuated with fraud and gross incompetence and his history of unethical personal dealings were undeniable indications he would be an unmitigated national embarrassment and disaster as President.

    For the past 1000+ days of Mr. Trump's political (White) House of Horrors performance, Republicans have ignored, obfuscated, dissembled and supported an unparalleled series of mendacious and corrupt acts which has undermined our nation's security and wreaked havoc on its founding principles and institutions.

    It was inevitable the day would come when elected and appointed Republicans would be forced to choose between their sworn Constitutional duty and succumbing to the craven cowardice of cynical political expediency. It appears Republicans have chosen betrayal over patriotism.

  9. Can imagine the movies that will be made of this time period. Trump and the Russia backed Republicans….what a shameful time for the history of this great country!!!!

  10. Impeachment doesn't "nullify an election" for 2 reasons…

    1) People voted for him BEFORE he did all these things, not BECAUSE he did them, and this is exactly WHY an impeachment option exists – to hold an elected president accountable AFTER he's taken office


    2) The election is actually decided by the Electoral College, NOT the popular cumulative vote of the electorate. The Electoral College is representative, just as the House and the Senate are in terms of their influence and power. The validity of the election, therefore, is subject to the same extrapolation of representation as the impeachment process would be. One is not more "valid" than the other because both are decided by chosen representatives of the people, not directly BY the people.

  11. anyone who lived Thur the bush jr Chaney fiasco knows another republican should not been elected president EVER AGAIN but the Democrat are too liberal in their views they are ruled by the most immoral leaders we as the people of the UNITED States NEED A PARTY MORALLY SOUND LEADERS TO COME FORTH REGARDLESS OF WHAT PARTY THEY ARE FROM T0 WORK TO TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF ITS PEOPLE (WISHING ON A STAR) THINKING

  12. Moscow “No Nuts” Mitch is even more pathetic than Trump, Trump is mentally ill and doesn’t realize what he’s doing is messed up but the “Grim Reaper” should and for the sake of the country grow some balls and do something!!!!

  13. Republicans don’t care about the people they care about themselves and how they will get more money from the American people

  14. They are all just waiting for one republican to take one for the team and survive the opinion polls despite trump's public wrath, after that, the cards will come tumbling down.

  15. Moscow Mitch,linsey the gutless wonder Graham is the poorest excuses of manhood both got no spine they need to go away and never comeback do your job or get fired smh


  17. Miss Lyndsey does have problem with trump phone call to Z . it the shoe were on the other foot Lynn darling would’ve many problems , he would’ve the whole book of problems . VERY HYPOCRITICAL.

  18. Republicans are putting party over country while trying to support 45! And apparently we have more republicans reading our chat & then writes to what we post . Usually just ugly things . I don’t understand why ? It’s the way we feel .. we DO SEE & HEAR even though 45 says not to. Well I can understand why he wants to sell that ocean front property in Arizona ! So any republicans reading my post please do not write to just try to start a fight ! I was a republican ! Not anymore ! I do NOT take party over country ! However I haven’t been republican since Obama . I wish all Americans well to include those of both parties but not to include what’s going on in this administration ! Or the enablers , racists , & bullies ! This is my post & what I feel & my right to say it because I have been respectful with the facts I know!

  19. Funny how consistent their reactions are. All waving hands, stuttering, looking around,… and complete and utter dismissal of possibility of an answer. Poor elephants.

  20. Why would they call Zack when the Congressman is standing right there? It’s stupid that CNN admitting they called Zack

  21. Republicans are lowlifes fighting to keep their WS alive. They are greedy, wicked, selfish animals that need status to carry out their wickedness. They'll all fall hard, trust God.

  22. See if I was the reporter if they didn't answer yes or no I'd say ok so I'll take that as a yes since you can't say no. It's really that simple because they'll most likely snap back and say they didn't say that then you can say ok so you think it's wrong the president did that and twist them all up.

  23. If agent 666 calls schiff corrupt what does his own party call him in closed doors – get rid them all who can't even do a logical debate – not bs

  24. Something that people who ride elevators don't understand is that pressing a button that is already lit is not going to speed up the elevator. Elevators have no empathy for desperate carbon units.

  25. Nancy Pelosi's son, Paul Pelosi Jr., is involved in oil importing from Ukraine and his company, Viscoil, is under investigation for securities fraud. In 2015, Pelosi used the Air Force to fly her entire family to Ukraine at a cost of over $185,000. Nancy Pelosi's legislative aide, Ivanna Voronovych, is from Ukraine and is connected to the Ukrainian Embassy, the Ukrainian military, the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian party life. Pelosi and Schiff are also both connected to a Ukrainian arms dealer.


  27. That big GOP Trump Lemming, Sondland, bolts from the herd! Smart move. He'll survive unlike all those Trump hugging GOP lemmings who are catching that terminal disease from kissing Trump. #GOPTrumpLemmings As the GOP concentrate on of all things old again, the whistle blower. Trump Brown Nose disease.

  28. I have a problem with all of em thieving,lieing,treasonous, cockroaches all of em !!!
    Remember 🇺🇸☝️at the polls

  29. "If Americans didn't want us to steal from them, they wouldn't be giving us their tax money" – Republican mantra (circa 2016)

  30. Look like the Republican leaders don't want to accept the fact that their boy is dirty and there's a tremendous amount of evidence to prove that Donald Trump is guilty from the very beginning. It all started the day he fired James Comey, it looks like Democratic Congress has more than enough evidence the throw him out of the White House and onto the street!!! Republicans Congress should just get over it!!!

  31. Kevin McCarthy is on drugs.We need to implement drug testing for everyone on Capitol Hill.
    I don't care what there position is.We must get a hold on this epidemic.

  32. I dont care what political party you belong to. Why would you bring yourself so low as to blatantly lie or remain quiet on camera. When you 1. Can physically see they are reaching for a lie and are uncomfortable with what they are doing. 2. This footage will go down in history. Again, regardless of party to look at this footage of these ppl playing crazy and running is disturbing.

  33. Miss Lindsey, you are lying scum! Looks like most of the representatives shown are following in your and Foreskin Neck McConnell’s lying footsteps…

  34. It has been observed that in public, the GOP Republicans dodge questions. Dodge and deny, deny and deny. But behind closed doors they say and do nothing to defend trump. That is quite interesting. That means that when trump is looking, they put on a show. But secretly behind closed doors, they're gonna' let trump go down.

  35. Is there not ONE Republican with any integrity what-so-ever? They can't even admit that it's against the constitution to extort Ukraine, or any country, for that matter!!! Are they really so scared of Trump or don't they have any candidate to replace him?? Perhaps both are true.

  36. They won't be even able to answer the idea that trump wants to be crime free from courts 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 doh doh doh dhe dha dha dha. Keep asking for the original phone call to be shown to Pepe

  37. Time will tell if we can trust the Senate (public servants elected by the taxpayers to take care of the American people’s’ business).
    Trust is the hardest thing to earn, and the easiest thing to lose. Forget parties and labels (a way to divide us into catagories). If it walks like a duck…. Go with facts, the Constitution and rule of law.
    Cut out all the stupid BS. It is a waste of time. Get real, folks.

  38. The Senate has their duty coming up to the American people. Pay attention to the Constitution, The facts and the rule of law. That is totally it. They will work for the American people or themselves. Trust is the hardest thing to gain and the easiest thing to lose. Their choice alone.

  39. I wonder why the Republicans think that 'trumps base' won't vote for any other Republican leader? Is there noone to replace him as their leader?

  40. I wonder if Graham, Moscow Mitch, and Jim Jordan are scared because Trump has shown he will get dirt on people, maybe he found dirt on them?

  41. This is just shameful! I have never seen such stupidity from politicians. They are not even ashamed about how dumb they look. They have no argument at all because they are being asked to defend the indefensible orange head, but for how long? Stupidity can last but not for long. the democrats have been given the key to control of both houses next year

  42. Lindsey Graham's next attempt at an excuse: "The President believes that what's good for him is good for America. So when he was trying to bribe the Ukrainian President for dirt on Biden, in his heart he believed he was helping America."

  43. Trump wants to get rid of Meals on Wheels and food stamps so he can have enough money to buy Greenland(Not for sale)and nuke hurricanes and;oh yes build the wall,(It's already been breached). Can someone tell me what planet I'm on?


  45. The republicans without their thin veneer of respectability look like…head-butt(head) guy. The Constitution…whatever.
    Way to cap an illustrious career, Young.

  46. First of all; 1) The President has the authority to choose ambassadors. 2) The President has a responsibility to American taxpayers to attempt to insure that millions of dollars of taxpayer money won't simply be stolen by corrupt foreign officials. 3) The President has an obligation to attempt to discover the truth if an elected official ( Joe Biden) abused the power of his V.P. office by threatening to withhold aid if a foreign countries prosecutor isn't fired. Over 1 million dollars funneled to the Bidens by foreign countries. I guess the milquetoast, lazy fairy Democrats think that's all o.k.

  47. We are now divided as Democrats and The Russia Federation! Congrats to Vladmir Putin for successfully taking over the Republican party.

  48. If you're a politician (left or Right) and you don't believe extortion or bribery is an impeachable offense then you're in the wrong line of work or are you these days?

  49. This is a time when all the easily documented video/phones sure come in handy😂
    I really want to know the dipshnits willing to defend him. At this time we need to pay attention.

  50. That Fat Republican slob that head butted that camera should be facing assault charges, because if the camera man would have butt hitted him that's what would have happened. You cannot touch the press like that they have certain laws that protect the press. This 🐷 only shows that this is the only way to answer questions without any merit. That camera man's eye was against the lens of that camera, that's called assault.

  51. Republicans are now being cornered, their arguments were more childish and ridiculous. Avoiding questions is not defense but stupidity.

  52. Its like this u sheep democrats. Truth will come out and you will see Trump in office for 5 more years!! Now go to your safe places and cry!!

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