Republican Women for Obama

I was a Republican most of my life.
I’m still a registered Republican. I was raised in a very Republican, conservative
family. I voted for Bush, and Bush before him.
I voted for Ronald Reagan eight times. Four primaries, four major elections.
I voted probably as many times as Republicans got elected.
I’ve been a Republican since I was 18, I guess. But something’s happened in the last couple
years that’s just completely turned everything upside down.
The Republican party has gone too far to the right. I feel like I’m more of a moderate,
I don’t feel that there are many moderate Republicans out there anymore. If they are,
they’re not speaking up. I think I just became more aware of the things
that they were saying, and what that meant and how it affected me and my life.
It’s just hard to understand, it’s hard to talk to people about it, and it’s divided
our nation, these new attitudes. One of the things that makes me really upset about it
is the attitude toward birth control, contraceptives and abortion.
If you truly believe in a small government, that government shouldn’t be deciding what
I can and cannot do with my own body. I am very concerned about Mitt Romney’s policies
concerning women’s rights. He wants to reverse Roe v. Wade. Mitt Romney
has endorsed a governor that overturned equal pay for women.
We have worked long and hard to get where we are today as women. I don’t want all that
to go by the wayside. People like me and my family have realized
that the Republican party once was in line with our views but are no longer.
After being a Republican for so long, that was quite a change. I almost felt like I was
turning my back on my friends and my family. And then I stopped and thought, no, no I’m
not. There’s no way on God’s great earth I would
consider voting Republican. I don’t want to even think about them having
control, as a woman, I don’t. If you’re a conservative woman, and you believe
in small government, then Barack Obama is your candidate, because he’s keeping the government
out of the decisions that should remain between you and God, and you and your own conscience.
This is personal now. I am doing what I believe is right.
If we don’t look out for our best interests, then how can we expect someone else to?

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I make my donation today,did you make yours?Obama Need us/Ya hice mi donacion hoy,y tu hiciste la tuya?Obama nos necesita.

  2. I too come from a conservative Republican family, but voted for Obama in '08 and will again vote Obama in 2012! The Tea Party and friends have killed the Republican Party on social issues alone!

  3. Men are also flocking from the Republican party…including this guy right here. What the hell happened to the GOP?…. it's just sad. I'm an Independent now.

  4. Why not also put a video of "Republican men for Obama" with those who want to defend their mothers', wives', daughters', girl-friends' .. right to their own body?

  5. I voted Republican in the past, too. I don't think I'll be voting for Republican anytime soon. I'll vote for Democrat this year and I might vote for a 3rd party in 2016.

  6. I registered Republican when I turned 18 in order to vote for Reagan. I am socially moderate and fiscally conservative and tend to vote for candidates, not parties, but the GOP has moved so far right that they no longer come close to reflecting my views. They have married their governing policies to extremist religious principles and want to enshrine those into law. I cannot support that.

  7. This ad is very good. It isn't overly forceful or confusing language. Just to the point from each of the ladies. I did not actually know about Romney supporting a governor who voted against equal pay for women. That's new information. Thank you.
    Voted Obama in 08' still voting Obama in 12'.

  8. Another former Republican for Obama here.

    I find interesting that a market-based healthcare reform that was drafted by a right wing think tank in the 80s, backed by the GOP in the 90s & 00s, passed by a GOP governor in Mass, and upheld as Constitutional by one of the most conservative Chief Justices in history has been labeled "communism" by a cabal of extremists who control a major news network and a talk radio industry. I find it frightening that half the country believes them…

  9. Dear God… the Republican party has not gone right, they've gone moderate on most issues! That's why they are losing a true foothold… if they were going right, they'd be gaining support from many independents as well. If you are conservative, why would you vote for people who want to control your life and continue to pursue more socialistic programs?

  10. The Republican Party needs to understand that as free Americans we should be able to live our lives as we wish. The decisions we make may be different than the decisions others make, but that is okay because it is one of the foundations America was built on. While I understand their feelings towards abortion, it does not make sense to make it harder to get contraception in a world that is already overpopulated. Prevention isn't murder in any way, shape, or form.

  11. Its finally happened. The Right Wing has gotten so right, not even Republicans can handle it anymore.

  12. I think Republicans don't believe Women have the right to Vote, I think they forgot that we got the right to Vote in 1920. And we will be excercising our right to do just that!

  13. Of course they believe women have the right to vote. That's why Sarah Palin is now a name known outside of Alaska. They were hoping to win more votes with her. But it backfired.

    They are able to get people to vote against their own interests through religion (Democrats do this in their own ways too). If you have something as strong as someone's interpretation of religion "on your side," you have that person's vote.

  14. The GOP has screwed itself. The only people who voting GOP would benefit are rich, white and male. Anyone who isn't those three things combined would be crazy to vote Republican.

  15. I would vote for a third party in 2016 as well. I'm voting Democrat this time only because the alternative (GOP) is so awful.


  17. What turned me off of the GOP so much was that during the last 4 years they've worked to block any progress – showing that America and the American people are NOT their primary concern. They are interested in money and remaining partisan. They've ruined the GOP party, probably forever.

  18. As a mother of two daughters no one especially a Man will tell them what they can do with their bodies…….or its wrong to be homosexual……Go Obama 2012

  19. All very true. The Republican party wants to decide what women can and cannot do with their bodies, but let us not forget that they also want to decide how a committed, same-sex couple can and cannot express their love. That position is equally as heinous. LGBT for Obama.

  20. I was a registared republican since I was 18 years old. Seeing how the party has changed and behaved over the years since the last term of President Bush, I had to come to the side of reason. Now as a 30 year old, enough is enough. Obama/Biden 2012

  21. because it's not forcing you to take it whereas the Republicans are trying to take away your choice too. One is trying to open up choices and the other shut them down.

  22. My voting record: 92 Bush, 96 Did not vote, 2000 Bush, 2004 Did not vote, 2008 McCain, 2012 No question in my mind— Obama The GOP has turned into a radical right wing party. Republican party has turned into a hate group. They hate women, gays, blacks, foreigners, middle class, poor. It has become the party of rich white men who look down on a good portion of American citizens. Romney's racist birthirism comment says it all. This man is not presidential material. Obama all the way

  23. I hail from the Republican party too. The Tea Party has destroyed fiscal conservatism. They got elected on the mantra of "jobs" and then immediately got to work trying to make this country a theocracy. Unacceptable… Obama 2012 for this Republican.

  24. great video! as a woman in Canada, its insane to hear the extremist grow of the new republican party, don't let them take your right to your own body away! don't let them deny you equal pay, ladies you deserve these rights!

  25. They're losing independents over going right social issues. Other than a symbolic vote to repeal Obamacare 33 times, all they've done is try to push their social agenda. As a woman I CANNOT vote for a republican right now. Their rhetoric and actions are frightening.

  26. @Haddicus the republican party has gone so right, there's about to jump off a cliff, I honestly don't know how much more extremist they can be. so why would YOU vote for people who want to micro manage your life like the republicans do?

  27. Please let this be the beginning of a series. Next up: teachers, then engineers, then scientists, then historians…

  28. Why? What has the failure done the first three years? Dr. Phil says, "Past behavior is a sign of, 'future ( a prediction) behavior?

  29. I come from a traditional and practicing Catholic family who always voted REP based on the abortion issue..we saw the light with Clinton and ever since have voted DEM..the Democratic platform is full of comprehensive, reasonable policies for the betterment and protection of the values that made this country what it is today..OBAMA has positively restored our image abroad,,kept his promises and would have done more if it were not for the right wing racist politicians in Congress blocking progress

  30. The lady in the red shirt is spot on. If you're a tea party member or anyone who values American Freedoms and Rights, you're voting for President Obama. The government has NO place in the doctor's office or bedroom.

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