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Republican Tries To Argue There’s Multiple Versions Of The “Truth” In Impeachment Hearing

Republican Tries To Argue There’s Multiple Versions Of The “Truth” In Impeachment Hearing

After yesterday’s impeachment hearings concluded,
Republican representative Mark Meadows had the opportunity to speak with reporters about
what had happened throughout the day and you know, rather than really address what happened
and you know, talk about the fact that yeah, it was a bad day for Republicans Meadows instead
decided to tell reporters that there’s lots of different versions of the truth. Now here is the exact quote from representative
Mark Meadows. You know, it’s amazing. He was prepping to come up here talking about
Taylor. He prepped for hours to come up here. Then all of a sudden he gets this miraculous
intervention from one of his staffers that reminds him of something. Does it concern me? No. I think what happens is when we start to look
at the facts, everybody has their impression of what truth is. Just like you as reporters have your impression
of what truth is. Um, no. Mr. Meadows, truth is the truth. You don’t get to have an impression of the
truth. You don’t get to have your own version of
the truth. You don’t get to have your own reality where
your truth is truth in somebody else’s truth is fake. Truth is the truth. I mean, look, this actually really reminded
me of the Clinton impeachment where everybody for months and months, years really was harping
on Clinton when he was like, well, it depends on what your definition of the word is, is
you know, we rag on that guy because he champion challenged the definition of the word is,
well, Mark Meadows is trying to one up him here trying to say, wow, there’s, you know,
different, uh, interpretations of the truth. There’s different impressions of the truth. Depends on what your definition of truth is
really is what this boils down to. We are watching history repeat itself. Both folks, both with the Clinton impeachment
and the Nixon impeachment here, except that in both of those instances you had two parties
that both seemed somewhat competent in either attacking or defending the person being impeached. Now we’re dealing with only one side that’s
only mostly competent, which is the Democrats and the Republicans who have no idea what
they’re doing. They don’t. That was one of the biggest takeaways I had
yesterday was that Republicans have no idea what they’re doing. They don’t know what they’re saying. They don’t know what they’re going to do. As this moves forward, they don’t know how
to handle damning information when it comes out. So instead they walk out of that room, they
walk up to reporters and say, well, depends on what truth actually is. Can any of us know the truth? Is the truth out there? What is truth? What are we? No. Stop with your little existential crisis there. Representative Meadows, and deal with the
fact that what we got yesterday was indeed the truth. But what you’re telling reporters and your
Republican supporters is that it’s a physical impossibility to know exactly what truth is. Now, we learned a lot of truths yesterday,
and just because they didn’t jive with whatever it is you’re trying to convince yourself,
that doesn’t mean that it’s not actually the truth.

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  1. Yep!!!, there.maybe more than one version of the truth according to him!!!,..but we all know there's only one version of a dummy!,and that is him!!!.

  2. GO to the Psychopathy List by Dr Robert Hare! Learn the 20 telltale signs of a born psychopath. THEY believe anything they say! They have NO FEELINGS OF GUILT! OUR COWARD DOCTORS HAVE NOT OUTED THIS MONSTER PROPERLY!!!

  3. Okay I havent watched the vid and I know for a fact that this isnt what the politicians is talking about. There are different truths out there. Example I have kids vs I have 2 kids one is more true than the other. Next there is perception truth what you veiw could be your truth but completely wrong outside your bubble. Or a truth that pertains to your area say a economic system works for your town that doesnt mean it will work everywhere. I know for a fact that isnt what the Republican are talking about

  4. In meadows universe and seems a majority of the gop, there are many definition of the truth.. That will work on 35-36% of the population.. The majority see it for what it is..

  5. Watch these jokers' version of the "truth" get completely dismantled by individuals like Alexandria when she goes full on Edgeworth on them.

  6. The Republicans truth. "The President of Ukraine had no idea we were going to with hold their promised supplies over this, so how could it be a crime we did so?" "We released the supplies as soon as we found out there was a whistleblower, now they have the supplies so where's the crime?" Fucking embarrassing. At no point in history has failure to successfully commit a crime equaled innocence.

  7. Most Bad Men Commit Suicide Slow and Fast!

    i don't want to give the President any ideas –>>

    Music For Bad Men.

    Martin Bormann (Hitler's adjutant) & Hermann Göring (Hitler's former deputy)

  8. Was the stars aligned. That could influence those semi-existing conversations . Beside if that restaurant was under Venus that days it says everything . Anybody seen where I put my pills , where are my damn pills.

  9. So he's trying to say, like what all damn Repugnicans have been trying to pull out of their ass for so damn long, is that actual journalists (not those quack clown on FOX or their tabloid gossip writer counterparts), actually credible WH career staffers, and any sane American will jazz up some spin about anything (so literally Meadows' response just this moment) just to have some 15-sec gloryhole moment to forever be recorded in American history's book of shame. Keep it up.

  10. I agree with this; Truth: Trump violated the constitution
    Truth: Trump colluded with russia
    Truth: Trump had quid pro quo with Ukraine
    Truth: Trump broke the law
    Truth: Trump has a 4 inch mushroom penis
    Truth: Epstein didn't kill himself

  11. Pontius Pilate said to Jesus Christ, "what is truth." Satan put those words in Pilate's mouth. Guess who is speaking through Meadows and his GOP fellow cultist?!!

  12. The Russian Run Republican Rat Bastards are the enemy of the people and Meadows is one of them. I think it was Trump who popularized the label of "human scum" that applies best to these evil lying traitorous pricks.

  13. If you hold public office and you say that truth as a concept is subjective, not someone's interpretation but truth itself, you should be hanged for treason.

  14. Yeah, people have different impressions of how things went. That is why in a hearing like this you go through multiple witnesses and documents to get past the limitations of a single person's point of view.

  15. The truth is that Reputridcans are a bunch of lying, scheming, greedy, cheating, misogynistic bum splats with the sexual inclinations of a mentally retarded Hedgehog!!! That's the truth!!!

  16. Mark.Meadows…dislike him anyway. He is a guy who always wants to lick someone's ass.He used an African American girl as prop during Michael Cohen's testimony. But Mark.Meadows is a racist.

  17. When it comes to defending Trump all of these Republicans arguments are all laughable and childish… There’s TRUTH and OPINION… Pretty simple…

  18. Speaking of truth Mark Meadows is my representative but he was born in France supposedly on a military base but has yet to provide his long form birth certificate to prove he is actually an American citizen. It is very possible a French national is serving in our government without American citizizenship

  19. Truth isnt truth according to Rudy Giuliani. Trump tells us not to believe what we see. Some fucking matrix we must live in

  20. Our schools really have failed…."impression of what the truth is" = opinion, which is what the witnesses have been sharing in the hearings.


  22. It's not that RepubliCon's don't know.. it's they have to defend the Putin Puppet Rump for whatever reason.. It's to bad RepubliCon's couldn't send adults to hearings.. Sad really… They are a joke now..

  23. There is ONLY truth or lies! Nothing in between! Unless, of course, you are a republican! Is there even ONE truthful republican? I mean, one with a conscience? I doubt it.

  24. So, it appears Meadows has been taking advice from Rudy Guiliani, on how to handle the Trump impeachment investigation: truth isn’t truth, facts aren’t facts…

    These people have no idea what they’re doing: how they manage to dress themselves in the morning, without assistance, is beyond me!

  25. The Republicunt strategy is to muddy the water and blur the line between truth and bullshit, they are vile, spineless, disgraceful sacks of shit with no integrity or ethics

  26. Oh, that was easy," says Man, and for an encore goes on to prove that black is white and gets himself killed on the next zebra crossing.”

    ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  27. I am pretty sure they know this is the truth. However, since it is causing harm to their Emperor Palpatine, they will do their best to muddy up the waters.

  28. Winging poor baby that he could not speak the truth,we all know Meadows is a suck baby for Trump,
    Wonder what Trump has on Medows,

  29. A quotation from 1984: The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. . . . Power is not a means; it is an end . . . not power over things, but over men. . . . In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement. . . . There will be no loyalty, except loyalty toward the Party. There will be no love, except the love of Big Brother. . . . Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.

  30. This horseshit lying is tiring as hell. The republicunts are trying to say that truth doesn't exist. The truth is that the republicunts will lie down in front of an abrams tank to defend the indefensible. Wtf is wrong with the idiocracy that we see every day??

  31. Yes yes there's multiple truth, like for example "the europeans meet with the natives and they become friends" and "the europeans colonized the americas and kill their entire culture"

  32. It's either true or it isn't there's is no middle ground, no alternative interpretation because then it just becomes an opinion.

  33. Truth is that which can be demonstrated to agree with or otherwise comport with perceived reality. Game over, Republicunts.

  34. The great Jonathan Swift said something like, "falsehoods fly and the truth comes limping behind" So now the truth has finally arrived in the House, and the only GOP defense is to say that truth doesn't exist.

  35. OK. Dirty Donnie: WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND you release the ACTUAL PHONE CALL(S). NOT your "billy Boi Barr version, THE ACTUAL CALL. WE THE PEOPLE. Remember YOU work for US and we DEMAND proper representation and an HONEST GOVERNMENT. We sure as Hell aren't getting it from YOUR crooked fake ass.

  36. Various versions of the truth???
    Hmmm I was always taught that in reality the truth is the truth!!!
    But I guess it's possible to have various versions of truth in trump's fantasy world where reality doesn't exist only trump's delusions of reality!!!

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