Republican Politician Gives His Thoughts On “The Gay”

this is uh… state senator serb boaters from utah is of course the republican
tracking and uh… he’s had some question will
most of the past some of questions those comments about
afro-americans as you find out the second year mister
mothers is not exactly yeah uh… political uh… that’s a funny way of putting it
is a politician but other political isn’t tell you how we think fields i
could be a topside except how he feels is interesting wireless are i believe that in consultation being something sparked off of course with these people were
destroyed in the constitution is missing the prosecution has laid off and it’s also objected butros don’t change it does not change and i will accept it so they say well you know marriages
between man and woman exchange look around within our reach combinations combinations of abomination for lung
cancer d certainly uh… homosexuality will always be a sexual
preferences around an hour ago maps but i don’t care they say i’m born that
way there is some truth to that it has some people are for respect
rationale i wonder if it did not the number one goal is to just across
the line as well as the man schools because i
said no that’s not friendship love that so that’s a recruiting station but their meat they want to talk about the and i said
it is better than others and is just like models muslims of the people and the religion
is antiwar but it’s been taken over by the radical
sod and the case are totally taken over by
the radical sock you don’t see the the the day after saying let’s not do this
was not on this day you see a march around the size and
everything else i don’t quite believe the whole thing it
is immoral i believe you’re moving towards ec ec
two v please shut your morals down my throat
letters my answer to that is you don’t mind
roles one source what he has the morals of the gay person not escort right he can answer that no no no one’s here involves anything else so now you’re on a retarded over the
world buddy determination to live with them now uh… i’d believe that he will
destroy the foundation of of american society because i believe the cornerstone of our it is in my mind is the or horseman source following the war was localized this is world wide you can tell me something else going on
some of the borders on going on wholesale right now and your degree it on the gate in
hassling underground is of and i don’t want to thank you stand uh… my favorite part isn’t mister bars bromide isn’t it let’s figure or they get c began saying this and the gay say that alleles close this deal repair kit who are who is at the very day and lucky dog it might be born that way but i don’t do that but today niki moore may lack almost
have to be present anymore amenities one of the day what’s next armed robbery obviously or gay the man has no morals that if you are gay americans how is it possible not to be offended by it i mean even of course this visit is this
craziness to buyers in yahoo dot is a state senator mean that’s scary
enough but it’s not that powerful etcetera and he did say though it’s a small
percentage of the population who believe those things but it’s not so small and killing time by the new york post
card to the issue whether that was very soon and i said look let’s have a uh… and new standard and analyst
something is races beyond a reasonable doubt uh… let’s not call racist and i i’m
trying to be as open my responsible western buyers over here i think is quite beyond a reasonable doubt he’s not in favor of the day okay he
does not deputy told nightline it out yeah laundry room today and uh… he says they’re coming up here to learn
force and that they’re going to destroy all souls and now you know the course of this
country’s amanda no unloved comments like that was not me course over this country as a man on the
docking but what i don’t we meet michael kors
were men and women and we build the country what else is that children grandparents and they were
neatly packed aliens who are slipping and he’s as you know there’s never been
a civilization that has lost love morality and remained
intact that such as i think this is a minor point at such a
stupid generalization this whole idea that if their men and women don’t get
married exclusively an animal there also if you do civilization to
crumble is rediculous they’re doing helpless civilizations that had ke eight
never forms of people get together weather was bad
you’re not marriage there was uh… polygamy and so many cultures that
were successful for so long you know what happened with the greeks
in the south all politics there were no other bartering vang that sounds about as we talk they were doing the day however the
greeks their civilization went down after several home three years of a very successful civilization would you want a new rain forever the
pacific my core problem senator butters from utah and he’s a state senate is that you can use the world as black and white that the truth is concept that it never changes and if you
have an opinion or you could have a do you want
something certain perspective that you should never change that because the truth discussed at any kind of change at all must be
fought to within nato but you see that ironically that’s exactly what brings
down civilizations where they get send their ways this is
how we do things and when the world changes around them they don’t change uh… and that is exactly the problem
the george w_ bush had for eight long disastrous years where he would never changes might no matter what happened and look i can’t say that’s not just on
the political level but on a personal level if you go through your life that way if you’re going to be a walking disaster
area ratings running all the time directed
justice part of life it’s part and parcel of life it is as mister peres would say is that on the issue of our lives you’ll have to able they just if you’re not a just personally or unit
or we as a society cannot adjust uh… in the macro picture politically they were doing ideology the conservative ideology but taking in
my opinion to an extreme and he may be conservative without buying into witness
about us it is saying there about how to never changed but that is not principal problem with the service it is wrong it is fundamentally wrong to
say that you should never change should there be some kinda systemwide of course
should there be certain things that you say you know what this is the direction i’m headed in or
these are the things that i believe that i’m not a anarchist and or as much is that the serbs elected
people roles in progress is that way we don’t think that there are no rule also there are no morals that’s indeed of course there are rules we believe in the rule of law whether to
take-up lies the markets or applies to international law and how
we respect that whether anybody else thats but you have to be able to be just
sometimes on the margins as sometimes in a big way

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  1. You're an idiot. Anything that exists in nature is natural, period.

    And if you still disagree, then get the fuck off the computer, because computers ''aren't natural'' either.

  2. You just refuted yourself. Only 1/3 of those things directly leads to reproduction.

    As for there being no ''gay gene'' you don't understand genetics. There wouldn't BE a ''gay gene'' as genetics don't work like that. It would be a GROUPING of genes that were resposnible.

    As for what causes it, it's genetics, prenatal, and early childhood envornmental factors working in tandem. Gay people have an enlarged hypothalmus. It's not a choice any more than heterosexuality is a choice.

  3. @Centurion480 homosexuality occurs plenty of times in nature. Gays themselves tell you they dont "choose" it anymore then you "choose" to be attracted to women. Sorry but if you cant figure that out… dont have a brain big enough to handle politics….go strap on a diaper, and let the adults handle this.

  4. Um, did this Butters guy ever go to school? I'm going into my freshman year and even I know that it's "What ARE the morals of a gay person" not "what is the morals of a gay person"–I mean, come on! It doesn't even sound right! How could he not notice that the first time it popped from his beak?

  5. Butters-I said what what in the butt. You want to do it in my butt, in my butt. I said what whatin the butt…

  6. If being gay was so bad, then why did it used to mean happy? Why is it's sign a rainbow? Why does a straight person watch gay porn? Am I not seeing something you are?

  7. "marching around with signs" wtf … hello Civil Rights Movement, what do you want them to do set fires and flip cars… "gays have no morals" … no comment

  8. @trehansen Exactly – so why is imprisonment still legal? That is stupid because it denies the liberty and freedom of people.

  9. @URAGR8M8

    Because even though murdering someone is one of the 10 commandments, it's still something that just makes sense. You kill someone, you pay for it.

    It has nothing to do with religion, it's just something that needs to be done. We cannot have a country founded on decency and morals and have people running around murderig people, stealing, raping and what not.

  10. i mean even if you don't support or don't like gays, why the fuck would you care if they married? It doesn't affect you. If you really believe it's wrong because of religion, well you aren't the one whose going to go to hell. This shit just doesn't make sense on every level.

  11. @tjrxk7

    Did not last a century?

    Truth be told, they lasted for several centuries starting from around the 10th century bc to aroung the middle of 6th centruy bc when it became a dominant military power and ended on to the 3 quarter marker of 3 century bc while still maintaining political independance before all of Greece was conquered by Rome in 146 bc

    quite the contradiction to your theory now isn't it?

  12. Conservatism is a political and social philosophy that promotes the maintenance of traditional institutions and supports minimal and gradual change in society. So change is part of conservatism. It just doesn't believe in change for the sake of change. It believes to change what is worth changing. Social liberals like this guy, believe in changing everythin. It is fundemental to the movement. If they don't find something to change even if there is nothing to change, their purpose is meaningless.

  13. Terribly offensive man. He's obviously taken no time to know 'the gay' anymore than the Philistines got to know Jesus. This is why martyrs are killed all the time and it has to be corrected. Either shoot them, or educate them.

  14. he basically says that gays are destroying america by going against god, but what he's forgetting is this…NOT EVERYONE IS CHRISTIAN!!! If anyone here is an abomination, it's this dumass "politician." he's a stupid person who believes the only people who matter are those belonging to privileged groups: heterosexual homophobic white christian males.

  15. Also I'd like to point out that although the Greeks and Romans had "88 different ways of getting together", they actually fell as a civilization because the few percent at the top had all the money and the guys at the bottom had none, the rich people went to wars and spent all the money with bad decisions…. and a republican has the balls to say anything about the fall of civilization?

  16. Well, on the bright side, at least he's a Christian that acknowledges that Islam is based on peace and goodness unlike Pat Robertson who doesn't even think Islam is a religion but a political movement meant to destroy America. On the down side, he discriminates against gay people who are mostly nice people as far as I know and thinks that the gay people have no morals based probably on his own narrow mindedness and inability to accept certain changes and rights.

  17. Not his point. He's just saying one man who ass buggers another man and this is his sexuality is immoral. If he doesn't steal and murder, he's STILL immoral. Why is this concept too difficult for you?

  18. when in greece….. do as the greeks do

    seriously, if have an issue with gay people then bring a real argument, not some ignorance

  19. Butters is PARTLY right on the money



  21. @11pinrelay Perhaps you don't see the difference between rights and privileges? How are gay people lobbying for privileges (special treatment that only applies to them but not straight people)? I assume you're referring to them asking for marriage… how is that a privilege, when straight people get to do it too?

  22. @11pinrelay Between two men, they're BOTH the husbands. Between two women, they're BOTH the wives. That's what it means to be gay, in case you didn't know. Two of the same gender. Just because they do not follow the roles you envision to be a "proper" marriage, that does not make them any less legitimate. You could also say that no one has the right to weaken the institution of marriage by allowing people to get divorced, and yet despite divorce's legality, marriage is still around, and strong.

  23. @11pinrelay Do you have an actual argument, or are you just going to pretend to be laughing behind your keyboard so as to make it seem as if you've invalidated my statement? Sex has many definitions, including gender, sexual intercourse, genitals, etc. It is not necessary to confine every word to only one definition. And I'm sure "invert" is a word you made up to further alienate gays.

  24. @11pinrelay Ah, I see. According to the dictionary, "In the theory of Sigmund Freud, a homosexual person. No longer in scientific use." NO LONGER IN SCIENTIFIC USE. And you do realize that most of Freud's ideas were bunk, right? After all, most of his subjects were total lunatics. Show how it is against nature, and show why "against nature" is bad. After all, we have irrigation systems where "nature" won't provide sufficient rain for crop sustenance.

  25. @11pinrelay That sounds like something a Christian would say (although that may be because I'm used to hearing a "Christian" (I use the term very loosely here) say something like that).

  26. Hey Butters…I am gay…and I do have morals. Chief among them is not to be as stupid and ignorant as you…second is not to hate people, like you…third is not to lie, like you.

  27. 2:15 well of COURSE u dont see the ones who dont hold up signs…. duh! hello!? no one can SEE who's gay and who isnt! We dont go around wearing rainbow pants and pride t-shirts with a big rainbow painted on our foreheads!

  28. The door swing both ways my dear: Heterosexuality is more of a perversion then homosexuality. Can you actually see what these straight folks are doing?? Look at the news. I am totally offended but one must be honest on what they really feel.

  29. @2edsajdmsa not to mention the roman empire didn't fall until their leaders started becoming CHRISTIAN. Maybe the zealots can suck on that thought for a while….

  30. @darkregions But why do you think that gay people are "creepy beings." That a prejudice, as in "pre-judgment." I would be willing to bet that you pass by gay folks every day, all day long (unless you live in the middle of the desert) and you have no idea. How can you hate someone or something without knowing them or having any idea of what kind of person they are?
    Uuummm…does your food get beaten up cause you don't like it? "Personal choice" doesn't cut it as an argument. Sorry.

  31. But when you express those opinions, you contribute to the climate in which oppression occurs. You do not have to be directly involved for you to take part. You're producing bullshit to allow yourself to justify continuing to be a bigot. Your attitude seems to be, "I don't oppress people who are gay myself, so it's OK to express by opinions about those gay people. It's not my fault. I'm not contributing to the oppression; I'm just expressing a personal choice." BTW, The word is hypocrite.

  32. The reason why gay people are proud of themselves and hold up signs is because of homophobic wankers like this guy who try to destroy all their rights

  33. If you want real insight into why the Roman Republic fell, read Rubicon by Tom Holland. I find it interesting that it was ok for a Roman man to sleep with another man (or boy) as long as he was not the one being penetrated. The fact we vote on which group gets rights is abhorent, people either have rights or they don't. Shit i'd bet if we voted on voting rights for blacks, they STILL wouldn't have them in parts of the south.

  34. meh, doesn't offend me. More so entertains me. When stupid people come up to you with their opinions based on flawed reasoning,how can you get offended XD

  35. @123SupArman123 I am sorry that you feel that way, we do not think we are women that is being camp, we are not by neccesity camp, we just have different preferences to you.

  36. @123SupArman123

    What's hilarious is you thinking that I think I am a girl.

    Not all gay people are like how you percieve them to be because that's all it is. A perception. Something you come to in your head and think it to be true without any regard to actually taking a look at how they are.

    Quit with the will and grace shit and start taking a walk in the real world.

    We don't all wear makeup just like not all straight guys don't go hunting and fishing.

    Grew up doucebag.

  37. @RoderichEdelstein727 He's said that(or something similar) in like 4 videos on similar subject and each time it's both funny and annoying. I don't know whether you mean you like it or you don't I'm certainly mixed on the comment. Btw, love your screen name hetalia ftw.<3

  38. This politician is an idiot.

    people who love and wish to marry someone of the same gender are a threat to national security?

    This politician is about as intelligent as Daffy Duck.

  39. @123SupArman123

    Cngratz. You have upgraded from calling me a cigarette to calling me a bundle of sticks.

    Keep it up and you just might reach the preschool level of idiocy rather than mere childish antics.

  40. @RandyLahey911

    Yea, I saw that episode and thought how it was hilarious how everyone just assumed and yet never really came outright and said it or asked sim so he really was confused like, "wtf are they talking about?"

    But then to find out he might actually be gay is was pretty cool too.

  41. @123SupArman123 Hee hee, I'll take that as a yes. OMG you actually just reminded me of the Chinese Foooooooood lady from "Dude, Where's My Car?"
    Hey everybody, let's flood this homophobe's inbox with AND THEN!!!
    Sound like fun?

  42. @tommy2chips But you just did comment. Without telling us why exactly you are 100% against gay marriages.

  43. Cartman "Thanks a very good point Butters. Very well argued"
    Butters "Gee thanks Eric"
    Cartman "Now get the f*'bleep' out"
    Butters "O.k"

  44. @123SupArman123i weep for humannity if its going in the direction u want it to. but can u explain exactly why u hate gays? and dont give me any biblicle shit. i want to know any reason OTHER that religeous beliefs.

  45. Well what about my religious freedom? My religion, that I was raised in, says nothing is wrong lesbianism. Why can't my sacred bond to another person that is recolonized by my religion be recognized by the state which is supposed to secular and guarantee freedom of religion? Where is my religious freedom?

  46. I find people like this in the year 2012 more amusing than offensive. He just sounds like some drunk old man down at a bar that goes on and on and people ignore and find outdated

  47. Suparman umad me bisexual now tell me why its wrong ill give you 19 comments cause thats how long it tales to make your point and ill laugh but tell me why its wrong

    I wont acept god bible or animal shit so dont pull that i am a athiest as well we are mammals now ill grab popcorn and a drink

  48. I've learned that every time I hear the words "moral" or "immoral" from a politician, pundit or religious leader, something ridiculous is about to be said.

  49. It's like these guys think that everyone will "turn gay" if gayness is accepted within society.
    A decent number of folks might come out, but that's it.

  50. "No! We must hold to our traditions – deviation would be immoral! Unthinkable! Our reed huts are the pinnacle of technology, our flint axes the most dangerous weapons humans could design… We will reign forever! Great Sun God has said so and Rain God backs him up – we must forever stand in awe of them, and honor them with daily offerings of food and currency."
    Rinse (flood)
    People are predictable, no? :

  51. The Ming & Zhou dynasties in China (as well as ancient Rome) had same-sex marriages. Between the 12th & 14th centuries in Europe, such marriages took place among royalty & nobility, as marriage was largely for economic reasons. Lacking daughters, families were allied like so.
    As for religion & same-sex marriage, well, here's just one example:
    Pedro Díaz & Muño Vandilaz, married by a priest @ a small chapel in Rairiz de Veiga, Spain, 16 April 1061. Docs @ Monastery of San Salvador de Celanova.

  52. **Liberals on human traits**
    Intelligence: All difference in intelligence is environmental, to say genetics influence intelligence is heresy (despite what reality may say).
    Homosexuality: All difference in sexuality is genetic, to say environment influences sexuality is heresy (despite what reality may say).
    At least try to be consistent in your positions you retarded liberals. Are you all egalitarians, or genetic determinists?

  53. hey remember that time people were so sick of tired, old religious rules controlling every aspect of their life
    that they just up and left the country
    and founded America?
    yeah funny thing about that

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