Republican Leader Begs Pelosi To Let White House Take Control Of Impeachment Process

Republican house minority leader, Kevin McCarthy
sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi yesterday begging her to put the brakes on this impeachment
inquiry until and unless she lets Republicans in the house of representatives and the white
house itself have more control over the process. So the Republicans actually want the democratic
majority to hand over a lot of the control over this whole impeachment thing. Just hand it over to the white house and us
Republicans. You can totally trust us, right? It’s not like we just spent the last two years
protecting Trump, obstructing other investigations, burying other investigations, allowing his
kids to testify off the record where nobody could hear it. Yeah, we’re totally believable that we’re
going to handle this impeachment inquiry with all the due process it deserves. In McCarthy’s letter. Uh, he said, uh, the democratic majority needs
to put each subpoena request before he full committee vote. Give ranking committee chair subpoena power
and allow the president’s counsel to take part in all depositions, cross-examined and
recommend witnesses and present or object to evidence. Now for that last part where he said the president’s
council, which would I guess be Rudy Giuliani. Um, this isn’t a trial. The trial happens in the Senate buddy. I would think as somebody who’s been in the
house of representatives, as long as you have Kevin, that you would know that the white
house does not have any right to do any of this. They don’t have any legal right to do any
of that. They’re not allowed to present evidence or
object to evidence. They’re not allowed to cross examine witnesses. This isn’t the trial. This is the inquiry at the moment. And if impeachment happens, that’s a simple
houseboat up or down. That’s what happens. Then it goes to a trial in the Senate and
that is where the president can bring in his incompetent lawyer, Rudy Giuliani and do all
the things that you’re asking him to do. And that’s going to be even worse for the
president. But no, Mr. McCarthy, I’m sorry, but you don’t
get a say. You can vote that that’s part of your job. You get to vote, but you don’t get to boss
Nancy Pelosi around and tell her what she needs to be doing here. Nancy Pelosi is finally doing what she is
supposed to be doing. And that’s not listening to idiots like you. Now, on the same side, I wouldn’t be surprised
if Nancy Pelosi did somehow cave on a little bit of this and say, okay, Republicans will
give in to your demands. We’ll put this, uh, subpoenas before committee
votes. We’ll make sure you get access to everything,
but you’re not going to let Rudy Giuliani rock into my chamber and try to obstruct this
investigation because that’s not what happens. Now, the rules for impeachment are very vague
and they were deliberately written, vague to pretty much allow for whatever the house
of representatives wants to do. It’s the Senate where the real accountability
takes place. You know, it essentially at that point becomes
a courtroom and this becomes a trial. But in the house, pretty much the wild West,
no holds barred. Whatever the house speaker wants to allow
gets allowed. And at least for the next year and a half,
the house speaker’s going to be Nancy Pelosi. So Kevin McCarthy buckle up. It’s going to be a very uncomfortable ride.

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  1. As Farron read the letter, it became clear that McCarthy doesn't know the Constitution, any better than many Americans, that or he was willing to look ignorant, to make political hay.


  3. Dems aka not soldout Americans need to be constantly on tv. sites n not back down on this Treasonist skank. They are trying to keep this mild mannerism dealing with this creature but that will not work. People need constant facts and call it individual 1 n constantly speak about all the lies. Constantly! Omg wake up. This nice guy crap wont work with the devil

  4. 8 years the Republicans had the house and never once did they allow the Democrats one single inch of leverage or compromise. Now it's "aw it's not fare"..Boo Hoo..

  5. The Republican Party party that supposed to be a family values just proved they are the party of Nazism they'll protect Lil Hitler at all cost even if it means selling America down the river god I pray that all this corruption be bought to Justice.

  6. When will Americans realize that Trump has polluted the Republican Party to the point that they are looked upon Internationally as a circus of deranged Idiots incapable of knowing right from wrong, good from bad, truth from false, respect from disrespect, morality from immorality, honesty from dishonesty, lawfulness from lawlessness and just a plain embarrassment to the human race, an ignorant bunch of subhuman creatures with the arrogance never before seen by any government officials in the modern civilization of the human race. A group who truly believes that this is definitely the way to make America Great. From the Intelligent People of America to you Trump backers, GOOD LUCK.

  7. Why would it be worst for the President in the Senate, when the very Pelosi and the rest of the morons already admitted and all of the leftist media believes that the Dems have slim chance of winning the case in the Senate? And you know why? Because they have no case, and their intentions are only to smear this President. Soon enough all of you conspiracy theorist and liars will be out in the open and we will see what other tunes you may want to play.

  8. I kind of miss the days when Trump supporters were all proud and vocal about it. They don't even call it fact news now, they just don't talk about it

  9. So they want the conman to run his own criminal inquiry into his own criminally corrupt administration… Geez Louise, the gop has lost all its marbles. Did hillary run her own Benghazi investigation, did nixon run his own water gate inquiry

  10. You did not make the case that this is "begging." Those of us who would like to see Trump evaporate still should stick to facts.

  11. McCarthy is an idiot. Does he really think that they are retarded as their leader.
    I am quite sure he (Trump) directed him to send such a ridiculous request. It is totally laughable….

  12. Like your content ROF. Question: After a House vote to impeach, won't Senate rules allow for the impeachment to be dismissed? MoscowMitch and the GOP lackeys don't want it to go to a trial just before the election. I think we need all Dems + 4 GOP to avoid a dismissal. Romney, Collins, Sasse, ???

  13. You all are so full of crap, you can believe all the b***** that you throw out but when it's all said and done Donald Trump will be re-elected and I know that you all will try to kill him. (And you know who you are) but he's got an advance notice of roughly the time and date. Just thought I'd let you on the spoiler alert.

  14. Mitt Romney, Joni Ernst, Susan Collins, Sasse
    and Chuck Grassley, say trump's been "inappropriate", "wrong" when trump actually broke laws by asking China-Ukraine for election interference. Will these same, law makers-Senators become trumper-law breakers just for a pay check? Watch their impeachment VOTES to know them for real!

  15. Like they didn't fully let the FBI investigate Kavanaugh and determine validity of allegations against him? This McCarthy represents a vacant, dirt covered area with trailers in No. California and he pretends to be so important. He's determined to get McConnells job
    when he's gone. He's a "Yes" man who is anti female and has poor values. Also, he puts Party before Country and doesn't care about the individual. Shame on Kevin McCarthy. Remember, "The House Always Wins".

  16. Trump and the Republicans are FAILING allover the place. What a disaster all of them are with
    covering for Trump and self imploding their own party. Sad. Poor decisions and greedy values. I used to respect our Republican Party but now I see them as pathetic. No backbone.

  17. How adorable I guess he thinks the republicans still have control of the house. He’s definitely going to lose his shit in 2020 if the republicans lose the other to branches of government he’ll be sending the same hollow toothless letters out every 5 mins, because u have a feeling there will be a lot of changes he won’t like especially with all those new rules the senate majority put in to place to make it a lot easier to push shit through without working with the minority.

  18. Hi I just shot somebody.Do you think I can investigate myself to see if I actually shot someone.Ha!They support Trump and expect to investigate him and then say he did nothing wrong.Criminals clearing criminals.

  19. This is obscene! This is like the defendant in massive federal trial demanding that he be allowed to take over the proceedings and put all of his cronies on the jury! In fact, that's pretty much exactly what RethuglieKKKlans are trying to do! They want rule of law dead so that they can do whatever they want without fear of being held accountable.

  20. After what the Republicans have done Pelosi shouldn’t even respond to this nonsense. Payback time for the Democrats.

  21. Whaaaaaat ? ! ? ! ? ! ? Appoint the fox as the official hen house guardian while justice takes a day off ? Surely, N. Pelosi is smarter than that ! …I would hope…….we already have Dope on a rope…….why be gullible, naive nincumpoops now ?

  22. Predecent = Karma.
    That's why you should never advocate for a rule you can't accept when the OTHER party regains power.
    The Republicans didn't play fair; they are lucky that the Dems won't do the same, because WE don't want to establish your terrible precedents further.
    Trolling is the OPPOSITE from statesmanship. The GOP has a long way to go to amend its life. Asking/demanding favors after all the abuse heaped in Obama is ridiculous.

  23. Such bullshit. Just like the republicans to change every rule to benefit them. Let’s see if the dems actually stand up to these animals

  24. OH HELL KNOW there as crooked as Trump ! Fu%k them gutless wonders !!!!! And stupid also see what you republiCons put in office !! GIVE THEM NOTHING !!

  25. Seriously? Put the fox in charge of the hen house? The wolves in sheep’s clothing? And they are trustworthy of the truth? They aren’t even acknowledging the facts as truth.

  26. Ring of fires made so many errors, and become so absurd, likely to impress upon Honorable readers, and viewers that they are Fake News in essence.100% Fake News here. Kevin is the minority leader, he had a say. Dismissing as one who had no say, that is crossing the Line.US President is the most powerful USA personnel, he sure has a say and a Big Say. There is no there there, or any wrongdoings of Trump, and I can honestly say, those who see it differently from mine point of views, are True Idiots, and if you are not then I am. Trump is not a Convict, why Metaphor it as though he is a Convict? Isn't that trying to be Miscchievious, slander, to make a Deceitful point? Trump has never been Charge in Court as a Traitor, even with the false Impeachment, why said he is a Traitor?Isn' that another falsehoods, another deceiful point?I followed the Benghazi Case,it's a true story of an evil done to Ambassador Steven,by Obama,Hillary ,Susan Rice,lies and lies…

    Kevin is a great man.and by your Nonsensical question as to… who is he..? it is pure Nasty, another point of truth that indeed, you guys were evil. Period.

  27. It was Biden who was a corrupt, needed investigation, as agreed by all, both parties agreed 1000% that Biden MUST be Investigated.oops,I forget, Democrats are a Deceitful, immoral party,who champion Gross Immoralities…//Yes Biden must be investigated,I agree with Trump? Everyone agreed….who else vote Nay?NONE….So Trump must be honoured for doing his job, a great President of the USA….

  28. Trump was investigated so thoroughly and nothing bites him, show him above reproach, and Good Democrats accept Mueller's report and honour him for being a great President, and no dirt was found on Trump. Oh,I forget, when they cannot find dirt on Trump, so they manufacture new Ones, to prove they were from the Dark Side…

  29. The Republicans are actually hanging on to a burnt out meteor. that is a criminally insane, xenophobic racist that has no boundaries or feelings for people in general . That must just feel good at the end of the day ! When they have some reflection time . I would really hate to see if the republicans would go to an actual house of religion to confess their sins and wrongdoings .

    God : have you did anything stellar ?
    Republican : oh yes !
    God : what was that .
    Republican : we saved an orange fat man from himself.
    God: sorry , I’ve got not time for you , I am saving an alligator from a moat .

  30. Most Republicans suffer from a disease called TBS, Trump Bullshit Syndrome!! Caused by Drinking too much Kool Aid!! ONLY known cure is: 🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸

  31. I think they should let Fox News conduct the inquiry. I can see it now. Hannity: Whistleblower do you realize that it's an act of treason to criticize this great President? You sir should be shot.

  32. Letting the fox investigate the murder in the henhouse? Absurd! It sounds like he was speaking for the president! In trumps own words!

  33. We need to hold Democrats and Republicans accountable. Washington is messy. It has lost touch with the average American. Russia is laughing.

  34. Did Nunes pass control of his sham investigations to the Democrats? Subpoena power rests with the majority. Was there any consideration given to handing subpoena power to Democrats when Republicans held the majority?

    Is McCarthy completely crazy or does he just hope everyone else is? He’s already tried re-writing the summary of the phone call Trump released to remove the levering “though.”

    Every Republican who hasn’t run for the elevator as soon as they see a mic approaching is trying to say it doesn’t matter if Trump breaks the law and they want to control the impeachment inquiry. That’s like every criminal insisting his accomplices make up the judge & jury in their trial.

    They’ve tried saying it isn’t real and if it is it doesn’t matter. They’ve tried to discredit the whistleblower and Chairman Schiff. They’ve even tried saying it’s all just a huge joke by Trump just to rile up the media. Is this the last desperate throw of the dice or is there more sheer lunacy to come in a Republican bid to defend the indefensible?

  35. they are joking right? you got to be kidding me,like really,if nancy pelosi is stupid enough to accept that crap then she is also a traitor,like most of republitards

  36. This muthafucker is crazy… that's why they lost the house because they wouldn't do their damn jobs… he's a dumbass

  37. My God! The impeachment process is delegated to Congress by the Constitution of the United States. The Executive Branch has NO SAY in it. And Kevin McCarthy knows this. All these Republican sycophants need to be voted out, the sooner the better.

  38. Who wants to bet that this lame, stupid idea didn't start with McCarthy but that McCarthy's arm was twisted to write a bizarre letter by his bizarre mob boss in the White House now in a full blown panic attack?

  39. This is our Alice Through the Looking Glass moment in history. When will the spineless Democrats call bullshit on the traitorous trump supporters in Congress. They just sit back and let every outrageous slanderous comment be made against them without any pushback. The last hearing in which the Republicans in the House leveled outrageous charges against the Dems. and they said NOTHING . They are why I left the Democratic party 15 years ago and became an Independent. The Republicans are too dangerous to rule and the Democrats are too cowardly. And thus begets the end of our nation.

  40. Nanci might frustrate many, but she could never be mistaken for stupid. I hope she shreds them extra special for postulating themselves to the man baby, for even having asked.

  41. ⏩⏩⏩⏩. I hope Nancy Pelosi does not go for the Suggestion by the Reps 〽️〽️〽️〽️‼️‼️‼️

  42. “Excuse me judge. But my client feels that he can do a better job at investigating the murder he has admitted to doing. I think you better let him handle the investigation and the trial.”

    Yes. Because that’s how check and balances work. Fucking republican morons.

  43. Every Republican in Congress should be EMBARRASSED… They’re nothing more than Trumps boot lickers at this point… They took an oath to uphold the Constitution yet they refuse to do their jobs and turn a blind eye to all the impeachable things Trump does on a daily basis… Trump is a criminal he needs to be impeached ASAP…

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