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  1. Lieutenant Colonel Vindman was and is a Military man. He and his brothers fled from Russia to arrive in the United States.

  2. I'm convinced that the "whistleblower" is actually part of Trump's closest confidants, part of the "RESISTANCE"…
    If I were the whistleblower, I would testify, even though by law I would be protected, just to spite him and the Republicans because really… honestly…. what could he do to me???
    And, if by chance, I ended up dead, EVERYONE would know it was a hit job directed by Trump and his goonies…
    I am God's child and my soul would be judged righteously, I would be just fine because I would have done what was RIGHT and their souls… unfortunately be judged just the same, accordingly to THEIR works…

  3. Remember when Joe Bidens son worked for a Ukraine firm and Biden withheld money until they fired a Ukraine prosecutor who was investigating corruption in that firm? Pepperidge farm remembers.

  4. The defense is. WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU!!!! Trump was asking Ukraine to investigate, Biden withholding funds until Ukraine fired a prosecutor that was investigating Bidens son.

  5. The Russian, Chinese and Arab responders in this section are very supportive of the Democrats and their MSM… because they want a weak (= extreme left) president again…

  6. I heard Nunes refer to the the impeachment hearings as a circus; I then park my car and see a bumper sticker on the car in front of me: ‘Elect a clown
    Expect a circus”.…………precisely!

  7. The republicans will not remove trump

    So we the American people will remove YOU !!!

    🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊voting all DEMOCRAT in 2020🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸 AGAIN !!!!

  8. Was this another ‘bombshell’?… The next star witness telling us there was no Quid Pro Quo. What an embarrassment.
    The Senate is going to ask Shifty Shift some tough questions. Spending millions of taxpayer’s money while trying to provoke a civil war.

  9. Trump made the illegal call with the Ukrainian President, he already admitted to that! 😊 You can't call a foreign country and ask them to investigate a fellow American as it’s illegal and it violates national security. Also, if the fellow American happens to be your political opponent, it shows the whole world that you’re trying to be a cheater by getting a foreign country to produce incriminating evidence against your political rival! If you do that and you hold up military aid then it’s a crime and it’s a violation of the Emoluments Clauses of the U.S.Constitution! 😆 Trump is a crook! 😊

  10. Nunes and the other republicans are always insulting the proceedings and he also says trump said no quid pro quo only after the whistle blower busts him out, the GOP is running scared, run rabbit run.

  11. If extortion is a crime guilty of impeachment, and Joe Biden has admitted, on camera, that he's guilty of it, why in the world would he bother running for president?

  12. "Consider the source" DJT attacking a decorated highly respected soldier. Attacks from a coward whose daddy made him rich and got out of service because of bone spurs. Just because he cheated his way into the presidency, doesn't earn him any respect.

  13. When Trump is Fired, I hope he leaves the country and never comes back. But don't let him take any money because he didn't earn it, it's the tax payers. Tar and feather that Baby and ride him out of Towne on a rail.

  14. Who is a patriotic American? LT. Col Vindman! Who is a self interested criminal who needs removal from office? Donald Trump! Do your duty, Republicans.

  15. Corruption is his "normal" and every thing else seen as not corrupt based on ethical standards is in his view corrupt. That's the spin.

  16. even hearsay has a lot of exceptions. documents and videos are considered hearsay, and yet, there are admissible. somebody hearing a killer confessing, admissible, if the witness is credible. and dozens more. a good lawyer can dismantle all the hearsay theory in a moment.

  17. "He got caught." Now Trump supporters are threatening United States Army lieutenant colonel Alexander Vindman. America is turning into Russia… You fear for your life for telling the truth. Will Americans allow this?

  18. Trump is looking to hire,
    a very reliable squire,
    one who is steady,
    and keeps an extinguisher ready,
    for when Donnies pants, are afire.

  19. MSNBC giving Amy Klobuchar ( who's only polling between 0 to 1%) more speaking time than their favorite corporate democrat Pete Buttigieg is weird. And the way MSNBC has moderated tonight's debate is complete garbage

  20. Bernie Sanders has the most aggressive and ambitious housing plan than all these loser democrats on stage combined. Joe Biden is mentally and physically deteriorating before our very eyes tonight. Biden is imploding

  21. Russia is the only winner through all this division and we have to listen to the facts and stand strong for the truth! Stand strong for our CONSTITUTION!!


  23. What inquiry are you people watching ? I don’t see it happening , same crap , I don’t recall , it could have happened , I wasn’t aware of that !
    Report something that is not fake news !

  24. Strange cause others admitted Biden's name wasnt said. Also the money is okay to withhold for national security. Even Biden was going to withhold money and he wasnt president but rather vp.

  25. US & Ukraine Treaty for mutual cooperation in investigations of corruption.

  26. I hope that this all somehow leads to finding out what was said behind closed doors between Putin and Trump. Where's that translator hiding? Or maybe that person was already off'd

  27. WEll YUP. Agent Orange, in a clear and consistent way used Tax Payer money & not his own to "do the deal" is completely consistent with his practices as a corrupt businessman in NYC and Atlantic City

  28. Haha Trump 2020!! You left wing ding dongs need to get to work and quit spending our hard earned money on crap like this. Remember, you work for us and us REAL AMERICANS can fire you. Time for a cutback on the useless personnel in our Government.

  29. how is it a bribe? the deal was he would receive the funding if he was in alignment with national policy which included opening the anti corruption courts and he did receive it on the agreed upon date when the anti corruption courts open. part of the original agreement for foreign aid. as the witnesses said Ukraine is the most corrupt country in the world and they had heavily favored Hilary to win so they could extend their power. im not american or a trump supporter i just genuinely don't understand the leap in logic that it was a bribe

  30. So if the president can attack, so can I!!! I hope Donald chokes on a chicken bone 🦴 and I hope bologna, I mean Melania runs away with a hot black man!!