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  1. Meanwhile…..
    Trump has even used our own military to prop up his failing golf resort in Scotland.
    Trump could literally be impeached on his egregious violations of the emoluments clause alone.

    Not only have the U.S. and foreign governments spent money at properties owned by Trump, but the Trump's own political campaign and affiliated political committees have also spent about $16.8 million at his businesses since he launched his 2016 bid, according to an analysis of federal election spending records. Trump is literally using his own campaign’s money to line his pockets with millions. It's basically the same crime he committed with his fake charity foundation.

    Republican political campaigns and PACs have spent just under $1.8 million at Trump-owned businesses so far this year in the 2020 election cycle, according to the latest examination of spending by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, based on spending reports to the Federal Election Commission.

    Most of that has been spent by the Trump campaign ($1.3 million), the Republican National Committee ($123,000) and the Great America political action committee ($104,000), records show, the center reported.

    The Washington Post explained in a story in July how such Trump campaign events create a “two-fer” benefiting Trump. When he holds a fundraiser at one of his properties, not only do donors contribute to his campaign, his business collects funds from his campaign for space rental and catering, some of which ultimately ends up in his pocket. 

    But 48 Republican members of Congress also spent campaign money at Trump businesses through their campaign and affiliated committees, according to the center. Some of the top spenders for the 2020 cycle included campaigns for former Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin ($21,000), who resigned last month, Mike Pence’s brother, Indiana Rep. Greg Pence ($14,000), Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio ($12,000) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California ($8,000).

    Spending will continue to grow as the election nears. Senate Republicans are hosting a two-day “Save the Senate” retreat at Trump’s Washington, D.C., hotel early next month, according to The Intercept. Room rates during that time will be nearly triple the average, according to the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

    The top preferred businesses by spenders were Trump’s Washington hotel, followed by his Florida resort Mar-a-Lago, according to the center. Trump’s Doral golf resort in Miami was in fifth place for the amount of incoming campaign expenditures.

    Traitor Trump is making a fortune while fleecing America and violating the Constitution. And his supporters defend this by saying he donates his presidential salary of 400k a year, so that makes it okay for him to fleece the American people out of tens of millions of dollars since he's been in office. His presidential salary amounts to slave wages compared to what he's actually making illegally by using the office of the presidency. If this doesn't make your blood boil, then you're probably a Trump cultist.

  2. Republicans you cant even tell the truth in the hearing what a bunch of clowns you dont deserve to be in power your just a joke

  3. So I'm cruising along in the video, minding my own business, and something told me to rewind to about 0:54. The context of Mr Taylor's statement perfectly correlated to what my brain wanted me to hear, but instead I hear a word that's a bit foreign to my vocabulary…sorry minority counsel Taylor, but NEEpotism is not a word.

  4. And we are surprised by this??? the republican party is being run by Russia. The republicans know that they can only win a national election by cheating, like they did in 2016.

  5. Yet no one says peep about all the unqualified people in Trumps government or the unqualified judges chosen by Trump that are being put in courts.

  6. Obviously directed at trump supporters who don’t read and wouldn’t know the difference Because they watch Fox misinformation. Just shows you.

  7. Trump had control of the House for two years. If he was really that concerned about the Biden's "corruption" why didn't he go through the proper channels and launch an investigation himself? But see he wasn't really concerned about any of that. Not until Biden jumped into the 2020 race that is. Because Trump's concern over Ukraine corruption was never genuine. Trump signed off on Ukraine aid two times prior. He didn't even ask them for a real investigation because that would clear Biden. He just wanted Zelensky to announce one. Suggest wrong doing and let FOX run with it. It's a tactic that worked with Hillary so why not use it again?

  8. Let me quote selectively from this book I hate, which makes the case for the impeachment of my dear leader Donald Trump. And don't you dare read the rest of the book!

  9. The gop trump counsel should be censured for being deceitful in this hearing. He conveniently misled by purposefully omitting the facts

  10. No matter how often I see Trumpublicans publically shame themselves, I still can't believe that their job or money is worth the shame to their families. I mean History book level shaaaame!

    Trump must have something much more damaging. Otherwise, they could resign in protest and go to work elsewhere.

  11. None of the judges that were appointed by the GOP had no real experience or qualifications

    for the life time Positions they were appointed either. As a matter of fact they were all deemed unqualified by experts after interviewing them. Yet Mitch McConnell appointed them anyway. So you can't use the argument that Biden Jr. was appointed to a position you feel he was not qualified for or had any experience in, when you appoint non-qualified persons to be judges
    for life. Get real. What about trump appointing his children to position they are not qualified for. Is that the kind of nepotism you are referring to?

  12. “REPROBATE MINDS” donald trump, his family the GOP and all involved in his White
    House circle corruption, treason and bribery all have reprobate minds, marked
    by immorality and deviating from what is considered right or proper or good.

  13. Lying by omission is a particularly insidious way of pushing untruth. And it's frequently relied on by Fox "news" pundits and the GOP.

  14. An attack on Hon. Neal Kaytal is an attack on all of us.
    He graciously remained unfazed about this matter, but i am happy to be indignant on his behalf.
    I for one will never forget that the treasonous R's smeared such a noble patriot.

  15. So many Republicans that are Compromised! They are going to have a seperate Wiki Page, that shows their picture and annotates their Official position, relationship to Trump (and others), and the crime that they committed. The diagram showing the Family Tree of this whole criminal network, is going to break the Internet.

  16. Funny how the right keep harping about Hunter Biden not being qualified for a board position (!) but they never bring up Javanka…

  17. So besides lying, Republicans also willfully misquote text from books … Or can't they read, just like their Big Fat Ugly Orange Maggot?

  18. Ironic no one complains about ivanka and his other relatives. REPUBLICANS BARE CHEATERS CAUSE THEY CANNOT WIN ON THEIR OWN STEAM….

  19. Also isn’t that republicans intentional omission —falsely commenting at a congressional venue. Cheaters ain’t making america great

  20. Too bad the semi literate rubes who support Drumpf aren't gonna hear from Katyal how the Republicunts built their arguments using butchered excerpts from his book.

  21. The American voters are watching — just like we were watching during Watergate. Trump and the Republicans are DOOMED next year.

  22. fair enough either way trump should be thrown out of office , but what Biden did with his son SHOULD BE ILLEGAL ! be clear ….. two wrongs don't make a right , trump must be impeached and removed. pass new laws making Biden's conduct illegal and bar him from ever holding office again. you cant charge him since it wasn't illegal at the time , immoral yes illegal no .


  24. So that's where they're headed with this well choreographed dance. Both parties just ignored all the laws trump broke from the very first day he took office. Dems hid behind their lack of seats in congress and the senate, when they had the seats in congress, they wouldn't budge on impeachment because it would "destroy the country," people didn't want it, it would backfire etc. You'd think they were talking about the impact of parents divorcing on the fragile children. We watch both parties and the media play up their suppose hatred of each other, when in fact they always landed in the exact same place and didn't get anything done. This time the goal is to acclimate the public to the new rules of the dictator of America. Going after your political opponent is a part of our new way of life. Establishing going after political rivals makes the next step of going after dissidents, as in the public, so much smoother. That explains why they choose Ukraine to showcase the regime's muscle, instead of impeaching trump on being a Russian asset (Syria, slamming our Intel, siding with Putin on everything, secret meetings alone with dictators) children in cages, 3 yr olds in immigration court sitting alone at the defense table without legal representation. And not any mention of the soldiers who have died because trump withheld aid from Ukraine. No legal action, recourse or any attempt to undo the installation of Putin's poison pill in the oval office , just blasting straight ahead, while talking and watching trump do Putins's bidding. The government is being systemically destroyed from the inside out, it is in shambles. The order of command in the military is in chaos, the 2020 election is knowingly being rigged without any effort to stop it, yet this Ukraine thing is what they choose to investigate. These politicians don't want to bring this transition into dictatorship to end. That is why they didn't use any of the above mentioned impeachable offenses. They aren't looking to stop it. They are looking to acclimate us so their lives aren't in danger as we realized we're being duped. And they are accomplishing it. Americans are following like lemmings. White men wrote a distorted history of America. The slaughter of native Americans who were nothing but kind and generous to white men is as insane and ugly as it gets. It's beginning to look like American ancestor and the civil war is made up as well. Let people think they come from strong willed stock., that way they'll rest on their laurels and not develop a fight for what is right. When you look at history in that light it actually makes more sense when looking at the passivity of the people of this country today. The window to turn this thing around is closing. As everyone can plainly see, politicians aren't going to do it. So, America?

  25. Neal Katyal should have sued in real time like Nunezz did with CNN. One good misquote is worth arguing slander when it is right in your face..

  26. Works on the peasants that are getting screwed over by their 1% owned puppets, the republican party! Why are you fighting, you cannot stop them; they control the senate, the supreme court, the white house and over 160 corporate friendly federal judges. Our Democracy is Dead! It is their time, the time of the Gentiles.; but don't worry it won't last long.

  27. neal would make a
    superb supreme court
    justice especially as chief
    setting the tone of dignity
    as professional integrity
    not for sale earning
    self respect instead

  28. "…" equals inconvenient truths. Blatant partisanship. Bad faith on full display.

    Does Mr. Taylor not understand that his decision to use excerpts from Impeach out of context completely destroys any credibility he and those he represents might have had?

    Utterly disgraceful BS!

  29. Propaganda by the GOP. Alternate facts and misrepresentation to promote their biased conspiracy theories, while the Democrats try to find out what the real facts are, the GOP hides and manipulates them.

  30. Republicans are now reduced to using cartoonishly cliched examples of bad faith, omission and outright lies as the only defense they have to put up for Trump.

  31. "Knee-potism"
    Not a native speaker here, but I do not think you're supposed to pronounce it like that. If migrants are supposed to learn the language of their host nation, then its politicians surely ought to lead by example, right? Be GLAD that migrants do not take republicans as example.

  32. Republicans intentionally misleading the public ?
    Astounding ! Who would have thought Republicans could sink so low !

  33. This all goes to show the importance of squeaky clean and 20/20 hindsight.
    If only Joe and Hunter had sought advice about Hunter accepting a position on Burismas’s board.
    Given the corruption problems in Ukraine and Joe’s US administrative role in Ukraine, they were asking for an uproar.
    An uproar they got.
    And then came Trump looking for the next crime to commit.

  34. Pigs grunt, that's what they do. All of us who see just how bad the Republicans are need to start posting on pro Trump news channels like Fox and expose the truth to their fans

  35. Didn't the Republicans have control of the house for 2 years. So why didn't they investigate Biden if they're so concerned about his so-called corruption. Oh wait there was none..

  36. This is one of the most insidious and ridiculous quote mining I've seen… It's right up there with the famous misquote of "On the Origin of Species" by evangelical Christians, trying to make it look as if even Darwin himself was skeptical about evolution by natural selection

  37. Paul Taylor's sign should read "deceiver" rather than "counsel". By twisting the truth into a lie he is trying desperately to serve evil, but merely succeeds in exposing the falsity of his argument.

  38. Trump is ….. the most honest and transparent president in US history. He is ….. the chosen one ☝️ . 🇺🇸

  39. Not to mention the fact that even the Republican counsel is too stupid to pronounce "nepotism" correctly. No, it's not "nee-potism". Didn't run it by anybody or is it just that they are all that stupid? Repubs not only fail to recognize their own nepotism – they can't even pronounce it.

  40. Rep version of George defending Captain Blackadder: "My client is guilty …"
    Dem version of George defending Captain Blackadder: "My client is guilty of nothing more than trying to do his duty"

  41. Hunter Biden does not have experience and Ivanka trump has experience to be the president's advisor, on what Donald's purse?

  42. When your client is guilty the defense has to be creative, but this kind of creativity is bordering on the disingenuous (which isn't a crime but should be avoided as a legal defense).

  43. All old white people from some wacko reality, defending the smoldering PRESIDENCY and DECEITFUL administration . CREEPED OUT.

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