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Report: U.S. investigating Russian plan to disrupt election

Report: U.S. investigating Russian plan to disrupt election

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned Obama Hussein on Monday not to question him or “son of a whore I will swear at you" when they meet in Laos during a regional summit

  2. what we do know is that our democrat government is never truthful with us. It's either much worse then they are saying or another complete bs claim and hillary scandal

  3. Oh for goodness sakes. What a crock. This is desperation beyond belief. Do people actually believe these things that the comedy news network reports

  4. Obama is all lies. It wasn't the Russians. It was a guy from the DNC that gave the information to Wiki leaks.A guy who mysteriously ends up dead.

  5. Its called bringing awareness to a corrupt government. the truth doesn't blame the people who expose it. only governments who are untruthful.

  6. 25 million illegal aliens that don't need I.D. to vote and their 20 million voting anchor babies but they need to investigate Russia about the elections. I guess they should investigate Russia for the 7,300 USA citizens killed in the USA by illegal aliens every year (not counting how many their anchor babies kill on top of that.)

  7. How is it helping to blame Russia? Putin didn't set Hillary up with a private server. Why is Obama focusing on hacks at the G20 meeting.

  8. quit already with the Russians, fuckn libtards everyone knows barry sotoro and hitlery are trying to blame all their fuck ups on Russia. TRUMP 2016

  9. Exposing frauds and crimes of Sorosh maffia does not constitute disrupting elections. Russian observers are needed as there is obviously not a minimal level of media freedom in America.

  10. So the Russians leaked dnc emails and we figured out Hillary and Debbie are corrupt and they call Hispanics the taco bowl vote. Woop Dee doo who knew that.

  11. Here, see? My middle finger, see? Did you see? Look, my middle finger! Fuckers said nothing about Hilary and DNC screwing Bernie but they are now concerned that everybody knows how corrupt they are.

  12. OBAMA CAN'T SAY ANYTHING TO CONVINCE ME ABOUT ANYTHING! HE'S A LIAR LIKE THE REST! RUNNING OUT OF PEOPLE TO BLAME?!!! He should be impeached and thrown in jail! Hillary Clinton should be thrown in jail! George Soros should be in jail! Hopefully when Trump wins the election we will see this happen!

  13. They will say and do anything to keep Trump from being Potus. Russian knows the propaganda the us has against them, any candidate they hint at supporting will be shunned by the populace.

  14. "You can keep your own doctor." "We have to pass it to find out what is in it." "At this point what does it matter!" "There was nothing confidential in my email." "I gave the FBI all my email." "I've now been in 57 states? I think one left to go?" "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet." "It all depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is' is."

    Stupid is influencing the election, and they don't need any help?
    The problem is they think we are so stupid that we will fall for CNN's simpleton propaganda?
    China is the real threat they are not allowed to talk about.

  15. Do they really need to do that democrats(Bushes,Clinton's,Hussein Obomba)are doing a pretty good job themselves.The oldest trick in the book of democRATS is ''Russians did it'' LOL at this point sounds pathetic and desperate.

  16. US intelligence.. ha ha ha ha ha .. that's a good one. go Russia screw things up for Killary.. they will disclose the fraud in the electronic voting machines by diebold.. shut up obama.. you are pathetic. you have no proof of F*ck all.

  17. If Trump becomes the US President, the US will just become another pro-Putin puppet state like Al Assad's Syria, Maduro's Venezuela or Kim Jong Un's North Korea.

  18. I wouldnt doubt it at all, but this is CNN we're talking about so anything can be possible, and they lean towars for the Democratic side of things.

  19. You know what's more pathetic when Americans turn against their own country to support a dictator like putin instead…you people watch too much russian government propaganda spoonfed to you by their government funded and operated media outlet RT.

  20. This is total bullshit and you can see right threw it. This narrative is bogus. Obama said once before that the elections couldn't be rigged, now he's saying well Russia may try to rig it. Pick a side Obama and stick with it you can't talk out both sides of your mouth. Second the US and Nato are parking missile systems on Putins doorstep. You only do that to provoke conflict Missiles are offensive in nature as well. Study the Cuba missile crisis . So this narrative serves two folds. 1 they use propaganda to restart a cold war and get the American people behind it, second they steal the election for Hillary so globalism keeps going it's in plain sight .

  21. OR are these allegations a mere smokescreen to deflect an embarrassed Democratic Party's presidential elections' BELLY FLOP ?! ..Hmm

  22. That's right (Clinton News Network) CNN! blame it on the Russians 🙂 CNN you're a pack of amateurs 🙂 LOL Trump for Prez…

  23. This is total bullshit! This is a plot by the current administration to control the election. This goes hand in hand with Jeh Johnson last week saying that the election process is critical infrastructure. They want to take over the process people, its just one more step toward tyranny.



  26. Клинтон завербована раньше Обамы.Обама на саммите G20 получил новое задание от Путина.

  27. Russia us not disrupting anything. IT'S THE US DOING IT TO TAKE OVER THE ELECTIONS and RIG IT FOR HITLERY!!!!


  28. If there is any major big ass reason not to vote for Trump or the Republican Party in this November 2016 Presidential Election, I cannot think of a better reason. If you want the foundation of our Government to fall, then by all means vote for Trump. He will destroy it in every way– alongside Putin. We will never understand what we have lost, as far as freedom and liberty, until we do not have it anymore.

  29. They don't have proof russia hacked the DNC, but they keep repeating it. Democrats have become very much more like Republicans, Republicans are taking more of a less interventionist shift while Democrats keep pushing for a cold war and making up conspiracy theories. they love war and conflict. they have become what they use to always be against.

  30. Who the fuck is the United States, look at all the elections the USA has meddled in, leaving thousands dead, and we're going to conplain about Russia hacking dnc, instead of what they hacked

  31. We have no problems with election fraud as it is (cough, cough, DNC), so now there's outrage!?!? Why wasn't outrage reported three months ago when the American voter was defrauded by Wasserman and her goon squad!?

  32. This is getting scary. If the Democrats keep trying to steal elections then Obama truly is the most evil person on the planet.

  33. Who ever is the hacker we need to send them a thanks for informing people who the Clinton Crime Syndicate is and how disgusting the morally bankrupt DNC is!

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