Report: Koch Brothers Buy Politicians

>>>paul ryan says the fight over the budget
isn’t some simple negotiation. he says house republicans aren’t just trying to score political
points.>>look at these people, look at these new
people who just got here. you know, they didn’t come here for a political career.>>that’s right.>>they came here for a cause. this is not
a budget this is a cause.>>but what is that cause? is it ideological
or is it really financial? ie, to help richest people in the country? that is a not a theoretical
question, it’s real, ’cause there are people in this country who have decided that buying
our government is a really good investment. and they are real people and two of them happen
to be brothers. their names are charles and david koch. they are the billionaire brothers
who own koch industries, an oil and gas giant. the koch brothers are everywhere. now a new
report from the center for american progress spells out the full reach of their political
empire. the story starts in 1980 when david koch was the libertarian party’s vice presidential
candidate. david koch’s platform was far, far right of ronald reagan. he wanted to eliminate
corporate taxes all together. he wanted to abolish social security and are you ready
for this? koch even called for getting rid of public schools entirely. but it didn’t
work out. they lost to reagan, who was far too much of a lefty for their taste. so, the
koch brothers came to an interesting conclusion. if you can’t beat them, buy them. instead
of trying to be politician they started using their money to influence politicians which
proved to be a far more effective strategy. first, they needed to give their extremist
ideology the veneer of credibility. so they began funding the so-called think tanks. and
the last 15 years alone, they have given $85 million to 85 different groups. some of the
amounts are jaw-dropping. according to the center for american progress, they gave over
$13 million to the kate toe institute during that period, 12 million to the citizens for
a sound economy. 4 million to the heritage foundation. in other words, when you hear
someone from the cato institute quoted in the news and he is casting doubt on global
warming, keep in mind that charles koch actually founded the cato institute and that koch industries
subsidiaries have paid millions in environmental fines. that’s not some neutral objective report
you are hearing from the cato institute, it’s a report that was bought and paid for by koch
industries for a very specific purpose, so they can make more money by avoiding pollution
regulations. the think tanks are to influence politician and end debate in d.c. but in case
that’s too subtle, they also decided to actually invest a lot of money directly into politicians
themselves. they have given $11 million to federal candidates since 1990, 89% of that,
of course, went to republicans. seeing that the strategy is working, they have actually
stepped up their spending recently. americans for prosperity, which reportedly gets millions
from the koch brothers, spent $45 million in the last election. in that last election,
koch industries political action committee gave to 62 of the 87 freshmen house republicans.
and this is a koch-fueled congress. the cops and their affiliates gave to 13 gubernatorial
candidates in the last cycle. of course, ten of them were republicans. they also gave $1
million to the republican governors association. the list of governors they helped to elect
include scott walker and john kasich, both of them who just happen to be rabid union
busters. and that brings us to where we are in politics today. governor walker attacks
the unions. house republicans go after the epa and now paul ryan targets those pesky
little safety nets, medicare and medicaid. the koch brothers are closing in on checkmate.
citizens united allowed them to pour an unlimited amount of money into political campaigns.
and now they have announced plans to spend $88 million on the 2012 election. they figured
out the matrix. our politicians are up for sale and it’s a good return on their investment
and the cops plan to do a lot more buying. with me now is tony carp, the policy director
for the center for american progress action war room and the aught ovthor of that new
report.>>great to be with you.>>great to have you here this had isn’t just
about the koch brothers, anybody about: buy politician and
a lot of billionaires and millionaires do they are a perfect example here. what i found
interesting is the first thing they did was to go buy the think tanks why do you think
they did that?>>i think they wanted to number one, keep
their money under the radar, so they were funding the right-wing think tanks that could
start building the policy case for the agenda that they are trying to push and that agenda
is one that puts their business interests above those of middle class families.>>and they seem to have really stepped up
their spending these days and they have a lot more public profile, partly because of
some of the research that’s been done on them, partly by you guys, us, et cetera, but it
seems like they were a little bit more brazen. you think that’s because of citizens united,
they think what difference does it make, we can buy these elections anyway we like? w
who care it is people know?>>i think citizens united is a part of that
but i also think it was just the situation, the environment that we are in now, where
there was a lot of public anger in 2009 after the economy was brought to its knees and they
were able be to, you know, help organize the tea party rallies and kind of use that public
anger to help further their ideological agenda to get rid of government, help pad their profits
and at the same time, going to be hurting everyone else.>>i think a perfect storm. you have the tea
party coming in, citizens united that lets them spend unlimited money. at the same time,
my god this is a better return on investment than i imagined. the republicans giving us
everything we wanted, right, put all that together, you think it is winning time, right?>>exactly. i think if you look at the success
they had in the 2010 elections,ing if you look at now the house, energy and commerce
committee, the koch industries the single largest oil and gas contributory that committee
and that committee is the one that oversees energy policy in this country, also regulates
carbon emission, things they have a personal interest in because that is what their business
interest s>>i want to give the audience some facts
on that, that it is amazing. they have given to 22 republicans on that committee, a total
of $279,500. they have also given to five democrats on that he committee, total of $32,000
because they are in the energy business of course they will go buy the energy committee.
you know there is a note from the hill, which was great. house democrat jerry connolly says
he wants to change the title of the bill that would go after epa to the koch brother appreciation
act. how accurate is that? i mean, how swamped is that energy committee by koch money?>>i mean, i think the facts speak for themselves,
the numbers that you just threw out i think show exactly the type of influence that they
have on that committee and i would also add to that that the head of the americans for
prosperity co-authored an op ed with the chairman of the house energy and commerce committee
on just how bad the epa would be to regulate carbon emissions. so it’s money on one hand
but it is also the access that they have with the lawmakers as well.>>well, we saw that access in wisconsin,
when the fake koch brother called governor walker. governor walker spent 20 minutes with
him, yeah, let me tell you how we are going to bust the unions. by the way, you bust the
unions, you start public and go to private, hey, that lowers the cost for koch industries
because they have to pay their employees less it all works out for koch at the end. i want
to ask you about the tea parties. you mentioned that earlier. how much are they involved in
the tea party movement?>>well, i think — a lot of this i would
like to say, a lot of research done by my colleagues at think progress, just when the
tea parties began and who helped organize them, who helped give them materials and show
them the way that — to protest government and to make their voices heard. when you look
back at that, a lot of that went through americans for prosperity which goes back to charles
and david koch. so i think from the — even one employee said that their job was to stimulate
the tea party, that they didn’t necessarily create it, per se, but they definitely help
it had along.>>right. and i got to be honest it was a
brilliant strategy, because i mean, they have got all these guys who are now doing them
favors, trying to kill the epa for the koch industries. you know, it is money well spent.
tony carrk, great research. thank you for joining us. really appreciate it.>>thank you for having me.

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  1. @dffykvn Just saying… I know a few chemists… What they do is they hire the scientists, and pay them to do the research, and draw their own conclusions.. As the subjects of research are work product, the scientists are contractually bound not to disclose contrary findings… The science field knows how things work… now…they might have sent someone out with a doctorate in philosophy, or religious science, to present their "conclusion"…

  2. @ParadoxEcho How do I put this….

    The kochs are funding science with an objective.

    Disprove global warming.

    They're hiring scientists to look at climate change and make their own science. The thing is the scientists are honest and admitting that the pro climate change people have been right.

    The kochs respond by hiring more scientists.

    They're pulling what the cigarette companies pulled where they hired scientists to talk about the "benefits" of smoking.

  3. @underbjorn Pinochet modernized Chile with market reforms. CHile today is the most prosperous nationin Latin America – thanks to Gen Pinochet. Milton Freidman was the architect of his economic reforms. I am not saying Pinochet was exactly a Jeffersonian democrat, but he was a committed capitalist -in fact he was an Austrian.

    Pinochet's free market policies enabled Chile to become the advanced society it is today. Ever been to CHile? It is a very modern country – hardly a 3rd world hellhole

  4. @TheDalinkwent WRONG! The debate was on furthering TAX CUTS to the oil industry. Tax cuts are not subsidies. The govt isn't GIVING Exxon anything, it is only taking away less of their profits in taxation. Only a socialist would consider a tax cut a subsidy — it is not.

  5. @TheDalinkwent Tax cuts are not subsidies you moron. Honestly, have you ever even taken Econ 101? How could you say that a tax cut is a subisdy – it is nothing of the kind. I STRONGLY oppose any subsidies or corporate welfare ( I HATED the bailouts), but tax cuts are not subisidies. THe govt is only takin away less money that a company earns – it is not proactivley GIVING the company anything. How on earth could you call that a subsidy?

  6. @underbjorn YOu don't know anything about Gen. Pinochet. YOu don't have the first clue about how he modernized Chile? Would he be ideal for the US – perhaps not. BUt he was the right man at the right time for Chile.

    He was better than Allende. Chile would be an economic backwater like Cuba if Gen Pinochet has not overthrown Allende (a Soviet stooge). KGB files proved Allende was on their payroll.

    Would Chile be better under a Castro like regime in poverty and destitution- answer that

  7. @jpav0923

    Unless your a Chileans you have no business defending that wanna be Fascist despot, So many lines were crossed in the cold war and helping ulta-nationalist maniacs to take power is playing with fire, Nev Chamberlain appeased Hitler in the belief that "communism" was the bigger threat and the Fascists could be used to their benefit to stomp out the reds,which is not much different then the "Truman doctrine".

  8. @RosechusPickle No,not the wrong place. I'm was responding to brainfoodlunch who after I said " thank God for the Koch brothers" made the completely gratutitous remark about God being imaginary. Whether he is or not is beside the point and irritating.

  9. @jpav0923, I never said tax cuts were subsidies, you simply refuse to admit that oil companys get's free money from the Gov't despite making billions in profit. Subsidies are meant to give company's incentive to expand and open up new area's in the private sector.

  10. @jpav0923, You're calling me a moron? the same MORON who hates people who are in bed with Gov't, yet loves the Koch brothers. The same MORON who hates corporations, yet calles the Koch brothers "patriots" and thinks everything should be private. The same Moron who hates debt, bailouts and corporate welfare, yet SUPPORTS THE GOP!!!!

  11. @Obasiliasfilosofos Would you rather live in Chile or Cuba? Which nation is better off? Which nation is freer and more prosperous?

    Had Pinochet not ousted KGB stooge Allende, Chile would be exactly like Cuba. How would that benefit Chileans. Do you deny that CHile is a modern, thriving, prosperous society? es or no, is Chile the most prosperous nation in the Latin world?

    Pinochet and his reforms surely deserve 99.99% of the credit for that. Pinochet loved his country and served it well

  12. @TheDalinkwent I refuse to admit it because it is not true. They receive tax incentives. Tax incentives only mean they have to pay less taxes. The govt is not GIVING them anything – they are only stealing/taxing less of their profits. No serious person would call that a subsidy.

    What in the world is wrong with incentivizing and profit? Profit motive is the cornerstone of a capitalist system. Tax cuts are not subsidies. The govt does not GIVE them anything.

  13. @TheDalinkwent If you think tax cuts are subsides then you are a moron.

    There is a difference between a Republican and a conservative. Sure, the GOP often sucks, but that's only becasue they are not conservative enough. Republicans support corporate welfare – conservatives do not.

    There are plenty of lousy Republicans, but there are no good Democrats. 49.9% of all Republicans are conservative – 0% of Democrats are conservative. IF we had more conservatives in the GOP, it wouldn't suck.

  14. @jpav0923

    I am not defending Allende, I am disgusted that your defending Pinochet as a great statesmen his human rights abuses & crimes including "embezzlement" disqualify him from that, The least you could have said is that he was the lesser of the two evils. Pinochet maintained a dictatorial police state and was responsible for the deaths & torture of more then just the reds but all the dissidents groups, restoration of the democratic process should have come within months not decades.

  15. @Obasiliasfilosofos I never said Pinochet was perfect. He is hardly Thomas Jefferson. He would not be my fir choice. However, he was INFINITELY better than a Castroesque KGB stooge. In 1973, he was the right man at the right time. I would also note that he voluntarily stepped aside in 1991 – have the Castros done so?

    Pinochet certainly had his faults and it is not my intent to paper them over, but on balance he did more good than bad for Chile. Chile is doing great today – Cuba is not.

  16. @jpav0923, Once again I never said Tax cuts=subsidies, you're simply making shit up because I called you on your bullshit. You just admitted that you hate corporate welfare, WTF DO YOU THINK CORPORATE WELFARE IS? Your nonsense is staggering.

  17. @BobGeorgeAU Money equals freedom of speech? You have more money, so your voice should be heard more in the seat of government?

  18. @JAROSLAVAGINA What sort informations would you like? I could get the number that didn't pay, but I have a feeling that that wouldn't be enough for you.

    What would?

    If you say something like you want links to every companies financials, then I don't feel like wasting my time on an ass. But if you'd like the number and links to where I got it from then I can get that

    Care to explain exactly which statement we are forced to conclude you have absolutely no idea what your talki…

  19. @JAROSLAVAGINA …ng about. was a reference to?

    I assumed that that was a response to my statement about the fortune 500s not paying taxes.

    Do you really believe they aren't hiding money in tax shelters?

  20. America (and here in Canada also) loves to brag how free & brave they are, but when their freedom is threatened….most seem to have given into the fact that they have no power to change things. Well, until the majority of Americans wake up & DEMAND change COLLECTIVELY, things will only get worse. These politicians have average folks on the Left & Right fighting each other, rather then the real threat. Its sad to see.

  21. perhaps ( no offense i really love the show u are brilliant truly) u should consider bringing in some people for debate that you dont already agree with 🙂 you are so intelligent, why not use it taking down republicans and the big bad coorporations…

  22. @AlSidre I'm not sure what you mean, are you suggesting that the way it is now is similar to Ancient Rome? Because that I agree with. I'm calling for campaign finance reform, which will make political campaign spending more accountable and transparent.

  23. @donnyforte2 : ah, so many idiots on TYT videos (as usual).

    Nope, the tp mvt was started by Ron Paul supporters during last prez election cycle. Much of what you libtards now hear from the mainstream now are largely sanitized / manipulated version by lib/demo operatives.

  24. With the amount of money flowing around Washing from lobby's and government unions that buy and influence politicians for political favors and subsidy money, even the title is a joke.

  25. @donnyforte2 Andjust how much money did the Public union spend on promoting the liberal judge in Wisconsin so that they could try and overturn a law that was legally passed limiting colective bargaining. Just how much money are they going to put in to try and recall 19 legally elected officials? And how much money are they going to force the state and ultimately, it's citizens taxpayers, to cough up to defend themselves? Yea, it's all about the children and only The Koch Brothers are doing this.

  26. @JAROSLAVAGINA So wait, you're saying the tax breaks for building wind farms are the same as a bank of america paying 0 dollars?

    Please tell me that's a libertarians sense of humor and that you aren't that stupid.

  27. @donnyforte2 No this won't hurt both public and private sectors and the state. It will hurt the unions leadership. It will take away some of the power they wield over state politicians clamoring for campaign contributions. If you can't see that it's immoral that politicians decide the contracts of pubic union workers with tax payer money. And those same politicains then recieve contributions from those unions. And you think that doesn't hurt the state and the rest (85%) of it's citizens?

  28. @donnyforte2 By the way, If you try to tax the rich more than other states the corporations and rich will just move. What your don't see is that when that happens, the state will eventually have to make up that difference on the backs of the people that couldn't afford to move because they now have more expensive contracts. And since it would be immoral to tax the poor, it will fall on the middle class. The same poeple you say not taxing the rich hurts. Do you even see your folly?

  29. @donnyforte2 And when the rich and corporations "take their hit" as you say, and when they move out of the state because they don't really have to take a hit, just where is the employment going to come from? The Small business owner wouldn't be able to afford the tax burden after you gotten rid of the rich. Just look at New York. Didn't governor Patterson admit that very thing because of the millionairs tax. And didn't governor Cuomo get rid of that tax because the rich were moving?

  30. @donnyforte2 And the final sad fact you fail to consider is that a higher tax rate doesn't mean more revenue. It just pushes the money under ground. Small business owners start to do more cash business. Corproations get more tax subsidy to not move from the state and have layers of lawyers to show no income to pay no tax. The poor have no tax burden so again the only people you hurt are the people working and receive a regular paycheck. Your beloved middle class. thay end up with the burden.

  31. @JAROSLAVAGINA Maybe you should realize what you're saying. They're supposed to be paying what…35% taxes on the profit they've made?

    The small amount from wind subsidies (which I'm against, I'd rather have a govt project run by govt workers do it than just give money to a private entity hoping for the best) is nothing compared to the 35% in offshore banks.

    Like I said in that last part, I'm not for wind subsidies, I'd rather have the govt build it themselves without private involvement.

  32. Say now to the Koch (k). I hate Kochheads, they tend tend to smell. I agree to SAADUK92, they should move their fat white asses to Somalia to see how far they get.


    First: You implied that I supported wind energy tax cuts for ge just because I'm a liberal.

    I don't support them because GE does the bare minimum to qualify for the subsidy. A govt project with strict oversight would get more done for the same amount of money and the profit on the energy output would return to the taxpayers not into the pockets of melting jeff.

    Second: The amount in wind subsidies (which I don't support) is nothing compared to the tax shelter cash.

  34. @underbjorn "I'd prefer Allende anytime"

    That really says it all. You probably admire the Castrols, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales Daniel Orteaga, Manuel Zalaya & Rafael Corea (assuming you have heard of them which is probably a reach in your case)?

    I stand with Roberto D'Aubuisson, Alvaro Uribe, and Augusto Pinochet.

    You really should move to Cuba – you'd love it there.

  35. @underbjorn You have never been to Latin America -you don't know what you are talking about.The majority of Chileans remember Gen Pinochet with fondness and affefction – they see him as a grandfather-type figure. People treat his grave as a shrine. People put flowers on it every day. I know, I was there. I prayed rosaries for his memory. He was a fine gentleman. He was selfless and heroic. He did what was right for his people. Maybe he was harsh at times, but Chile needed strong leadership.

  36. @TheDalinkwent Tax cuts are not corporate welfare. Not one dime was remitted from the US Treasury to the pockets of the Koch Bros. Yes, they fight for tax cuts and the elimination of the EPA (most sane people do). The Kochs are not a govt ward like GM & AIG.

  37. @jpav0923 I never said that tax cuts were corporate welfare, you keep using the same tactic to discredit me when I catch you in your own bullshit, YOU YOURSELF said you didn't agree with corporate welfare. Also your stance on the EPA is very telling, the EPA make's sure the air you breath and the water you drink is clean and not polluted with chemicals, yet morons like you fine fault with it because the people who ruin the water and air supply for more profit tell you so. FUCKING IDIOTS!!!

  38. @underbjorn I have made no such claim – YOU ARE LYING. I do not have relatives in terror groups. The IRA is not a terror group & the provos did not exist in thhe 19-teens. I have no relative who has any affiliation whatsoever with ETA. If ALL Basques are w/ETA, then all Arabs are w/al-Qaeda.

    You love Castro – this doesn't surprise me at all. YOu defend Fidel and he is the cruestest dictator of all.

    I know 100 times more about Europe than you do.

  39. @underbjorn I said MOST Chileans – not all. Most of the people he arrested were Communists and deserved to be arrested for sedition. Pinochet's favorability ratings are higher than 50% – that is why I said MOST.

  40. @TheDalinkwent I agree, my stance on the EPA is very telling. My stance is that I would eliminate it. I do not support environmental regulations at the expense of economic gains.

    "Global warming" is a hoax, a fraud, a canard, a lie, a scam…, else can I say it? The EPA is trying to sabotage our economy and it needs to go away.

    I'm glad you agree tax cuts are not subsidies. Since you do, you need to acknowledge that the Kochs never received a dime in federal money.

  41. @underbjorn O'Reilly is a liberal – I do not take directions from him. The public figures who most influences me is Rush Limbaugh – it most certaily is not O'Reilly the Leftist.

    The "scientists" from the Univ of East Anglia don't think "global warming" is real – that is why they had to forge their data. "Global warming" is fake. It is a big lie.

  42. @underbjorn 1% of Muslims are terrorists. YOu presented nothing.

    I stated that I understand the Basque situation because I have a Basque inlaw who has educated me about the situation. HE has ZERO affiliation with ETA and does not support them. My grandfather threw rocks at British soldiers in 1915 – equating him to the Provos is a reach at best.

    I'm glad you are honest enough to admit that you love the Castros. I admit I admire Pinochet – I'm glad you are telling the truth for once.

  43. @jpav0923, So profit is more important then drinking clean water and breathing clean air? what do you breath and drink for the record? while you're a troll, debating you is still scary, because there so many idiots out there with the same thought process because they refuse to see beyond the corporate propaganda fed to them on a daily bases.

  44. Cenk – Please get it right

    "Koch brothers buy politicians"

    this is wrong

    "Koch brothers BRIBE politicians"

    is correct

  45. @underbjorn, Debating guys like Jpav is great for peaking into the mind of the "Fox news conserative", he once stated his stance on being pro-life, yet later said he didn't believe babys with health issues had a right to healthcare despite them needing the access to live. How can you claim to be pro-life, while also saying people don't have a right to healthcare? it doesn't make any sense. Yet as long as guys like Rush and Fox news take them by the hand, they don't question this dumbass logic.

  46. @blevr1234 "Modern liberals seem to forget that libertarians are 'classic' liberals"

    libertarians are classical liberals. It's a fact, look it up. Libertarians are mostly idiots about 200 years behind modern liberals who are in fact social liberals.

  47. @underbjorn OK, I went too far in calling O'Reilly a liberal. Bill is a moderate who has a man crush on Obama.

    Rush Limbaugh is a serious influential person and so do the 20 million people who listen to him every day. I have been listening to Rush Limbaugh every day for 23 years. Even when I was in the Islamic Rep of Londonistan I subscribed to his Rush 24/7 site and listened online every day.

    "Global warming" is a hoax. Rush has proved that it is a scam time and again. Rush is a genius!

  48. @Alex703rockstar All of the thermometers at climate monitoring stations are delliberately placed near artificial hear sources (like exhaust vents). Read Dr. Roy SPencer – he exposed this scam. They place the thermometers near artificial heart sources to make it appear that mean global temperatueres are rising.

    If the thermometers were not placed near artificial heat sources, there would be no recorded rise in mean global temperatures.

  49. @TheDalinkwent In a nutshell, YES. Buy bottled water and you don't have to worry about it. I only drink bottled water precisely because I don't want to drink dirty water. The air where I live is very clean. I live in an exclusively residential town.

  50. @jpav0923, Yet who makes sure your bottled water is safe to drink? and what air supply do you breath from? How do you know the air you breath is clean? and seeing that you want less regulations for clean air, how can it stay clean? BTW are you always in your residential town with your "clean air"? these questions prove your either a massive troll or a sad idiot.

  51. @newo82
    I was using it as an analogy. How do you know they are intentionally destabilizing the economy? If they are intentionally working against the overall interests of the US to undermine it, then yes. But what evidence do you have?

  52. @blevr12 Well you're clearly an idiot if you think fighting for civil liberties against the oppressive and corrupt state is sheepish. I needn't waste my time with someone as dense as you.

  53. @underbjorn I'm sorry, was I trying to make it a secret that I admire Gen. Pinochet? You are making it out to be an accusation – do you see me denying it?

    I met him at the estate he was staying in Buckinghamshire. One of my profs was a prominent Austrian scholar and invited me to join him at a part honoring the general. I am probably exaggerating somewhat to say that I met him – I shook his hand and the conversation lasted all of 20 seconds, but I do have a photo of myself shaking his hand

  54. @donnyforte2 : first you claim that "Koch produced the Tea Party" – now they are made mobile?

    You just convinced me that you are just retards who take marching orders from MSNBC.

  55. …Kock brothers = coke brothers = cocaine sniffing crackhead Republican Elephants… hehehe… the Snuffie Elephants that can NOT say no… and they say YES to drugs… HA?! …hehehe…

  56. @underbjorn Gen. Pinochet did not murder anyone. This is a lie that Marxists like you always try to spread. Pinochet was like a father figure to the Chilean people – they loved him because he was good for the country.

    Sure, he opened a can of whoop-ass on Allende supporters, but they were Marxists so who cares?

    Gen. Pinochet was a gentleman. He had impeccable manners. He was a highly dignified man – even in his old age in Britain. I have the picture of myself shaking his hand framed.

  57. @donnyforte2 : it's just amazing how ignorant you libtard lemmings are.

    Honey, unlike most libtards' monolithic mvt created by their power elite, then often dressed up as grassroot, the tp mvt is a true local, decentralized, grassroot mvt – all without elite leadership with high-ideal or grand vision. Likewise, Paul himself never tried to claim credit for starting the mvt, much less take control of the mvt – emphasizing that the mvt belongs to the folks at the bottom, not at the top.

  58. @donnyforte2 : Even Chomsky, of all people, has come out against the libtards' swindlers/propagandists effort to defame the mvt, born out of their tribal instinct for their political survival.

  59. Why not expose all the lobbying and giving that cuts both ways. It seams that MSNBC has mastered the art of pitting us against eachother when both Dems and Reps end up doing the same thing.

  60. Lie they do with Sausage & Wieners????????. And flagrantly wiggle them around like that one reporter did at the Oktoberfest celebration????????????.


  62. Me and my church pray Wednesday nights for the death of the Koch brothers. You probably think poorly of our church, but otherwise, we are very very loving. These guys represent the beast

  63. the billionaire Koch Brothers are the current example of Free-Market Fundamentalism, but they also represent the end of this Democratic-Republic. When in history have elites ever been Democratic?

  64. @Salvysahagun … lpretty stingy compared to the Koch Brothers, I mean, most of the stuff he helps fund get most of their funding from elsewhere, and Soros does not fund nearly as many of them, or spend nearly as much money.

  65. @dangerouslytalented
    You don't recall the March on Haliburton back in 2006?
    It was organized by which is George Soro's political subsidary

    After the political cult deflated the stock Soros' fund bought out the stock then after the protest was done the it went back up.

    Why do liberals hate the Koch Bros who provide a REAL industry but love professional wall street speculator George Soros??

  66. @Salvysahagun Is that all you have got?Moveon don't even get the majority of their funding from Soros,and are not controlled by him the way the puppetmasters at Koch Industries control their stable of lobbyists and special interest groups and think tanks and so forth.Soros is an opportunist.He will buy whatever he thinks is undervalued, but a protest march on a military contractor whose contracts were unaffected by the protest march,that's not going to affect profitability one iota

  67. 22,994 people 1 year…… sadly thats not enough to change a thing. they will continue to control our nation

  68. George Soros, he ain't any saint, He's like the head owl speaker for the Bohemian Grove boys club. "Dirty ittle secrets"
    Check it out, Go to: Alex Jones and the Bohemian Grove, Believe me, it'll open a few eye balls. Sure shows how we're all getting the screws put to us by these big corporations and high end politicians all sitting together laughing and having one big Hoot N Hollower.
    Newt Gingrich, Rupert Murdock, Donald Rumsfield, Tony Blair, Bush, Henry Kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz. etc.

  69. Alex Jones is not a crediable source as he right-wing propagandist as he does not do the same for ultra right-wing corporate aristocracy.

  70. "Why do liberals hate the Koch Bros who provide a REAL industry but love professional wall street speculator George Soros?" Because they fight people making higher wages while George Soros does not pollute planet earth.

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