Rep. Hakeem Jeffries previews House Judiciary impeachment hearings

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  1. Hakeem is the worst liar I've ever seen. How can he keep a straight face? I'm sure he's fervently praying over this like Nancy P.

  2. Hey look, now Chris gets to interview one of his like thinking buddies. Chris, I hear CNN and MSNBC need help to try to keep from sinking further. Maybe you can help them stay afloat for another day or so.

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  4. That is completely illogical – how can asking a foreign government to target a crooked US citizen undermine US national security? Is Jefferies stark raving mad? What absolute bullcraap?

  5. Republicans don't let them get away with this!!! Register to vote now, request the day off and offer rides!!! STOP ASSUMING HE WILL WIN!!! ENSURE IT!!!!

  6. Chris Wallace is starting to look like a Warner bros cartoon character, maybe we can get bugs bunny to stick a carrot in his ear.

  7. An Impeachment of Trump by TODAY'S Congress, is not a blemish on Trump as a president. But, a badge of honor for Trump. Because, Today's Democrat congress works against America's national interests, they support the interest of interest groups who want to devalue a US Citizenship, by giving all US Citizens' rights and interests to any foreign national who enters USA on his/her own, The Today's Democrat congress wants to turn the clock to time that Chinese regime (along with billionaire allies in US) could by pass US labor market, US regulations, and dominate US economy; and Today's Congress wants to remove Constituional Protection of American people, such as Senate and 10 Amendments; Today's Congress want to remove separation powers with the excuse of Oversight !!! In short, today's congress is against the interests of American citizens.

  8. Democrat,.. the last administration, was Democrat. This whole Ukraine thing happened way before Trump was considering a White House run. No Democrats were charged much less impeached. Not right.

  9. Hakeem Jeffries another lying Democratic. 😰😰😰😰😰 look who interviews him the one and only Chrissy Wallace. Another idiot hired by Fox News

  10. But the Dems HAVE NOT been following the fact's. Nor have they allowed the President to present his side. Nor have they allowed the President to call any witnesses. As allowed by the 6th Amendment. It has all been a kangaroo court SCHITT SHOW.

  11. Hakeem Jeffries is full of sh*t, as are most Democrats in Congress. "We're doing this reluctantly." My firm buttocks, you are. You guys can't wait to impeach Trump just so you can flip the middle fingers at all of us who voted for him. Just another lying leftist d*****bag!

  12. There are enough republicans in the house to get this to the senate.

    Lets have the trial.

    What are you waiting for dems?

  13. what a bloody liar are you calling the american people stupid nuub all repeating the same crap gag 2020 and soon egg on your face cheese puff

  14. Why arent you interrupting this liar as much as you do every republican you interview you are a hypocrite Chris Wallace

  15. Wallace should go to CNN if he’s going to ask tough questions like a real journalist. This is supposed to be an echo chamber

  16. My name's Hakeem Jeffries. I hate America, and I'm wasting your tax dollars, and you are expected to show me respect. Piece of shite.

  17. Democrats need to show the responsibility for treason!! If Democrats shot themselves in what they consider a brain, that would be the most responsible thing that could happen!!!!!!!!

  18. I NEVER talk about IQ. But in Jeffries' case, I have to question his overall sentience. Is this actually a human being?

  19. Hakeem Jeffries is not even a traitor. He's part and parcel of the opposition to the USA. He should be impeached. he abuses his position every second that he spends with noise coming out of his mouth.

  20. The idiot asppears like a prtisdamn hack, that pushes his own parties talking points withoth evidense, in fact disavowed with the evience of the {witnesses" except their own feelings. which is no evidence, jusrt congecture. Just an Australians opinion. but if you want to have back up to any interational affairs, like the defeat of ISIS or any other adversiries, you also have to liaten to international repesentatives that are not leftists desatroying their own countries and economy. like the left are prposing to do to Englnd, for diversity and the sake of lazy people.

  21. Good job in speaking clearly Mr. Jeffries. Impeachment isn't a partisan issue, no matter how much the Repubs would like us to believe that is true. The Law Must apply equally to all. That is why America is a democracy and not a dictatorship.

  22. Trump Is the Founders’ Worst Nightmare
    The very conduct that necessitates presidential impeachment also supplies the means for the demagogue to escape it.

    Donald Trump’s Republican congressional allies are throwing up different defenses against impeachment and hoping that something may sell. They say that he didn’t seek a corrupt political bargain with Ukraine, but that if he did, he failed, and the mere attempt is not impeachable. Or that it is not clear that he did it, because the evidence against him is unreliable “hearsay.”

    Be RAD, Restore American Democracy
    Dump the 🍊🤡 and his MAGA MAGGOTS..