Rep. Grayson Calls Out Fox News & Republican Party

out of you know about this uh… about
alan grayson but he plays well offense and say that so that people on a schultz show and as shows go ask about fox news aside okay so let’s go to clip number eleven oh or you can get out of the way and tell you now to get out of the way personality traits and democrat from florida joining us tonight
here on the edge of congress and it seems that you’ve gotten tremendous
reaction from the way you’ve been handling
critics and the white house is now starting to
go after critics including fox’s do you think that this is a good strategy does
this work does this have potential to continue to gain support well sure what to do with employees to
confront the ball in the bully backed down into the description of boxes
people come on the air insult them as they did me day-to-day they cut off their mike’s uh… as we could meet they shout at
them and interrupt them included me in the evening purse opened as they did me and why would anybody think that fox
news and some sort of valid news organization like that fox news and
national enquirer basically interchangeable so the president and the white house going after fox news you think it’s a
good strategy shortly peter that are ignoring the way
most america doesn’t preeminent seven million americans in this country barely
three million never tune in to fox news that means nine nine percent of all americans have
a good extends to ignore them okay now the public policy told it was out there
in the question was does president obama lobby america and we were shot to just seventy three
percent of republicans say no or they’re not sure in your opinion have we gotten to this
point in this country because the republicans operate simply
by bill applying their enemies and nothing else all they do is try to distract people
from issues of health care issues of jobs issues of energy independence that
got nothing and because of that they’re well on their way the party of know as well on their way
to becoming a party of nobody well in the senate today this is lamar
alexander senator from tennessee uh… comparing president all bomb into
the creek richard nixon is a veteran of the nixon white house
can attest we’ve been down this road before it
won’t and well enemies list only denigrates the presidency and the
republicans cell now the only reason i mention this
because i haven’t uneasy feeling only ten months in this new administration there were beginning to see the symptoms
of the same kind of animus developing in the old mama administration and i think we’re all concerned about
the direction of this calling our stadium protectors and business is suggesting
that this administration’s notifying the white house makes of fine the white house what
should be the proper response to that congressman that fox news and the republican collaborators are the
enemy of america they’re the enemy of anybody cares about
health care in this country the enemy of anybody cares about educating their
children the any of the everybody who wants
energy independence for anything for good for this country and certainly the
enemy of peace there’s no doubt about that today are the enemy am alan gration understands how the media
games play he understands ironically roger ailes on the orchestra pit you’re having a
debate and some guy makes a decent what about the middle eastern policy and
other guy falls into the orchestra pit who’s gonna make the evening news began
orchestra pit so he’s on the talk in sound bites and
grab people’s attentions did you hear all the sound bite
see-through in their some of them which were very good the party of the no has now become the
party of nobody consider alienated pretty good and then he said uh… fox has become the enemy of america
provoking a fight a fight about whether uh… boxes
unpatriotic it’s not the answer it’s a question the shift the debate nicely
done he says the fox news is equal of national inquirer sound-bite after
sound-bite i meet he’s attacking in attacking into context where we had balance uh… in the media are and in politics
where the democrats for a strong as the republicans where of the rest of media understood
what fox this is about this media and left the media on the right media in the
center and it’s all balance that i would say on grace is being a lot for ur for example i give you a quick small
example what he just said their ok there only three million people watch fox news
so that’s one only one percent of the country and that is ninety nine percent
a country doesn’t care about bikes is never watched it and that’s why parsons is irrelevant totally misleading three million people watch on any given
night for any given program over the course overnight a lot more
than three million people watch over the course of the year help a lot more than three million
people watch so that’s that’s a good snot really partner okay it’s not really true so why do i support as sometimes he’s
exactly right when he goes possibility undergoes a court all hundred-percent right we talked
about how republicans want to die quickly understandings nick appointees
maybe but on the other hand it is a you know what what it’s about our of insurance always
about of life and death so if you disagree is eleanor know their
how do you dot i know they’re having u dot is they have the wrong policy also
drug war as ed tech the person that’s what you
see right but we don’t live in that context we
live in the context with the republicans of boxes channel have been as gruesome
points at the police in new york push in democrats running keep pushing
the american people around he keep pushing the media around and finally alan grayson steps up they’ve slaps apple eight oh what’s the natural reaction top
everybody else’s that everybody else in the art harris about damn time and that’s why we liked alan grayson
because he’s the one guy who finally stood up to the bully figured out how to
do it how to grab the attention he’s got his not gonna play defense is
gonna play offense and he’s gonna stay there and that’s what we like about grace these all become equal later antes solo
warpath and it goes too far will be the first was the caller or right now move forward go for

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  1. You would know all about petty and thoughtless discourse from your beloved Fox News right? You aren't fooling anyone repuke. Get ready for more election night beatdowns.

  2. They were the jizz catchers of the neocons Cheney, Bush and their agenda, and hate when someone calls them out on their bullshit.

    Personally I have an issue with Billo since he ruined my writing the days after 9.11 with his flagg waving.
    Turn back time to 2001 & set me in the studio with the chickenhawk du joure & witness an oral massacre on his own game baby.

    Someone need to convince Jesse Ventura to step off his waves of weed & ocean in Baja to make some waves in Washingon.

  3. forced commercials suck.. when the dust clears we'll see who has been the screwed and who's been doin' the screwin'.. Congress needs to be arrested for Treason against the American People and the Constitution of The United States of America..

  4. Look how easy it was to expose your lies. Your kind doesn't care about the 1st amendment. You just like whining when your pathetic leaders are out of power. You fail again boy.

  5. GRAYSON is the MAN…

    He should of Ran for President, instead of the great bullshit artist, Barack Obama…

    …Also, the GOP is losing members daily, due to the infighting, and stupidity to think that other Republican Voters don't realize they are being lied to…

    Goodbye, GOP,…its been a terrible friendship.

  6. Its fine if you attack a president if he/she deserves it. Obama is trying to fix what republicans competely fucked up. Not only that people attacked bush on policy and his obvious stupidity. Fox news attacks obama on mental delisional conspiracies and asking questions about his place of birth, whether or not he is socialists and/or pro american. I mean what the fuck is that? Obviously people attacked bush with legitimate arguments. That doesnt exists with Obama. its all bullshit.

  7. What the fuck does it matter if Democrats get money from Jews, will you get mad if a white, black, Asian, or Mexican gave some of them money. Seriously your kind need forced reeducation.

  8. What an ugly shirt and tie he's wearing. It looks like someone took a bloody shit and put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

  9. Grayson is kind of a street brawler while Rep Anthony Weiner is a erudite debater. You need both to get things heard and to get things done.

  10. Oh yeah we spent 3 billion to save 350 the math on cashing in(cash for clunkers) and the fuel addition all the people that wont be building new cars for 6 months because the push for new cars is gone..not to mention Obama didnt say buy American built..Toyota was the leading seller with the bailout..Healthcare is a joke too..I lose my good plan..get a half-assed plan..and have my taxes help the welfare system..give me a fuckin break..IMPEACH WATERGATE II

  11. Doing something that could be construed as socalist in nature does not make his a socialist. Stop thinking in the purest shades of black and white.

  12. This man is a ew American hero. He calls it like it is. Operation ignore Fox News is in full effect. They can keep the bottom 1 percent of mindless under educated idiots and pump them full of fear all day long. The rest of the country is moving on with a positive agenda while the extreme right just says "no" to everything an wants to drag America into some kind of warrior stone age.

  13. Oh because you are the determiner for all that is true? Your ego has got to be the size of the sun, you're unbelievable. Here you are…losing an argument and yet your ego still shines through, again! You have got to be one of the least competent people I have debated with. You just play off of stereotypes of the republican party. There is no way you can ever win a debate with your childish antics. I never once said I was a republican. You're the fool making up lies…wake up you illogical dunce

  14. Repukes are all the same. Total cowards. You hide behind lies and deception because you don't have the brains to win an honest debate. Like I said before, keep drinking the kool aid faggot.

  15. I still remember how Fox cut off the girl that described Georgia's action in the Abkhazia war… twice. I guess that their most reliable program is MADtv.

    I havent heard of the White House threatening Fox or fiddling with their license renewals, so bringing up Nixon is insane.

    Keep up the great work, Grayson!

  16. This video is a very succinct observation of the current state of the media in America.

    Grayson is a little bit out there, but that's the only thing Republicans understand right now. They got their asses handed to them by a black man and they are scared. Projection is a defense mechanism. They are not aware that they are arguing with a mirror. On the other side of the mirror they appear out of touch with reality. Sometimes people need a bitch slap to wake up.

    I 5 starred this video 😛

  17. Debating with retards is not something I enjoy. Good day and good luck because you are going to seemingly need it considering how uneducated you appear.

    But hey! You know a "repuke" when you talk to one! You know "all' don't you? Do the rest of YouTube a favor and debate honestly or just shut the fuck up.

    Thank you.

  18. Who's the bigger pussy? YOU ARE. Even Palin would be scared of Grayson. He's the Stone Cold Steve Austin of politics.

  19. You have no argument except whining against the President of the United States. Omama beat your sorry ass and he will again. Grow up little boy. Sorry to break it to you but Palin is a joke and has no chance. Repukes suck.

  20. Actually, the latest quarterly survey from the National Association for Business Economics shows that unemployment is moderating. It also signals an improved hiring outlook over the next six months. For the first time since late 2008, things are looking up because the stimulus is working. The Dow Jones is above 10,000 and Obama is cleaning up the mess of Bush's second term wasting of our economy. Health care reform will actually save us money in the long term.

  21. And before you cons start lecturing us Democrats on spending, remember that Clinton was the only President who balanced the budget and left us with a surplus instead of a deficit over the past two decades. Bush 1, Bush 2 and even your hero Ronnie Regan all let us with massive debts.

  22. To all progressive YouTubers everywhere:
    Don't DARE back down from these ignorant, unintelligent, uneducated, war-hungry people. Comment them down to the point where they'll crack and be forced to defend themselves.
    Like this jackass who keeps defending a dummy EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    Come on ya'll, be like Grayson and stay on the offense. This is not honest debate anymore, it's time to FIGHT BACK.

  23. You offer nothing to the debate just like the average repuke zombie. Keep loving Fox News for all I care. Besides, it couldn't possibly make you any more dumb. Each of your pathetic posts have only proved this point. I hope you keep writing so YouTube can see what the average republican does with a computer other than jerk off to pictures of George Bush. Lol

  24. I do disagree. I'd like to see my leader stand up to idiots and tell them they are wrong and what they are doing is right. Declining an interview shows you're scared of them and is kind of disrespectful to the news station (regardless of partisan beliefs). He was supposed to bring unity amongst reps and dems…this only divides the 2 parties even further. Stand up and be a leader for goodness sake.

  25. Its not about convincing the right. its about convincing the independents, like myself, and moderate dems…the right will always hate Obama but he needs to grow a pair and interview them mono e mono instead of bitchin them out. He should have taken the high road.

  26. Although he claimed that Fox Vilifies their enemies and then called them the enemy of peace, I think I'll let that slide because, well he's right. Sean Hannity thinks peace is war.
    If Alan Grayson stops acting like a dicky republican like he did with that note board, despite his tongue and cheek-ness, I'm gonna be right behind him every step of the way.

  27. Totally agree on both parts.
    The game shouldnt be like this, but since it is. Grayson is justified in hes strategy vs the bullies.

  28. ….I think im actually caughting ur stupidity from reading ur comment. Ur the kind of brainless moron's that watch Fox (fake) News daily and agrees with them. All I can ask is what r u gonna say when ur proven completly wrong?

  29. A new ABC/Washington Post poll says only 20 percent of Americans claim to be Republicans, a 26-year low. 49 percent trust Obama to make the right decisions, vs. 34 percent who trust Congressional Democrats, the same poll said.

    And only a sad 19 percent trust the Congressional Republicans. Give it up. Your side and Fox News have been trying to destroy Obama 24/7 and it's not working. He is still at 50 percent approval, higher than Bush then at any time during his entire 2nd term.

  30. IT's about 5%, not 1%. 5% is still a pretty big number though, especially when you're talking about brainwashing citizens.

  31. No, GOD is NOT MANMADE for GOD HERSELF made man as the inferior sex to woman for the woman is the image of GOD HERSELF!

  32. I 4got to provide the link..2 econ assessments from nonpartisan CBO, Some policy analysts and non-profit groups such as OMBWatch[4], Center on Budget & Policy Priorities,[5] & the Tax Policy Center[6] have attributed some of the rise in income inequality to the Bush admins tax policy. The top 1% were taxed 90% in the 40-50's & were still stupid rich & now its 35% which they avoid paying in full. with an increased population & more wars, asking 4 lower taxes 4 top 1% is insane

  33. Please provide me with a quote from Obama that we wont go over 8%. I'd like to see it considering the Tim G Goldman Sachs clearly said unemployment should reach 9% + but the end of 2009 and continue to rise until 2012. which they posted well before the election. Its perfectly reasonable that he could have said it. I'm just wondering about the timing of his statement. either way the majority of economist agree that the Unemployment rate should be much higher if the Fed did nothing

  34. I disagree. My parents told me to not give bafoons attention they dont deserve. we have all been in conversations with a degree of give and take while at other times you know its a complete waste of time to speak with some people who really have criticism and no solutions based on reasonable facts. you dont i bullies legitimacy and you dont solicit their attention. Bush didnt do much for MSNBC in fact they get any interviews at all toward the end and MSNBC did fund rallies against him

  35. It IS agood strategy to attack Fox. The media doesn't have any special rights; if those in the media take sides, become cheerleaders for a side, it's perfectly OK to attack them. Republicans, Fox, LIE. They can't argue facts, they don't have any. This is why Fox and "friends" go straight to claiming victimhood status. We're supposed to sympathize with Fox?? Are we supposed to swallow that line of BS?

  36. ha ha lol my homepage has the weather, FOX who?? if ppl. like Grayson are on I might start tunning in more. i got tired of stupid news running one story over and over? what no new news?? nothing for 1-2 weeks????

  37. I hope you fixed up that cough. I bet you wish you had George Bush as president, too. He was such a great leader of your great country.

  38. Hey Turkeys! Gobble-gobble,thanksgiving is almost here.I can see it's gonna be a good feast.Keep stuffing yourselves with your liberal gobbley-gook.Just keep this in mind,it'll give you nightmares tonight!More ppl watch Fox News than any other news program.With all the talk about Fox News,their ratings are through the roof! You libs are genius!Once ppl turn to Fox,and they will,thanks to guys like grayson,they get to see there is actually a news outlet that doesn't suck Obama's ass! BRILLIANT!!

  39. The level of discource by the leftist on this post are amazing. Does anyone with 2 brain-cells that still fire need further proof who practices any lack of civility, the shout them down & call them names method of quieting their critics? The leftists are the side of one-mind rule, lovers of the thought police & big government, the lovers of the ruling class. It's too bad that these useful idiots are too ignorant to understand that they will be the slaves of the ruling class the so love.

  40. @onceuponamidnightdry
    Yikes Yikes Yikes….Sounds like a Talking point sandwich. First of all, I'd like you to explain how democrats love the ruling class?!?! They want people to be on a more equal playing field dummy. They are pro MIDDLE class! Republicans = less taxes 4 the rich, for-profit healthcare…

    Thought police – explain please, cuz that is str8 from thin air.

    Bigger government yes, I agree. Because without regulation, the rich/poor gap keeps growing larger

  41. @onceuponamidnightdry
    And seriously man, "shout them down & call them names method"? Dude maybe on youtube, but not in real life. HAVE YOU NOT SEEN O'REILLY'S SHOW!? He is part of the philosophy where if I can be louder than you I'm right. For Christ sake, if someone actually has a point and he doesn't like it, he'll cut off their mics!!! REAL democratic huh….

    Please Please Please do not fall victim to more fox news talking points.

    Write me back so I can see you answer my questions!!!

  42. The unknowing aspect of the comments made by the leftsts who populate this site are beyond the pale. I did not mention
    "war" in my statements, I did not mention that "democrats love the ruling class" That is just a sample of the non-sequitur posted by the leftists posting here.
    I have read several dozen comments. They are nothing but a bunch of leftist-progressive talking points.
    As Joseph Stalin categorized you … you are USEFUL IDIOTS.
    Nothing more, nothing less.

  43. I really enjoy watching Grayson interrogate the Federal Reserve. I disagree with Grayson on about 75% of what he believes. However, I really do enjoy his style as it seems he doesn't give a shit and says whatever he thinks. It's a shame he will no longer be able to question Bernanke and the rest of the Federal Reserve criminals.

  44. @straygypsy it fuckin sucks. 8 years of a republican regime ass fucked us all as a nation including yourself smart guy. spending billions going to iraq to steal oil and "liberate" the people. as long as the defense companies are making billions then who cares about the people right. quit being so ignorant just becuase you and your close friends havent lost your homes. not everyone is born into money. and when i say not everyone i mean 99.5% of us

  45. easiest fix to all of our problems is just electing a party who negates any campaign funding from corporations. wtf do you need hundreds of millions of dollars to campaign for? YOU DONT!! when insurance, healthcare, defense and energy conglomerates toss up tens of millions each for your campaign aswell as hundreds of millions each for lobbying. then all we have to do as a civillians and voters is refuse to vote for candidates that have recieved corprate funding.

  46. @straygypsy hahaha your a smart one aren't ya. it works exactly the same as health insurance. you pay a usless middleman and he pays the hospital. i pay extra in mytaxes nad they pay the hospital. only after i have an operation or get treated im still covered. try finding another insurance company to pick your policy up if you've head cancer once. we all know insurance companies are crooks. they rape you on car insurance its no different with health insurance.

  47. Having lived in the US for a few years I can confirm that most Americans are so ill informed because they watch shitty unprofessional cable news listen to talk radio and dont read newspapers.They are nice people just too lazy to question their source of news. In the UK Canada and Australia people are so much better informed. All US tv and radio are trying to do is sell their ratings record to sponsors and advertizers first then inform the great unwashed next.

  48. You one of those right wing "pundits" who predicted a Romney landslid in the presidential election? Keep your day job sport…cause "GREYSON" (spelled GrAyson) is BACK…You are now, officially, IRRELEVANT…just like the brand new GOP/Tea Party…

  49. Not really dickhead. A hard core Republican will get more kisses than a Muslims ass in the democratic convention. By the way….The Romney landslid (spelled LANDSLIDE) was only from his leftist supporters. Had you study English in school instead of gay sex and global warming you would have known that. At least now I know why you still live in mom's basement….

  50. I'm guessing you TALKING tough to keep your other retarded friends from discovering how much you liked getting butt fucked on Nov 6, 2012…I am so humbled by your spelling skills…Enough that I'll wake you up to be my official "spell checker"…It's obvious you aren't much good for anything else…cheese dick bagger…

  51. Sorry…but we already know you are experts in butt fucking. Thats all you Americans learn in college (OH! and global warming of course). So you win that argument. I don't have the expertise as you American men do. By the way, you may want to paint mom's basement since you will be living there for the rest of your life……

  52. Had a fight with your boyfriend eh? Well, don't take it out on me! Just move on to another sugar daddy. Im sure their are plenty there in the UK for you….

  53. Alan got his ass kicked in his original jurisdiction for his re-election in 2010. So…in 2012 he went to the area where he would find his more…"understanding"…crowd that would elect him in 2012 (ie…blacks, crack dealers, prostitutes, etc…).

    Needless to say…he was elected! Congratulations Alan!!

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