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  2. All these guys ought to be singing. If you remember the Nixon investigation, 48 of Nixon's cohorts were found guilty and sentenced to prison terms. NIXON WENT HOME AND WAS PARDONED shortly after. Many of these guys lost their law licenses, paid big fines and were saddled with a felony history. NIXON WENT HOME. Sondland, Mulvany and the like should really think hard about how much more they want to protect Trump. It doesn't look good for him and they may be scuttling their own boats to protect him. But in the end, and there will be an end, who will go home and who will not. Case in point, Roger Stone will be sentenced soon. He is 67, will what he gets amount to a life sentence?? Does Trump just go home? Paul Manafort, 70, not looking well, a lot of years for an old man, who gets to go home?
    Foolish to go down with the ship when you weren't even the captain.

  3. He just wants to be in control of the nerrative and be in the center of attention – If they are talking about more and more damming evidence against him they are not talking about the hearings and the credible witnesses.

    Makes sense? dono.. but after all he is an insane person.

  4. Don't be surprised if it comes out that Donkey Trump has been a drug dealer along for at 15/20 years with all his East Block contacts.

  5. Don't be surprised if it comes out that Donkey Trump has been a drug dealer along for at 15/20 years with all his East Block contacts.

  6. Trump: "I didn't do it."
    Trump: "I did it but it's not illegal."
    Trump: "Obama and Clinton did it."
    Trump: "I'm going to war with Greenland."

  7. He made fun of prayer chains. I was on one for years. I got a call from a lady who got a call about the person requesting prayer. I never messed up on one word. It's not that damned difficult. Yeah, I said damned.

  8. This Whitehouse is a National Security risk!!! Trump has re election as a top priority!!! Individual #1 is looking at serious prison time! He wants 4 more years to hide all his corruption!! His kids are not far behind!! America will band together to get him and all the GOP enablers out!! VOTE AMERICANS!!! 🇺🇸🙏 WE CAN SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY!!!🇺🇸🙏😊

  9. There will be a call log of the call on record and even maybe a transcript of it too ….o no …release that perfect call too lmao

  10. think of a football team where 50% hates the other 50% do you think that this team gets anything accomplished,
    i fear that the usa will go down in flames

  11. Swalwell is a disgrace. Everything he says is discredited: for 2 years he lied about having evidence of Russian collusion. What a disaster…but according to Dems and their media mouthpieces, he's a fine representative for their cause. Smh.

  12. Facts are so much stranger than fiction can ever be.
    I have to admit this season of Reality TV President has taken an interesting turn!

  13. If the chant we want Pence, we want Pence, the liar in chief would fire him. No way would the little hands fool allow anyone more popular then him float to the surface.

  14. Bill Clinton testified when he was impeached. Hillary testified multiple times during bengazi. Trump is guilty and a spoiled brat so I am not holding my breathe that he will testify.

    The 'three amigos' and Trump should testify. If they are innocent they could clear this up in no time…

  15. Wow! Eric Swalwell is my new hero! A true patriot. Whoever becomes the Democratic nominee couldn't find a better Vice President than Swalwell!

  16. These greedy, soulless republicans are nothing more than the filth of man. They spit in your face, in person or on TV. You were all too busy, watching your 1% owners Reality TV and FakeBook, while your owners were buying greedy, soulless politicians, via paid lobbyists. Marketing their B.S. propaganda these past 50 years, to con their way into power. But don't worry your Reality TV Idol god, drumpf will never step down. Now that your owners are preparing to thin out their herds of human livestock. Your Idol god drumpf will be sending your children off to die in Syria, Saudi Arabia, or wherever for your 1% masters to make more money! What a great distraction! Watch as the 1% puppet drumpf, declares war, institutes martial law and suspends elections. Then the 1% owned senate and SCJ will bow down to their owners and grant him Puppethood! Your Democracy is dead, watch and understand… You should watch it all, but at least @ 8:23, you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  17. If Sondland testifies next week it will be his third chance. Sondland should remember the old adage, "Three strikes and you're out."

  18. Wondering if Sondland is getting any threats from Russia? Also Swalwell killed it in the testimony, he’s another hero of the day!!👏👏

  19. I think it's smart for Swalwell not to condemn Sondland too much at this point. Swalwell wants to encourage him to testify again, truthfully this time. Threatening him with a perjury charge will cause Sondland to plead the 5th. Or if he refuses to show up, then they would have to go through the courts to compel him. Giving Sondland the impression that his further testimony might mitigate his previous lies is a much better way to get at the truth. It's the old adage: you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
    Way to play it, Eric!

  20. the repub's keep shooting themselves in the foot. rock on repub's, we got ya. you want direct witness testimony, you got it! if you want to make this party issue instead of the national security issue that it is, ok. you guys are thugs because you refuse to cooperate in this extremely important hearing, just because the offender is in your party. you are betraying us, the people who you are duty bound to serve-not the 'president'. & further, you condemn those who are looking out for our best interests, making those in your party misinformed. yous are traitors to all of us.

  21. We are going through hear say now with your news . These republicans knowledge is far too below standard , these guys are brain dead . They are vial and evil these other republicans

  22. LOL…. Sondland better watch both ways before he crosses the street starting at this moment.  Trump is known to send people to do his dirty jobs.  LOL

  23. The people testifying aren't doing so because they're brave, courageous, never-trumpers etc. They're doing it because they're patriots recognising that when it comes to Right or Wrong, there should never be the question, "what's in it for me?".

    Trump insists everyone pledge allegiance to Trump. Those that do surely don't expect him to reciprocate loyalty, they do it so they can profit off whatever short term gains are available.

    Maybe I'm mistaken, maybe Never-Trump actually just means not pigging out at the Trump Trough…xxx

  24. Thank you Mr. Holmes, you are a high credit to your position and there is no higher honor than to be a person of conscience, morals, and ethics and to righteously apply this to any situation when our country is in such dire need of reinforcing our guiding principals that have made our great country what it has been before and can be again! Thank you sir!

  25. Thank you, Mr. O’Donnell, and Representative Swalwell. Please stay on this, coordinated with Dr. Maddow’s digging into “older stuff”!

  26. This is so divisive that I think we should all try to see/hear the evidence for ourselves. We need to be able to make our own analyses and draw our own conclusions. I choose to watch the entire questioning of witnesses by counsel for both parties on the PBS videos since they publish with no edits. They’re only about 40 minutes for each so I can easily fit them in. C-span publishes the entire proceedings if you want the full event

  27. Behind closed doors and on the No.1 propaganda network, I don't think any demorat has credibility. Always hiding, always scheming, always conspiracy. You frauds are collecting a paycheck for doing nothing but trying to turn the country socialist.

  28. HEY YOU! ARE YOU STUPID or WHAT? ~ THE REPUBLICANS ARE BETTING YOU ARE, IN FACT THAT'S THEIR DEFENSE STRATEGY, NOT EVEN A DEFENSE FOR DONALD TRUMP! ~ OMG AMERICA, WAKE UP! ~ The Republicans are looking at everything non-criminal about Trump, everything irrelevant to the case, "looking" at everything except for the undisputed incriminating facts about the bribery and impeachment, and then saying there's no crime. Are they being stupid or expecting us to be? YES TO BOTH! ~ NO MORE STUPIDITY IN WASHINGTON PLEASE ~ HEY REPUBLICANS! STUPIDITY ASIDE AND DO WHAT YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO ~ HONOR YOUR OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION, HONOR YOUR COUNTRY AND YOUR PART IN HISTORY AND DO WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY! ~ NO MORE PLAYING STUPID FOR DONALD TRUMP, BECAUSE BELIEVE ME, AMERICA IS NOT STUPID! ~ NO MORE GAS LIGHTING!

  29. Yet another true American and patriot. Thank you, Mr. Holmes, as well as your colleagues, for your tireless efforts in support of the United States.

  30. Republican Senators betray their oath of office, their constituent and American in general by supporting corrupt Administration. For Republican Senators It is OK to Extortion, Bribery, Threatening and Intimidate witness.

  31. Be careful Mr Sondland you may not get to testify. I would get someone to be tasting your food at this moment in time. Another way to Epstein you may be just around the corner.??????

  32. A girl walks into a bar near Trump Tower in Manhattan, sits down, and says: "Give me a beer. I've had a rough day at work."
    The bartender asks: "Oh? What do you do?"
    The girl replies: "I take care of the Trump children and the dogs of the Trump family."
    The bartender asks: "Tough job, huh?
    The girl says: "Yeah. All that inbreeding has led to low intelligence and bad temperaments.
    And the dogs aren't too smart, either.

  33. Hearsay testimony is typically permitted in preliminary hearings and grand jury proceedings, which determine whether a defendant will actually be put on trial.

    In a congressional setting, the House impeachment proceedings function much like a preliminary hearing. Ultimately, the House will decide whether to vote on articles of impeachment, the functional equivalent of a grand jury indictment. Those articles of impeachment would then go forward to the Senate for trial.

  34. This dicker head Swalwell proves to all of us, that even a moron can be a lawyer and a congressman!
    I'm sure his grandma still dresses him up. It also shows how great this MSNBC is by bringing people like him on the show.

  35. trump has the right to be Silent, But He Has Proven That He Lacks The Capability. What is Trump More Scare Of, 1- His Taxes Being Released ? 2- putin Turning His Back On Him ? 3- A Great Lady American Patriot ? Or 4- Anyone That Has Or Is Serving America With Honor (That "Rats" Him Out) ?

  36. I can gather hundreds, if not thousands of reputable people that can verify MSNBC's culpability in pushing propaganda and lies.

  37. The Republicans hearsay arqument is mute. This impeachment inquiry hearing is not a trial as in a court of law. This is a hearing of what witnesses heard or saw when a crime has been committed by Donald j Trump and others. Donald j Trump and others have the right to testify on their on behalf as a witness to the facts of the crime . It's like any other crime that has been committed where' the police are called out to where they will pull witnesses over to the side for questioning before they make an arrest. So the Republicans hearsay arqument is mute.

  38. The hook was baited and ole Fish Eyes couldn't resist so he brings the school with him … President Trump: I've caught the whole Swamp …. IG Report and Durham indictments coming soon to the DC pond!

  39. I wonder about judges action ? Trump must of bully him or her, or bribe . congress should speed that up. don't let him get away with anything .

  40. I love that EricSwalwell is so heavily involved with this impeachment hearing. He is doing everything I expect out of our Democratic Congress. He is smart and I am so glad he choose to be a Democratic Congress person as a vocation. We are all so much better off for him being there.

    We didn’t really know of him before he became a Presidential nominee for the 2020 election, but we definitely know him now and I encourage him to run for what ever he aspires to do in the future. I think Eric will go far if they can stop Trump from destroying us first.

  41. 5 Core Principles of Journalism

    1 truth and accuracy

    2 independence

    3 fairness and impartiality

    4 humanity

    5 accountability


  43. Join me America. Send BEANO to gas filled Eric and save America from the invisible menace, let's put a crease back in his trousers.

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