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  2. They retired because TRUMP showed them a file and then gave them a choice #WeHaveItAll But Andrea 'chainsaw" Greenspan is still the Queen of the MSNBCannibals

  3. Fair enough. Even on your best day working in a cesspit you have to be conscious of the fact that you're working in a cesspit…

  4. Why retirement ? Our nation needs government officials with good conscience, if you quit then we will wind up with more lapdogs of Tramp like Jordan, Nunez, Johnson and other cowards. Please Stay and Fight the corruption in our government, lets weed out the bad and put good people in. Good people quitting is wrong answer.

    23 12 1913.

  6. I was starting to think the Republicans were just rogue in their incredible destructiveness in defense of Trump. But it's so good to see that there are, in fact, many good Republicans who are suffering just as we the people are at the sight of the travesty that is Trump and his failed presidency. I hope this country will be able to be United once more with good people like Heck once this dark chapter in our country's history passes. I'm sick of being divided.

  7. "If we're better than this, then it's time to step up"… as he throws in the towel. Oh yes, please continue preaching to us Heck.

  8. He should wait untill this Impeachment is over. Let him finish one last thing for the Constitution of America then retire enjoying his remaining years of life. Mr. Elijah Cummings would of done this as well if he would of lived with retiring afterwards I am positive. Mr. Heck, do this for your legacy if nothing more before retirement.

  9. I don't understand why Democrats are stepping down and not defending our Constitution?? To make room for another Republican weasel to turn against the American people? It doesn't make sense.

  10. Trump's actions and words are enlightening us to the fact that America is NOT a GREAT country. It used to be GREAT and it can be GREAT again, but NOT with this president. 🇺🇸

  11. When you have a President that announces to all that “ elections have consequences “ and that “ I won , you lost, get over it “ there really is a need to make sure that he’s really got the good of the country in mind. Whoops… those were Obamas quotes!😝

  12. Not everything needs to be a conflict… sometime you just have to enjoy your life and what you get up each day to do. Let's hope his replacement has american values and strength of character.

  13. Sorry that Congressman Heck is retiring he's always seemed to be very good at his job! But it is very understandable during these times.

  14. Sorry to see him leave, we need people such as Rep. Denny Heck who will stand up for the Constitution and the oath of office. I hope his replacement will fallow suite, not a person with unethical behavior.

  15. this is such a sad day! it started out great and now… trumputin really wears people down, so much corruption and you can feel that it will never end. but it will end, please reconsider rep heck! America really needs you and many more like you who do care and do want to make a difference!

  16. If all the descent and respectable people leave Congress then the country will not survive the demagogues that remain. What are our options?

  17. Mr Heck is taking the coward's way out. Only cowards quit. He should stay and fight for the sake of America. Message from the U.K.

  18. Congressman Heck, you have been a driving force of the 10th District in Washington State. Your leadership and focus on the needs of our state and it's citizens will be hard shoes to fill. When I walk through the Billy Frank Jr. Wildlife Refuge I will think of you and your legacy. I will also miss your election campaign sign in my yard this coming season. Thank you Denny, give 'em Heck in your retirement.

  19. Wow. Powerful words. It really goes to show just how much damage Trump is doing in dividing the country. We’re all tired of it. How can we blame someone so close to it for being tired too? A great shame though. I hope he can be replaced with someone of equal sincerity and integrity.

  20. It's a shame that our current governmental (emphasis on the "mental") culture is driving away good people and attracting sycophants. Heck's a good person. ❤️ so from Skagit Valley, WA!!!

  21. Though seldom agreeing with Rep. Heck politically, I for the most part thought of him as a man of integrity and honor…that is until recently. As is the case of so many elected officials, I watched his personal integrity, his intellectual honesty, and objectivity be eroded away in favor of ideology and partisanship. For many in the state of Washington, his name became a meme instead of Heck he became known as Hack, as he gradually put the interests of the Democrat Party ahead of the interests of this fine nation. I suggest reflection and getting away from DC might begin to return him to some level of objectivity and honesty. I would also suggest for all of us, that we occasionally talk with and associate with those with whom we disagree, and do so in a unemotional and non confrontational way. We might learn something and at the very least gain some respect for other opinions. With all do respect Mr. Heck …in your retirement do a little less preaching to the choir and do a little more listening …dig a little deeper then your party ideology and talking points.

  22. Your right – who gonna step up GOP? It’s not Democrat’s doing, it’s what trump did – let him face his consequences from bad greedy judgements

  23. Hmm I believe its more to his reason for retiring. So many politicians are either leaving, quitting, retiring or being fired by trumps admin.. and at an all time high within 2yr span. US History breaking news about history breaking #'s. I hope our country gets back to a better place of democracy…unity. Along with very important and major issues resolved

  24. One of the saddest things I've seen in my life. Nothing, though, is said about the real reason behind the lamentable situation in Washington.

  25. Oh wow. Bless him for all his hard work – but, what the heck is going to happen to the morality of the American government? If all the good guys leave will the USA survive? Hope and pray more good guys come up to fill the ranks.

  26. I think he is a coward . He resigns when people need representatives who should speak out and fight for the country and the people. Why is he afraid of Trump? If he really wants a step up, then he should have remained in his office and help other representatives to stop Trump in his re-election and to oust him thru the impeachment.

  27. Everyone complaining doesn't realise that he isn't retiring immediately, and that as far as impeachment he has done his part. His comments are largely aimed at his colleagues across the aisle who are too terrified of back lash to be truthful. He is completing the rest of his term, and for that even as a non-WAer I have to commend him. Y'all need to chill out.

  28. Don’t go! You were one of the few humane voices for the witnesses during the hearings. America needs that right now and for the coming months.

  29. If common laws and legistations that both Dem and Repubs have passed arent being looked at in the senate. The environment isnt helping him carry out his duties effectively. This is sad. Uk praying for the UsA and UK both to be delivered from these orange face loozers.

  30. I hear from so many representatives that the Republicans really do not like Trump and they do what they do to stay on the work or to avoid getting attacked, well here is their chance. If they impeach and remove that cancer Trump well at least they get him out of office, you can never stop that delusional toddler to post on Twitter but at least he is not ruining the country and the constitution and that is the most important!

  31. I don’t get it. What can Trump do to any one on the hill when he’s impeached? What can Trump do to ppl who, like Heck, resign? If he wants to step up and defeat Trump seems he needs to stay until the impeachment is voted on and then leave. It is telling to see all these men leaving in the middle of the battle. Just throw in before the game ends?? Do they know something the public does not know? I hope someone expounds on this because I’m really confused.

  32. Typical old Democrat, things get tough and instead of doing something he just walks away….thts weak in my opinion

  33. Another republican Jumping the Russian Sinking Ship, They Are NOT "IN DENTAL" They Sold Their Souls To RUSSIA ! ! ! The GOP (Goverment Of Putin) republicans Are SCARED N Running From The Death Of The republican Party .

  34. THE DEPLORABLE, the root cause for this disaster, cheered by the scum at FOX and enabled by the treasonous GOP.

    STOP tolerating EXTREME ignorance.

  35. BS hes got a really good progressive challenger breathing down his neck …. he was goona loose his seat so hes quitting before the game ends

  36. I must agree with you congressman. All of you have major step up to do, Congress and the senate has no respect for the American people.

  37. Interesting: there is strength in numbers. Instead of quitting because of fear of getting crapped on by Trump, why not, instead, band together to protest this president who is doing unbelievable harm to your country? The USA, a once respected country, is a laughing stock across the world … surely you who have been in politics for so long can withstand Trump's potty mouth insults. If you don't respect them, then their insults should be meaningless.

  38. God Dammit. Can't blame the guy, but we sure could use his help for a few more years. At any rate, we're thankful for your service Mr. Heck.

  39. "It's tine to step up" says the guy who's leaving. I hope that means he'll be outspoken about this after he leaves office… otherwise his finger-wagging is pretty meaningless.

  40. Yes, Trump is a punishing, venal, vindictive S.O.B. But what no one is saying is that, ultimately, it's not Trump who removes elected representatives from office; it's the voters. When we have an apathetic or poorly educated, gullible, small-minded and self-centered electorate that readily embraces the obvious and outrageous lies of a megalomaniac and chooses to put him into power and dismiss his obviously toxic and illegal behavior, then of course we will continue to lose the good and competent congressional representatives of conscience who actually wanted to do the people's work. Trump's bad enough; but the people who enabled–and continue to enable–him are the real problem. Denny Heck is not my representative, but I mourn his departure from Congress. We are all diminished by it.

  41. We never lived in a "pluralistic society" ..until TRUMP. HE created that division. As he committed crime after crime….from before he got elected to the present…his defence became….oh the democrats don't like that I won the election. THEY are just sore losers. THEY THEY THEY….trump has to always have an enemy, an adversary. The Democrats, the immigrants, the press….for Hitler it was the Jews. In reality the problem isn't any of "THEM", that deflection is just a ruse. He whips up the ignorant base the same way white supremacists terror groups do….WHO DO WE HATE??? (fill in the blank, any group that isn't you) OK! Let's all unite in our hate of these "others" The boogeyman whom we can blame for everything we don't like! (better to have the cultists hating THEM than realizing the reality, who's really to blame, trump). Poor people need to realize that our enemies are the multi billionaires who are so greedy that they don't care about their fellow man. This is not all rich people, btw (we love you Bill Gates!) But the ones like trump who only care about getting rich & who use the little guy, US, as marks to get richer. (or in trump's current scenario, to get votes…as he enriches himself by being president). Trumps ACTIONS show he is definitely the king of these corrupt 1%ers. Judge by actions, not words (tweets). The sad thing is watching senators fall for this nonsense that the Democrats are their enemies. They are not. Trump is every Americans enemy. Get rid of him & his narcissistic family & we can all get along again. Pence is still a Republican,but I'm sure the Dems will rejoice to work with him.

  42. To all the Republican congressmen/senators who are unwilling to stand for the truth, justice and the constitution for fear of a trump tweet. Consider all the soldiers whom have fought and died to protect the same values.

  43. He gets the lifetime healthcare and fat retirement….your as bad as the Republicans you don't want to stay in the fight…bye Felicia

  44. Imagine how small a man is to be afraid of a tweet from a peon like trump. We will never let the republicans outlive this. It will chase them to the grave. Sorry a good man is leaving now. Mr Heck is a good man who will be missed.

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