Rep. Collins: Pelosi’s impeachment to suffer ‘quick death’ in Senate

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  1. So, whenever you get frustrated, you lie about a party and think that is OKAY? God help us retire this man and all who think like him!😕

  2. Pelosi knows they cannot win WH so vote to take over the Senate. using impeach him, as the extra push to steal White House.

  3. Doug Collins, don’t apologize. It’s true what you said. They don’t love America, Americans, the constitution. It’s sad.

  4. I do not like the FOX pundit. He seems to me on many occasions to throw a negative ball at all the conservatives. Bet we find something on him.

  5. Trump plans to use Executive Privilege to block John Bolton from testifying. Can you spell GUILTY? I think you can. GUILTY

  6. Fox that was NOT COOL what you did to his voice. The way the last question was insinuating was not cool either. I normally share Fox videos. Can't share this one.

  7. The Democrats have become an absolute embarrassment, not just for America, but the entire world. Regards from New Zealand

  8. Maybe he can send cowardly tweets he pretends to be apologies. Oh, wait, he did that. Inbred hillbillies the lot of you.

  9. I love Doug Collins because you always know where you stand with this great hero! He is no traitor like Matt Gaetz! Collins 2024! McCarthy and Nunes and Jim Jordan and Ratcliffe and a few others, these men would never betray President Trump like pretty boy Gaetz did! Shame, vote him out!

  10. Make sure all your friends and family members are registered to vote. We need to make sure President Trump gets re-elected in November.

  11. I love me some Doug Collins! I find him sexy! I think it's the accent. Might not be for every woman but I love that twang.XXXOOO! OK Fox, REALLY? DO YOU NOT HEAR THE CRAP DEMS ARE SPEWING? TIME TO CALL THAT OUT!

  12. Nancy is a complete failure. She has failed us all for 12 years. Go ahead give me that long list of success? She must go. She is destroying the democrat party. She has become a disgrace. She is everything she says she hates She is cheap, unprincipled, dishonest, and low class. I am so ashamed I ever voted democrat.

  13. Bruh what kind of questions is that!! Do you love terrorists!! Cause yeah them Democrats definitely love terrorists!!

  14. Trump is already the first President to get himself impeached in his first 3 years. If he fails to be reelected in November, he'll then be the first ex-President to be criminally prosecuted. Barring a MAGA miracle, Trump has basically 12 months left as a free man.
    I advise him to smell some roses while he can.

  15. Im an Independent. If her facts are wrong and they are all lies, then allow Bolton and the others to testify you moron.

  16. Dems hide the slaughter of 1500 protesters 2 month ago in Iran. CNN interviewed Zarif a goofy monster and terrorism propagandist.

  17. Democrats are demons….they hate Donald Trump because he's rebuilding the country….they are all going to be exposed for the evil scum that they are

  18. I don't want anything to do with any god this guy pastors for…. So, "So Long, Jesus. Your followers have turned me away from you."

  19. Pelosi is a hater hater, I wonder if she teaches her Grandchildren HATE. You can say you do not hate but you lead by example. She will go down in HISTORY as a HATER.

  20. Dear President Trump.
    Can I remind you who u is to trillion of people around this planet. You is the light that shines through all types of Darkness. You is the blood that flows through all mankind. That has no color. You is is all our hope, dreams for a better future. We all seems so lost, you, a unlike basic man roses up with a vision to save us all. Sometime, those of use that don't understand what u is about and who u is, can't appreciate you, until later. But one day, those that appear to hate you today, will love you later. One by one you is winning over many that once was not with you… u is like a door, that has opening, to show us the truth, when we thought we knew the truth. No other Man on Earth could have taken on this mission from God. This is your Calling Mr Donald Trump The President of United States of America. U is the Truly the Choice One. Each step u take u Opening our Eyes and Expose the World as it really is.

  21. The senate better not vote for any thing coming out of the most currupt congress I’ve ever seen I’m so glad my father is not here to wittness this crap the over reach of congress is disgusting I’ve never seen such currupt basterds in my life believe me our founding fathers never new that congress would be full of traders like we are wittnessing today it is a sad day indeed if there is a after life I TrueType believe this people will rot in the bowels of hell for ever Trump 20/20. Ivanka 20/24

  22. Referencing "the arena", what I want to see is like the Coliseum in Rome, with House Democrats being slaughtered by wild animals.

  23. If that was a Demonrats who said that, they wouldn't ask why did you say that, they would let it slide, they get away with too much and it has to STOP, like a spoiled brat , give them everything they want and say no to one thing and they have a temper tantrum, that's the Democrats, I say it's TIME they need to learn, bad bad Democrats !!

  24. Stand Strong Rep Collins. I live in Virginia. Our state government is now controlled by Democrats. I wonder when I won't be allowed to fly my American Flag in my front yard for it might offend someone.

  25. The ones whose opinion matters is our service men and women and in particular the seriously wounded and the families who are grieving because their loved ones were killed. I am sure all of these would overwhelmingly support our president and I would love to see these facts rubbed in the noses of Democraps.

  26. Nah let's drag it out and go down every rabbit hole. We need to make sure we clearify everything was staged not just a long shot. We need to publically humiliate the treasonist Dems. Maybe make examples.

    If Pelosi wants to try and pass things to rig a process out of her control maybe the senate can make a bill "hanging of high treasoners". Raise the stakes and at the end of the trial each day say "we saw countless times democrat high treason" regardless of the trials content.

    Get them going on unfair media dogs.

  27. Hope the likes of him suffer the same on election day.
    Lets hear the secret Putin,trump conversations.
    That'll do it.

  28. Impeachment should have never started! They had no reason for this stupid mess! They wanted to impeach him before he ever became president!!!! What idiots!!!!

  29. FOX is being taken over by libs. The host seems to want to check the Republican Congressman for his accurate statement but, won't say a word about the outrageous statements leftists make every day.

  30. Did Doug Collins really apologize for saying the Dems are in love with terrorists like the fake news reports? I didn't think so.

  31. We don't allow ✡ Jewish communists RACISTS to overthrow our government and impeach President Donald J.TRUMP elected by the American people. ✡ Jewish communists OUT OF U.S.A.

  32. Notice at @4:22 it starts going deep / slower then suddenly faster? Makes you wonder if all our media / government is just deep fakes, and non of this really exists, and our government doesn't really exist.

  33. i hope the people put pelosi out she a sorry pile of crap. you want to controll the country but you done not anything to help the country you out of controll cops out of controll crime out controll. pelosi you need be out you old goat

  34. Of course it will. That’s because Senate Republicans will take an oath to hold a fair trial and then promptly break their oath. There is nothing weak about the case – the weakness is the corrupt Republicans not the case which every witness agreed on. Collins is lying in his teeth.

  35. The bottom line is that innocent men want people to testify and prove their innocence. Trump is forcing witnesses not to testify. They all know he is guilty as hell – no wonder they want to quickly suppress the trial and refuse to call relevant witnesses including Bolton.
    Guilty, guilty, guilty- Trump and his Republican enablers

  36. Do an Iran move on her Mr President, we are so sick of the liberal left that we want it done! By that I mean let them send it to the Congress so it can die and you can continue to MAGA! My respect for the president only grows stronger with every word that comes out that witches mouth!

  37. why does every news person have to be a democrat??? your self righteous condescending attitute comes across loud and clear. you are not fooling all of the republicans

  38. I hope the articles of impeachment are printed on good quality toilet paper so the senate gets some benefit from them!

  39. …Another possible reason for voting on the Articles of Impeachment so quickly is that as they developed their contrived accusations, each was blown out of the water, one after the other – but they needed something – anything – to charge Trump with. So they hurried to pass the Articles of Impeachment before these last desperate accusations were torpedoed, also.

    It explains the delay in handing it over to the Senate – they have nothing but self-gratification that "they impeached the president" and they want to hold onto that as long as they can before it too is taken away from them.

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