Rep. Collins: Dems will be forced to go on record over impeachment

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  1. You're losing when you want to investigate the investigators.. Did Dems ever demand Trey Gowdy testify in Benghazi? Trump is going down.

  2. All These So Called Democrats Are Extreme Leftists, The More Resemble Communist Fascists Marxists! They Speak Of The Constitution' Yet Want To Subvert It They Are SCUM!

  3. Wall Street for Trump. Great Economy best ever in history. Job report today Great, market up 250, Rates low, housing up, productivity up.

    What Obama tuning the economy, Trump is stellar, a true master, best for this country.

    Schiff must be put in prison, he has his face so far up Pelosi xxx he stinks of rotten armpits.
    Totally out of control.

  4. If you going to try to give somebody something and then you say you're going to take it from the rich who you think's going to pay for it the rich going to pass it on to you the working person so you're not getting it for free who do you think creates a jobs the rich you Democrats better decide what side your bread is buttered on cuz in the long run you going to suffer cuz we know you not going to give anything away for free unless you want to bring this country down and then you got the Wonder what is the One World Order going to do take your money take your wealth and throw you to the side

  5. GZR RZG
    This is shameful! All these Democrats do is find fault! From Russian Collusion to this Ukraine whatever and they found nothing! But they won’t stop! I am independent and immigrant I will never vote for these Democrats ever!!!


  7. So, let me get this straight, Barr is going to investigate the same people or redo the Mueller investigation and come up with a different outcome? is that what they are saying? a waste of time and money, but it's ok because it's republicans wasting the money. Who are they going to put in jail the judges. Give me a f'n break.

  8. Rep Gohmert said the democrats are pushing the USA to civil war.  true.  All the Soros-paid demonstrators and civil disobedients, the secret assault guns caches, are calculated to drive their brainwashed followers to cause enough civil unrest so democrats can call the UN, and any Military commander puppets to come "save the USA from all these right-wing racists". All the democrats, Mockingbird Media, and Academia have willfully, deliberately, with malicious treason aforethought participated in abuse of "due process of the law"  and the Bill of Rights to nullify and overthrow the POTUS. They WILL succeed in sparking a hot civil war in the streets, UNLESS patriots straight-jacket them all into asylums for the criminally insane for a 10-year psycho-therapy session

  9. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless the blessers, give more gifts to the givers, forgive the forgivers,
    extend greater grace to the grace givers, and give scandalous love to the lovers. But may He also curse the cursers,
    bully the bullies, investigate the investigators, incarcerate the lawless law, and even behead the beheaders.
    re-read and pray for enlightenment.)

  10. biden cant be investigated for anything cuz he is running for president?
    meanwhile demonKKKrat scum accepted and used foreign intelligence to spy on trump for 3 years?

  11. Stop using the words ‘fair’ and ‘fairness’! What the hell do they mean? The words ‘honest’ and ‘honesty’ actually mean something. They apply equally to the accused and the accuser. If I say something is ‘fair’, it means it is good for me. If I say something is honest, it applies a standard to everyone—not just me.

  12. I pray for the day when donald trump goes to prison for treason and fox news gets shut down for good! Go Nancy go!!

  13. U can see the confidence in Doug Collins , the Republicans know that the truth will come out soon justice will be served for Americans!

  14. Unfortunately for Doug Collins, he is very far from being as intelligent as he thinks he is. He would do much better in the circus where talking out your arse is looked on as an asset.

  15. Yes democrats please go forward on impeachment of President Trump
    ..we know by doing so you will go on record ss supporting a coup against a duly elected president who has not committed anything that comes close to an impeachable offense
    That is the recipe we need to have you all arrested and have you facing the ultimate punishment

  16. My husband is a flaming lunatic liberal. He lives by Rachel Maddow, NYT, and Stephen Cobert… From time to time I get a stinking whiff of the commentary he feeds upon, however hard I try to avoid it. It's on the level of the machete-rattling rhetoric that led to the massacre of 800,000 Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994… What has led to the Trump witch hunt is nooooo joke, people, orchestrated by the mainstream media….

  17. All currently serving republican lawmakers, are traitors to the USA, for the obvious reasons. It is a fact that can't be reasoned against.

  18. Those congressmen and women who are complicit in the presidential coup should be stripped of all retirement benefits. I don’t want schiff especially, to receive any government retirement benefits. Let’s push that legislation Republicans and Democrats and end the covert and overt lying to get their false agenda through. ENOUGH!

  19. Still, although I am patient, this isn't really going to make the Americans feel satisfied. There needs to be real and harsh consequences for the wrong doers.

    You all keep saying "Shouldn't happen to another President again." But I'm not seeing anything done about it except talk, talk, talk, political crap.

  20. tell you what, if the GOP releases the tapes of the Ukraine calls, trump's tax returns and a transcript of his meetings with Putin, THEN you see whatever you want. that's a fair trade don't you think?

  21. No need any longer to vote or choose who we want for President or any office, The Deep state and Democrats will take all that off our shoulders.

  22. I hope thm bastards back themselves so far back in th tunnel that we will have to send th dog in after thm. Woof woof demons.

  23. IF the dem & derp state are allowed to get by with this catastrophe, then it will be the end of the "NOTION OF DEMOCRACY" What americans of all walks of life have given their own lives for. THINK about this, its truly deep.!

  24. Justice is not about influence – it is about Substance facts and evidence – not just what you want to see and hear – stay woke

  25. Speaker Pelosi was right. These Republicans love Trump more than America! They should move to Moscow and take " their Prez.

  26. A closer look is coming at Pelosi and all who love and trust in a lie.

    The hypocritical liars like Pelosi and Schiff, mimic their father the devil 1000%! The devil empowers this type. The book of truth says such people are amassing a just reward in Gehenna for their own wickedness and sins, which, will condemn them on judgment day. Hell, a place of utter darkness is prepared and assigned to continually, outright hypocritical lying deceitful people, like Pelosi and Schiff. Such people will be rewarded the consequences of their own choices. In their greed for unlawful power, they have contracted with the devil. Further, all who are unwilling to repent, will die in their sins & spend eternity tormented, by their own corruption.

  27. It is time to stop that circus of the most corrupt party in this country, Mrs. Pelosi and her team of clowns should work more for America and stop obstructing their progress, these sociscist Democrats are disgusting to America, God protect us from this, we want our president who helps the progress and development of America !!!!

  28. Gotta love the sock puppet liberal accounts, They have zero content and zero facts to back anything up. All they do is mock actual truth while claiming victory every second.

    tis funny how they have been exposed as liars everytime they claim to have a smoking gun.

    and then they shut up until they have a new lie to spread.

    want to bet liberals,

    want to bet a thousand dollars trump remains president and is re elected.

    I dare you to bet,

  29. The Crime is simple guys Trump conditioned the release of military aid to Ukraine for dirt on the Biden family He’s misusing official power to obtain things of value to him. Making a foreign government interfere in our elections it's against the Constitution and the oath he took as president to protect it. HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT SEE THE CRIME IN THAT?

  30. ”He does not have to say, Go Lie For Me, to be a crime,” “ You don't have to say, Let's Obstruct Justice, to be a crime,” “We judge people on their conduct, not magic phrases. That is what is meant by High Crimes.” ”Impeachment is not about punishment, Impeachment is about cleansing the office, Impeachment is about restoring honor & integrity to the Office.” – Lindsey Graham’s words – 1999.

    “He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. He doesn’t represent my party, he doesn’t represent the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for…..he doesn’t have a clue about anything, he’s just trying to get his numbers up and get the biggest reaction he can, he’s putting our soldiers and diplomats at risk, he’s empowering the enemy, he is empowering radical Islam, ….My party is going batshit crazy….I don’t think trump has the temperament or judgement to be commander in chief …you know how you make America great again, you tell Donald Trump to go to hell…..Trump is the most unelectable republican I’ve seen in my lifetime….He’s not fit to be President of the United States…He’s a jackass….I think he’s a cuckoo, I think he’ crazy…I don’t think he’s a republican, his policies are really bad for the country…trumps foreign policy is a complete disaster”…….all quotes from Lindsey Graham

  31. The economy fared better under Obama's first three years than it did under Trump's first tree years. What do Trump supporters have to say? I will wait. Tnx.

  32. Dems, hiding behind that secretive and flamboyant Adam Schiff.
    Schiff loves the attention of a secret meeting, he lurks in the shadows under the glare of the TV camera spotlights.
    Schiff knows he can't win and that's why he is doing this. Schiff is running a Captain Kangaroo court, and this impeachment will be just what Schiff wanted: A secretive star chamber where Schiff lollygags in the attention his well known secret is garnering.

  33. with all that Trump has accomplished, imagine what he could have done, if he got just a little cooperation from the dems.

    All they're doing is wasting tax payer money going from hoax to hoax, instead of doing the job they were voted in by their constituents.

  34. The people have got to have been struck dumb to allow Schiff and Pelosi to Carry on with this lie that theirs evidence to try to oust a President, just because they the democrats didn't win an election, and the only reason they couldn't loose was because they have a hell of a lot to hide which is pushing them into breaking the law even more, trying to stop their crimes from spilling out, But it won't work, we know and we're still digging. Schiff your crimes are there right in front, so trying to divert our eyes is only prolonging the inevitable.

  35. Reps will have to go on record denying trumpos crimes in the face of evidence, then live with a permanently stained reputation.

  36. Hey Adam Schiff, you're no man's inspiration . . . because you're no man. No man in his right mind wants to be like you. I don't. Go look in a mirror, Schiff, and be prepared to go into shock at the sight of you. I do.

  37. Hey Adam Schiff, you're no man's inspiration . . . because you're no man. No man wants to be like you. I don't. In fact, go look into a mirror Schiff, and know that you're going to go into shock at the sight you. I do.

  38. I'm very sure ,Democrats will be looser , they are pointing Whit one finger , wen three finger are pointing them .

    Because they are criminals ,they are unable to answer the interrogation in legal process .
    Is looking ridiculous ,the criminals, atemptin to put in prison the law .

  39. It's obvious that Washington had and has several evil Jezebels – Hillery Clinton, Nancy Pelosy, Kamala Harris etc. etc.

  40. If theDem's Know for sure this Impeachment will die in theSenate, why continue? Keeping the President under a cloud sure worked to screw up the 2018 midterms elections. Look at the freshmen reps that got in to office then. Repetition works to convince people of lies. Keeping Impeachment in the news is deadly to the truth. If

  41. The never above 50% approval president has no chance ow winning in 2020 now that voters know who he is, and Hillary won't be on the ballot. No Chance Chump.

  42. We need to get out to the polls and make these criminal Democrats pay for this…they will never be held accountable by the establishment so we the people must get out and vote for our republican(real republicans not the mutt Romney ones) representatives

  43. If trump didn't expose Biden , we would not have learned of the Obama and hillery Clinton administration's corruption to alter the 2016 election through soviet business owner in Ukraine. . Trump's impeachment helped expose all of that. More inportant the demacrats impeachment will make it much harder for them to rig the 2020 election like they tried to do in the 2016 election. Why isn't oboma , Hillary and Bidon faceing criminal charges for Russian colusion. Then try to frame Donald Trump for that. These people need to be held accountable for their actions, otherwise how can criminals be expected to fallow the law when the politicians break the law with out punishment.

  44. The remarkable thing about this situation is that a president in office can be taken to a political trial. Institutions work, that's why USA is power, there is control of powers.

  45. By and large we know already where the DEMs stand on this matter. What's important to see is where YOU and the GOP stand. Do we have a Republican Party? Or has Trump completely destroyed it?


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