REAL Paranormal Activity Caught on Tape at Haunted Prison! (DE Ep. 24)

I’m Alejandro. I search the world for paranormal
activity. I am the Dead Explorer. This is Alejandro and we are here at the Wilson County
Prison in Floresville, Texas and this place is a concrete HELL. There are signs of graffiti
all over the walls, of people losing their sanity in these spaces, and there is a person
who got hung here twice. First time he didn’t die, they hung him again. The activity here,
people report voices, being touched, and we are here to see if we can prove it. It is
so cramped in here; you can see why they turned intro scratching on the walls, and why some
of the messages on these walls just don’t make any sense. Like they are delirious, they
are delirious from being inside this prison in such a small space. At this point, you
can hear an EVP responding to my counting, by saying “come here”. I wouldn’t last
in here. Dude, it’s like one, two, and three. “Come here” ..and there “Come here”.
“Come here” “Come here”. How does that bed feel Rog? How does that bed feel?
It hurts man, actually my back; I think they might have had some mattresses man, but…
Something pulled my shirt! Are you kidding me? No. Something just pulled your shirt?
Something pulled my shirt down. Where you caught on paint or something? No, I wasn’t
even close to the gate. If you listen closely, you will hear an EVP tell me to “pull it”,
when I am talking about his shirt. What we are doing right now, is that Jay just said
his shirt got pulled standing against the prison wall. I am going to the outside of
this wall, see if we can recreate that sensation. See if he can tell me, if I am pulling it
he feels the same thing. “Pull it”- if he feels the same thing. “Pull it”- if
he feels the same thing. “Pull it”. I mean, I can’t even fit two to three fingers
through there. I can’t pull your shirt myself. I don’t have enough space for my hand or
my fingers to pull at anything or even get to you. These holes right here are pretty
thick. Can you catch your shirt? No, because I’m not going even going to get close to
this thing, I don’t even know if it had lead or anything. Well I’m lying in the
f’ing thing; you think I’m not worried about lead poisoning? I’m probably already
dead man. You see Roger wanted to get molested, not me. I’m not touching nobody’s shirt
no more. Hey, starting right now, there is a ban on touching each other while we are
in prison, or any other time. Next Monday, on Dead Explorer. We use the actual hangman
noose from the prison, as we conclude our investigation. Make sure you subscribe for
more Dead Explorer.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Wasn't too bad, I didn't even here these EVPs until I watched the video. Although next week, I show that I was touched too!

  2. Haha, thanks (and sorry?) There will be longer vids available soon for those who have been asking for them. So far they are short b/c of the normal YT viewing times. Stay tuned 😀

  3. neat! floresville verrrry near! i cant wait for the next episode(how did you obtain that hangmans noose???)! keep up the great work!

  4. I asked! They give tours during the day time as a museum and they had it there. They are really cool, tours are $2 if you want to check it out. They love paranormal teams if you want to set something up an investigation.

  5. great vid! but if the prisoners are in jail in which the ghosts are active, it's double punishment for them:) isn't it?:)

  6. Stay away from the prison showers or the next EVP you hear will be saying 'pick up the soap'

  7. Man, this is some great evidence. So glad my friend turned me on to you and your team. I'll be watching for the new episodes!

  8. Hey! Alejandro! a quick update on my equipment situation. (Sorry for having these comments strewn throughout your videos!) Anyways! I gained some money by doing some yard work. I bought a 720p hd Camcorder! I will be doing that promised investigation today… well uploading it today! Thanks!

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