Racist, Un-American Speech By Arkansas Republican

threat for us basis canceled it’s important that yes it is important is wins yes itself arts and crafts retrench this is for this it’s the asunto countless within the uae scuba thought of the hustler president did not the c_n_n_ this repair parts protest against and hear what they told me that what the
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what she said exactly right around the world represented duncan synthesis with that has hexagon domain on several while man will be in anant if you want to both of these people by
all means which is know who you’re voting for you’re going to the american talent i mean you heard on god god god god god
dot every country where the lord and lauren and didn’t get some of these countries about if you think that i’m sorry the it you
have no idea what this country’s about and in this country was founded on the
exact opposite of those principles this country was founded with a separation
between church and state this country was founded specifically to
be secular that’s not to say that you’re not allowed to practice religion quite
the opposite you can practice whatever religion you want your private time but
you’re not supposed to makes died and state together it’s a toxic mix but he’s doesn’t care about that they
don’t care about american history they don’t care about the constitution they
don’t care with the reality of our history has been they just go out there take what their
opinion is and pretends like the country is wholly in line with what their
personal opinions are about politics which are wrong they’re just not like
that and then look what would he starts
talking about on muslims invited to the white house yada yada i first of all i have no idea what he’s
talking about and if they’re ever more and more loans
invited to the white house i’m sure it was as benign as benign can be just like he
would invite us christians on christian group on one day a muslim group another
day you know all women’s group on another
day tera tera what were you talking about nancy as the
problem therefore they’re doing they’re trying
to portray the sentiment that a lot of people in middle america that there are
republican base feel they feel like broccoli mama is like a manchurian
candidate unease in their represent islam and uh… bring down america but it’s like helping possibly believe
that after he’s thirty minute office four
years and he was the most moderate republican like president ever
i mean this is a guy very pro establishment very pro status quo he
pissed off a lot of his base including me because he’s not nearly as
progressive as i wanted him to be as jake humor of the young turk says we
want to changing tables pocket change i mean the guy tries at and returned to
appease republicans make republicans feel comfortable in like index en route he has manila has been milliken b but these guys still go out there and
use the code words allow all we want you muslim uh… you know that you we gotta bring this country
back to its rightful owner geo represent the country i grew up in what do you
mean it still america what just as we look at the first black
president allison is not the country uh… you grew up in it but it is the
country you grew up in but that’s the thing you see now or i’m not saying all republicans
are racist because they’re not but when you hear guys like this you’re
telling me you don’t think he’s racist you do not do not have the ears well he just said we’re not allowed
minorities to run roughshod over us what you twenty wireline are you running roughshod over
you candidate that has no connection to
reality whatsoever one half a black president ellison why people for golf don’t know
why we need to do something in tiny periodontitis ought to know what they
want revenge for for the stuff that we did do then uh… thousands of years hundreds of
years ago bounds of years ago condo would be bad wouldn’t it siesta thing uh… middle america hillbilly redneck pricks like this guy
here he thinks dot i mean give a fuck about uh… black people when they were when or who was on their
neck you know pre the civil rights act that the history of discrimination and lynching and slavery in this country i learned about all that i thought tough
cookies i have sympathy i have empathy so we think now they that bronco ball is in power black
people are not going to have empathy on why people and under title against
labels or something yeah but not everybody is as crazy or in
moral as you

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  1. Good argument but Rapert was just telling these people what they wanted to hear. Even now when he is contemplating national office he's back peddling as hard as he can. In his narrow constituency this talk got him a government job it won't work in a voting block where people who think are more frequent. In other words; like most republicans, he believes in nothing.

  2. looks at map…fuck , how the hell did I get to the part of youtube where people over enthusiastically rant opinions that no one gives a shit about.

  3. The only difference between the Muslim and Christian Talibans is that the Christians prefer suits and ankle-length skirts to robes and burkas.

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