(R) Accidentally Admits Tea Party Is Republican

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grammar tea party is not their independence that in dark was one of the process of acquittals you’ve that you’ve been really respectful
of the tea party movement are you are you at all worried that come november though that group will help to split the base of
the republican party but that is that does happen it’ll be a disaster and guarantees
the re-election of nancy pelosi said a minority party pros everywhere i go out the enormous
on thursday morning without being a palm springs are mostly will be with them everywhere i go looking for team leaders tell
me is that they understand that in the end their job
is to help defeat carrier review nancy pelosi in all the millions while to help the president
bob i don’t sense much interest in splitting and uh… pendants okay that independents and democrats they’re not republicans but they understand
their job is a defeat harry dependency polis i’d love when republicans are crossing points
mixed up i’d love it like weary will remit northward right if you don’t know their not republics that
but they shd they are about republican not republican republican not republican of meltdown metal and if you like this look like twenty four seven army of perspective on

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  1. "Tea Party leaders tell me they understand that their job is to help defeat…Obama".

    Sounds like the Tea Party is taking its marching orders from Newt.

  2. This is a Bertrand Russel quote. Painfully accurate… Some aspects of the political life don't change…

  3. @041744 I don't intend to insult you, but you should know that the proper version of the word "their" is "They're" in that context.

    Their denotes ownership. There represents a location. They're is a contraction of "they" and "are."

    It's just really hard to take what someone says seriously when they get that wrong.

  4. I love how fiscally responsible these guys are when it comes to nuclear weapons.

    Talk about a useless cash sink. We only have enough to blanket the surface of the world 3 times over, and they're crying that we're going to give up on 30% of them… 2 times over isn't enough? Never mind the fact that as little as 10% of that would be enough to kill every human on the planet with fallout and nuclear winter.

  5. @tehant1liberal @tehant1liberal Here's a simple breakdown
    tehant1liberal hates America loves his false god and hates freedom
    tea partiers non peaceful reactionaries swallowing shit right from corporate America's anus, even Obama's corporatist sellout views aren't enough for them.

    Fuck you and your false god you freedom hating feudalist.

  6. A Gallup poll, released April 5th, on teabagger demographics concluded that:

    "Tea Party supporters are decidedly Republican and conservative in their leanings."

    And that 70% of them identify THEMSELVES as conservative. Ironically, Bill O' recently used this same exact poll to attempt to "prove" that teabaggers are NOT mostly right wingers because 43% identify themselves as "independent" (Right-leaning "libertarians", if you ask them in person). Thats the "no spin" zone for you though…

  7. @tehant1liberal
    Conservatives are against freedom of religion when they try to force school prayer on public schools. They are against freedom to choose who you will marry, what you put into your own body, when you will die, and what you do with your own uterus. They are against having freedom to seek justice againsy greedy corporations in a court of law. And if I recall, it was primarily conservatives that voted to allow our own government to spy on us.

  8. All I saw in this clip is the admission that the tea party wants to take out Obama and Pelosi. Can you not get it through your thick head that even some Democrats want to get Obama and Pelosi out? This clip hardly admits tea partyers are (R). How often does TYT get mad at the news outlets for false reporting? You guys are hypocrites.

  9. who cares? Tea Party members are patriots that love America no matter of their Party affiliation. Unlike libs, Obama and TYT that are Anti-American loons that hate the USA

  10. @cam1126
    Actually, they are Republicans organized by the Republican party. You've fallen for the propaganda. Altho, to be fair, I'm sure many of the teapartiers don't *know* they're run by the Republicans…

  11. @treez78
    Like I said, the rank and file of the organization (including you) may well not know. Each small group has leaders, and *they* know who runs the show.

  12. @treez78
    Perhaps more accurate would be that they don't *want* to know it. 🙂

    And that *you* are not a Republican doesn't keep you from being co-opted by them.

    And I offer no excuses. Just pointing out what's obvious from an outside perspective.

  13. @ohgrx well if you read hayek, there's just no room for compromise. people who depend on gov't are just asking for more and more intrusion into their lives. there's a huge difference between equal opportunity and equal outcome. liberals tend to believe in the latter. this is very dangerous as shown by stalin, castro, and most recently hugo chavez.

  14. This page is why I have adopted the position that Americns have a Constitutional Right to accurate and correct news reporting. With this as a right, it then follows that journalist need to be licenced and regulated just as lawyers are. Every problem and evil on earth we can find democrats and liberals at the heart of it.
    I am:
    Cecil Lee Russell

  15. @treez78 That's nonsense. That poll that Fox loves to spout showing the Teabagger demographic, clearly shows that 92% of teaparty supporters are NOT Democrats! Whether you're a Republican, or an independant Republican, is hardly relevant.

  16. The Republican Party is using the true Tea Partiers for votes. I hate how Sarah Palin has become the face of this movement when it started with people like Ron Paul.

  17. @marley54fd Your statement is simple truth at it's finest. I'd say you perfectly summed it up. Everyone listen to this guy!

  18. @Rata4You Not true, I'm an independent and I would surely be closer to the democrats than the republicans. The only reason I'm not a democrat is because they are mostly bought by special interests just like the republicans. An independent is anyone who doesn't affiliate with the two major American parties.

  19. @Rata4 You Oh yeah, I agree completely about the teaparty. These people have no real political knowledge. They don't have a grasp on the reality of what's actually going on in America at all (honestly, I think that's probably true for most every American). They are laughable and sad at the same time.

  20. Can we please stop the canard that the Tea Party is anything but a pack of scared white people who are crapping their pants over a black man's ascendancy to the Oval Office? They call themselves a "tax" movement yet only one in 25 of Tea Party members polled knew that 95% of all Americans are getting a tax break. 82% said their taxes are going up, yet only a small sliver of those polled made over $250,000/year. Translation: we are using taxation policy to beard our blatant racism.


  21. @jstutz2003

    Conservatives are just against such things when they don't agree with it. Freedom in their minds is freedom for them to impose their morality on all. Their culture seems to be stuck in the Salem Witch Trial ages, or earlier to the Spanish Inquisition days.

    I know not all conservatives are like that, but I does seem to be a predominate meme.


  22. According to latest polls Cenk is spewing shit out of his mouth again. 40% of the Tea Party movement are Democrats and Independents. Cenk doesn't get it and the mainstream media doesn't get it. When polls show that 73% of this country didn't want this Bill passed and our gov't did it anyway what would any far leftist do. Cenk did it best by not showing the full interview. He has nothing left to stand on as far as American principles are concerned. He misleads by not exposing TRUTH.

  23. @jstutz2003 How misguided are you? Are you one of the many Soros pawns? Where do you get this crap? Conservatives on the left or right don't believe against the freedom to choose who you will marry. And please explain the greedy corporations for all of us. Why don't you lay it out in detail and make a fool of yourself. Why you're at it, lay out how our gov't spies on "ALL" of us. Our President and this administration is doing it until this day! Are you worried? This admin. didn't rid it.

  24. @idfa4

    What is Soros? If cons aren't against freedom to choose who you marry, then why do they fight so hard against gay marriage?

    As for the rest, I never said the government spies on "ALL of us". I said they passed a law saying that they could if they wanted to. I also never said the current administration was anywhere near perfect.

  25. Indeed if there independents and democrats and only a small percentage are republicans then why would they have the job of getting rid of Obama, Pelosi & Reid, i call bullshit.

  26. Actually Cenk, if u would report these things called "facts", then u would see that according to Gallup (an independent polling institute) says that 43% of the Tea Party is Independent, 8% are Democrat, and 49% are Republican. And if u do this thing called math, youll find that 51% are non-Republican and 49% are Republican. But we all know that liberals and progressives who dont like the Tea Party will say that polls dont matter now that the polling proves THEM wrong.

  27. @jstutz2003 Wrong!! Freedom to chose who you want to marry what a joke Ok lets take Lefts side do what you want marry who you want what you want everthing is Ok NO judgement. Lets see how fair that gets us!! LOL
    A country with NO rules!!
    let Oboma pay for your gas your car your house!!

  28. @fantagor Hay dum ass does your boss make $250 what do yu thank hes goin to do ween his taxs go up lay off people are hire new workers!!
    you dum libbs thank $250 is rich what a joke

  29. @arcturus33333 Right and what FACTS or HARD EVIDENCE do u have to support your conclusion that all the independents are pretty much just Republicans in disguise? I supplied polling data from Gallup which has always been reliable, honest, and independent. Also, what hard evidence do u have that says all the Tea Partiers get all there information from FOX News? Once again, u lefties dont have any facts to support any of your arguments.

  30. @arcturus33333 But i just provided evidence that your conclusion about the Tea Partiers are incorrect and u still continue to deny it and believe the lies that u are told by your liberal friends in the media. Sounds to me like youll watch, listen, or read whatever confirms your ideological beliefs whether theyre wrong or not.

  31. @XGP15A3 : ok. the modern day tea party mvt initially started as funding event (money bomb) for Ron Paul back in 2007 – was known for his anti-war, anti-runaway fiscal policies, the Fed, bailout, though the left mainstream media decided to ignore them both. That is, until Obama got elected. Seeing that the mvt is a threat to Obama's presidency and his continuing war and bailouts policies, they made numerous attempt to depict it as a racist/violent/fringe mvt .

  32. @XGP15A3 : geez, are you surprised that Fox is supportive of the mvt? are you also surprised that most liberal mainstream media hardly covers the wars in Iraq and Afghan anymore despite the recent escalation there? When was the last time you heard about Cindy Sheehan's protest on MSNBC?

    Of course, most demos don't have any problem perpetuating the same flawed Bush's welfare / warfare / fiscal policies as long as Obama is running the show. There's only a few liberals like Naomi Wolf who still

  33. @fantagor You have no idea how money comes into existence to begin with, do you? If you did you would know what the tea party is and why it scares the crap out of these phony politicians that are really nothing more than elected salesmen for the unelected, unconstitutional, central bank.

  34. Tea Party is 60% Republican. Only a brain dead leftist would term a statement of well known fact as "admitting".

    Then there is the other 40% of Democrats and Independents that kind of mucks things up for you Progressive Scum to explain.



  35. @LovelesEntertainment : I'm not sure why this is news either. Obviously, Cenk slept through the whole Ron Paul campaign (though he was interviewed once) when the first tp money bomb raised millions dollars for him.

    It's also natural that, given their aversion toward liberal's warfare / welfare policies, they opposed Bush's wars and deficit and now Obama's continuation of Bush's policies. Of course, it's in the best of your and liberals interest to suppress such mvt using all possible tactics

  36. @LovelesEntertainment : by marginalizing them as racists, violent extremists. I can't see how any sane demo would join this mvt, given their penchant for deficit spending and wars (thx Obama for expanding the conflict in Afghan)!

  37. @tooltalk
    Google "tea party sends noose to Clyburn" and there is your proof… what have you been living under… a rock?

  38. @LovelesEntertainment : the reason I'm asking is I have seen false racist accusations made by the left media. Just google "Contessa Brewer tea party gun".

    There also have been numerous unsupported accusations of spitting and shouting n* at a recent rally in DC – incredibly enough, with all that publicity surrounding the passage of health care and reporters (and cellphones with cameras) everywhere that day, there is not one single video or audio to back this up.

  39. @LovelesEntertainment : "false dichotomy"? woa, a easily-manipulated liberal who could identify logical fallacies. Let's see if you are smart enough to recognize that your claims of racisms are baseless and manufactured by your liberal overlords at MSNBC.

  40. I find news networks boring… always have, always will. Thanks again for your false dichotomy though… you know… identifying me as liberal because I said something bad about your conservative group.

  41. @LovelesEntertainment : nope, the tp mvt is not my mvt – I only defend it b/c I'm familiar with their history and disgusted by the lefty media's gross exaggeration to suppress it (though there are still some liberals who support the mvt – eg, Naomi Wolf). This isn't exactly new – liberals frequently employ the same tactic to suppress dissensions.

    No, I'm not pretending that racism doesn't exist. In fact, I believe there are racists everywhere – even among liberals (or in the upper echelon of

  42. @tooltalk
    You're not pretending it doesn't exist yet you're flailing your arms up and down … pretending it doesn't exist and its some HUGE LEFT WING CONSPIRACY (oh noes).

  43. @LovelesEntertainment : the demo party). My point is that this is a red herring / a big lie.

    Again, during the last election cycle, Ron Paul and the tpm were more or less one and the same. They protested against Bush's (and later McCain's support of Bush's policies) wars and runaway fiscal policies – the same policies now pursued by Obama.

    No, I'm not a psychic, so I can't tell whether everyone in the mvt was motivated by racism. Apparently you are (or at least have no problem making such dich

  44. @LovelesEntertainment : or u have no problem making false dichotomy; how ironic. Hmm…

    Google "Contessa Brewer Tea Party".

    No, I'm not saying that it's a conspiracy, rather that it's a poor defense against legitimate concerns raised by fiscal conservatives. They raised alarm back in 2007 when most presidential candidates hardly paid any attention to the looming economic crisis.

  45. @tooltalk
    Nice strawman. I point out some racism and I think that everyone is racist. You're one big conspiracy nut, aren't ya?

  46. @tooltalk
    Pretending that there are only two choices… do you understand what it means? Not every thing is in black and white.

  47. @thomasautomall If the Frederick Douglas Foundation is part of the Tea Party then WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE OF COLOR AT YOUR RALLIES? I know, there's one over there, a couple over there. You count your movement as diverse because one in a thousand aren't white. Wow, what a sample from a nation in which one in FIVE aren't white.


  48. @freakawill2000 That minority portion is SOOOOO tiny that the Tea Party sees it as no threat. I'd like to see how they'd react if a THOUSAND black people en mass congregated amongst their flea-bitten ranks. Pure unadulterated fear would bubble up from the depths of their hollowness and spill over into the firing of shots or fleeing like the cowards they are.


  49. @usaleftistsareidiots Black people know the Tea Party is the GOP combined with veiled racism at its thinnest. They aren't dumb enough to vote Republican in large numbers. The GOP used to be Lincoln's party. Now it's the party of corporatism, racism and unbridled white fear.


  50. @BizarroCub Yes, Iraq is technically in down draw, but Obama has doubled the troop count in Afghanistan( Politics Daily/ Afghanistan Troop Surge). He's also sent predator drones to Pakistan to bomb Waziri villages (TImes Online UK/School bombing exposes Obamas secret war inside Pakistan). Look, I'm not having a debate in the comments section, but let's agree that we must hold all leaders to the same standard, based on their actions and merit, not their political party or rhetoric.

  51. @AtlasShruggery : decline of US economy with their permanent wars (in Vietnam and poverty) by their new innovative financing scheme called "short-term deficit" spending to pay for all their liberal extravagances.

    After nearly two decades of economic volatility, declining political, economical standing, Americans elected Reagan to put an end to this (the inflation rate hitting 11% in late 70s). Reagan (and Paul Volcker) for the most part managed to restore stability, but it wasn't without

  52. @AtlasShruggery : (aka, "the Great Moderation" as most academics still call it), but it wasn't without cost – a severe recession followed in early 80's after Volcker's interest rate hike (to some 23%) along with skyrocketing national debt. Reagan campaigned on smaller gov't, but only managed to reduce the growth rate.

    Unfortunately, American inherited more problems from LBJ and his libtards delusional legacy than most liberals would admit. LBJ's war on poverty (party of the Great Society)

  53. @AtlasShruggery : for instance, took nearly 3 decades to unwind his flawed welfare policies – the early 90's welfare reform by Clinton (and the repub congress) ended the out-of-control "black-crimes" and "teenage pregnancy" rates caused by AFDC and other policies set up in the 60's.

    The problem of spiraling national debt likewise has its origin in the shifts in macroeconomic policies during LBJ's admin that continues today than anything else (see: Christina Romer's article "the causes and

  54. @AtlasShruggery : and consequences of a Mistake Revolution") well, I'm assuming that you have some basic background of monetary / macroeconomic analysis, let's put your expensive education to some good use.

  55. Gallup says differently. 49% Republican, 43% Independents, 8% Democrat. Which means 51% is non-Republican and 49% is Republican. Uh-oh, looks like the majority of the Tea Party is actually non-Republican after all.

  56. @AtlasShruggery : I'm quite unsure whether you were just a shitty student or went to a shitty school. i hate to ask, but since you proudly parade around claiming that you studied econ, do you understand how the interest rates are set? or how they effect your borrowing cost, businesses and unemployment? Do also you understand that the Fed is a political institution (at least under B Martin, A Burns, Miller, as well as Volcker). Now, I would prefer that you go start reading A Meltzer's works on

  57. @AtlasShruggery : Nixon and, later, the Iran hostage crisis. But for most Americans, the creeping double-digit inflation, started in the 60s' by yours sincerely, was their #1 concern.

    Now, normally the Fed can't just raise the interest rate b/c there's a huge political backlash against it – as it's usually followed by high unemployment & failing businesses everywhere. There are some exceptions to this: for instance, under Eisenhower, B Martin, known for his policy of taking away punch bowl

  58. @AtlasShruggery : as the party gets going..", took counter-cyclical approach to prevent economy from overheating, artificially inducing two recessions in 50's & 60's. Nixon on the other hand felt that B Martin's's monetary policy was partly to blame for his loss in 1960, so when he did finally win, he appointed A Burns. You see, the Fed is supposed to be independent, but it's not. It's a political institution created by the Fed and still influenced by politicians and etc

  59. @AtlasShruggery : created by congress, not fed.

    But the situation was vastly different in the late 70's – needlessly to say, it was bad. It doesn't take a genius/psychic to guess what Carter, who appointed Volcker, asked him to do. Volcker had far more political capital than any other chairman had – in another word, the economy stunk so bad that they were willing to tolerate high unemployments and business failures. And that's what Volcker did (though it wasn't without criticism). The early 80

  60. @AtlasShruggery : sure, the rate hike (to some 20+%) caused untold misery (high unemployment & overall contraction in economy) for most, but that was the price they had to pay for the liberals excesses of the 60's and the subsequent failures to stop it. Volcker in the meantime shifted the focus of the Fed from a short-term rate setting, a practice prevalent before, to a longer-term rate setting that eventually gave us the "great moderation" – though now this is a bit debatable.

  61. @AtlasShruggery : Now, my point here is that you can't just look at numbers and blame this guy or that guy; you also need to understand long/short-term causality, correlation and other independent factors that affect your data.

    My problem with liberals is their willful ignorance to see long-term consequences of their actions. I'm no fan of Reagan (though I never seriously studied his economic policies), but it seems like liberals decided to blame him for all economic ills in the past 30 years

  62. @AtlasShruggery : without really understanding historical (and political & economical) context. The neocon's recent dominance in the repub party during the Bush admin also traces back to their origin in trotskysm and the 60's (yes, they were influential warfare/welfare liberals who served under JFK + LBJ) – likewise, you can't fully understand Bush's econ policies without studying LBJ liberals' failed presidency.

  63. The power of the Tea Party is based on unemployed racist whites, who actively collect unemployment checks (so that they can be full time Tea Baggers). The majority of them are also on medicare, while crying socialism.
    The Tea Party is an unemployed racist party, a welfare party…LOL..

  64. @euro944t Im not sure i understand. The GOP is the one loosing? I could care less what political party is winning or loosing. If a candidate presents the ideals and principles that i stand for then ill vote for that person. Im sure thats how MOST Americans are. And you say the Tea Partiers who say there Independents are really GOP. Do u have any data to back this up or is this speculation?

  65. @freakawill2000 Thousands of black people participated in a Tea Party protest, holding signs of Obama as Hitler and the Joker? Fine. SHOW ME VIDEO. There's video of everything else. So post a link illustrating the diversity you so adamantly claim exists. I think I'll see footage of Nessy the Loch Ness Monster first.


  66. @euro944t You personally attacking me isnt going to help at all. Thats what is wrong with our country. It's people that just personally attack others because of there opinions and beliefs. Good thing it was people like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson who founded the country and not some of the people who personally attack other people for there opinions and beliefs. If it was, this country would be totally different.

  67. @freakawill2000 Searched under Houston Tea Party. Nothing but a video with ONE black man featured as a part of the movement. Otherwise, just wall to wall scared white folks and little girls reciting the pledge like good little GOP drones.


  68. Newt Gingrich is a moron. He does not speak for the Tea Party and should not speak for the Republican Party. He had his chance and screwed the pooch!

  69. I honestly have no idea what the tea party thing is all about, I've read parts about it and always assumed they were republicans.

  70. Republicans would love to claim ownership of the tea party…. sorry the tea party already notofied the republicans that we are not in thier pocket…

    We are conservative first. If it's consrvative we will vore for it…social;ism just don't sell anymore.

  71. Just because they're anti-democratic doesn't automatically mean that they're republican. This doesn't show any "crossing points mixed up" at all… and wtf his overconfidence in this hallow logic is off the charts.

  72. @glvdtxn We dont want RINOs, We are looking for a more conservative stripe, I have been a Libertarian since 1980. And thats about what we are looking for. Republican party be damned, it curries no favor with us. They have tried to make a faction of Tea party thier thing I think they call it tea party express… it's not the real deal.

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