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Putin Bemused By EU Politicians: Why Do You Allow Bandits To Walk Freely In European Capitals?

Putin Bemused By EU Politicians: Why Do You Allow Bandits To Walk Freely In European Capitals?

Dmitry Peskov: Here are our colleagues from the foreign media. Introduce yourself, please. Good afternoon, Mr President! My name is Christian Esch, I head Spiegel magazine’s Moscow office. I have a question that concerns a matter that worries and annoys Germany, the murder of a citizen of Georgia of Chechen ethnicity, Zelimkhan Khangoshvili. The information coming from Moscow and Berlin is decidedly different. Therefore, I wanted to ask you, first, about the killer. Germany says it did not receive proper information from Russia. It turned out that this person was identical to a person who had already been in prison in Russia. So there must be information about him. The second question concerns the murder victim. You mentioned in Paris at a news conference following the Normandy meeting that Russia repeatedly asked for the extradition of this person. The German foreign minister recently confirmed that there have been no requests neither from Russia’s Interior Ministry nor through other channels. So who is right, you or him? Both of us, because these issues have been discussed at the special services level more than once. Indeed, there was no official request from the prosecutor’s office, because our authorities believed that doing so would be pointless since they received a negative answer. Once again, I will repeat what I said at the news conference in Paris. He was an absolute bloody killer. He killed 98 people, just think about that, 98 people in the Caucasus in one day. Many countries declare national mourning with many fewer deaths. He participated in bombings in the Moscow Metro. And the list of his crimes goes on. Indeed, we have repeatedly raised this issue at the special services level. With regard to cooperation, I believe the main thing we should understand about this is that cooperation should be full and it should be a two-way street. In Syria, we are witnessing developments in the camps and prisons where ISIS militants are held. Natives of Central Asia account for most of the foreigners there, followed by Russia. But there are many immigrants from Western Europe as well, including France and the Federal Republic of Germany. We see that the people you just mentioned – terrorists and murderers – walk freely around European capitals. As far as I know, he was killed in central Berlin. Picture such a person strolling down the streets of a European capital. Would you like the prisoners from these camps to come to you? Will you also let them walk freely around your cities? To avoid this, we must establish joint and highly effective work. This is what we are calling for. We hope it will be like that eventually. This does not mean that such work does not exist. It does. But its scope and nature are still insufficient. Incidentally, at some point, we warned the Americans about the Tsarnaev brothers, or whatever their name is. We told them directly. First, we asked to extradite them, as well, and then told the Americans that they were a threat. They ignored us. The brothers then committed a notorious terrorist attack during the Boston marathon, and people died. Do you see my point? And you have bandits like that walking around Berlin.

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  1. The AntiNazi Naziz of the EU Re finished.Thr Eu is done and it will collapse
    Modern Nazis claim to be antiNazis but secretly they are still nazis.In fact the EU was Invisioned by Hitler and Stalin. THEY WANTED TO UNIFY ALL OF EUROPE UNDER THEIR LEADERSHIP THATS WHAT THE FIGHT BETWEEN STALINISTS AND HITLERISTS WAS ABOut The EU discrimination towards USA is massive

  2. I wish putin was nice to his own peaple, start to concentrate his efforts on eradicating corruption in Russia, raising quality of life of his citizens, retired people. All this stance against west is good but what about domestic policies.

  3. Simple they all helped set up these Terrorists to topple countries and steal their resources overwatch by Jewmerica a country they are all afraid of. They are literally paid members if the military of America Israel Britain NATO. Don't be surprised if they are not offered Campaign Medals and Pensions for their service.

  4. putin is thinking logically but the problem is ,his partners don't think with logic,they like bullying, bossing, they are delusional. The only way Russia can survive,is to be violent, behave like a thug ,harden itself….This logic doesn't stand against bullies. You will lose…

  5. Terrorists and terrorist groups are disposable assets of western intelligence services to use as a scarecrow at home, an excuse for more totalitarian police state laws, and as a mercenary army in the Middle East for oil/gas.

  6. What many forget is that Russia USED to have term limits for President.
    Putin had 2 and then Medvedev "served".
    During that time Putin, through his lackeys in the Russian government, changed the constitution eliminating this provision.
    Clearing the way for Putin to regain the presidency.
    (Don't even try to make the argument that "Putin said he'd leave soon")…
    OF COURSE Putin can sit for 4 or so hours, and get mostly softball questions from the Russian press (which is of course owned/controlled by the Russian government), and dis' any Ukrainian press that manages its way in there.
    Then dissect silly EU politicians and policies.
    He has an audience that is "all in for him".
    What Vladimir Putin does not do, is appear in debates for president.
    All of the main opponents that have not been conveniently imprisoned just prior to the election, participate in farcical debates where the president sits at home in the Kremlin and LAUGHS.
    Russian people are smart.
    They know opposing political candidates stand ZERO CHANCE in a system rigged in Putin's favor.
    "Putin crushes (fill in the blank)".
    "Putin shows foolish western journalists who's boss", etc, etc….

    All games are easy when you own the board, rig the playing field and LITERALLY lock up any real opposition.
    ANYONE who works THAT hard, to manipulate the people, game the system and stay in power, is EXACTLY the person that you do not want IN power.
    Even if it appears that they are doing "some good", the ends do not justify the means.
    Those are Hillary Clinton moves.

  7. the public just dont know that their giving refuge to terrorist,cause us gov. think that what is considered terrorist in other countries ,to them is victim of human rights,

  8. Many of these terrorists are from Balkan and they did fought in Syria, etc… Which is what project of ''Great Albania'' is all about and it includes Albania and all the infrastructure which is built there from city/port of Drač, via Kosovo, Niš in Serbia, Bulgaria and the Black Sea in the end…

    Anyways, plan is to make a ghetto out of the Balkan and populate here several million of these terrorists.

  9. Another example of the us government allowing terrorists to harm their own people. This is what gives the government power

  10. I hope Russians won't ever bend their knee to the west and their policies. I'll resist them here for as long as I can, but it's getting harder day by day. In the end, if my country falls entirely to liberalism, I will be forced to move to Russia.
    How ironic would that be… becoming a migrant to escape the horrors of mass immigration.

  11. World is living in a legendary times in the history of earth with extra-ordinarily Talented PEOPLE on Earth in this
    as POLITIANS/INDUSTRIALiSTS/Financial Strategists & Bankers/Sports Man & Women/Technology Experts & Entertainment Media with extra-ordinary Human Brain Performance to the maximum points as ERROR-LESS in their concerned Subject Area of Performance…….

    Darwins Theory (Survival of Fittest) is the new NORM in much ADVANCE FORMAT…..TODAY

    LIVING LIFE in multi-dimensional Thoughts is what stretching Human Life….expectency beyond 100 years…….
    Its a time not to LOCK THE TIME but to Stretch the HUMAN LIFE TIME towards un-expected ageing into human…..

    I will not like to looose even my worst CRITICS in this time….because they help me to remain on Right TRACK ALWAYS……


  12. I think its the default mindset of many foreign policy. If russia ask for extradiction, deny it. Or china. Its to piss them off. Or any other developing countries.
    In case of china, its usually rich guys who were involved in corruption. So the threat level is low.
    In russia's case, its a trained terrorist.
    So, in boston marathon case, usa citizens paid with their life for usa gov to piss russia off.

    Well…thats what some government is. To one up their opponent in political game, they fail to see the threat that some individuals pose to their own citizens.

  13. The worst terrorist in the world come from the former Soviet Union. There are thousands of them. Thanks for the heads up about the Tsarnayev brothers.

  14. Раздражает Германию? Выясняйтесь четче, раздражает несколько людей в правительстве и журналистов. Немцам срать на него сто куч.

  15. war is a biz4 aMERIKKKA- foriegn terrorists..are likely pawns- like the younger brother /boston bombing- being held in an MK prison? research the FEW people who have been held there- all let go to kill again-strange protocols at that base too? No elementary school..and high schoolstudents learning Russian and chinese…?

  16. Putin is a psychopath parading as normal. You have natural resources to be a socialist country. You have been sanctioned by us over Ukraine. We don't want it here. Idiots love to be in your business. I must have a low IQ!! Ding..ding. To be called, a broad, a slut, a whore. I must get pregnant every week, by mouth or by vagina. l am not making any money…not even…10 dollars an hour…l…just watch YouTube videos all day. Am l an idiot or a psychopath, maybe in intelligent one? How can I get you to do my dirty work? I look pure and innocent. Or leaning towards moron. I must be plumb stupid. I have no absolute value. I am not existent.

  17. Blame the Democratic party in the US for that. Open borders, city mayor's not cooperating with federal agents to get illegal criminals and aliens sent back to their country of origin or arrested and teaching tolorance of the illegal population in the States. Trump wants to stop this shit but the Liberal Democrats are allowing that to happen. The people here in the US are fed up with this bullshit also.

  18. The Western ideology is mainly to take people in only AFTER a crime has been committed. Nobody wants to be guilty of taking in someone 'for no reason'. Preventative measures are not allowed even when the mindset of the person is obvious. It has been abused, yes. But such extreme cases like the Gargasoulos rampage in Melbourne should be prevented.

  19. Good Points In the U.S we have some of the most stupid people they are called Democrats. At this point Americans have been calling them out. DEMOCRATS have become Anti American not only that. With that said. Americans are hoping for better days. Think about this Democrats love or protect Abortion even late terms at 9 months. WOULD you say these Democrats and hitler walk the same p

  20. Try putting Trump on the hot seat, I bet he will be roasted by the journalist
    I live in Asian country, majority ppl here respect china and Russia
    Why hate Russia? why condemn China?
    Both Russia & China is the one that doing good things for the world

  21. Putins Geduld ist mehr als bemerkenswert. Israel, Amerika, England. Alle morden im Ausland rum ohne das nur irgendwo in der weltpresse auch nur etwas über diese Verbrechen erwähnt wird weil es ja der nationalen Interesse dient.!!!!!! Unsere Medien bzw dessen Leitung und Poljtiker heucheln sich was zurecht das die Balken biegen. Wir sollten Russland auf Knien danken das Sie uns vor diesem beschissenen Terroristen befreit haben!!!!!

  22. Putin 👍. He says it like it is .. and should be.
    Level the Playing Field. Deal with such Criminals as they Live .. at their Level.

  23. Spiegel is a corrupt media outlet with a guy that fabricated more than 20 wrong stories they lie about history, law and crime – they are an insult to the brain

  24. В село Константиновка требуются роботники ! Марина
    Первомайская !

  25. Putin has common sense. Leaders in the west are just grubby dirty lawyers. The west is being destroyed by russia and the east like china. We (western countries) must either change or be destroyed. Currently i dont see the west changing at all, just getting worse.

  26. Vladimir Putin is one of the only world leaders out there fighting the global regime. THAT is why smug, naive bourgeois liberals hate him so much and that is why they hate Russians and Russia.

    God bless this man. I say give him the presidency for life.

  27. lets hope extremists target parliament successfully in 2020. stuck up corrupt people with no respect for the younger generation and people in poverty across the world

  28. Putin is ne of the presidents who has a philosophy and works and act accordingly. The EU leaders look like idiots when compared to him.

  29. The person which was killed by russia in Berlin, was a chechen fighter who protected his people in the war, which Putin himself brought to Chechnya. So there is no sense in blaming the man being a terrorist "who killed over 90 people" because the people he killed were russian soldiers who came to occupy the chechen territory. Putin is the real terrorist who killed several thousands of innocent people in chechnya, lying as usual and trying to distract from himself by telling stories about other goverments and the EU.

  30. Putin's Russian ass kissers lining up to lick his boots and brave foreign journalists posing questions that simply provoke more lies from Putin. Putin is a thief , killer and fake President. A REAL man would have open and fair elections, Putin is NOT that man, Putin is simply a criminal.

  31. Western Europe is a colonial territory of the AngloZionist empire. …

  32. All part of the Kalergi Plan, to dilute indigenous populations and undermine Christianity – while they sneakily take over. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  33. I understand Western Europe want to respect humanity and I can buy that but when Islamic countries open their doors to people of other belief and respect non muslims their religious rights the Western countries will reciprocate!

  34. Merkel is not bad and Putin is not good this is what I know even though all the bad that has been done by West but I will not be tricked by Russia. Up till this moment what I see is that Russia is the dump version of west, both are evil and both are sick with religion hate.

  35. Thats a reason so many right wing &nationalist parties growing in every non Muslim countries and if these party tries to solve issues with Muslims all Western government in name of human rights starts dictating them on every front,in near future this will sure shot create huge rift between non Muslim countries.

  36. So Russia takes out a terrorist, that Germany just let roam around freely, and the German government is bitching about it? Time for Germans to take back their government. Good for Russia for dealing with the problem.

  37. Putin lied when he said he asked for to two brothers in Boston bombing lol what a liar and losers in poor countries will believe this clown

  38. I’m an citizen of The Delaware Nation and natural citizen of the United States and I am asking President Vladimir Putin to please do participate with any financial issues Because US is mimicking hiltlers nazi practices but it’s not visible because they are always condemning nazi’s. Please don’t believe the United States. They want total power, and use deflection and lies to be the biggest

  39. This gentleman should be very wary about asking such direct questions to a guy in charge of Everything in Russia,,, Mr Putin is feared in many circles,,, not least in his home country….

  40. Where was the sense in allowing millions of people through your front door without at least checking and verifying who they are first??

  41. Merkel & Co allow it, because this kind of people are helpful to kill the own people and nations. Resettlement immigration.

  42. Putin has clarity. Those welcoming Muslim refugees… Will they open their own home for them? Try it. It will give you great satisfaction of doing great service becz you will be eventually thrown out of your own home. That's what they do. You need to just open your eyes to reality!

  43. Suicidal Europe in its quest for "tolerance" and "diversity" will destroy itself.

    Fortunately for us, we're out of it!

  44. Germany failed in every thing and now they are just a puppet of U.S, so Merkel doesn't speak for Germany it's on behalf of U.S

  45. Because alot of Europe has Liberal policies that protect these criminals Germany is one of the worst. people need to standup to weak government

  46. I’ll tell you why they’re allowed to roam free in European cities,it’s because the of pansy arsed liberal good for fucks have got their hands on the reigns of power and by giving them everything they think that they can turn their guns and bombs into Plowright. I’ve got news for all you feckin liberals, it isn’t working. I know for a fact that when some fucken junkie bastard mugged my granny after she picked up her pension in the cops own words they said that there hands are tied, well mine wasn’t and I fucken dealt harshly with him and you know what?, itfelt great but my friends pulled me off him just as I was about to drop a cinder block on his head, now going back to the Russian bear, if one of your family or loved ones were hurt or killed and they fled to another country wouldn’t you want revenge? Or would you as Adolfo jerkel, oops I meant merkel wouldn’t you get some closure knowing that you’re head of state wouldn’t stop until they hunted him or her down and executed them, I know I would but I’d as that head of state if I could do it. Well done mr president and I wish you and your family well for 2020

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