Putin about Trump, elections, USA and american’s + Endlish subtitles

First, as for the election of the US president: it’s not our business. We should not assess the work of Mr. Trump at his high post This is the business of the American people As for the investigations you mentioned I do not consider this an investigation, because the investigation suggests Revealing the completeness of all circumstances with the study of causes, with the hearing of various parties We see simply the growth of anti-Russian hysteria Most likely this is the use of anti-Russian tools In the domestic political struggle In this case, the struggle of President Trump and his political opponents within the United States It is unfortunate that Russian-American relations are sacrificed in the course of resolving American domestic political differences On your question, I regret the deterioration of relations with the US, I can give a direct answer: of course, we are very sorry. Acting in concert, together we could solve much more acute problems that are of great concern to both the people of Russia and the people of the United States. This settlement of acute international crises, the fight against terrorism, Care for the preservation of nature, the solution of environmental problems struggle with illegal migration, with organized migration, etc., and the development of the economy finally. But we know that we have a lot of friends in the US we know that there are many just sensible people there. I hope that today’s state of affairs will end someday and we will turn to a different quality of our relations – we will strengthen them, build up in the interests of the peoples of the United States and the Russian Federation. As for the cross-border nature of US legislation, I have been talking about this for a long time – since 2007, in Munich, it seems, talked about this. That’s exactly what I said This practice is unacceptable. It destroys international relations and international law. We have never disagreed with this and will not agree, but how other states of the world react to this, it depends on the degree of their sovereignty and their readiness to defend their own national interests.

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