Protests Erupt After Alabama Senate Passes Near Total Ban on Abortion

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  1. If you stand for abortion then I hope find peace knowing you contributed to a Holocaust of dead children every year.

  2. Alabama ranks 46 in education. These simpletons shouldn't even have the right to vote for anything. They're too stupid.

  3. Take one look at those women and I think, THEY aren't deserving to have children anyway. TO ALL THE MEN WHO RECOGNIZE THESE WOMEN, FOR HEAVENS SAKE STOP HAVING SEX WITH THEM.

  4. Amazing how many women want to kill their unborn babies weird.
    The womb that sanctuary of life
    Now an unholy tomb.

  5. Literally everyone agreeing with this comment section is a man. Like WTF you don’t fucking know what it’s like to be pregnant so why should YOU be the ones to be like “oh this is great no more babies being killed!” SAY THAT AGAIN WHEN YOU GET PREGNANT EITH AN UNPLANNED CHILD AND EITHER DONT HAVE THE FINANCIAL STABILTY TO TAKE CARE OF IT OR PHYSICALLY CANNOT TAKE CARE OF IT. YOU DO NOT FUCKING UNDERSTAND WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE PREGNANT SO DONT EVEN TRY TO ACT LIKE THIS IS SUCH A GREAT THING.

    I am no feminist but this is just wrong. 25 MEN choosing if a WOMAN has the right to keep a baby or not. Those 25 men who voted for this can go fuck themselves.

  6. Finally!!! About damn fuckin time!!!
    To all those bitches holding the signs, stop spreading your fuckin legs if you can’t handle taking care of a human being!!! It’s that simple!!!

  7. oh by the way u morons,  a Snake, a fish, a Deer all have Hearts but that doesn't stop you from killing them for sport, and they surely have a higher brain function  than a 6 month old baby fetus.  It's not like the women enjoy the procedure,  It's not like there going to the Hair salon and gossiping.  I think any decision concerning a women's body if judgment be made should be by her peers not some old white guys.

  8. A woman was walking alone one night and was raped an impregnated. She is now two weeks pregnant, no embryo or baby even formed yet. Alabama says shes pregnant, she cant back out. Now this woman had birthed her child and has to look into the outcome of that rape every day.

    Oh, but what about the young girls that are still in school, barley can support themselves and pregnant? They are going to go back to shoving metal hangers into themselves, and throwing themselves down the stairs. THIS DOESN'T PREVENT ANYTHING THIS JUST MAKES SAFE AND HEALTHY OPTIONS INACCESSIBLE.

  9. lol the only way the inbred hicks can father a child is by rape and then force the poor child to give birth.  I say we start a fund that allows for the women to fly to a friendly state to have the procedures done, completely circumvent the asshole states intent.  Also I would find more progressive states to spend my vacation money.

  10. Well, I guess those Alabama state senators are trying to get back at the women for what happened to Roy Moore.  If Roy did what was claimed then it is his and only his fault.  No one forced Roy Moore to do that thing he did.  It is a shame that such privileged gentlemen as these white Republican state senators would stoop this low.

  11. Every woman who votes for this bill or the bitch that sponsored it should lose their right to vote and be raped.

  12. Some of these people on this post need to open a science book or two! If you are a Christian, open your Bible. A fetus is a cluster of cells. According to the Bible, one has to breathe the breath of life to be a human. In one case in the bible, the child must be at least 1 month old to be considered a human being. The god of the Bible killed, murdered, slaughtered and aborted many children and fetus alike. Jesus did not even say a word about abortion. I wonder where the religious right wingers are getting their religious information? Are these pro-life fantasies a figment of their imaginations? I wonder if they have truly read their Bibles?

  13. That ignorant woman at 0:42 carrying the “NO SHARIA LAW IN U.S” doesn’t even know abortion is allowed in Islam up to 4 months LMAO.

  14. Okay ladies. Since your fetus is now officially a person at 6 weeks, according to Alabama, at 6 weeks get them a social security number and start using then as a tax deduction. Also collect tax payer welfare. They will have to give it to you or you can sue them. Not that the state has much money, but you can take satisfaction in the knowledge that those who voted for this will be funding your unborn child.

  15. We need to remember that Alabama was only fiscally viable under a RAPE BASED ECONOMY. Alabama women held down slave girls to be raped by their husbands so they could sell the offspring for profit. Alabama white women benefited from rape with free labor and new clothes. It is in their blood to support rape at all costs.

  16. Since Alabamians lost their slave ownership rights this is the closest they can come to re-exerting them as well as preserving the Alabamian tradition of in-breeding survival. The Alabama state motto will soon be "Incest Is Best". The struggle for power over the p…y continues…..

  17. Just ignore the law ladies, Just like POTUS ( Piece Of Total Useless SHIT ) Chump does every day. Passed by a bunch of in-bred bible beaters to protect there incest / rape loving way of life.

  18. This is great news! This will help to empower both women and equality by legally requiring women to take responsibility for and accept the consequences of their own actions….. exactly as men are already free to do.

    It is a small step in only one State to be sure, but the movement for freedom and equality is growing every day.

    I didn't believe that love would be able to find it's way thru the hateful morass that is feminism…… but it looks like I may have been wrong.

    I am glad to think of the millions of American lives this legislation will save over time…….. but too many States still sponsor infanticide for any of us to rest. We must push back against this evil with all that we have…….. there is still much to do!

  19. This is a good thing & even Fox News was frowning and acting sad with "no comments allowed" on their YouTube about it. It's a GOOD THING. It's called negotiating! You say some outrageous price, they say an outrageous price, and you meet somewhere in the middle. They just legalized infanticide in NY and other states, and so Alabama is trying to meet their match! This is great! They are fighting for the rights of the unborn. Do y'all know what infanticide is? It's such a late term abortion where the baby is fully formed, and they put a needle into the woman's vagina, and stab the baby in the head with a needle to Euthanize it. It's no longer the ol' suck the fertilized egg out gig. It's a "How do we kill an actual fully formed baby?" So they are being met in other states with stricter laws. GREAT! I'm glad Alabama is fighting back! Anyone who is that dead set on late term abortions can drive elsewhere! It's not like they'll be having back alley abortions, there are other states to drive to, and they have all the way til their 6 months of pregnancy to get there! Good grief, Fox News interview made it sound like they were going to have all kinds of illegal back alley abortions. 🙁

  20. If mommy and daddy had chosen to abort these babbling evil idiots they wouldn't have had a chance to blather their evil.

    The Father, Son and Holy are active now in The United States to save His babies AND TO HELL WITH YOU LIBERALS.

  21. giving death sentence to pshycopaths and serial killers rapists is not ok but abortion is ok.
    Retarded world we live in.

  22. Anyone in support of abortion usually has zero clue how abortions are preformed if they did they wouldn't support abortion because it's literally horrifying they rip the fetus out in pieces ripping arms legs and head off them crush the skull and the way they make sure they done there job correctly is to put the price back together again

  23. The left supports murdering/aborting live babies. The line has never been so CLEAR! Vote or support a Democrat and you may as well SLIT THAT BABY'S THROAT YOURSELF!!! Look, you have BABY BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!!!

  24. Thier will be homes for those wanted babies. The fact that people would rather have the country take care of illegals and prisons filled with evil people then save Unwanted babies. Me and the country will wake up and change but some kind will never evolve for the better…


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