Protesting the protesters

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  1. Ooohhhh you brought in Pumpkin….shameful…
    Love everything you say…the last time I gave my Daughter a spanking.she was in 4th Son. He was about 7 yrs.. My Daughter has 2 girls….no spankings..alot of time outs… I just want to scream…..

  2. god bless Chad again couldnt of said it better my self I grew up poor as dirt raising my little sister who is 2 years younger than i cause my folks were makin dumb ass choices that got em lots of trouble now I look at all these young pups today and see disrespect and silver spoons in their mouths what ever happened to hard work and good ethics oh well nough of my rant time to get back to work

  3. The millennials and even some genX have the silly notion that respect is something earned. Trust is earned respect is given. One Of the first things I taught my son was to be respectful to everyone.. When he asked "why?"
    I said "Because you only have to disrespect one (not everyone) to be considered a disrespectful person."

    Love and respect to all without prejudice

  4. The only amendment that matters is the 2nd. Exercise the 2nd amendment and all the others just come naturally

  5. I had a drug problem early in life…..every time the church door opened….i was DRUG thru em.
    Not to mention what would be considered child labor nowadays….we called it a garden…..where our food was grown.

  6. Yes they need a good ass whooping. My husband and I raise our youngings old school. No i ternet, cable, iphones, tablets. Fo play outside in the sun and mud. They will probably be great track runners seeing how they run up and down the hill in our back yard. Ask them and theyll tell you "no" is mama and daddys favorite word.

  7. I 58 I dident get a time out i got a ass wooping spare the rod spoil the child god help our next generation

  8. wantawn, were your parents depression era folks. mine were and i had to go out and pick the switch that i was going to be switched with. hated that more that the whooping. but it gave me a healthy fear and respect for both my folks. I was taught to say yes maam and yes sir. and it served me well all my adult life. i know they loved me. they both cried any time they had to spank me which thankfully wasn't often. but it worked.

  9. anyone remember "inner child" who should have been whooped when needed , not "time out". look I learned early in my childhood…MOMMA SAYS "SHIT" , YOU SQUAT … BE HOME ON TIME…MAKE YOUR BED…RESPECT DAD ,LOVE MOM, TREAT OTHERS LIKE YOURSELF… FOR ME MY LIFE IS GOOD (THANK YOU LORD) AND I PRAY FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW THE LORD

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