Protest planned in Baytown after officer-involved shooting

Protest planned in Baytown after officer-involved shooting

in less than an hour Trey the truth he'll be joining family and friends of the woman killed by Bay town police officer and they have questions about that shooting the protest plan near the apartment complex where Pamela Turner died traded truth posting on Instagram in support of Turner after she was shot yesterday a Baytown officer opened fire after he says she took his taser and tased him Bay town police and the Harris County DA's office are investigating to determine if that shooting was justified

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  1. An admittedly-insane person was allowed by her family to wander about unescorted. She got into an altercation and a police officer shot her. SUE THE FAMILY!!!!!!

  2. Another protest driven by selective outrage. Great! Black people, stop fighting the police and start fixing the broken culture within your community!

  3. All these folks who come out to protest over this,,where were they in getting her the help she needed so that she was not a threat to others and herself? She was the local wack job,made life miserable for the locals in the apt's,threw a block through someones window,. Why didn't these do-gooders get her help or control her?

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