Protest in Georgia continues for fourth day

meanwhile the opposition protests in Georgia are only escalating as thousands have gathered in front of the Parliament building in the centre of Tbilisi the protesters with hundreds of banners and placards have called Russia as an occupier state and have mocked President Vladimir Putin in front of the Georgian Parliament building where the protests come even as tensions between Moscow and Tbilisi continue to run high the two nations are trading blames for an outbreak of unrest in the capital city that's been sparked by a wizard of a Russian lawmaker during whose visit the police had to use tear gas and rubber bullets to stop the furious crowds there since then clashes between police and protesters of course are led to hundreds of arrests we want to live in a free country I got nothing against Russians but I got everything against the mental and physical occupiers and I'm here to defend all these young people because this idiots freedom we are silent when we are hungry we were silent when we are deceived the classification collections but we cannot be silent when the Russian occupant is occupying the chair of the Georgian Parliament I am now the demonstrations have also forced put into sign that decreases spending Russian passenger flights from Russia to Georgia from the fifth of July the Putin has even recommended suspension of tours to Georgia by Russian travel agencies a move that is aimed to endow 1 million Russian tourists who holiday in Georgia every single year all right now thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Prague demanding the Czech Prime Minister Andrea's Babis to resign the bhavas is facing a criminal investigation or alleged fraud as also the subject of a European Union's conflict of interest investigation but he has denied all of these allegations and also according to the organizers more than 200,000 people have attended their rally it is said to be the largest protest since the fall of communism back in 1989 in the Czech Republic but the protest was organized by a democracy group called the million moments enough the movement has grown from a small student initiative into a mass movement the promis'd is also facing a criminal investigation in the Czech Republic for an alleged abuse of 2 million euros in European Union subsidies over ten years ago the billionaire Prime Minister is also facing an investigation over his private company called Agri first conglomerate the Babis had paused the transfer of the ownership of the company to two trust funds shortly before he came to power in the year 2017 the European Commission draft report leaked earlier in the month had found that babis was still profiting from the group the Baathist has dismissed all of these allegations is baseless and politically motivated [Applause]

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