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the first time special prosecutor Robert Muller has specified a connection between Russia and the Trump presidential campaign that connection was described in the court filing yesterday related to the upcoming sentencing of Alex van der chuan who has pleaded guilty to lying about his contacts with deputy Trump campaign manager Rick gates and a person identified in the court filing as person a person a appears to be constant in' Killam Nick a former aide to Rick gates and Paul Manafort who was the Trump campaign chairman of course the document outlines what the prosecution calls aggravating circumstances that it wants the judge to consider during van der swans sentencing next week here's the key paragraph in that court filing the lies and withholding of documents were material to the special counsels office's investigation that gates and person a were directly communicating in September in October 2016 was pertinent to the investigation Federal Bureau of Investigation special agents assisting the special counsels office assess the person a has ties to a Russian intelligence service and had such ties in 2016 we already knew that Konstantin : ik served in the Russian military and attended a military foreign language program that has been used by Russian intelligence agents what is new in the special prosecutor's filing is the FBI's assessment that : Nick still has ties to the Russian intelligence service and had such ties during the presidential campaign in 2016 joining us now Betsy Woodruff for politics reporter for The Daily Beast and an MSNBC contributor and judge Sugarman professor of law at Fordham University Betsy this precise connection as it was drawn today is something we haven't seen before from the special prosecutor that's right and what else is fascinating about this filing is that it's Muller actually saying what he and his team thinks is important part of the context of these filings is that it has to do with the sentencing of Alex vanderzwaan the very suave looking attorney who viewers saw on screen a few moments ago Muller is making the case for a sentence against vanderzwaan and arguing why the judge should take vanderzwaan guilty plea so seriously Muller says part of the reason it's important is because vanderzwaan lied about person a who I believe to be constant in : ik Miller then says that person a is an important person in this story that he matters and that the fact that he talked to a senior Trump campaign official Rick Gates the month before the presidential election is material to molars investigation this is Muller essentially showing his hands it's him telling us what he thinks is important he almost gets to the point of telling us why he thinks it's important and that's what makes this document just so tantalizing a German constituent Kalume Nick has denied any ties to Russian intelligence but in this pleading we saw the FBI insisting that he does have those ties but he's also said that he did speak to my man affort during the 2016 campaign he says every couple of months yes and I think there are a couple things that are really important here the first is that the : ik the the FBI assessment that he was actually part of Russian intelligence is very important but also if we were also getting to the frame of mind in Rick Gates and Alex vanderzwaan and manna fort so what's really important about the filing today is that it says that vanderzwaan thought that : ik was part of russian intelligence because gates told him so and you wouldn't see this in a mullah report if Muller didn't have the goods on this it's in the past filing we we know that vanderzwaan recorded one of the conversations the one that he lied about he had a conversation with gates and colum Nick personai in September 2016 one can speculate that Muller may now have a copy of that recording and so that that puts more pressure on gates and I think the other big thing here is now being able to flip other people with this kind of hard evidence and this kind but we might imagine Muller has this is the way that he starts flipping up from vanderzwaan and gates to mana fort and maybe others Betsy last year in February Paul Manafort told the New York Times in an interview this is long before he was indicted I have never knowingly spoken to Russian intelligence officers and I have never been involved with anything to do with the Russian government or the Putin administration or any other issues under investigation today and then he added it's not like these people wear badges that say I'm a Russian intelligence officer turns out according to the FBI he was employing one in his business in the Ukraine that's right and it strains credulity to think that Rick Gates would have known something about one of the employees in that business that Paul Manafort didn't also know although to be clear we don't know for sure additionally one piece of this that's important is that : Nick himself has in the past disputed the statements that he had affiliations with Russian intelligence so there's a good chance going forward that he will that he will disagree with the FBI's assessment that itself is something that ultimately will probably be argued in court and it will be fascinating to see what evidence Muller may or may not have to defend the assertion that he made in this filing that one of Paul Manafort trusted employees actually was connected to Russian intelligence additionally though the statement that Paul Manafort made that you just read is a little bit it feels a little funny right of course members of foreign intelligence services don't introduce themselves as hi my name is Konstantin and I'm a spy but sophisticated political operatives are responsible for knowing who they work with and for knowing what if entities what political parties governments intelligence services the people they work with are affiliated with this is one of the bedrock principles of the Justice Department's rules about foreign lobbying you have to know who you're working for Paul Manafort registered with the Justice Department though not to the extent that Muller expected he should have known how these rules works the idea that he would have accidentally whoopsie-daisy who worked with somebody who was a Russian spy doesn't make sense it doesn't mesh with manna for its own characterization of the very work that he claimed to be doing professor Sherman what's going on with this guilty plea of vanish is it likely that there's already a plea agreement in place about what the sentence should be what van der Swan thinks he's pleading to in terms of a sentence and this filing is just kind of necessary paperwork before this is all formalized with the judge well it's it's a little bit hard to know exactly what's going on usually a prosecutor has a set of conversations with the defendant when they're pleading guilty it was really remarkable that the judge in the hearing apparently was very unsympathetic to vanderzwaan in his request for no jail time and so it's possible that what what Muller might be doing is trying to show the importance of vanderzwaan and indicate to the judge it's really a this is this is a big deal his wrongdoing was significant so but what also might be going on is Muller is trying to show more of his cards to other people and establish what he has it's possible that what he's showing the world and particularly some of the potential future defendants is that he's got this material in hand and this is going to be very significant to have this material for other kinds of guilty pleas down the road judge Sugarman and Betsy Woodruff thanks for illuminating our coverage tonight appreciate it sure thing hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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  1. This witchhunt is turning up a lot of witches. It’s funny how none of these witches are women……

  2. 59 million plus US voters in the mid term elections wanted a house congressional check on Trump's authoritarian executive powers. Now we got it.

  3. Trump's treasonous and criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States will all be revealed. Was all that Russian government and Russian Organized Crime money worth selling your country out Donald?

  4. Bye bye Comrade Devin Nunes. Here comes Adam Schiff. Robert Mueller's new wingman and pit bull in the people's House of Representatives. And unlike Nunes, Trump, and the republicans. Schiff we defend America from all enemies. Foreign and domestic.

  5. Thanks, Lawrence O’Donnell, for this. The Kalimnik evidence of March-April, in my eyes, will prove extremely important, in the long run. It ties in to the Panama Money-Laundering, with meets in Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago, through the Nogueira connection, linking Trumpie & Co with a known GRU-agent. Keep at it! <thumbs-up>


  7. I agree whit Trump! "Lock them up" and "Only the mob take the 5:th" – so true! I hope he understand that those statements apply to him and his administration.

  8. It would hurt chump more if all his ill gotten funds were confiscated and he had to pay all the taxes he owes plus penalties (double, triple would be nice).

  9. Ex lawyer Van der will go to jail for 30 days, pay 20k, and get deported to UK to his wife and new baby. Karma for messing with Logan spy against us.

  10. MAGA – Mueller Arrests Gangsters Again or More Administration Gangsters Arrested or Make America Gangsterfree Again. Sorry I know it's childish but I love that Mueller seems to be getting these cockroaches.

  11. It is fascinating to see the division in America…….half the country thinks one way the other half the opposite way. Most news organisations appear to only shine a light in one direction, when, to do their job properly they would need to be more balanced in their coverage of issues that are important to the people and the justice system. Didn't Podesta have a connection to the same people in Ukraine and Russia that Paul M did, possibly even partners in some entity. If i had time i would be interested to see how many of the channels that have commented below have no playlists saved or video uploaded or even a history to view. Wow i took a quick look seems MSNBC has a large dem bot following

  12. Nothing to do with me not supporting or supporting Trump. Unless they can directly Tie Trump HIMSELF. To the Russians/Putin Reality 5% Chance Trump gets impeached. 0% Chance he goes to Jail.

  13. I think the news divisions are going to need to bring in some hockey announcers – they're more used to keeping track of slippery Russians.

  14. We know according to God and his son Jesus and Fox News and Trump, Hillary SHOULD have gone to maximum prison for her 30,000 "missing emails"…. but who else went to jail from ISIS founder Barack HUSSEIN Obama's administration of 8 years?

    One year in and about half of Trump's former inner orbit people have already plead guilty to crimes charged or are being sentenced. And, yet, according to Fox News & Trump, this is all a witch hunt by Ultra Orthodox Soviet-era, Socialism practicing Liberal FBI agents? Soviet-era Socialism practicing Lib FBI agents who are TODAY anti-Putin and anti-Mother-Russia?! hmm

    If this is not Trump & Fox Twilight Zone, not sure what is….

  15. Almost tells us. But falls short. Funny how when the heat is turned up on FBI’s wrong doing something new comes out that almost says something. I do not trust the FBI. Why are they stonewalling congress and press on docs requested? You do not do that unless there is something to hide. Every time more docs come out more wrong doing and potential crimes turn up. MSM is just now asking why the stonewalling for their own requests. This will turn out to be BS under the microscope.

  16. The Revolting Left(West) Coast would like to commend the volunteer who follows Manafort with the sign "TRAITOR. We are seeking another skilled "TRAITOR" signbearer for each of the TRump cesspit members. Dump TRump!

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