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Progressive Poops?: All-Gender Bathrooms | We the Internet TV

Progressive Poops?: All-Gender Bathrooms | We the Internet TV

Here at the Democratic National Convention, they are all about inclusivity. They don’t care what gender you are! If you have a butthole, you better be ready to use it. Anybody here looking to take a dump in a progressive environment? How’d it go in there? Awesome, mission accomplished everybody! Way to go! (singing) How progressive are your poops? Hey, how’d it go in there? -The bathroom?
-Yeah, good times? Well, you did go to an all-gender restroom. Would you like to talk about it a little bit? -Was this your first time using an all-gender bathroom?
-No. It’s not a big deal. Did they do anything new in there? Did they like, redo the pipes, or anything like that? What can we expect from an all-gender bathroom? It’s a bathroom. That’s it. Was it clean? Yeah, it was clean, it was convenient, it’s the way to go. It’s a bathroom. It’s a public bathroom in an arena. Did people take care of themselves afterwards though? Do people flush? Was there any pee-pee on the toilet seat? It’s a bathroom. It was pleasant and comfortable and safe. -How did it go in there?
-Oh my god, it was awesome! Everyone was so respectful! But someone did not raise the seat! So this would traditionally be a woman’s bathroom, there are private stalls. Was there a little pee-pee on the seat? Yeah, but that’s okay. I’m cool with that. You mind if I ask, number 1? Number 2? It’s a bathroom. You do one of the two. Are we sure who did that? Was it a man? Was it a woman? There’s no way of knowing, we’re all equal here. Personally, the way I look at it is, if you’re not taking a dump in an all-gender restroom, you’re taking a dump in hate. What was your experience like in the all-gender bathroom? This was my very first all-gender bathroom. I think I’m gonna be okay. What sets it apart? Uh, no urinals. So clearly this used to be a female bathroom. So you’re not allowed to take a **** in a urinal anymore I guess. No, I’m sure that’s still allowed. There we go, alright! (camera clicks) Hey, the protestors have all-gender bathrooms too! What’s your experience been using the portapotties here? Umm, on the scale of 1-to-Totally Disgusting, with Coachella being like an 11, they’re like an 8.5 I’ve definitely had worse. Inside, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but they have all-gender bathrooms. So, what are your thoughts on that? Yeah, that’s good. I mean, it’s not such a huge…I mean the portapotties are all-gender, so… So there’s definitely some more work to be done. Yeah. Still a strong hover is in order. They call it, doing the gargoyle. Um, I’ve not heard that one, but I can tell you that my thighs have been in training for months during festival season, so I was ready for this s***. It’s a bathroom…I mean at my house we all have all-gender bathrooms, here we have all-gender portapotties. What’s interesting is that there are men’s rooms, and then there are women’s rooms, and then there are all-gender bathrooms. But the all-gender bathrooms are all stalls, so they actually had to take away some of the women’s rooms, in order to have the all-gender bathrooms. So it’s like, guys still have more bathroom choices than women. Are you trying to be like “Oh, women should have more” or something? I don’t know, it’s bathrooms, I feel like there’s more to think about than just where you’re gonna poop or pee. [LOU] You know what, you are right. There’s a lot more to think about than where to poop and pee.

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  1. Yeah, because only adults use public bathrooms and the law doesn't effect showers or locker/changing rooms. I mean I share a bathroom with both genders in my family, why should I care if an adult male showers with my 6 year old daughter at the public pool?

  2. I'm triggered. That "all-gender" bathroom is a lie. Sure, it says it's for everyone but only the "binary" genders were represented in the image on the sign. Where is the dragon silhouette? Or the cat? Or any of the infinite other genders? Bathroom signs should have all images or none at all!

    Edit: Wait a minute. The "city" gender is represented…but it's in the bottom corner! How is that equality?! I'll bet they don't even have a litter box in there or a nice fire hydrant! How am I supposed to pee like my gender if all they have is toilets?! Oh wait. My gender is Chimpanzee. Excuse me while I go randomly fling dung at people.

  3. We have had gender segregated bathrooms since the Romans first invented plumbing… and for good reason, I assume.

  4. All gender bathrooms are not a thing, please don't make it a thing… it worked there, it doesn't work in the real world… there are more important things to talk about… SMH…

  5. Toilets are a vital tool we use every day, how we use it is important as it can and will reflect our political allegiances, keep shiting democratically America

  6. I believe it should be up to the individual business to have gender neutral bathrooms or not. If a business says you can't enter a certain room, you can't enter that room, period. However, businesses, I suggest if you do wish to do this (which I honestly find silly) then I would suggest labeling your bathrooms by anatomy rather than by gender, since gender has become this ambiguous and all together meaningless abstract concept rather than a scientific distinction between the anatomies of sexually dichotomous species.

  7. I can’t dump in public restrooms anyway — I need my quiet and privacy to drop a deuce. I can wizz anywhere…no problem.

  8. Best point "more to think about than where to poop and pee". Why the hell did we need to make taking a piss more "inclusive"? Everyone was allowed to go before. This is seriously what politics is about. Smh.

  9. the problem is most 'gendernonconforming' people are socialists or communists now lol

  10. I don't see the problem, except that they should just rename it to "restroom". There is no reason to sign that a bathroom is for everyone. Just use what's available to you.

  11. Try it in missouri and either you don't provide a urinal or the man just committed a sex crime and need to register after prosecution… Stupidity on all fronts. If you don't provide a urinal, you are just making bathrooms less efficient. strike that… The man committed a sex crime whether or not there was a urinal as it is a public place.

  12. 1:08 if you think that No1 and No2 are the only things you can do in a bathroom, you're not using your imagination.

  13. Lou .. you rock. This is the future likely .. 3 bathrooms types for Male, Female, and All for use by the non-binaries and traditional LGBT's, plus the newer queer, intersex, asexual, polygamous-polyamorous, and kink types, and those that don't care but still give a shit.

  14. People commenting things like ooh all gender bathrooms…you mean like at my house. So you have complete strangers using your bathroom and people using your bathroom at the same time at your house huh. If it's a single use bathroom then yeah no issues…if you have adult men and young girls using the same facilities then yeah that might be a problem. You're basically tempting a pedophile with a private room to molest your child or a rapist or stalker to do their bidding out of sight. Just something to think about because with gender bathrooms a man going into the women's room raises red flags where a man going into an all gender room does not. You stripped that little bit of safety out of the equation. All because you don't want to hurt someone's feelings.

  15. In the faculty of psychology of my university there are 2 bathrooms for all genders. I usually go to one of them because it is near my class and i have never heard any bad thing about its existence. Idk, sometimes you just want to continue the conversation with your gf while both poop at the sound of Beethoven music, it isn't so bad

  16. I find the lack of urinals in an all-gender bathroom to be unenvironmental. Urinals use considerably less water than toilets and they are more sanitary. Why isn't anyone thinking about the rare species of guppies that are having their habitat taken away to provide water for toilets?

  17. I would probably enjoy that kind of bathroom. I got kicked out of 2 female restrooms because I "passed" a man but I'd feel more comfortable being in a family bathroom or a porta potty because I hate listening to people take a shit 😂😂😂 it's uncomfortable but if you gotta go you gotta go😂😂😂

  18. One simple problem with all-gender bathrooms; no urinals. Which means that the bathrooms can't accommodate nearly as many men.

  19. So glad i don’t live in the US. People there throw temper tantrums like little kids over the smallest things. What a bunch of sheltered babies.

  20. Great job dumbasses. Now misogynists can go in and piss all over the toilets women have to use. Ah, never mind. What’s a little piss on your ass if we make a giant leap of progress?

  21. This is a good idea till you realize the atrocities men commit in bathrooms I’ve heard fucking weapons of war going off as I was taking a piss

  22. 1. Personally I use urinals way to much to want to use a public restroom without them

    2. I feel like all gender bathrooms is a good way to encourage harrassment or false claims of harrasment

    3. I feel bad for all the women who will now have to deal with the smells of a public men's bathroom

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