Progressive muscle relaxation technique

progressive muscle relaxation is a whole-body activity that involves tensing and then relaxing each muscle group sequentially from head to feet to do this activity set aside ten minutes or so at home when it's quiet and you're not likely to be disturbed wear loose clothing so that you can move freely around you can either do this exercise lying down or sitting in a comfortable chair but if you're sitting remember get into proper posture sit upright shoulders relaxed small of the back press gently back into your chair feet flat on the floor first you need to close your eyes and then tighten the muscles in your forehead mouth and face take a deep breath in and hold that tension for awhile then slowly release it as you take a long slow breath out don't hold your breath at any stage take a few deep breaths really concentrate on the breathing in energy and breathing out that tension next focus on your neck and shoulders lift your shoulders tighten the muscles and in the neck take a deep breath in feel the tension as you hold that position hold it for a few seconds and then slowly release as you breathe out now focus on your arms hold them out in front of you keep them slightly bent and clench your fists tighten those muscles keep the tension as you slowly breathe in and then slowly release as you breathe out feel the difference between the tensed and relaxed muscles now tighten the muscles in your stomach tense the muscles so that your stomach is pulled back towards your spine feel the tension and then slowly release it take a few slow deep breaths then move down to your legs push the balls of your feet into the floor and raise your heels tighten the muscles in your legs and feet as you slowly inhale and then slowly release the tension as you breathe out you can repeat this progressive muscle relaxation exercise several times if necessary continue to tense and relax your muscles for between five and ten minutes or until you feel really relaxed

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  1. If you tell yourself to relax as you relax the muscles your mind will learn to relax the muscles on command. I can get completely relaxed now on my 2nd breath. It takes a while but works.

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