Progressive Christianity: Another Jesus?

to be in your presence I want to be ready open your Bibles to second Peter chapter 3 in verse 3 knowing this first that there shall come in the last days scoffers walking after their own lusts and saying where is the promise of his coming on and on it goes but what I want to talk to you about a little bit here is progressive Christianity now a progressive that sounds like you're making progress doesn't it but in this term it's a very dangerous thing that's happening right now in the churches in the body of Christ and then we don't know what it is how can we warn people about it so today is kind of a little documentary of what is progressive Christianity because it's here it's not coming it's here it's in our midst and the Bible promises us that scoffers are going to increase it's going to be the sign of the end times scoffers so we need to know what a scoffer is so I'm going to give you the definition but progress progressive Christianity is based on three wicked practices and the first one is scoffing to scoff means to debase those who believe the Bible is true it also creates division in the church it creates confusion it creates doubt to cast doubt on scriptures it to scoff disrespect the belief of someone else when I got saved in jesters which was a men's clothing store back in the 70s and I got saved one weekend I came back and I told him I was a born-again Christian they mocked me they laughed at me all these guys said oh well we're gonna have party in hell I remember that I'd bring my Bible to work and they they'd mock you guys gone through mockery well the Bible says in the end times mockery scorning it's gonna increase it's going to get worse and if you listen to some of these movements they talk about how great the church is going to be at the end but you listen to the Bible it says these things are going to increase the following away is here the scoffing is here the persecution is here so you have to decide what are you going to believe you're gonna believe the Bible are you gonna believe the culture and the churches in the culture that are trying to bring in the unsaved to the point of not trying to get them converted but just tolerating everybody everybody puts up with everyone there's no separation there's no division now we are having a mixed multitude in our churches and this is the way they want they want to snuff out sniff out whatever you want to call it true Christianity so in progressive Christianity the first thing you're going to see is coughing then you're gonna see a subversion now what does that mean that means to undo traditional doctrine and we're going to go through a couple of these today things that the Bible says we've stood on and we believed for years are now going to be coming into question and the target and why we need to know this grandparents and parents is our children and it's our grandchildren and this is going to be in the programs in the churches the big churches of celebrity churches the kids are targeted in this progressive Christianity we need to know what's going on and when we have to withdraw and at the end I'm going to share some things of has this progressive Christianity hit your church then the third part of a wicked practice first one scoffing subversion to undo to traditional doctrines is rebellion total rebellion about what God says his ways his plans it's against God's Word as truth and now comes the leaven half-truths now this is why it's so important to know your Bibles because these these movements bring in truth but it's a half truth and then there's the leaven and how many no leaven leavens what the whole lump so it's rebellion against God's truth and it's leaven towards a more tolerant sin affirming direction in muddy preaching and some of the things and why it's so hard first of all in second Timothy 3:16 through 17 talks about all the word is inspire they don't believe that so they deconstruct know the word deconstruct that means they dismantle they unravel they're dismantling Christianity in our very churches now this is happening so fast it's like a train going on a track that's just really really moving fast we are in the end time deception in into our up to our eyeballs so the words we used to define truth no longer mean what we thought they meant they use the same words like sin but sin isn't missing the mark now sin is just not in getting your dream the one you wanted to have your dream all these words are being twisted so it's a whole new way to view church remember I've warned you before watch out for rethink for all the reads therefore all these words these movements that say you know we have to shift we have to change we have to go forward because Christianity has to progress so if that means that Christianity has to progress it means in its infancy it was no good it was just a good starting place so now we progress to make it better now it sounds good but once you see though the teachings you'll see this is not good this is very very dangerous it's another Jesus and it's another gospel okay it's a different Jesus what they say in this progressive Christianity do that rules are bad rules are bad chaos is good we all can talk about have conversations that's a big word and these new emergent churches have conversations we can cast doubt on scriptures because you know that doesn't really resonate with me it gives us all these liberties to doubt so to doubt in progressive Christianity is the new cool thing did you know that now the thing that why it's so dangerous is because now there's going to be blurry lines between the church and the state and this has to happen as much as we don't like it the church in the state they have to make a one-world religion and unfortunately many evangelicals are being used to bring it about scoffers very beginning Genesis 3 1/2 God said progressive Christianity half God said still saying the same thing hath God said casting doubt God really say that in the Hebrew that word scoffer means ambassador he voices his disagreements ridicules all who stand against him and then he recruits others to join his side this is what scoffers do they make fun of the Bible they make fun of of the Christians and then they recruit people on their side against God and against the Bible so they're scoffers they choose to disbelieve and doubt God and His Word and ridicule those who follow God now remember scoffing is going to be one of the signs of the end times and it's not going to go away it's going to increase so we have to know what this stuff is so we can stand against it and we can help people come out of the deception of it scoffers they challenge anything that threatens their high opinion of themself and now because we're in the songs that sing about us we have sermons that tell us how great we are we have a narcissistic society and a narcissistic church that tell us how great we are that if any of that's challenged you know you tell them to pick up your cross and follow Jesus that's not a good popular message true Christianity is a narrow way progressive Christianity is broad broad views in fact it's got such a huge umbrella I can't even tell you all of it in what I'm going to share with you today they redefine marriage progressive Christianity they're gonna redefine marriage they're gonna redefine genders have you been hearing this they're gonna redefine faith faith in your faith it's not faith in the Lord anymore it's faith in your faith everything is about you and actually put you under works it puts you under legalism it puts you under all this stuff you got to do another carrot you you know this is your promise but you got to do all this so it creates a fantasy world in which reality becomes whatever we feel it is this is very bad to your mental health when you have faith in your faith and you think you can control the universe and you think your words are so powerful when these things don't happen there is a lot of emotional abuse that's happening in people all over and I'm gonna give you a testimony at the end in Romans 1:21 it says claiming to be wise they become fools scoffing is a sign of the last days a scoffer is a blind man filled with pride who walks with delight on the road to hell and they don't want to listen in proverbs 13 1 it says the scoffer or the scorner doesn't hear a rebuke they're so arrogant that they don't receive correction and this is why we have to stay humble when we found out some of the things we've learned in the past were not true or they were this New Apostolic Reformation what you want to talk a little bit about today the new apostles brought it in with new visitations from Jesus all these things we got to renounce it and we got to repent for even being a part of it we followed men into some of these doctrines we thought we were doing right we were sincere sincerely wrong so we have to be careful in the last days because many scoffers will say they're Christians and now some of these very scoffers are pastors their preachers they're on radio shows they're everywhere and they put down the true biblical meetings of things which we're going to go into what they put down and then they lift up other things so you can't rebuke rebuke religious scoffers they will say stop judging who are you who are you to correct me who do you think you are and now you're a legalist they call you a Pharisee because they're mockers they don't they refuse to take correction and we found that out boy when you try to correct somebody and they don't receive it you're the problem right progressive Christianity is another word for post-modernism which is a social movement and this is the deception it's a social movement bent on implement Marxism without saying so now there's a lot of these movements are not going to give you what they really are and this is the thing God's not secretive the Bible isn't secretive these movements are their agendas are very secretive to take you away from truth and into another gospel the modern church I just kind of wrote this from myself the modern churches are ever morphing and emerging seven mountainy rethinking shifting pulsing taking Dominion decree and declaring staying positive and taking trips to heaven the new radicals who walk in faith and power with signs and wonders are the new breed new breed of what what was wrong with the old breed putting down the old lifting up the new half-truths half the truth is often a great lie so we have to want the whole truth this is gonna make us all get into our Bibles in these end times to doubt now is the new cool let's look at revelations 22 which we we talk a lot about here revelations 22 verse 18 for I testify unto every man that heareth of the words of the prophecy of this book now remember in verse 17 he says come God will let anybody who wants to come come he's not saying your sin is too great you've missed it too bad thank God no none of us are here because we're flawless we're all flawed we just admitted it it says come whoever whosoever is hungry and thirsty but then he says if you're gonna come to him guess who's the boss we don't come and change the rules we have to come under authority of what he says he said I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy this should put the fear of God in us If any man shall add unto these things now who adds the New Apostolic Reformation adds on to the Bible they add on new revelations through their profits that have visitations that tell you stuff that the Bible doesn't tell you that's adding on to the Word of God and who brought this in the we've talked about this before new thought then we go to word of faith and now we go to New Apostolic Reformation progressive Christianity the emergent church adding on but who takes away says now don't just add but then we are not to take away that's just is a big of a problem he said God shall add unto them the plagues that are written in this book and if any man shall take away now the post modernism subtracts so now we see the New Apostolic is adding but now we see the post progressive churches what are they doing they're taking away they're subtracting so they subtract and what do they do they put doubt oh God didn't really say that see how that is now we're gonna go into this this progressiveness which is taking away from the word of the book of this prophecy God is going to put away his part out of the book of life and out of the holy city city I don't want that deal so we want to walk it in the balance of what God says not adding to and not taking away all these movements either add or take away that make sense and then these progressive Christians they're real agendas are hid behind vision statements the vision of the pastor they get direct revelation from God and you cannot question their vision now there's some truth to some of this but what's coming in these new movements is they have been trained that if you question their vision they get rid of you does that sound like God does that sound like something he'd say no but they're so trained and there's there's also so much control and manipulation in these movements that it puts fear and in in God's people and it's very abusive I want you to see it this testimony at the end this is more power than God gave pastors and leaders God created them to be overseers to help to watch over your soul not to control you not to shear you not to merchandize you not to exploit you right but there's a lot of stuff that's hidden behind these these vision statements progressive Christianity let's get into what it is this is what it says on the homepage you need to know this because it's trendy its trendy right now it's very liberal and it is Marxist ISM okay and their homepage it says by calling ourselves progressive we mean we are Christians who recognize the faithfulness of other people who have other names for the way to God's realm to God's realm okay now here we're going into what experiences we're going into what mysticism and acknowledge that their ways are true for them as our ways are true for us so progressive Christianity says we let you know there are many paths to God how many no that's not the Bible so who's going to be persecuted in the end times to Christians because we're going to be pulled out as being haters and dividers we're really they're the ones that are coming and putting all this see it I mean see how it's a setup progressive is socialism just make it clear this is socialism they target they they reject all Scripture is god-breathed they don't believe that's the Scriptures what God says it is they rewrite scripture they rethink they change and they shift beware if your pastor is saying there's many changes that are coming beware if your pastors preaching on the seven mountains mandates this is dominionism this is we are bringing heaven down to earth and guess what heaven is never coming down to earth we were on the earth and we're gonna go to heaven but we're not going to bring the two together but dominionism believes that Jesus can't come because we have to take over the earth it's a lot of work and it's not happening it's never going to happen because God said the world is going to get worse what are they doing they're saying the world's going to get better their false doctrine abounds with these pastors these televangelists authors comp speakers everyone that's popular if Jesus was here today do you know what I don't think he'd be popular I don't think he'd be let on a radio a television show too much why because he's preaching truth a lot of famous celebrity preachers are half-stepping it and their conference speakers and CEO Christian organizations they're morphing into new things they're creating new Bibles the the voice the passion Bible's the message Bible beware when you hear terms as social reforms and social justice this should give you a red flag these terms are doublespeak that means they say one thing but they mean another doublespeak is a big thing of progressive Christianity there they deconstruct that means they tear down they tear down the Bible but then they they'll say they'll have these meetings for pastors and they'll say you don't have to do like we do but then they tell you how to do it and they condemn you if you don't do it what that's doublespeak they're they're lying but it's very subtle lying it's called doublespeak beware when you hear terms the social reform social social justice also political correctness culture attacks what are they going to be they're going to attack the family you're going to see feminism you're going to see get rid of the mail get now it's going to attack the white male they just anything they can to cause racial division and guess what god loves us all the same they're gonna redefine family marriage gender races they're all preparations for their ultimate goal what is the ultimate goal the New World Order chaos they create the problem then they come in with the solution for what the problem they created study false flags it's very important you know what false flags are what is progressive Christianity in a nutshell first of all it's a wake-up call for the sleeping church we need to wake up it can be hard to define progressive Christianity because it's an umbrella for a lot of different terms for a lot of different labels for a lot of different things but it's summarized it's a lower view of the Bible you don't look at the Bible the way that we look at it's like well that's God speaking it's like okay they're gonna lower the view feelings are emphasized and not just in their sermons but in their music and they make Jesus their lover kiss me hug me hold me feelings are emphasized and guess what he's a spirit we can't but they want to get you into this this mood with the lights in the and all this music to get you into this this this mode essential Christian doctrines are open for reinterpretation now we're going to shift we're going to rethink we're going to revalue we're going to do all these things evolve historic terms are redefined the heart of the gospel message shifts shifts from sin and redemption to what social justices progressive Christianity often teaches an incomplete or what it's a false it's a total false gospel now what is progressive Christianity now biblically this is our view and then I'm gonna give you what they believe okay we believe in the Bible in him we have redemption what through his blood the Ephesians 1:7 he himself bore our sins on his body on the cross first Peter 2:24 for this is my blood of the Covenant which is poured out for many of the forgiveness of sins Matthew 26:28 I'm just giving you some scriptures we believe in the blood we believe in the resurrection we believe in his return right these are basics for the Christian belief they challenge these basic doctrines and this is a sad thing your children are gonna hear this your children are going to heal that hear this if you just think you can go to a church now a big church and throw them off into a classroom you better know what they're teaching in these classrooms you better make sure that you're they're not getting progressive Christianity because it's infiltrated they're not going around the churches they're going through them for I delivered to you as the first importance what I also received that Christ died what did he die for our sins right in accordance with the Scriptures in first Corinthians thirteen three these are basic Bible truths that Jesus died for our sins in our place as our substitute what what is wrong with those basic doctrines this is what progressive Christianity believes this concept is something many progressives refer to as a cosmic child abuse they're coming against the very cross in the very death of Jesus for our sins the idea that God would require the blood sacrifice of his only son is seen as immoral now if you're a little child and you don't know this or like that would be really abusive wouldn't it that Jesus would have to die and shed blood see how they go into the reasoning and pull you into your mind nothing more than a pagan idea they say early Christians adopted from the culture around them so this is progressive Christianity what does it do it takes away from original sin it takes away from the cross away from the blood we don't need that anymore we don't really need a Savior you're okay by yourself do you see why this is another gospel and then they need to makeover they want to makeover of Christianity by human efforts stuff like save the earth save the planet they're gonna have green pastures now pastures pas that are going to come and tell you about how green how we're gonna save the earth this is this is sad but this is all coming people are simply no longer moved by the notion that they are horrible sinners from birth redeemed only by the sacrifice of an impossible perfect man at the hands of a bloodthirsty tribal god they say we don't need that God just likes blood and that's we don't even believe in that God progressive or the progressive Christianity they seek to heal the world through humanitarian efforts like environmentalism embracing the oneness what's that God is all God is in all Shaq he is in everything the Shaq the movie embraced the oneness of all humanity social justice and political activism the Bible teaches that Jesus blood atoned for our sin he was raised from the dead without these teachings we don't have Christianity so progressive Christianity is what not real true Christianity it's false it's a false doctrine and it's everywhere the historic the the way we believe in the Bible at some point in Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead okay after judgment those who reject faith in Jesus in this life will be separated from God forever in a place of eternal place called hell okay they don't believe this progressive Christianity deny the original sin so guess what they deny there's a hell in the progressive paradigm heaven and hell are words that describe our joys and our suffering here on earth heaven is the hope of an earthly future historically in other words biblically Christians have looked forward to see a future eternal home away from evil and be in the presence of God forever so do you see how progressive Christianity comes against our very beliefs of sin being Jesus coming and making atonement make being our substitute for that being raised from the dead and even our future it's it robs our future of heaven and all these different things are going to try to bring in this leaven of false Christianity okay a couple of more things hang on with me a couple of signs that I'm going to go through this one really fast how do you know if progressive Christianity's in your church first of all beware of change agents proverbs 24 21 metal not with those that are given to change in other words Jesus Christ is the same yes today today and forever he's not emerging he's not morphing he's not changing he's not shifting he doesn't have to have new special elite men come and change the Bible he doesn't need new translations right these are all add-ons and new-age terms there's a lowered view of the Bible I think I've gave these already feelings are emphasized over facts the doctrines are being changed for open interpretation terms are redefined the heart of the gospel message shifts from sin and redemption to social justice and now you're gonna hear a lot more and what happens in social justice there's good things but they go and they maybe they're gonna all go church and they're gonna go work on someone's house but you can't talk to them about Jesus you can't tell them they need to be born again you just do good works the whole reason we're here is to preach the gospel right if it's wonderful if you get to help people we all love people helping us but the most important thing is that they know Jesus now the last thing I want to share is a testimony from this book and this is power-packed stay with me on this okay this is from England and it's from a little book I want you guys to get it if you can it's probably just a few bucks it's called narrow is the way have you really found it and I'm gonna probably share a little bit more from this next week but this testimony talks about he he went and he found a church like many of us back in the day we thought we found the right church it's like wow this is preaching the Bible is being taught there there's a sincere worship of God and then through the years something's happened what changed and he starts talking about what change he said that but something had fundamentally changed though it would take several years to see that this church that once was this is now totally unrecognizable you don't even know it's the same church what happened and what I like about this testimony and get this because I'm not going to share all of this there's this a lot in depth I mean name's a lot of names but this this man had mental problems as a result of this and this is what's happening to a lot of people they are being tormented because they're being taught one thing they know something is wrong like the phone call I got today this church when we know something's wrong I just feel so alone everybody else seems like it's okay they're all going along with it and I know God's not in this the thought occurred to me that maybe it was just me maybe it's just my own lack of understanding or faith that has prevented me from accepting what's being taught this new stuff that's being taught I choose to ignore the warning bells in my head and heart abandon my god-given intelligence and I followed the crowd this marked the beginning of a landslide that would ultimately wreck my faith my family and most of all friendships and my mental health these doctrines are dangerous they're dangerous and some we got to start speaking out about it because this happening in our midst and because people don't study they don't know what these false doctrines are he goes on and he tells you what happened he said out went something and in came something okay so I'm gonna just give you a brief what went out I went supplication asking God praying making quest to God in came declaration commanding God number one the use of presumptuous language I declare pull down release financial breakthrough such declaration effectively leaves God out and focuses what on you all of a sudden now it's all that you have to do it's all about your faith now out went evangelism and making disciples communicating the biblical gospel to non-believers and teaching and training converts in the Christian life so outcomes I went being a disciple and in comes motivation motivational speaking the pastor stood before the crowd and told him that the message of Christmas was that God wants to say yes to your dreams in came your dream in comes mysticism and ocultism fact through the Alice Bailey teachings what we've been talking about they said to be a real preacher in the end times if you're not a mess a mystic you'll be wiped out because you're gonna have to go along with the crowd to have a big following to have a big church to have all these things you got to die to that stuff because the whole spirit of this doctrine is coming in as mysticism and ocultism practices so in comes a mysticism and they didn't outreach in the pub and that what they did they invited people to get a spiritual reading okay now this isn't even scriptural but today it's called prophesying over everybody in your church and in fact this man eventually does lose his marriage through one of these preachers that came in from the United States and that he ended up having it took his wife away which I'm not going to go into that whole thing but he said all the way up to the end of hizmet he didn't know his wife was having a secret affair with this preacher prophet apostle everybody else was prophesying how his marriage was in a new season that this was the best season of their marriage do you see why it rusted freaked him out and he had mental problems you're being told by the man of God in the house this is a new season for your marriage and in reality your wife has been taken away from you by another man using the name of God coming in teaching and they say well this isn't a part of our ministry but they still let all of his youtubes up and they still have this man preaching today how many know if this something is wrong with these hello so he said our belief was to give people prophetic words but were instructed we cannot talk about Jesus or we can't preach on sin they're going into bars what are they doing giving them spiritual readings but we're not going to tell them about Jesus and they can't tell them to repent in came culture influence in the culture as per the seven mountain mandate that's another whole message out went sting and using discernment Kent you know if you go through the Bible it'll tell you you better test you better try you better know are they adding are they taking away from the Bible whose responsibility it's not your pastor if you don't have a good pastor he's not going to do that you better be doing that for yourself okay but out went testing and using discernment and guess what came in touch not the Lord's anointed anything less than wholesale acceptance of the teaching of the NIR leaders carried the strong implication that your faith was lacking that you had a critical spirit you're religious or now you're divisive in you're a Jezebel now there is a true Jezebel spirit but that's a spirit that the Bible says we aren't even to you know put up with but what they're using is they're twisting it so when you're coming and testing them is false they use that very scripture against you now you're the Jezebel so you see why you got to be rude and grounded and know what you're doing in these end times in came false prophecy this became absolutely rampant and everyone thinks it's a move of God everybody line up and I have a word for everybody yeah I do too out went reality out went reality in came unreality and this is a lot through the faith message out went reality you can't deal with your symptoms you can't deal with what's really going on you can't deal with troubles in your life you have to pretend and fake that I'm on top and I'm rising everything's wonderful living in the real world acknowledge that good and bad things happen to people regardless you're living in a world that's fallen you live where the devil is loose you live in a fallen planet right but not there in in came unreality driven by the lie of positive thinking just got to be positive can't think negative don't you dare speak negative you know what it makes weird people is what this makes strange people you can't fellowship you have a herd of people come in you can't talk you can't be honest you can't be real you're a bunch of fake hoes right I'm not mad at you and I'm just in came trips to heaven okay yes we were even had practical teaching on how to visit heaven from the comfort of our own chair because it was believed assumed to be genuine you could give your own account of what you saw heard and experienced on your trip and no one could question your claims no matter how bizarre or out of line from Scripture they were and so guess what when in came the trips to heaven guess what else came in delusion I'm perfectly serious when I assert that continued exposure to an indulgence in positivity a denial could cause serious and long-lasting damage to your mental health you can't face reality this is spiritual abuse I struggle with these things over the years but I somehow always let myself be convinced that it was my own lack of faith or that I had just gotten I just haven't gotten there yet I just don't understand why I'm not getting what everybody else is giving whatever the case I was about ready to renounce Christianity and walk away all together this is all sad this is this is the risk for all who buy into the New Apostolic Reformation delusion or delusion meant and loss of faith in true biblical Christianity because now they're into feelings they're into worship is now an experience you got to have a high and if you don't have that high then you know see when you just base it on the word you already complete in Christ if you feel good or not you're saved you're going to heaven you are complete it is finished they keep putting another carrot you got to run through course give them all your money but then you're going to get that next level and sometimes you have to pay a thousand dollars to get to that level the less okay I'm almost done hang on the less biblical the teaching and practices the more controlling and dogmatic the environment and the leadership style became watch out for controlling manipulative leaders and then people are afraid to leave and he talked about everybody that left all the other leaders would get gather around and they they'd attack that leader he said he got to the point where he couldn't even walk around town because everybody was talking against him that's how hard it is to come out you wonder why some people these don't come out when they're in leadership because they're afraid of the abuse that's going to happen and you do trust me first and you get shunned you get told lies you took people tell your crazy they tell you all sorts of different things why because there's got to be something wrong with you to leave something as fantastic as this oh no I say you're the smart one and of course they're always saying God's doing a new thing God's doing something new the New Apostolic Reformation now this is the model for the church in the 21st century I had to choose whether is going to get on board or miss out what God's doing on the earth this is happening everywhere in other words I was either for the NA R or against God how controlling is that who wants to be against God who wants to touch the anointed right so people get sucked into this another subtle and cruel divisive control was that frequently employed was talking about destiny hopes and dreams and they actively discourage people from pursuing their own dreams I used to always wonder this – you hear these great message on pursuing your dreams but it was always you laid down your dreams and support the pastor that is subjects that you serve that Pastor and you're gonna be blessed but that's deception that's part of their control their brainwashing their manipulation you never get your dreams or opportunities I saw so many opportunities of musicians that would could have sang with this guy or could have been promoted under this law oh you can't do that you got to serve this pastor right now and guess what that person got older never that that opportunity left him and it was totally abusive and control that person never got to do what God told him to do he cuz he was under the manipulation and control of that leader does that make sense that's sad because they preach on dreams but you can't have your own that always used to bug me I'm like why is this being it's double speak what it is okay I'm almost done lots of people left the church in each instance the pastor would inform the remaining leaders that the person had either a heart issue of course you've got a bad heart and they informed the remaining leaders that the person had either a heart issue we're willing to serve the vision of the pastor that the now there are people that are bad and we know that but I'm talking about this is coming for the majority of people you're always going to have people that are rebellious but these are good people I'm talking about that love the Lord they had a rebellious or critical spirit or they were a Jezebel they were told the way these fallouts were handled by the pastor became a subtle instrument of control for those that remained there's no easy way out they were always excommunicated afterwards I didn't want to join that number so I stayed he stayed because he didn't want to be abused he didn't want to be excommunicated until finally one of these leaders took his wife and had an affair with her and ended his marriage then he had to move to a new town a final thought I was lied to a poor counterfeit was sold to me by a cartel of con artists and charlatans but it was my choice to get in line in exchange gold for garbage so ultimately we have to make the decision some of these things are out there but you have to make the decision you have to know you're not going to follow the crowd because in the day and if you look over there and see the Antichrist spirit is going to be massive beware when Christianity becomes popular right because these things you think they're gonna let the real Jesus come alive and it was going to be what persecuted pushed down you're going to be harassed when you stand for what the Bible says you're going to be called the hater and these end times and they say it's all unity now but that's double speak – that's a lie because it might be unity at the beginning but they're going to snuff out Christianity – Christianity is being deconstructed right now the aggressive the new age all of these things are going to be popular but Jesus didn't call us to be popular and I just want you to think the day you got saved was anybody else with you maybe maybe not it was your decision and you said I'm gonna pick up my cross and follow him guess what nothing's changed maybe Christianity got popular for a season but we got to come back to our roots I have decided to follow Jesus though none go with me so I'm going to follow everyone said

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