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  1. How did Britain have cotton mills before the invention of the cotton gin? Even with slave labor, cotton wasn't a profitable crop as long as the seeds had to be removed from the fiber by hand.

  2. So being a Unitarian makes you a hypocrite. It's a good thing they don't accept the Divinity of Christ, or else they might just have to take that bit about rich men, needles and camels literally. It's one thing to get rich, but it's something entirely different and sinister to do so by taking advantage of vulnerable people by turning them into wage slaves.

  3. Just seeing this guys face, you know it’s gonna be an amazing documentary

  4. Interesting. The only aspect of the film which kept gnawing at me was when the topic of the factory workers clothing. Having worked in both blue & white collar jobs it never occurred to me that fashion is more of a white collar worker's purview than blue collar. In my current job, I am only concerned if my clothing are affordable, easily cleaned, comfortable, depending on the task, and protective. The experts, in the show, kept emphasizing that the poor factory grunt did not get fashionable choices in their working garb. A small thing, but one which too many in the white collar world are oblivious.

  5. Ashworth says that the industrial revolution was created by water. What nonsense as soon as Bolton and Watt static steam engines were introduced then factories could be set up any where in the country and they were

  6. The unfortunate men, women and children working in these hell-holes deserve justice. What a totally discusting world we live in. Tony I hope one day you have to crawl under cotton-machines in order to survive you total twat.

  7. Typical leftist shlt
    To bad the "kids" could not have lived in Cuba, USSR, China or eastern Europe – paradise.

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