Primary elections: Can Republicans win in California?

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  1. California doesn't go Republican kiss this country goodbye 60 million illegals all want free healthcare 11 million in California

  2. Only 30% of Californians are white and most of them are brain dead Bernie lovers so there's your answer…not looking very optimistic for the Republicans.

  3. Don't trust the voting system without using identification. Got a notification just the other day that someone tried to use my dead grandmothers ss# to file their taxes. The theft of ss#'s is a big problem that no-one talks about. This leads to illegal votes as well as many other things. The system is corrupted along with all the politicians in this state! On my way to vote for Allen right now!

  4. You guys realize the smart republican voters have done moved out of Cali right? It would be a merical to paint Cali red

  5. The longer the MSM, FOX included, refuse to acknowledge the in-your-face ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT sentiment now driving the elections everywhere in the West, not only here in the U.S, the deeper and wider the divide between the supposedly independent Journalism and the american population will be. BERNIE SANDERS was supposed to win in 2016 against Clinton. She was installed by the Establishment. They failed to pull Trump down and he won. And in the next midterm elections, the people will, again, vote for ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT candidates. And in 2020 as well.
    We know that the DNC is actually trying to get rid of their anti-Establishment candidates. And its not working. Its blowing up in their face.
    The MSM are completely dishonest about whats happening right now. FOX included. And the people know it.

  6. The Feds need to step in and force the state to get rid of the extremely unfair primary rules here in this state! They have rigged the ballot box to pretty much exempt anyone but democrats from getting on the ballet! Between that and the the blatant cheating they do at the poles by actually encouraging illegals to vote they goddamn belong in jail! Every California Democrat is a criminal and should never be trusted!

  7. If California goes Left, other States will follow. Vatican, Russia, China & Islamic Countries hate America and will gladly fund those particular States.

  8. I voted Trump and now they DROPPED ME from my voter registration here in CA!!!! Voter and election FRAUD in CA!!!!

  9. I had just got off skype with a friend who said the black panthers are polling around the downtown region of LA. Keeping any whites and Hispanics from coming in to vote.

  10. “The winner is not determined by who gets the most votes; it’s determined by who counts the most votes” – John Jendson

  11. love the conservative support from Cali fighting sanctuary cities and winning
    Those people all vote republican

  12. California HAS TO CHANGE!! Increased property tax, registration, gas tax and now a $1,000 a day fine for using too much water. We are 3rd generation northern california ranchers (state of Jefferson area)and are going to have to leave for another state

  13. Vited for Allen. Shocker. The polling place didn't have any papaer ballots available. We waited an hour and 15 min for one

  14. California has become a complete and total shithole. For voters outside of California take note this is what happens when you vote for democrats.

  15. Northern California NEEDS to become a separate state.
    As far as Southern California is concerned………

  16. When the illegal immigrants …..are the only one's voting ……..oh no surprise ……corrupt state…red wave…..deport …voter fraud……

  17. Dont be surprised if republicans take some more seats in CA. Last time I check on cali Dems they wanted to tax water. Now liberals are even trying to fly out that place.

  18. Republicans can win if the democrats don't pay all the illegals to vote for them after all money talks bull shit walks illegals are all Democrats and of course the democrats are illegal No wonder Nancy Pelosi has a thing for refried beans and cocaine and of course virgara.

  19. If Dems win in Cali its because the voters prefer to be lied to and pay higher taxes and have no job to go to , a vote for Dems is a vote for self destruction

  20. Be positve, miracle hapened to Mr. Trump as well as the republicans. Nothing to lose? Minority in CA will vote more for the REP

  21. Well here's the thing
    California has become a sh-thole state.
    Proper identification at voting booths – and oops – no illegal voters and -30% for Democrat projections.
    Plus – any person who is sane who wanted to vote Democrat, looked at a Pelosi speech for the last year might actually be too ashamed to come out and vote

  22. As a conservative in California I'm lucky to be represented by 1 of the 14 republicans in the House of Representatives, unfortunately California has gone way too far over every line on everything. This had lead me to plan to move out of California once I finish getting my college degree in two years

  23. Blue-wave, NO. I foresee a RED TSUNAMI for California & President Trump in November 2018…MCGA!

  24. democrats must take the big lead in 2018 and win in California Democratic blue wave win in California we democrats will gain new shots in 2018 midterm! Blacks Hispanics Asians Jews millennials Young voters for democrats in 2018!

  25. We should let California become it's own nation. I'd find it hilarious to watch how fast things would go to shit

  26. Be ready for more premade ballots being hidden in janitors closets, illegals stuffing ballot boxes or voting multiple times in various districts, the dead magically rising from the dead to vote for dems, or voter intimidation by la raza. Like the last 2 presidential elections.

  27. That's good about the Non-Sanctuary cities in Sou Cal. The more Cali gets the better and maybe things will get normal again and back in order. We need to help our own first-especially the homeless veterans

  28. "Welcome to the jungle… We got fun and games… We got anything you need… Buddy we know the name…"

    Watch out demturds! You're not only NOT going to ever flip Texas blue, you MIGHT even lose California

  29. Tuning in from northern LA county. We do not consent to unconstitutional county policy….

  30. people vote out the dems. I use to be a Democrat and believe me I'm so glad I switched. republicans all the way. goo republicans and help california!!!! get rid of all the bad democrats, which is all.

  31. people vote out the dems. I use to be a Democrat and believe me I'm so glad I switched. republicans all the way. goo republicans and help california!!!! get rid of all the bad democrats, which is all.

  32. Yes God willing, we will be seeing that giant Red Wave in November paving the way for the Return of the President in 2020. More powerful than ever.

  33. Return California back to the Union…California has unofficially seceded from the United States of America…Take back Califoria from these LIBTARDS …Restore our 2nd Amendment…Too many soldiers have died to allow our freedoms (Bill Of Rights) to be taken away slowly…Vote Rep…TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA

  34. The demonturds aren't California ! They are the national socialist party known as the NAZI not to long ago !
    But they are a very small number in commiefornia !
    But we need repatriation commiefonia to the republican form of government that we by law are supposed to have ! The treasonous anti American government in commiefornia are treasonous terrorist infiltrators ! The rest of the stupid sheeple that think their in the demonturd club because they voted for them have been stupidized by the national socialist public school they don't know anything !
    The racist history of the democratic party in less than 12m by Billy Whittle ! On youtube ! If the nazi's at youtube didn't take it off or the new one turning the volume off ! Friggin scumbags !
    Stupid sheeple that think they're in the demonturd club just because they voted stupidly more than likely aren't rich enough or white enough ( like Pocahontas ) or racist enough to be in the real demonturd club !

  35. Shitty Newsome needs to loose.
    Look up poop San Francisco.
    They have needle and poop patrols now.
    Great maybe he can do a state wide needle and poop patrols after he get into office. NO!
    Yes on 6 did everyone notice their car registration go up, and gas is almost 4 a gallon.
    Vote red dems are now insane
    Let's raise your taxes and open the borders what do you think makes rents go up.
    Vote no on 10 just get these dems out.

  36. America has been watching voter fraud for years…. And no arrest ever made… "America is basically Mexico Already" It's just getting worse… Look at California before and after pictures and videos 1990s to now .. it's been destroyed basically!!!!!! Take a drive, go for a walk through some of those suburbs. Just don't call for help, the police don't intercept calls in some of those neighborhoods… TIME TO VOTE RED, REPUBLICANS TO SAVE YOUR STATE FROM CRIMINALS!!!!!



  38. I VOTED RED WAVE ALL THE WAY IM IN SAN DIEGO!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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