Presidents Day Protest at the White House

Presidents Day Protest at the White House

I No whoa ladies and gentlemen assembled family and friends if you're here for the protest come let us reason come forward come together take your time but hurry up again if you're here for the protest saunter this way we don't rush make your way thank you we'll get started in a couple of minutes thanks for coming and for those of you looking for an ad a section it stage right so house left stage right up here in the front on the right good afternoon everybody my name is seve Medina tae ik I'm a Piscataway we're the original people of these lands and I was invited to give a brief land recognition so I just wanted to invoke the memory of my ancestors the people who have locked that walk this land since time immemorial remember that everywhere in Washington DC and in Maryland that you're stepping over every step you take is over a people that have stewarded this land for a long time and it's deeply connected to the issue that we're addressing today and so I wanted to invite my my elder nathan phillips a longtime family friend to give us some words about what today means to us as indigenous people good morning relatives my name is nate phillips um from dole maja tribe dear clan come to you this morning humbly request that you help resist this wall this national emergency he's calling for this wall under southern border our indigenous people have been here for time immemorial and the the wall that is planned separates families separates our nation's we don't see where it's necessary we have so many crisises here in our country homelessness we we have a low job reports right now we need to go to this country instead of building a wall so we just say thank you from the indigenous peoples you know total odomes there's a butterfly sanctuary down there there's several reservations that's bordered that wall and I I woke up early this morning I had sunrise over and took home a park there's this there's a spring we say those Springs are sacred so I went to this sacred spring and I said a prayer on this Presidents Day for our president over there and I've been doing that for some time you know president stays like that so I really am feeling really really good this morning the sun shining and these many people come here to stand against this emergency that's not an emergency and I would say about that much other than thank you said before opening up the Lions here and in a traditional manner and thank you each and every one of you for the support that I've received you know throughout the nation and and what's happened with me and and we stand with you and stand strong and thank you move on for for what you're doing here today muy buenas Dias Mayo Jacob so you know this interpret this but I'll deal the OI good morning my name is Jacob I'm one of the interpreters for today so I'm gonna give a quick announcement in Spanish about interpretation which will be done by a conference called line when I told I had the K intended español y quiero escuchar solo que dicen desde la scenario in espanol vamos a tener una Lanier the conferencia Don the poem are e verses that interpret ando simultaneous meant a toll okay this and sa key intercessor numero is kin en toasteen say say Cinco tres Cinco Nueces o Genta otra vez para toda la gente que intentan español y Karen escuchar toll okay dicen desolate LS scenario en espanol innumerous Cinco uno Cinco seis 0 trace cincuenta says oh gentle eat allah tala voluntarios que tienen mucho loco Rojo también tienen un bowl on take a tienes des nombreux ha entonces we're in buscar una Reza persona see no on capital o numero muchisimas gracias thanks very much how y'all doing well I thought was gonna need help with my voice cuz I'm going with a little bit of a sore throat today but this is amazing sound system thank you my name is Christina Humana's and I'm here with United We Dream and y'all check this out we are joined by over 30,000 people all over the country hitting the streets today in DC in New York in LA this is awesome two days of organizing and us coming together to say not to the racist wall in the deportation force and no to this fake emergency I want to give a shout out to move on to indivisible credo and all of the amazing partners are mobilized for today and a big shout out for a crew at United We Dream who are amongst a crowd as well so why are we all here before we get started I just want to break it down for you a little bit because Trump is a racist men . and unfortunately last week Congress gave them additional resources for the deportation force so that he could the poor more people so that more kids could be in cages and more families could be separated shame shame shame shame on Congress but then he did not stop there on Friday he announced a national emergency to get more money for the deportation of Falls forests and to build a wall and that's why we're here because we are coming to say together that there is no emergency is there an emergency is there an emergency and we're coming together to say very clear that we will stop the deportation force and stop his racist wall we are coming together because there are undocumented families like my own who live in fear every single day and a father like Jorge from New York that just came out of detention after being traumatized in a detention camp for weeks away from his family his children now are traumatized because they were separated from him and that's what Congress did by giving him more resources but I feel whole brothers and sisters because we are here together to say no man no wall no rapes no bad no wall no rapes no burn no wall no rates and we are here to demand Congress to stop drums fake emergency number one and number two we need Congress to defund this deportation force that is terrorizing our communities are you all done with that are you all done with that and this is just the beginning so for the Democrats and Republicans that gave Trump more money for his deportation force watch out for the over 30,000 people that are taking action today because we'll see you in the streets and we'll hold you accountable so with that I am super energized to introduce my brother infra move on Thank You Kristina good afternoon everyone y'all can do better than that good afternoon everyone that's what I'm saying that's a six out of ten I need a 10 out of 10 good afternoon everyone all right that's the first test you passed thank you all right I'm Reggie Hubbard I work with move on I'm the congressional liaison DC strategist that's my official title I like to say I'm a bit of a ninja Jedi I get into everything so part activist part operative full-time troublemaker good trouble though good trouble we gather here today on these grounds across the street from the White House on Presidents Day in the midst of Black History Month as someone who identifies as african-american whose ancestors were slaves it's an I understand before you in a spirit of social justice and speaking truth to power all of my role models cause good trouble Sojourner Truth Harriet Tubman Frederick Douglass Thurgood Marshall Charles Houston James Baldwin Nina Simone el-hajj Malik el-shabazz Martin Luther King icons of the civil rights struggle this struggle was predicated on the audacious belief that all people were created equal and through the same dignity and respect and access to opportunity regardless of their race their creed of the color of their skin who believes that thank you if you believe that I need to hear yes thank you and we're also here on Presidents Day a day that was created to remember the birthday of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln widely considered two of our greatest presidents and it's also caused a reflection on what we don't want as a president right you know the president as it's envisioned in the Constitution is a custodian for our democracy and a president is not a monarch it is a servant of the people this president clearly hasn't read the Constitution he serves We the People not his own interests who does he serve who does he serve We the People you know I was a history major so part of me were going down this road but sorry not sorry George Washington didn't even want to serve as president he didn't want to do it but he did so out of a service and obligation and duty Abraham Lincoln rose from humble origins and became president our most contentious and divisive time ultimately giving his life to Shepherd us toward a more perfect union after years of war so it's only natural considered that the current occupant of the White House and the legacy of the two men that I mentioned so instead of seeking to bring the nation together like Abraham Lincoln this gentleman and his administration only seeks to caride discord and create this Union and confusion through their incessant lies hatred and white supremacy you know the myth behind George Washington that if he could never tell a lie well the polar opposite all this guy does is lie and Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address which is considered one of the most consequential speeches of all of our presidents was only 87 words and impact a whole lot of meaning and vision if y'all seen the Twitter tirades of this gentleman ain't no meaning and ain't no vision there hmm this president has consistently shown he has no regard for civil rights of the Constitution he shut down this government for a month to strong-arm us into building this racist wall and what has he said what what does he had to show for it he dropped points in the polls that's all that matters to me he was met with deft leadership by Nancy Pelosi and profound press from the grassroots that's the same pressure that's here today so I have a question how many of you are angry hmm how many of you have had enough I'm gonna call one more elder into this space fannie lou hamer who famously said i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired who else here is sick and tired of being sick and tired we have plenty of reasons to feel this way but I want to encourage you to consider two things there are beautiful things that are happening in the midst of this craziness if one positive thing can be said about this gentleman that is that he's brought us together and the other thing I want you to consider is don't let your anger call you to fatigue yourself and lose sight of our alternate goal slow and steady wins the race we can't burn ourselves out we gotta stay on through 2020 so it is my honor to stay here today and introduce other speakers of the movement along with Kristina your co MCS for this journey and in conclusion for my beginning yesterday I saw a headline they made me smile and the headline said that this national emergency this fake national emergency is splintering the Republican Party I'll repeat that again this fake national emergency is splintering the Republican Party it is that good news so if the foundation is cracking then we must continue to apply pressure and turn the heat of our ancient our rage and anger into a more sustainable slow burn president Trump we're not gonna take this anymore the same grassroots that fuel the defeat of the House Republican majority is coming for your job and not only were you coming for your job we're gonna take back the Senate in the progress in process and make your disastrous administration of one-term blunder and with that I'd like to introduce Elizabeth beavers from indivisible my sister to the stage [Applause] we have to stop meeting like this you know I'm actually really surprised to see so many people out in the middle of this emergency how's everyone holding up during this emergency goodness well you know I have to say it's the first emergency I've ever heard of that you can plan for three weeks in advance it's the first one I've ever heard of that someone who called the emergency can immediately leave to go golfing it's the first one I've ever heard of where I saw a picture of the person who ordered this emergency also casually ordering eggs at his Golf Resort the next day you know I'm starting to think we're not in the murder in the middle of an emergency after all although I say that but I think we actually do have quite an emergency and I think it lives over here Donald Trump is the national security crisis he is the national security emergency and indivisible we've been keeping a list of all the ways Donald Trump is not only not doing a great job shall we say but actively making us less safe we call it the Trump threat level the trunk threat level rose just a little bit a few days ago but it's been steadily rising for the last couple of years and we're ready to take it out completely and to actually found a security-based in human rights-based in peace based on our constitutional rights based on equity and we can't do that while Donald Trump is in office so look go to Trump threat levels indivisible org for all the ways that Trump is making us less safe it's actually pretty astounding and depressing when you see it lined up like that but there is good news which is that Trump is nothing without enablers right without a cabinet that will do his bidding without a congress that will do his bidding without a Mitch McConnell that will do his bidding so the great news is yes there are courts yes there are lawsuits several of the folks that I am privileged to be here with today have already gone to court to sue this Donald Trump for the crisis that he has brought to this country but we cannot wait and let the court save us or assume that they will the courts didn't save us on the Muslim ban the courts are not gonna save us anymore now that Trump has installed Cavanaugh Gorsuch and many many many others and lower courts extreme conservative judges that will not uphold our best rights so guess what Congress has a role to play here and Congress works for us look I have to point out a piece of reality that I don't like very much which is that for a really long time Democrats and Republicans in Congress have gotten a little too comfortable letting presidents do things in the name of national security without stepping back stepping up and asserting their power their privileged to rein that in and to dial that back in well guess what here's their big chance there is a specific provision of the national emergencies act that lets Congress terminate an emergency they can make it go away wipe it out Congress has never done this they've never done that we've seen what can happen when Congress doesn't step in and lets presidents go a month in the name of national security there was torture after 9/11 there was internment of japanese-americans there were so many things in the name of national security who we are not gonna sit idly by and we demand that Congress not sit idly by while racist xenophobic unnecessary wall and deportation forces put for it in the name of our security we reject that completely and we demand Congress to do the same so thank you all for being here we call on Congress pass that resolution in this emergency and I'll see y'all at the next protest right I say emergency you say fake emergency emergency emergency emergency that's right so now let's welcome Managua eat with the ACO you [Applause] hi everybody thanks so much for coming out today so my name is Minar Wahid I'm with the ACLU and we won't be suing the Trump administration on this order so as all of you know on Friday after months of threats President Trump declared a national emergency in order to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on his border wall obsession a few things here are clear one as we have heard already today there is no national emergency members of Congress have said it security experts have said it the American people in particular the people living at the border have said it and even Trump himself has said that there is no emergency number two the Constitution gives Congress the power to study federal funds based on law the president has limited power to spend those funds without congressional approval guess when in a national emergency and here I direct you back to my first point there is no national emergency and number three this is unconstitutional just three weeks ago President Trump said if Congress didn't give him what he wanted he would declare a national emergency and that's what he did last week and again there is no national emergency Trump has manufactured a crisis through his attacks on asylum seekers people who are seeking refuge as laws in the United States to allow them to border communities are among the safest in America but because Trump disagreed with Congress's deal and the money they allocated for his border wall he then declared a national emergency and there is no national emergency Trump's action is illegal and it is really dangerous it strikes at the heart of our democracy and our systems of checks and balances it is unconstitutional and we will see him in court but the courts are not the only place for action we will take to the courts we will take to Congress and clearly we will take to the streets as people are doing all over the country today the people have spoken and we will not let this stand thank you thank you man armed before introducing our next guest I want to give a special shout out to key partners ACLU credo indivisible win without war and the over 115 national co-sponsors including the vice says daily coast America's voice Peace Action families belong together which is the last time I was here working families party Sierra Club ultraviolet need to impeach common cause next in America mom's rising Muslim advocates aft asked me resist spot raise forward to name a few allow me to introduce now from the Truman national security projects Bishop garrison good afternoon my name is Bishop garrison I am the interim executive director of the Truman National Security Project I'm also a West Point graduate a former Army officer an Iraq war veteran and a former appointee and the Obama administration at DoD DHS and Veteran Affairs I'm here to tell you something you've probably already heard a few times today that the wall cannot be justified in the name of national security there is no national security crisis at our border the overwhelming majority of people coming to our country through Mexico are fleeing extreme violence and looking only for opportunity and safety for their children this White House has continuously tried to portray them as a national security threat which is xenophobic which is racism which is wrong it also promises that the wall will fix problems they cannot affect from gang violence to drug trafficking the only crisis we have is a moral one right with by this administration's shameful and draconian policies everything they do from refusing refugees to detaining children and denying asylum claims to killing daca does nothing to make us safer now the president has claimed a national emergency in order to build his wall it says signature Trump move it's wasteful it's ineffective and it's meant to gratify his ego this is a law that neither Mexico nor Congress want to pay for that the American people do not want and that will not make our nation any more secure he even tried to hold federal workers contractors and service services hostage in exchange for this vanity project but this strategy has failed so now our president is youtl laterally seizing money for his demands and this is outrageous let me be clear the declaration is a massive abuse of presidential power for political gain Democrats and Republicans in Congress must act any leader who takes border security or fiscal responsibility seriously cannot let this stand they must revoke this fraudulent declaration via a vote under the national emergencies act and consider taking legal action against the President himself you've already heard this part before but I'm gonna say it again this is about 400 years of atrocity this is about 50 years of a civil rights fight this is about the land of Native Americans this is about women's suffrage this is about the fight for the LGBTQ community what this represents this president does not get to in to invade crisis take money that he was not grated from Congress some of it no less from the Defense Department from families for military families from building hospitals through service members and veterans he cannot do this and then jet off to the beach on the American taxpayer is done this cannot stand and only by continuing to raise our voices together as a people can we make it right thank you ladies and gentlemen [Applause] thank you so much to bishop garrison we're gonna do one quick chat before our next speaker you all know this one because I've seen many of your faces when we were here with the Muslim ban when children were being separated when trauma order an executive order to declare every single undocumented in this person in this country an enemy of the state so you know this one let's go no fear no hate no fear immigrants are welcome here no hate no fear immigrants are welcome here no hate no fear immigrants are welcome here no hate no fear immigrants are welcome here no fear immigrants are welcome here no fear immigrants are welcome here immigrants are welcome here all right so we gotta y'all got it in you now we're gonna have near a tendon from the Center for American Progress everybody how you doing are we loud enough to hear have down Trump and all the people the subservient people who work for him kowtow to him hear from us I mean you could be a little louder [Applause] first of all I'd like to just say we all know there is no national emergency at the border right what is our national emergency it is racist immigration policies that separate families that torture immigrants before I get started I need to just say we need to acknowledge what has happened in our country it is that reflects on all of us the death of Jacqueline call the death of Roxana Hernandez there are many there are thousands of people who are in camps in our name dozens have died in our name that is the national emergency the national emergency is a policy that takes children away from their parents takes children away from their parents for racist immigration policies that is not my America that is his America and we will defeat it the actual emergency in our country is a president who abuses democracy who takes who acts like a king for the racist policies of Ann Coulter this woman controls our laws more than the Congress right now that is outrageous a national emergency it's basically having a president act like a king subverting the Congress through a declaration a fake declaration that is the national emergency we worked our hearts out in November to have a new Congress that was able to stand up and not fund his wall but now that same Congress needs to stand up again and fight this national emergency we need to recognize this is oh I am gas plating America into this crap he tells his base will meet it listen to this we don't believe this there is no national emergency the true national emergency is a president who subverts our democracy for his racist face and we we organized over 18 months to stop in November and now we have to organize for the next 20 months to stop him in November but before that before that this Congress this Congress and I know I'm not gonna rely on a single Republican to do the right thing because if they done it once so far but we have to get Democrats to stand up and oppose this wall pass legislation restricting his ability to do this stop him each and every one of us can do what we can to stop him and then organize to defeat him so we never see this gaslighting of america again thank you thank you never for your real talk appreciate that and since this is the protest this is also a community gathering and this is about organizing do me a favor if there's someone next to you that you do not know introduce yourself say hello because we got one community we're here together we're not a bunch of individuals here on our own we're here together to show this guy – this ain't it and if you feel let's say hello to one more person just to talk say hello to everybody I don't really care but make a connection we make progress when we make connection we don't do this alone we do this together United will never be defeated people United will never be defeated the people United will never be defeated the people United will never be defeated thank you thank you all right round of applause for yourselves and as my pleasure to introduce it says now from people for the American Way my brother Diallo Brooks here we are once again standing in front of that building during this administration to call out another atrocity this call it what it is an atrocity a farce it's make-believe this president made a campaign promise that he would build a wall two years under a Republican administration a Republican House a Republican Senate he couldn't build a wall he shut down the government he shut down the government impacting hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans lives because he wanted a wall because he was scared he couldn't keep his campaign promise this president has thin skin he doesn't know what to do what's right he doesn't believe in democracy he hangs out with dictators so he believes he could bring that philosophy to America to our government but we ought to remind that president we are the people we don't stand out here because we don't have anything else to do we don't stand out here because we want to stand in the middle of a park or for some of us a day off to just hang out and talk bad about this president we stand up because we will fight for democracy at every turn at every corner every opportunity we have this wall is a sham this fake emergency is a sham and this president will lie he will kowtow to the extreme right wing he will kowtow to the hatred and bigotry of demonizing immigrants we are a nation of immigrants we are stronger because of immigrants and we cannot lie about our immigrant brothers and sisters to build a fake wall a supposedly beautiful wall who's ever heard of a beautiful wall we've been working throughout history to tear down walls to build bridges to bring communities together and we will not stand quietly on the sidelines and let this bigoted president this bigoted administration continue to do things that harm our people we will stand together every single day because this is not the American Way this is not America we believe in if we fight for this is about justice and we will fight at every turn for justice for everyone no matter what you look like or where you come from we will fight and we will stand up and we will make our voices heard thank you all right up next let's welcome at lambeau dollars from Casa de Maryland and Anna Maria Sheila from the center from for popular democracy hello everyone I'm here with casa and I've been a member Wisconsin for about three years my name is Arlette Morales and I'm sixteen years old my parents brought me into you into the United States from Mexico with nothing in their pockets but hope I've been living in the United States my whole life I know the language I know the culture the United States is my home I have dreams and I have passions but unfortunately on September 5th of 2017 doctor was shut down just two weeks before I would turn 15 and I would be able to qualify I know I know I'm not the only one who has to go through this fear of deported of being deported the feeling of being denied of not being eligible for opportunities every day with the fear of what if we are here to work we are here for a better life to succeed to become somebody to make a difference and I know parents you have sacrificed it all for your children for a better future for them for them to have the opportunities and to have the things that you never had they all work hard they put a roof over our head and they always provide a meal for us we all work hard to have a better life this is the reality for all of them immigrant families the walk is not intended to stop drugs or ban amitis the wall is intended to stop to stop hard-working families like mine that come to this country for better and for a safer life emergency is not at the border it is in your PA and all of the communities around the country where students like you wonder what if mom and dad won't come home today the emergency is here in DC where our Democrats Democrats is under attack in high school government class we learned about three branches of government so even if I'm not born here and I am only 16 years old it is pretty clear to me that the president is not respecting the basic principles of our country and of our democracy was founded on so I am here to urge our elected leaders in Congress to make sure we maintain the balance of the power set by our Constitution and that speaks against presidents Trump's gross-out words yep just like we are doing here today thank you thank you outlet thank you all so much for being here my name is anna-marie archila and i am here so honored to be standing next to a lead and I want us to remind her that we heard her so repeat after me and let this country is your home and let this country is your home I let you are here to stay and let your family is my family I let this country it's our home the president wants us to forget that this country is ours that this democracy is ours that he works for us that president wants us to forget that what is true about this country is that our history is a history of struggle for more of us to be included in the promise of democracy and freedom that is what the heart of this country is about but we have someone in the White House who has no respect for democracy no understanding of our history no sense of what struggle actually does for people he has not respect for our Constitution he has no respect for Congress he has no respect for all of us when he does every time he takes the microphone its feet as a constant dose of hate and fear to dissuade people from joining in community for joining together to imagine that we can actually become these more perfect union that were constantly trying to bring into existence what he does every time is the suede all of us from seeing ourselves in each other's faces for being reminded that we belong together that we are actually here because we need each other to survive and to thrive and he will go president Trump will go to great extents to make us forget what is possible what is possible it's a country where women lead alongside others when it's possible it's a country where all of us can live without the fear of being separated from our families what is possible is a country where all of us can have health care where all of us can have education where all of us undignified jobs where we don't destroy the planet what is possible is a country that belongs to all of us and he will go to great extents to make us forget what is possible he will unleash eyes and Border Patrol on immigrants along the border he will put children in cages he will tear children apart from their families he will he will stop programs like daca and TPS for millions of people to find safety he will force Brett Kavanaugh someone accused of sexual assault on all of us and install him in the Supreme Court he did that and he will declare a fake national emergency he will encourage violence on his rallies he will tell people that the press is our enemy he will steal money that we desperately need to build a country of her dreams so that he can build a monument to racism along the border he will do anything to resist the country that is already here a country that is your home a country that is my home a country that belongs to all of us so this is the thing he cannot do that if we don't let him and he cannot do that if the Congress does not let him do it so today we are here to remind the members of Congress that there was an election in November that we elected many new people a hundred plus women and Congress – pun and stop to his racist hateful agenda to put a stop to his force-feeding of hate and fear so we wanted them to use their powers to not only stop these national and emergency but we want them to use their powers to stop funding his deportation force that is instilling so much terror in all of our communities so repeat after me no wall no fear this country is our home now no fear this country is our home [Applause] thank you all very much round of applause to them y'all can do better than that round of applause sit down thank you a few more housekeeping items for those of you watching on live streaming here take out your phones and text the following crisis so crisis text to six six eight three six six and that's the sign up for move on stuff right so crisis two six six eight three six six last time crisis just six six eight three six six and honest said something about building one more racist Montana we don't need any more racist monuments in the United States of America we've got plenty so the last thing we need is is fake wall for this racist president like I said it's Black History Month and I'm southern so we gonna speak truth to power we don't need no more racist monuments in the United States of America can I get a witness thank y'all for that I knew I wasn't alone on that thank you and also shout out to Presley Maxine Waters and Rashida to leave who are speaking at events around the country ion as in Massachusetts Mack's auntie Maxine is in LA later today and Rasheeda will be in Michigan allow me to also introduce to the stage next max Sokol hello thank you for being here my name is max Sokol I'm the senior national organizer of bend the arc Jewish action we are progressive Jewish movement representing more than 150,000 members nationwide with local chapters and affiliate organizations in 17 states American Jewish identity is complex and it defies all stereotypes American Jews are black white indigenous and Latin ex queer and straight rich and poor documented and undocumented abled and disabled and within that complexity many of us and here I include myself carry within the living memories of our families the heavy price that we have paid when Violet men seized power and collapsed their governments into total xenophobia and so-called emergency control when been the ark launched our campaign to stop Trump in 2016 we called it we've seen this before although the president's anti-semitism was obvious at that time I like so many of you was most motivated to be part of our resistance movement because of the pain and suffering he promised to inflict on our most vulnerable loved ones immigrants Muslims queer and trans people people of color for the past three years I have traveled the country supporting and training progressive Jewish leaders to fight against deportations in their communities to fight for voting rights to fight for the health care that we all need to fight back [Applause] but it has also been a sad and solemn aspect of my work to be with Jewish communities where blood has been shed due to the president's incitement I was in Charlottesville last summer watching a congregational elder failed to deliver his full Saturday sermon because he broke down weeping as he reflected on his inability to recognize his own country I was here in this very Park joining my body with the movement for black lives and anti-racist of all backgrounds to protect my city against the neo-nazis that the president thinks are very fine people most recently in the days immediately following the murder of eleven innocent Jewish people at prayer I flew to Pittsburgh it was a community that I had already grown to know and love because we had been organizing together since 2016 to demand humane immigration policy several members of the Pittsburgh bend the arc chapter had even gone to jail here in DC with me in our fight for the DREAM Act I would like to tell you about what I saw while I was there in Pittsburgh because I think that there is a lesson in it for those of us who are here today I witnessed an upwelling of community support the like of which I had never before seen when we put out the call in the form of a letter denouncing the president and demanding that he not visit Squirrel Hill not just Jewish people but the entire neighborhood of Squirrel Hill took to the streets at our request Jewish people who were terrified and traumatized who had hidden in their homes as they heard the shots ringing out just days before stepped with tears in their eyes to the front of a mass of 5,000 of their neighbors and friends all of whom dropped everything to show solidarity together we marched on the president's motorcade we told him he wasn't welcome in Squirrel Hill and in a moment that I will never forget as long as I live he turned around and left he was unable to match the power of an entire city arrayed against him and it so it was that at one of the very lowest moments of my life I suddenly glimpsed liberation solidarity is a beautiful thing it is a powerful thing the president's fake emergency like all the rest of his agenda is meant to stir up fear and suspicion but American Jews are not fooled our safety is in solidarity and for a loving movement like ours solidarity will never be in short supply with that in mind I would like to conclude by asking you to turn to your neighbor someone's standing next to you and I really am looking at you so please turn to someone it's okay if you don't know them just meet their eyes for a moment you were looking at a person who feels as you do someone who came here today to show that they are ready to take risks for their neighbors their family members maybe their own life they are ready to show solidarity and now if you can repeat after me you can speak the same words to them that we all sang as we march through the streets of pittsburgh olam i said you by name we will build this world with love we will build this world with love because solidarity must be about more than finding each other in our moments of greatest need solidarity is about building a future for all of us and we will build this world with love because more than any other force in this world the love that comes from solidarity is the opposite of authoritarianism let us all try to embody that opposite thank you [Applause] and it is – solidarity brothers and sisters a husky and all of us here today and over 30,000 people on President's Day taking action together are your problem and if our brother was saying we know that the same people that are going after immigrant communities wanting to the poorest all are the same people that are against women's rights they're the same people that don't want to let workers unionize they're the same people that want more people of color in prisons they're the same people that are attacking Native American communities and LGBTQ communities and we see underneath our BS we see it and we are here together taking action not only resisting but because we're pushing forward for a vision of a country that is built for all of us all of us all of us are full authentic selves as women as LGBT black brown women then were knit together and that's why you my spirit I believe that we will win do you believe that we will win do you believe that we will win I believe it I believe it in my heart and soul that we will win and so with that I want to give a shout out to all of the partners that in less than two days have mobilized thousands of people with us and cou Credo move on when with our word dailykos families belong together working families party America's voice Azmi race forward all of us have come together because we know that we're in it together and together we will win so now let's welcome Patrick Carroll on executive director of the Franciscan Action Network good afternoon my name is Patrick Carroll and I'm the executive director of the Franciscan Action Network and co-founder of the faithful democracy coalition as others have said we're here to reclaim our democracy we know that the so called national emergency was created on a false premise we know that the crisis is a crisis created by Trump but it is not just wrong from a political constitutional perspective it is morally ethically and spiritually wrong it is based on a lie I'm the Franciscan and a Christian in my faith teachings as in the face teachings of my sisters and my brothers from the Muslim Jewish Hindu Sikh and every other faith tradition teaches that actions that start with a lie are morally wrong the lie the lie that these actions have started on is the lie in the sin of racism the racism that has been part of our nation that our nation has been built on my parents are immigrants they came to America in 1950 from Ireland they had no money no education no job skills as my mother would tell her story they got off the boat with one baby in her arms in another in her belly they came to America with a dream they did not have to wait ten or fifteen years to get a permit to enter they just came the system was set up so they could get a green card and become citizens they went on to raise six children and 19 grandchildren who wrote books served in the Army in the Peace Corps got PhDs and even speak here today the only difference the only difference between my parents and the parents coming today from Central America is that my parents were white so they were welcomed but my brothers and my sisters trying to seek a better life today are people of color so Trump and other leaders seek to demonize to humanize them and then want to build a wall to keep them out I wonder what would happen if there was a major catastrophe in Canada and folks started coming across the border I wonder if trumpet his cronies would be calling for a wall to be built there the lie the sin is how deeply ingrained racism is in every aspect of our culture one of my daughters got married this past September she's black she married a white man they live in South Carolina do you know that 20 years ago in South Carolina interracial marriage was against the law 20 years ago that's not that long ago when they had the referendum to overturn the law almost 35% of the people voted against it 35% of the people in South Carolina believe that a black person and a white person should not be allowed to be married they believed that they would if that vote were held today I think they would still vote to make interracial marriage illegal yet our leaders pretend that racism is about just a small group of people and the media continue to ignore how deeply ingrained racism is was every single issue that we experience in this country how come no one in the media has ever asked Lindsey Graham why about 30% of his supporters believe that interracial marriage is should be illegal how come they had never asked him why he won't challenge those racist in South Carolina how come if I were running for office if I were elected official and I found out that 30% of my supporters were racist and thought that interracial marriage was illegal I would really reconsider my views and reconsider what I'm out preaching I'm a person of faith I'm angry that my faith is being hijacked by people promoting hatred racism Islamist phobia sexism and on and on my anger is righteous anger but anger left unchecked turns into fear and hatred so we need to turn our righteous anger it's a prayerful action you cannot be a Christian and support separating children at the border you cannot be a Christian and support racism Pope Francis called for a bold cultural revolution a revolution of spirit it's awesome that we're all here today but we need to go out and get a hundred thousand people here we need to go up the road to the capital we need to sit down in the offices of people like Lindsey Graham and we need to sit there and when they come and arrest us then another group can sit down and then another and another and another that's what we need to be doing so let us step forward the United sisters and brothers in build a nation that is truly for all and welcomes the poor the marginalized the strangers as every faith tradition teaches us thank you and blessings of peace and all good blessings in peace dear brother Patrick thank you for your words allow me to welcome to the stage mom bucha doom from the american-arab anti-discrimination committee hey mom [Applause] good afternoon so my name is Aman bucha doom and I'm the senior staff attorney at the ABC and let me tell you I am Donald Trump's greatest nightmare that's right I'm a lawyer I'm an immigrant we were deported when I was a kid and I am suing Donald Trump and I'm standing here because we will not tolerate a fractious wall against our friends in Latin America just like we're not gonna tolerate this travel ban against Arabs and Muslims it's the same thing he did it to us first and we will not let him do it again to a Latin American brothers and sisters we are one we are one immigrant community we are one refugee community and when they come for you they come from me and I will not stop until I keep suing him and he loses and this Supreme Court will hear us they will keep getting those lawsuits and we will not stop we will march we will be in the Legislature's and we will not stop resisting and building a better America now on my way here I met a man named Joaquin and he is a refugee from Panama and his story was exactly like the stories that we ad see here from Arabs all over the Middle East Syrians fleeing horrific war and being demonized here in this country and being targeted by ice he said I don't know what to do I don't know what to do I know they're gonna come and get me and that's exactly what we hear from our Syrians and our Yemenis and let me just tell you that I will not stop fighting because you know what that's what they want us to do they want to wear us down because they keep on doing this they keep on coming with these ridiculous fascist policies and we will not stop they don't know they don't know the fire inside of us and the Arab American community and the Muslim American community and the Latin American community and all of us black brown red yellow whoever we are will not stop because we are one we are one community and I just want to let you know that I will not stop and all of my colleagues at ABC will not stop because we believe in love compassion and peace god bless well let's give it up for a sister mom fire [Applause] well this assistant as we speak there are still children in cages and that's why we're fighting today those are were saying no to the deportation force not to the wall now to the fake emergency and we want Congress to defund this deportation force so when I say defund you say hey defund the fun be fun let's make sure that Congress hears our Steve fun be fun define default default defund default that's right we will not stop until the deportation force is defunded so now let's welcome Rob Rob Wiseman president from Public Citizen it's good to be with you brothers and sisters this is a hard time this is a challenging time you know Iman said we can't get tired I got to say we're not gonna get tired as long as she's leading us on Friday my organization public citizens sued Donald Trump to stop his racist wall we represent three land owners up against the border in a Texas environmental group one of those landowners and her family have lived on that property for more than four decades she has never once seen a migrant cross across her land she has seen border police hop her fence that come across her land the wall would slice across her property and our other plaintiffs you know what she says she says there's no emergency here but you know what but you know what there is an emergency here there is an emergency right over here there is an emergency there is an occupation in fact as he said there's even been an invasion of our White House by a president who is increasingly unhinged whose racism knows no bounds whose authoritarianism the planet the new mergency is he will do anything he will do anything does not care about our democracy does not care about our Constitution doesn't care about our brothers and sisters he will do anything to advance his own narrow agenda which is often about either re-election or making money for the Trump Organization so our country actually is under attack our democracy actually is under attack our communities are under attack what are we doing our democracy is under attack we stand up fight back what do we do people of color are under attack and the great under attack what do we do our democracy is under attack what do we do [Applause] let me tell you we are being tested we are being tested our courts will be tested by the law student that we and others are going to file our Congress is going to be tested to see whether it will assert its constitutional authority or let Trump do whatever he chooses Republicans in Congress who say they care about the Constitution and are worried about executive overreach and have said they opposed the emergency they're going to be tested but the biggest test the biggest test and the most important test is for us it's our country either we stand up or this so-called national emergency declaration becomes the first of other national emergency declarations why not have a national emergency to deploy the military in urban communities around the country why not have a national emergency to round up so-called gang members all of them people of color why not occupy cities and sweep up immigrants even worse than is being done already under the guise of a national emergency the president doesn't have any self-restraint the challenge is whether we have the power to restrain him whether we turn out to restrain him so the courts are being tested the Congress is being tested but the test that matters is for us and whether they're wheat now that's why the tens of thousands of people turning out on a few days notice to protest the fake national emergency that is the most important thing we can do the most important thing we can do to protect our democracy because that democracy is under attack what are we going to do our communities of color around the country are under attack what are we going to do when the good brothers and sisters are under attack what are we going to do our democracies under attack what do we do what do we do what do we do hold on hold on hold on he's not here you know he's at mar-a-lago you've got to be louder if you wanted to communicate the message a couple more times I'm democracies under attack what do we do through the meetings of color on your attack what do we do and the grit brothers and sisters are under attack what do we do our country is under attack what do we do what do we do what do we do that's right [Applause] husband ladies and gentlemen thank you rob and as a shout out to a man you know I grew up as a child of hip-hop so she said don't stop so I say don't stop get it get it in mine and all of us out here fighting don't stop get it get it and Rob talked about tests I'm also a yoga teacher you're wondering what these beads are these are my prayer beads tests build resilience tests build wisdom are we up to the test I don't believe it anything y'all just said to me are we up for the test one more time are we up for the test thank you for that allow me to introduce the stage my sister Erica Fame when without war there you go good afternoon everybody my name is Erica fine I'm the advocacy director at when without war thank you all so much for being here it is amazing to be standing in solidarity with you so this afternoon I want to talk about the fact that this national emergency this fake emergency has not happened in a vacuum and I want to talk about two ways in which we cannot separate America's violence first foreign policy that hides in plain sight first of all our endless war makes us numb to violence against people we lame label as other we foment violence and instability abroad including for decades in the same Central American countries where people are fleeing from and that violence against the other has numbed us the plight of immigrants and refugees seeking safe harbor here in America that violence against the other has created conditions for tens of billions of dollars in extra defense spending where Trump is getting to build his fake wall his for his fake emergency secondly for two decades for decades we have propped up dictators in the name of US interests profits stability to maintain our hegemony so while we are nominally a country of values that values human rights we haven't applied that support for human rights across the board and we have created helped to create so many monsters abroad now that monster has come home and in declaring this emergency Trump has ripped a page right out of the authoritarian PlayBook in this playbook undemocratic heads of state regularly abuse emergency powers to repress repress their own citizens and consolidate their rule and not only does this fake emergency attack our own democracy it sends a signal to leaders around the world that we're not going to stand up against political repression anymore so how are we going to fight back against authoritarianism at home and abroad we must urgently join together in solidarity as we're doing today and across the country tens of thousands of US and Japan than our elected representatives do everything in their power to curb this president's power grab woo Congress must immediately pass legislation to end this fake emergency we are win without war and hundreds of thousands of activists that went without war stand ready to challenge this growing threat to our democracy and then also we stand ready to make new policies that end our forever wars that truly apply human rights across the board and that welcome people who come here in search of safety and in a better life thank you let's give it up for sister Erica be fun y'all forgot about her check the phone hey be fun these 4d 4d 4d 4d fun be fun hey hey ho ho Donald shows us got to go Donald John does got to go home Donald Thomas got to go Oh Donald Thomas got to go alright now with our energy let's welcome very small from detention watch Network and remember up there defund a coalition well thank you for that and thank you all for being here like Christina said I'm from detention watch Network a network and web of organizations and individuals all across the country fighting against the metastasizing gross abusive conditions and unaccountable systemic violence of immigration detention I bring you greetings from our Rockstar members and co-conspirators all across the country who just blocked a proposal for a new immigration Jail in Ionia Michigan being proposed by a private prison company by which I mean deportation profiteer I bring you greetings from our folks who are organizing to support hunger strikes in sighs attention as people who are detained courageously and at mind-bending risk organized on the inside to call attention to ongoing and endemic rights abuses in a Paso Texas in Yuba County California and Etowah Alabama and more as I hold both things that horrifying truth of what's happening in detention but also irrepressible hope as communities are rejecting being complicit and building out the detention and deportation machine and as the people most directly impacted organize themselves on the deeply dangerous frontlines it feels right to stand here with you today it feels right to bring message this national emergency declaration is unquestionably wrong worrying and democracy damaging power grab by a man and an administration with a wide authoritarian streak and a relentlessly myopic focus on fear-mongering and scapegoating it's not just that the wall is a monument to his vanity it is a sign and signal of ascendant white nationalism and it's very foundation is built on our worst and most damaging impulses but here's the thing this tactic did not come from nowhere this thing spinning up here to justify unilaterally seizing money from other parts of the government to do a thing they couldn't get permission to do the right way this is taking a tactic that this administration tested and perfected inside of ice the immigration enforcement arm of the federal government and it's taking it to scale for three years three years ice has expanded immigration detention without having the money to pay for it and then made up the difference by raiding other accounts most famously or rather infamously by taking ten million dollars from FEMA last fall right as we were headed into hurricane season we have to understand that this is Trump's mo testing new tactics on the most vulnerable members of our society before going big this is why detention watch is so proud to be part of the defund hate campaign because we saw it we named it we're fighting back and we're going after their money if we are serious about tracking and resisting threats to a functioning democracy we must be tracking and resisting the administration's ongoing attacks against the most marginalized among us because that is where the tactics show up first it is both a deep and values based belief an intersectional organizing and it is also highly tactical y'all that's my North Carolina low y'all which is why I am so deeply disappointed and frankly outraged that Congress in the funding bill they passed just last week failed to prohibit this exact tactic to prohibit us from expanding detention by raiding other accounts in fact even after knowing that Trump would declare a national emergency Congress including the new Democratic House voted to expand immigration detention by 5,000 people every day we deserve better and we demand better from any member of Congress claiming to be progressive or claiming to stand with the immigrant community to join us detention watch networks amazing members partners like move on and United We Dream and so many more go to defund hate detention watch Network and the defund hate campaign will be in this fighting this national emergency and winning is revocation but let's dig deep y'all let's find and feel the power that comes not just from digging in our heels and pushing back but from sending down deep and intertwining roots from interlocking our arms with the movements fighting these authoritarian tactics in the hidden corners where they're piloted and perfected in the first place let's know in our bones that fighting against the detention and deportation machine is fighting for the soul of our democracy let's remember that it's not just about the wall but also about the bars of the detention facilities that stand in the shadow of the wall so in addition to the no wall no fear immigrants are welcome here no bars no fear immigrants are welcome here no bars no bars no fear immigrants are welcome here no bars no fear immigrants are welcome here no bars no fear immigrants are welcome here no bars no fear immigrants are welcome here no bars no fear immigrants are welcome here thank you whoever kept the drumbeat going thank you I couldn't resist I appreciate that for those of you in the back come close to where a family come closer don't be so don't be so distant come up we need you we need you so y'all clearly like chanting I appreciate that I'm a former civics teacher current yoga teacher I said that so I have a question for you can you show me what democracy looks like show me what democracy looks like show me what democracy looks like show me what democracy looks like two more show me what democracy looks like make this your best show me what democracy looks like y'all are so damn amazing thank you so much we've the people aren't gonna take this anymore and we may not get there now but well you got about 15 more months sir we are coming for your job with a smile I'd like to welcome Adeline hight from Walla come share with us I'm here representing Rolla we are so proud to stand in solidarity with everyone here today and with immigrant communities across the country and I'm here once again to remind you there is no national emergency at our border we know that this declaration is a sham but more it is a dangerous abuse of authority President Trump tried to silence our members of Congress he tried to silence us but a question since when have we stayed silent under this administration never Trump is lying about this so-called emergency he would hate for you to know that migration at our southern border is at a 40-year low and he is lying about who is coming to this country three out of every five migrants approaching the border are children or parents with their children I can't believe I have to say it children and families coming to our border fleeing violence searching for better lives pose no threat to security in this country so Trump decided that he would create a crisis he started by banning Muslims but that wasn't crisis enough he continued by ending daca and TPS uprooting the lives of over a million hard-working families in this country but that wasn't crisis enough he then separated children from their families he stomped on the right to asylum right now as we speak Central American families are being forced to wait in dangerous and overcrowded conditions in Tijuana they have the go right to request asylum president Trump cannot deter our unwavering will to provide protection for those who need it that is our commitment as human beings on this planet it is written in our national and international laws and we will fight to uphold them Congress must reject this declaration of emergency courageous people some of whom have been on this stage from coast-to-coast will sue this administration again and not one of us will back down from this fight we can do so much better we need resources for humane community-based case management programs we need access to legal services for every immigrant family in this country we need to stop detaining families now we need to embrace and uplift our immigrant communities just as they lift up this country and we need an Asylum system that is based on our values and our laws not one based on lies and fear we need to reject this fake national emergency mr. president it is time for you to start obeying the law thank you that'll be nice don't you think so thy sister Mary taught us just now we're gonna do the chat no bars no fear immigrants are welcome here no bars no fear immigrants are welcome here no bars no fear immigrants are welcome here no bars one more no bars no fear immigrants are welcome here so now let's welcome to the stage robber Michael the director of government affairs from the Council of America Islamic relations thank you so much assalamualaikum greeting apiece Trump is using the same fake discriminatory legal justifications that he used to justify the Muslim ban to now separate families and bill declare this fake emergency declaration all immigrant communities and families are possible targets under the trump administration for being barred or restricted from entering the United States or separated at the border once inside whether it's the Muslim ban the border wall family separations at the border or the historically low refugee cap the Trump administration is using every means at its disposal to block the entry of those like Donald Trump's own ancestors seek a better life in our nation care condemns president Trump's fake emergency declaration to construct this border wall his primary motivation is motivated by anti-immigrant ideologies and they're designed only to make America more white Congress must act now and challenge this declaration for what it is a needless abuse of executive authority refugee asylum seekers unaccompanied children undocumented immigrants seeking to work or be reunited with their families do not constitute a national emergency there is no invasion only the manufactured rhetoric of a racist president who failed to get what he wanted let's continue to fight together please join me in this chant no band no walls no rains no Ben no walls no raids no band no walls no raids no ban no walls no raids thank you everybody thank you Robert thank you to everyone we want to fan thank you all for being here we have we're near the end of the program thank you for your resilience in your stamina we round of applause for you right and we live in unfortunately for better for worse we live in a social media culture right so people on stage left I'm gonna take this selfie with you you ready that's y'all you ready all right let's get let's get ready I'll get y'all on the right the next time promise so for our final speaker before Cristina and I close us out I'd like to welcome Tanya actors don't Swami from Amnesty International hi everybody what a beautiful day to gather together and stand strong against hate and exclusion y'all are proof that bridges are better than walls that love Trump's hate that no human being is illegal and that we are all by virtue of our shared condition guaranteed to the same human rights I mean America's advocacy director at Amnesty International and amnesty we work to protect those human rights to which we are all guaranteed including the right to seek asylum and safety today I want to tell you about the story of Valkyria her story exemplifies the pain and suffering this administration is causing to people coming here in search of safety Valkyria and her seven-year-old child Abell braved a dangerous journey to the United States in March 2018 after Valkyria got death threats from drug traffickers at the border that kadia was forcibly separated from her son even though she had the documentation proving that a bail was her child ice then jailed her in a prison like facility in El Paso even though she and her child were here in search of protection 11 months later she remains locked up in a jail even though an asylum officer has already said that her claim is credible when amnesty talks to Valkyria she cannot speak without breaking down into tears as she recalls how our government separated her her child seven-year-old a bell still stares blankly at the door each day asking where his mother is waiting for her to come home at amnesty we've concluded that the treatment Valkyria has faced at the hands of the US government amounts to torture I wish Falcon II a story were unique but it's not over 40,000 people many of them asylum seekers are detained in this country every single day and just last week Congress has authorized this administration to detain more people than ever before Congress gave in on detention because this supposed compromise was that Trump wouldn't get his border while funding and now by declaring a national emergency Trump has found a way to give himself that funding anyway make no mistake the only national emergency taking place right now is that this administration is violating the human rights of refugees at our border it's pushing back people fleeing danger when they try to approach at US ports of entry to seek asylum then it's constructing a wall so that people turned away at those ports of entry can't cross elsewhere for those lucky few who do make it through it's detaining them causing mental anguish amounting to torture in the process at every turn it is subverting the institution of asylum as we know it are we gonna stand by and let this president push back asylum seekers are we gonna stand by and let this administration spend billions of dollars building a symbol of hate are we gonna stand by and let this government profit off of the miss of asylum seekers who languish in detention all because they dared seek protection in our country I ask you friends to call on our government to stand up for Refugees and our website Amnesty USA or you can sign a petition to your member of Congress to reject increased detention and border wall funding and you can sign our petition to ice demanding vet Kittitas freedom I know we've heard this channel lot but let's close it out one more time no ban no wall immigrants are welcome here no ban no wall immigrants are welcome here no ban no wall thank you very much so we've reached the end of our program again give yourself a round of applause I want to thank you to all of our amazing speakers for the members of the media if you want to speaker's list we've got it so just come up and ask us and thank you all you came out here today thank God for great weather the last protest we planned on the 29th of January snowed so we're happy we're actually happy that didn't happen but we're happy that you're here today and you know we want to thank the other 200 over 250 events across the country and all those who turn are tuning in online you know this moment in this movement was not possible with dirt without your passion thank you to the volunteers and all of our vendors thank you for that if there's nothing else you remember from this uh this event this is a fake emergency this is a trumped up crisis pun intended you know we have one warming planet you know get veterans suicides you know we have all these other emergencies but the southern border is not one of them if we have an emergency the emergency there's a lack of compassion by the occupant of the White House and you know does not just call out Donald Trump it's mr. pence it's Stephen Millett it's all these people who believe in white supremacy and not in the Solidarity and we won't stand for them so as we close entry in keeping with my Baptist roots I'm gonna take y'all the church if you don't mind I want to share a story that gives me particular comfort in this moment how many y'all know about the story about Joshua in the Battle of Jericho if you don't if you do don't spoil it for those who don't right so according to the story Joshua led his tribe and he was told in a minute he was very scared and he was told be strong and courageous don't be afraid don't be discouraged God is with you wherever you go I want to extend that metaphor like we are with each other wherever we go we need to be strong and courageous and so Josh was still in his faith in his tribes circled the city of Jericho for six days and nights the priests hold the ark held the Ark of the Covenant they played they played trumpets but the soldiers were quiet can you imagine being a soldier and like giving out rally cries and being told to be quiet for six days while circling your enemy think of it discipline think of the focus think of his faith being of a strength so if we extend that metaphor a bit further in those six days those people strategized they organized they marched they petition they took action but they kept silent until the right moment but on that seventh day as the story is told the priests made their rounds all around the walls of the city of Jericho and Joshua and truck instructed them to scream and when they screamed what happened when they screamed what happened one more time when they screamed what happened the walls came down we're not gonna stand for this racist wall we're not gonna stand for this racist president we will never support this agenda we will fight the president as policies we will stand together we will organize and we will remain ready to rumble we're on the right side of history and we will remain victorious thank you I'd like to introduce Christina to closes the United We Dream so as we're closing just one it does want us to remember we are here for all of our brothers and sisters that have been targeted by the deportation force those thousands of immigrants that are in detention Jacqueline who was seven years old when she died in the hands of the deportation force and more than 20 immigrants that have died in detention camps but I have hope even in the midst of those very painful things that we know about the realities that we live in today because we came together today and look at us over 30,000 people in more than 48 states to say no to the racist deportation force no to this fake state of emergency settle close I'm gonna pass it on to our undocumented unafraid courageous members from United We Dream everybody follow along okay it is our duty to fight for our freedom it is our duty or one we must love them protect one another we have nothing to lose but our chains it is our duty to fight for freedom it is our duty to win we must love and protect one another we are nothing to lose but our chains last why so they can hear us it is our duty to fight for our freedom it is our duty to win we must love and protect one another we have nothing to lose but our chains last announcement y'all there's gonna be a picture at the White House so for folks that want to do that alright thank y'all

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