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President Trump Speaks after a Senate Republican Policy Lunch

President Trump Speaks after a Senate Republican Policy Lunch

The President: I would say
that we have a very, very unified party.
Mitch has been fantastic. Everybody in that room
was fantastic. There was no reason for me
even to be there. I knew that before we went. But the Republicans
want border security. They want national security. They want to have a steel
barrier or a wall of concrete. They don’t care.
But I’ll use any term they want. We need a barrier to stop
the human traffickers and the drug trade, and to stop all of
the big problems that come, including gangs. They don’t come through
your checkpoints; they come through areas where you have hundreds of miles
without walls and without barriers,
or without strong fences. So the Republican Party,
I can say — and I just left an hour meeting.
We had a great time, actually. There was no discussion about
anything other than solidarity. We want national security and
border security for our country. Senate Majority Leader
McConnell: Yeah, let me just add
before the President leaves. First of all,
thanks for coming out. And I think the President
accurately characterized the discussion (inaudible).
We’re all behind the President. We think this border
security issue is extremely important
for the country. And we appreciate
your leadership on it. The President: Thank you
very much. The Press: If this is
a security crisis, why not declare
a national emergency? If this is a security crisis — The President: Well,
I may do that at some point. If Chuck and Nancy —
who I’m meeting with, I believe in a little while —
if they don’t agree to the fact that our country
has really got problems with crime, with drugs,
with a lot of other things that come
through our southern border — so much of it comes
through the southern border. If you look at heroin, 90 percent
through the southern border. So much.
So many problems. And if they can’t
get that through, or if they feel
that, politically — I don’t know why
it’s good politically. You know,
I don’t care politically. I’m doing what’s right
for the country. But I’ll tell you,
it’s a very bad political issue for the Democrats.
That I can tell you. The Press: Did any Republicans
today, in that meeting,
tell you that they want you to pursue a different strategy; that they want you to reopen
the government? The President: We
talked about — a couple talked about — you know,
a couple talked about strategy. But they’re with us all the way.
They’re with us all the way. I mean, I just want — because, you know,
the fake give the fake news. And I just want to tell you
that the Republicans are totally unified. Now, if you would have asked the
same question to the Democrats — you let me know, in some of
those districts where I won or that are a little bit more
towards sanity — you want them to run; say
we don’t want border security? You got plenty of Democrats that do not
want to be in this battle. You have a lot of Democrats. The Republicans are unified.
We want border security. We want safety for our country. And, you know, for 25 years
they’ve been trying to do this. This has been passed.
Chuck Schumer has raised his hand
so many different times. I could give you 15 speeches
that he made, but I don’t think you’d really
enjoy them that much. But I could give you
15 speeches. He talked about border security,
no different than me. Border security. That’s all he
talked about is border security. The only reason
they’re against it is because I won the presidency,
and they think they can try and hurt us going
into the presidency. But that’s not going to happen.
And we don’t give up, because we’re doing — we’re doing the right thing
for our country. Okay? The Press: Mr. President, if illegal immigration
at the border has gone down, why is it a crisis now? The President: You know
why it’s gone down? Because of good management.
Because of me and my people. Because we’ve managed it well. The Press: But then why is it
a crisis? The President: But it
is brutal. We have more people coming up.
You have caravans. Nobody ever heard of a caravan.
It’s gone down. And we have kept it down
because we’re managing it well. But we can never do a great job unless we have a wall
or a barrier. And I mean a real barrier, not a little barrier
that doesn’t work. And if you don’t have that,
you can — but it’s only down because we do a great job
and we work very hard at it. And I have incredible people —
Border Patrol people, ICE. The military is helping.
I called out the military. We needed help.
And that’s why it’s gone down. Thank you, everybody.

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  1. Mr. President, let's add a fourth branch. The "civil" branch or "civilian branch". Where if multiple branches are deadlocked on issues, and cannot move things forward with the United States. Than this "civil branch" will have the most respectable/responsible minds representing each state to cast a citizens vote. Which could pass any resolution as an absolute into society/law. Of course they could be vetoed, and each branch maintains it's current power. However, this branch will be used as the fail safe. When politics, grudges, corruption, and personal interests get into the way of the American people. This fourth "civil" branch of each states best and brightest … Normal citizens. Whom will pickup the responsibility and answer the call of it's people. Obviously things would have to be worked out like size , term lengths, election process and such. However, if we look at both the Senate and house, we should just start at the middle ground between the two. Taking the best of both, and implementing everything from there. What say you?? Thank you. God bless you and your family. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!! MAGA! KAG! KEK!!!

  2. Mr. President , while I have my doubts that you will read this personally, I want to thank you for your efforts to bring our country BACK to a center point of balance. In my opinion you have been the the purest of values that made this country a leader on this planet, for this again I thank you. We did meet many years ago at a real-estate event and I promised that I would read your book (The art of the deal). I have kept my word to you and I see the continuity of your actions in every thing you are attempting to correct on our soil. For this again I thank you. You are not a politician by definition, and for this I thank you. I did serve in the United States Marine Corps (during the Clinton administration) and I can appreciate the challenges you face on a daily basis with and how you face them some decorum and a sense of righteous indignation, and I thank you for this as well.

    To all who read this, know this with all clarity: The United States of America is MY country and President Trump is MY President. I will stand behind them in support, I will stand beside them in solidarity and I will and HAVE stood in front of them in their defense. This country has a Constitution that affords its CITIZENS a succinct list of RIGHTS. If you want to be counted among us, we welcome you. Providing you abide by OUR rule of law. If this is not seemly for you or your beliefs, you are invited to return from whence you came. If any among us can not for any reason support our country, our land, our President and most importantly OUR CONSTITUTION by defending the people of THIS country first, we invite you to renounce your citizenship to another land that is more in line with your person.

    Mr. President, I am not a religious man yet i pray for your success and i look to the future with a fervored hope. I can only wish that this offering lands on the hearts and minds of all who read it with the same intent I, in all truth, hope to impart.

  3. I can only speak for myself, but honestly, these people who question whether a barrier is needed are ignorant to the truth of child/human trafficking. If they could only spend time with victims of these crimes, then their eyes may just open. It's like factory farming. If factory farms had glass walls, then no one would eat animals. I can only believe they fight this enhanced security because they are blind and dumb to the reality of the suffering that has been going on for far too long or they are part of it.

  4. POTUS could use some smart, articulate young people to help with this issue. Here's one that comes to mind.

  5. mr. president if you don't declare Martial Law…… gonna get worse…..the democrats…..want you out of office

  6. I'm very concerned about border security. I think without a physical wall there, it sends the wrong message to our southern neighbors that America is soft. 400 illegals are arrested in one Texas city, in one week! Those are the ones we catch, who knows how many got in. I took the time to voice my concern and frustration to Nancy Pelsoi office and other Democratic reps and their staff don't care and hang up. They have their minds made up to not have a wall, not good. I'm sick and tired of people coming to America and it's us helping them, why don't they do the right thing and stay in their country and Fix Their Own Problems!

  7. Also can we make it a law to have people living here know how to speak and understand English? Is that too much to ask? You have people here for 40 some years and they speak only Hispanic, or only Vietnamese. Total disrespect to the country. To make America great again, everyone needs to be on the same page linguistically. You can't be allowed to live here and be a racist and avoid learning English. It's a small sacrifice to be an American. How can our police, fire fighter's, nurses, doctors, teachers, do their job with people who refuse to speak English. No other country puts up with this chaos.

  8. A Grand Jury has been examining evidence of Trumps crime circle for the last 18 months in Washington D.C.
    On January 4th the were granted a 6 month extension due to the volume of evidence and the amount of individuals indicted.

  9. He's in such a good mood. You can tell this is from before the meeting with Chuck & Nancy where he walked out of the room during the discussion.

  10. Name this Parasite? Symptoms include Blackmail, Fraud, Tax Evasion, Obstruction of Justice, Money Laundering, Theft, Treason, Racism, Corruption, Organized Crime, Draft Dodging, Multiple Bankruptcies (of 4 Casinos where house always wins)…

  11. Democrats are the enemy of the people! We know it and see it fully !
    They will have a bunch of Patriots, that are ready , on their ass if they think they can fuck with a President that we have legally elected!
    Much love Greatest President Ever!
    Donald J .Trump!

  12. Excellent team work, Mr. President; please keep praying and moving forward! God Bless You, your family; the team work of the Republican party and Mitch McConnell, and God Bless America; "We the People"! Love you!

  13. Drugs from Mexico to the US and guns from the US to Mexico so that Mexico can keep providing those drugs. And let me tell you, some very important people get a slice of that cake, so I'm not surprised they opposed to real border security. You guys in the US have a really strong president doing all he can for the benefit of the American people and you should support him. And that's coming from a Mexican. Respect where is due.

  14. Wait. If the Republicans were so unified, why didn't you do this Year One when you had all 3 branches plus the Supreme Court. It would have been done by now, right? Unified my ass.

  15. President Trump,
    Illegals are an "INDUSTRY" run by the Democrats.
    Democrats run the drugs, they set up the coyote runs and they charge illegals to enter our country upwards of $10,000. each to be processed by immigration lawyers. Illegals are big business for the Democrats.
    That's why they don't want the wall!
    Thank you for holding firm.
    We love you!♡

    Trump gets the EXTRA CREDIT!!! This Dreamers are representing and encouraging the wall! Amazing!
    Trump calls national emergency, sets up and approves DACA, leave the Dems with Nada and guess what happens…his base gets bigger and gets the credit.

    Democrats are LEFT in the dust
    "ONE DOLLAR"… Jokes going to be on you NanChuck. Dreamers will end up on the Trump Train. Thank u, next.

    PS- Is Pelosi and Schumer romantically involved? Or maybe Pelosi is on that South of the Border drug train…or maybe just has food in her teeth all the time. I'D HATE TO SPECULATE 😆🤣

  17. Stay well Mr. President #DonaldJohnTrump sir, safe, #God bless, and #GodBlessAmerica. #Godspeed for #TheRepublic. #ForWhichItStands. One nation under #God. Indivisible with #liberty and #justice for all. #TheJointStaff #USAGov #TheWhiteHouse

    Sincerely And Respectfully,
    Paul Mason Ranck us

  18. Never give in to the leftist scum. They want to turn the greatest nation on Earth into a socialist shit hole. It will lead to chaos, anarchy and destruction. Mr. President, you are our last greatest hope.

  19. Presdent Trump,. says U.S. is having 'tremendous success' in trade negotiations with China
    Trump says he didn't know about Manafort sharing data with Russians
    Economy & Politics
    Capitol Report
    The government shutdown is not hurting the economy much, but it still comes with a cost
    By Jeffry Bartash
    Published: Jan 9, 2019 2:51 p.m. ET

    D.C. dysfunction, delayed economic data leave investors on edge

    The U.S. economy is still motoring ahead even as a partial shutdown in Washington enters its fourth week.
    The U.S. economy has largely escaped unscathed from a partial government shutdown that’s putting a squeeze on 800,000 federal workers and their families, but it doesn’t mean the political paralysis in Washington comes without a cost.

    Leading economists at America’s biggest banks say the shutdown has shown hardly any rippling effects. Federal workers who’ve been furloughed are just missing their first paychecks.

    “The partial shutdown is, in our view, only a minor drag on the economy to date,” said Robert Dye, the newly appointed chairman of the economic advisory committee of the American Bankers Association

  20. The Opposition Media and The Radical Democrats are Working Together To Destroy President Donald Trump….The Opposition Media and The Radical Democrats are "Truly The Enemy of The People"

  21. Pelosi's makeup assistant had a HUGE work rebuild completely her face like an destroyed old middle age castle. She took away at least 65 years of her crapped face?.
    Pelosi's formal 2016 statement : "DONALD TRUMP WILL NEVER BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE US" !! That's ALL ABOUT THAT !! She got WRONG and still didn't swallowed the 2016 Elections surprising results !! I wonder Why those two "Rotten dead Mummies" Schumer & Pelosi are always stacked together ?? Maybe to assist each other in case they may loose some teeth or a boon or the solid Pelosi's paint Makeup? Actually, They Don't care at all about official's paycheck. those two socialist are using this as a last topics. The problem is NOT the paycheck. The problem is those two crying rotten mummy? FUCK. HE IS DIVERTING THE WALL ISSUES TO THE PAYCHECK (HOSTAGES) PROBLEM. Such a Hypocrisy a hypocrite and false statement.


  23. If the drowning person drowns the rescuer, they both drown. If we don't Protect the Base of America Taxpayers~ ALL welfare will drown too, and that includes $$ America gives to Every Other Country Too~! Hoping some Leaders are Realizing this~!

  24. FINALLY!!! A Republican (let alone a POTUS) with a CAST IRON SPINE!!! I am so moved & humbled by your unyielding patriotism & abiding love for our country & her people Sir. American CITIZENS are deeply grateful & SO PROUD that YOU are OUR President! Godspeed to you Sir.🙏💕🇺🇸✌

  25. It appears obvios that people WHO HATE, not only the United States of America but also the people who live in the United States of America, would like the United States NOT to have secure borders. It is a shame.

  26. The MSM in this Country has shown itself to be the most vile and pedantic predators in Human history. These deceitful jackals are clearly the most hateful and disgusting people in America. They really do want to destroy our society, apparently in a bid to enslave it to a corrupt and depraved narrative that they, themselves, control. Fortunately, they are being exposed and will lose bigly!!

  27. Washington, Lincoln, and Trump are the big three. President Trump has many detractors, but the guy is an incredible President. He understands that border security is national security. He is the only one that is looking out for the people. We are all gonna miss him once he is gone, then people will realize how great he was.
    Politicians like Hillary, Pelosi, Booker, Warren, and Schumer don't give a rats ass about any of us. The democrats just want to obstruct and oppose everything Trump wants to do. If Trump had a cure for cancer they would be against it. These people are insane and should not be governing.
    They should be putting the American people first, not getting revenge against President Trump every 10 seconds.

  28. This is a fabricated situation created by president dumbass. A fake show of strength at the expense of 800K Americans. Fuck you donald, and stone age idea.

  29. Proud of our President who fights everyday to protect our borders. Hope congress can work
    together on solving immigration once and for all.


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    God save us all


    שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד

    I only tell him that every day hugs and kiss with love yuli':):) מי כמוך אדוני The hope two thousand years old.. שלום על ישראל

  33. 5 Star President, High Standards & Protocols, Higher Quality of Life for the People. Not Burdens with low quality of Life. We want a 5 Star Nation.

  34. We have the ugliest walls in the world. 242yrs, old. We have no real sovereignty. This is not an option but a duty, security. Our lives are Priceless, soldiers have laid down tbeirs live. Why ?
    No common good, only common solutions is the answer, ANYTHING less is pointless.
    We fund NASA, Space force
    Today is like living on the streets, takers, cheaters, prostitution type dealing for the People, in the Congress-hood.

  35. Love that man. So strong. Principled, though you would never hear that from the main stream media. He's not perfect–but starting to like him even more. -A Lifelong Independent & regular Voter.

  36. McConnell should take it to the senate and subject it to a vote and the end but whatever you are our leader do what is best love you Trump and our republican leaders fight fight we are with you don’t let Democrats push you around

  37. Bouchure ? Aquarum ductus ! Forêt des C(h)arnes… Gorgobina ï Y T Sans serre 3 ?
    Res ponce : Plessis ! Prairies ! Saumoussay : Saint-Cyr–en-Bourg ou Distré ?
    Re pont ce : Do ré mi fa sol la si do – Do Rémi, f'ace sol à Cid'eau ?
    Raie ponce : Sis m. ?
    (H)answ(h)er(e) : NON ou NOM de D. ?
    Réponse : O…
    Label ONG

  38. Why are the USA Law not up hold in the Whitehouse? If we the America People lie under oath or Don't fulfill our sign contract then we be facing severely punishment and jail time?. What the difference between the Wrong in the Whitehouse and we the America people wrong? Psalm 34.

  39. Trump your so patient with the same questions over and over. Your awesome. No-one else could do what your doind. God bless you.
    Why can't your fire thise who put American luves in danger fir there k wn selfish reasons. There shoukd be a way

  40. The wall means a lot to the Liberals, bad news. No more weeds for Nancy and no manpower to shoot Chuck and the gang to political stardom.

  41. President Trump is amazing! I don't think we have ever had such a busy President at the head of our nation. I am so proud of this man and I will fight for his realection. YOU are the best we have ever had. We are so lucky.

  42. om all this gentualman cauantey plise toke abouate me but no naver bate thikestoke abouate all country as good thinkesallwousld pm Mr X all this viseate

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