President Trump Plans to Develop Safer Vaping Policies

-Let’s get to the news. President Trump tweeted
this morning that he plans to meet with
medical experts and members of
the e-cigarette industry to develop safer
vaping policies. And you may think Trump isn’t an
expert on vaping, but, remember,
he sucks and he blows. President Trump attended
a football game at the University of Alabama
over the weekend, where he was immediately placed
into the concussion protocol. That’s right — President Trump
attended a football game and received loud cheers when he
was shown on the jumbotron, or, to put in it sports terms,
Trump is now 1-2 on the season. According to a new book,
Queen Elizabeth’s stylist uses gin to clean her jewelry, while Boris Johnson uses
to it clean his entire body. According to
“The Washington Post,” Bernie Sanders
has started joking around more on the campaign trail. Said Sanders, “There once was
a man from Nantucket who could not afford
healthcare and died.” Pre–
[ Cheers and applause ] President Trump, this weekend,
tweeted a review of his son Don Jr.’s new book, and, honestly, it’s the best
Don Jr. could hope for. Kanye West is suggesting that he
may legally change his name to Christian Genius Billionaire
Kanye West, but I’m going to keep calling
him Mr. Kardashian. “Sesame Street” celebrated
its 50th anniversary over the weekend. Unfortunately, Big Bird
didn’t make it. That’s why they’re so delicious. That’s right — “Sesame Street”
celebrated its 50th anniversary over the weekend,
and even at 50, Oscar’s still got
a pretty sweet can. Authorities in Wisconsin
arrested a man over the weekend for allegedly
driving under the influence and having a chicken
on his shoulder. Said the man,
“You told me you were a parrot. No wonder you never
repeated me.” And, finally, divers in Europe
have announced the discovery of
a new shipwreck from 1917 that contained
900 bottles of liquor. Also a shipwreck filled
with liquor, your Aunt Carol on Thanksgiving.

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  1. I caught wind that people were prohibited from booing Tramp, and threatened to ban them from the stadium if they did.
    Which probably explains why he wasn't booed.
    Unless i'm mistaken about the prohibition.

  2. nice chump…nice vaping takes priority over family separation 🙄 we all know he's doing this to try and rally parent support… also more than likely baron got caught vaping and now his daddy wants to punish America's

  3. There is no way that the CLOWN PRINCESS read Jr's book.
    There is no way that Don Jr. WROTE a book !
    (Look! A double negative!)

  4. If Big Bird was a real bird and he was the same size he was on Sesame Street how many chicken sandwiches could you make out of him

  5. lmao will he like stop what you intake from a vape or make it so coils dont get so heated to cause toxins to the vape juice smoked? an thats only two issues

  6. Why don't they run a story about how cigarettes killed 1300 people YESTERDAY?…no, let's focus on the 18 vaping deaths this YEAR

  7. Why you americans always talk so funny over Bernie Sanders and his health care plans?
    We have health care for everyone in germany…believe me,it's possible.😉😊

  8. Let's see if Americans are Smarter than Russian 🇷🇺 Trolls on social media when it comes to Defending a Conman Traitor Trump

    STOP putting Seth's entire face in the thumbnail, it does not look good, and it is creepy.
    You've been doing this for a month and it has to stop.

  10. When Trump says he's meeting with experts and industry representatives, I doubt there are actually experts involved. Even if there are, Trump will use the meeting to tell the experts what conclusions the industry lobbyists have come to.

  11. Happy Impeachment DAy!!!!….where Dems will do the right thing and Impeach this Sold out sack of crap.. and then the GOP can't get enough Fat Nixon dick

  12. Fun and interesting fact about Trump: This past Saturday(the 9th), he had a complete melt-down and tweeted a total of 82 times. That's an average of once every 8 minutes over the course of a 12-hour day.
    82 times. In one day. There's a good sign of the stability of the Resident of the US.

  13. How about conventional cigarettes policy? You know the one that you need to lit it with fires?

    'Oh wait a minute there, those cigarettes doesn't kill people, or make people sicks. And yes, they are my golf buddies and donating to me!'

    Uh-huh 😑

  14. Kanye said in an interview he was going to run for President in 2024,

    can you imagine if he won and Kim become First Lady, I wonder if she'll do another sex tape for the ratings !

  15. Vaping saves lives. 95% less harmful then smoking, harmless to others, best NRT and the biggest disruptive product AGAINST big tobacco and big pharma. It is an adults product, not for non smokers ofcource. So yes to 21+, that is fine with me. Also heavl fine selling to minors and also fine the minor using it instead of banning it all together.

    The vaping hysteria is a US invention, just as hysteria over alcohol, drugs and video games from the past. In the UK there is no uptake at kids, so adapt there policies maybe!. Illnesses have all to do with black market products, THC in particular cut with a lethal ingredient. Banning product will only distroy the save product and kill the shops who check age. Banning the legal product will leave the black market to have an monopolies, and that is where there are no age verification and that is also were the lethal products come from. Banning is the dumbest thing to do, history must have shown you that by now America, so why the hell do it again? #VapingSavesLives #WeVapeWeVote #NotABot

  16. Mai kisiko mere saath let's tub barose ka kitna pahele dekhta apke nation Ko itna dea Raha hu USA unity karkea USA kea bajyea America name Dena hai ameri mean achrya

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