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ork on this day 880 of the Trump administration with 581 days remaining in his term Donald Trump officially kicked off his reelection campaign with a rally in Orlando tonight he spoke for one hour 18 minutes as he left the White House he commented on the departure of our acting defense secretary already replaced with a new acting defense secretary at a time when a thousand more US troops are enroute to the Gulf amid these tensions with Iran Patrick Shanahan who had been running the Pentagon is out mark Esper who has been secretary of the Army is the new acting Secretary of Defense the back story is rather ugly the announcement came within minutes of a Washington Post report that outlined alleged domestic violence incidents within Shanahan's family we'll have more on this story in a moment but first the president has wrapped up this rally in Orlando tonight where he delivered his message to diehard supporters our patriotic movement has been under assault from the very first day we accomplished more than any other president has in the first two and a half years of a presidency and under circumstances that no president has had to deal with before because we did in the middle of the great and illegal witch hunt things that nobody have been able to accomplish not even close nobody's done what we have in two and a half years president also wasted no time going after Democrats our radical Democratic owners are driven by hatred prejudice and rage they want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it not acceptable it's not going to happen the president left the stage tonight as usual to the music of The Rolling Stones you can't always get what you want before he took the stage thousands of Trump supporters took part in what the campaign called 45 fest outside of the Amway Center there in Orlando our own Monica Alba asked a number of the Trump tailgaters what they were thinking ahead of the 2020 election yes very well New Economic Area very well in the job-creating area superb in the military enhancing the military helping the via the vets with the VA system just so many things it's hard to remember more any concerns about who he may face in 2020 and the Democratic opponents so far 24 or so that they're putting up I have no concerns whatsoever I mean socialism hasn't worked anywhere in the United world so why would you want to propose that pre here any disappointments or frustrations none at all no no I hope we have the next core rhythm and then after that I hope his son runs also before the president's rally the Orlando Sentinel editorial board offered a unique non endorsement as the president campaigned in their backyard today quote some readers will wonder how we could possibly eliminate a candidate so far before an election and before knowing the identity of his opponent because there's no point pretending we would ever recommend that readers vote for Trump after two and a half years we've seen enough enough of the chaos the division the schoolyard insults the self-aggrandizement the corruption and especially the lies the president arrived two more bad news in Florida in the form of a new Quinnipiac poll the poll of Florida voters shows Biden beating Trump by nine Sanders by six Warren by four and so on meanwhile as we mentioned back in Washington a lot of people were caught by surprise today when Patrick Shanahan took his name out of consideration to be the permanent Secretary of Defense The Washington Post reports that in the months he has served as Trump's acting defense secretary Shanahan has worked to keep domestic violence incidents within his family private the Post reports quote his wife was arrested after punching him in the face and his son was arrested after a separate incident in which he hit his mother with a baseball bat public disclosure of the nearly decade old episodes would re traumatize his young adult children Shanahan said Shanahan spoke publicly about the incidents and interviews with the Washington Post on Monday and Tuesday bad things can happen to good families and this is a tragedy really Shanahan said dredging up the episode publicly he said will ruin my son's life the post cites court and police records from Florida and Seattle about the incident sleight is cited in their report we should know – NBC News has not seen those same documents earlier today President Trump said Shanahan has decided not to move forward with the confirmation process so he can spend more time with his family again the president was asked about Shanahan before departing for Florida this afternoon no I didn't I didn't ask him to withdraw but he walked in this morning he said it's going to be a rough time for him because of obviously what happened but I did not ask him to withdraw he presented me with a letter this morning that was his that was his decision I had heard about it yesterday for the first time I didn't know about it I had heard about it yesterday and it's it's very unfortunate very unfortunate NBC News reports that while it's not clear when Trump learned about these issues White House aides and other officials in the administration have known about the alleged domestic issues and Shanahan's past for some time this news of course comes amid high tensions in the Middle East the United States blaming Iran for attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman just last week Iran continues to deny any responsibility for the incidents here with our leadoff discussion on a Tuesday night we welcome back Peter Baker chief White House correspondent for The New York Times Robert Costa national political reporter for The Washington Post and moderator of Washington week on PBS and Annie Carney White House reporter with the New York Times who was in Florida fresh from tonight's rally any I'd like to begin with you because of the event you attended tonight it seemed like a perfectly stirring kickoff of his campaign against Hillary Clinton we say that because there were seven Hillary mentions one bill mention and one extended lock her up chant what couldn't we see on TV we did see on your social media that the crowd was entertained by a replay of election night coverage 2016 on Fox News how did this event differ in any regal sense from the usual Trump rally it did there was no new message unveiled tonight there is no new theory of the case presented about what Donald Trump would do with the second term the hats were the same the campaign slogan was the same the playlist was virtually the same as as I tweeted the entertainment before he got there was a replay of Fox calling States by on election night 2016 and the crowd was cheering and loved it and again he he attacked Hillary Clinton more off and I think he made one passing reference to Joe Biden and one passing reference to Bernie Sanders so one of my takeaways is that he he wants to relive 2016 and his supporters were there to relive it with him that kind of felt like a blast from the past but in terms of a relaunch he you know he filed the paperwork for his reelection commit campaign on the day of his inauguration and it was a larger rally it was a campaign rally on steroids but this was just another rally the same kind of Mogga rallies has been staging for two and a half years so Robert Kosta it does sound like we're going to relitigate from top to bottom it sounds like good doses of anger resentment and grievances any tone or or content that you noted was different from 2016 in any serious way it was an escalation of the president's populism that he used in 2016 it was not red vs. blue tonight in Orlando it was us versus them framing his entire political movement as a victim of these forces beyond his control that are out there that are ominous from a quote flood of migrant to quote radical Democrats socialists this is how the president was framing the opposition and he was rallying his core voters to stick with him to provide him with that lift in some of these key states throughout the industrial Midwest and elsewhere places in the South like Florida to make sure they come out and this was he would stay on script Brian when he was talking through his talking points his litany of his record over the past two and a half years but when he went off script it was all about populism in a raw sense nothing that was really scripted it was punching at enemies perceived in those in the Republican Party was right there with him senator Rubio senator Scott senator Graham in the crowd camera shot to them laughing and cheering if the president went on these risks that's a snapshot of the Republican Party today and Peter Baker indeed there were several notable sidebars number one the president indicating in his view Lindsey Graham wasn't doing that well politically back home in South Carolina until Trump took him under his wing number two still tough to get used to seeing Sarah Huckabee Sanders the sitting White House press secretary speaking performer a reelection rally for the president how did tonight score in your view as a sales pitch kind of what we've been talking about so far well look this was president Trump's greatest hits and if you have been a fan of his hits this is gonna stir you up and get you going again but it was a repeat of 2016 it wasn't a new messages and he said and I think Roberts exactly right about the Republican Party the difference between 2016 and today the difference between that Fox News clips that they were showing beforehand and the and the red hats and all the things we've gotten used to from two years ago two and a half years ago is he does now could control this Republican Party this is Donald Trump's party Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham two and a half years ago three years ago at least I ran against him for the nomination and excoriated him said he wasn't qualified to be president said he was a con man both of them used that same phrase con man today he's showing them off in his rally making clear that they now belong to the party of Trump so does Sarah Huckabee santa she may be the future of the party of Trump in a way I mean you pointed out that she takes the stage he wants her to run for governor of Arkansas that would be a course in 2022 when the seat next comes open and that would be the next generation of Trump supporters if she were to run and we're to win so I think that you know the big difference Queen the last time and this time isn't the message isn't the hats isn't the music but it is the Republican Party hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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  1. Lets all stop watching this Fake News Channels.. They will wake up, in their underwear's for all to see one day.

  2. Trump most certainly done more than any other US president in the history of our great nation–especially within in the first 2.5 years. Most number of falsehoods and lies, most broken treaties, most number of alienations of historic allies, must number of gluteus maximus kissing of oppressive regimes dictators, most investigations of administrative, campaign, personal and inaugural committee for ethics and criminal activity, most number of "acting" department heads (who can not set department policy), most number of administration scandals leading to staff resignations, firings and/or criminal convictions and so, so many more firsts that it boggles the mind. What is the counter argument? That he hasn't yet screwed up the positive economic expansion that was handed to him on a gold platter from his predecessor.

  3. 3:46 Who is going to fall for the fake news 'polls' when they were completely wrong last time?


  4. I'm a Mexican and Im proud to be Latino, but I'm routing for TRUMP for the better of our country. Let there be order in America… Somos Raza🇲🇽✊🏼 #Trump2020

  5. Without the MSM constantly feeding misinformation to the blinded sheep the Democratic party would be a relic where it should be. We will pray for all those being misled. Look away!! You are being duped constantly.

  6. The more the left restricts free speech and preaches hate the more people will walk away. The more the media attacks the President the stronger he gets. No one could withstand the onslaught that he has.

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  9. It boggles my mind that those dopes just randomly assign good things that haven't even happened to the cheesy poof.

  10. Lol…. the Fraud is after Hillary again… no new ideas other than curing cancer… lol… not attracting new voters, failed at his original promises… Self Made Fraud

  11. Projection, projection, projection. EVERY vile lie applies to HIMSELF more than anyone else.

    I want to see a video mocking a Trump rally, where they deliberately chant "Lock kids up, LOCK KIDS UP!" Preferably with Trump masks to make a mob of insane little Trumps led by a fake Trump.

    #Brokeahontas is running the country like his FAKE business: Into the ground, but this time no one can rescue him because there isn't enough dirty money to be laundered for Putin and #MBS.

  12. gump only hires people with dirt on them and gump will delete your as long as you obey him it turns out his expose of domestic abuse came on oops to late everybody left the white house either went to jail or hiding out

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