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  2. President Donald Trump, GOP Attempt To Re-Frame Democratic Criticism GOP AND TRUMP ARE CRIMINAL IN CONDUCTION! THEY COVER EACH OTHER !! IN THEIR CRIMES!!!

    President Donald Trump, GOP Attempt To Re-Frame Democratic Criticism GOP AND TRUMP ARE CRIMINAL IN JUNCTION SET! THEY COVER EACH OTHER !! IN THEIR CRIMES!!

    President Donald Trump, GOP Attempt To Re-Frame Democratic Criticism | M… https://

  3. Most probably, that plane was shot down (and 170+ people died and families ruined) because of the Solamani assination. Would it have been shot down if Solamani was not killed. Man, that's a huge coincendence if it is not the case. Trump is an unstable narcissistic sociopath and not fit for any public office, to run a charity or public company. We all know this, and he poroves it most days.

  4. If tRump says that the Iranians shot the missiles that took down that plane only makes me think that he is behind it!

  5. I'm sorry, the only explanation for the majority of Trump supporters, the only explanation for the behavior of the Republicans in the House is that they are, in fact, COMPLETE morons….
    Don't kid yourself

  6. Congress, both Dems and GOP, has been criminal in turning over their clearly constitutional war powers completely to the Executive. So that any President can get us into war any time, any place, any false justification.

  7. Trump is even more dangerous today than he was yesterday and it just gets worse! I hope my fellow Americans see this before it's too late! We need a strong Congress not a presidential dictator!! We can't allow him to remain in office! Impeach and remove now!

  8. Lets just go to war, Trump followers could care less. Once it begins to affect all americans in one way or another then we will see is he is still loved.

  9. Look at poor Joe Warborough, all butthurt over the Drumpf Administration ruining the lead-up to a perfectly good war by being crass and crude to folks. Poor Joe, happy to assassinate a general and hopping mad that Iran retaliated "those missiles can't be put on Trump, those are all Irans fault" Poor Joe, uncouth Drumpf spoiling a lovely little war you've been wishing for.
    Sad, poor Joe.

  10. But Trump IS indirectly responsible for the plane shoot down: He set this particular chapter of the great bloody circus in motion.

  11. The ppl on here make no sense at all. The Iranian government which by all accounts is horrible has been sponsoring terrorism outside its country and this general was the guy in charge of it. No one outside of the Shia Muslim world has said that he was nothing more than a terrorist leader dressed as a military general and has planned and carried out attacks outside of Iran using groups that are not Iranian but a part of a religious sect. To say he was a good guy because he fought ISIS is avoiding the fact that he has organized shia militia in Iraq and else were to attack Western and Sunni targets using terrorist methods.
    As soon as Saddam was overthrown by the U.S and Iraq had a general election it was always going to be the case that a mostly Shia government would be in power and would therefore move closer to Iran. So how is it in the U.S national interest to remain in a country that is affiliated to the Iranians that are hostile to the U.S? I think ppl don't understand the power structures in the region. These counties were formed by the Europeans after the break up of the Ottoman empire and are countries in name only. They are more drawn towards their sect of Islam and tribal allegiances than they have to a country define by Europeans. This means that U.S troops are effectively surrounded in Iraq and Syria by ppl that, for the most part, don;t want them there and if push came to shove are effectively cut off in hostile territory.
    The U.S need to get out of these countries and stick to the bases that are in countries that the U.S enjoys more support. The Iranians were always going to make a nuclear weapon and the idea that a country rich in oil and gas would need nuclear power stations is purely fantasy. All the Iran deal did was kick the can down the road a bit but the outcome was always going to be the same. For this moron to blame Trump for the downing of an airliner is absolutely absurd considering the fact that they were the ones firing missiles from their country into another against the wishes of Iraq.
    Trump should seize on the Iraqi vote and get out of Iraq and Syria and use the money for the U.S population.

  12. They may be our neighbors, they may be our co-workers, but if they believe anything coming out of this administration, they are also morons. Let's be real. They ignore the thousands of obvious lies and exaggerations coming from Trump and his handlers. They rally behind obvious con-artists, and drifters. They are morons.

  13. Do you want another four years of this crazy one. Where the proof there was going to be another attack, Trump only listen to himself.

  14. Watching the Republicans grovel to Trump for 3 years, I won't be voting for a Republican ever again. – Life long registered non partisan (NP) voter.

  15. Trumps actions cause event to happen if he had not been trying to provoke Iran the plane would have taken it’s passengers to their destination Trump is at fault and he is not going to stop unless he is stopped by Congress

  16. The sad truth is that we will probably never know the full facts of all the events which led to this Airline tragedy. It is natural to believe that the Iranians did it and we humans follow our natural instincts. Putting a country of over 80M people under crippling sanctions, killing their top general [Designating him a terrorist or not] does have a degree of impact on the efficiency of administration [Which is the point!] especially on the area of military defence or attack [Which is the point]. Under these circumstances tragic events are more likely. We are actively attempting to destabilise the regime from outside and within [Have been for 40 years] of course events like this are much more likely to occur because of it. Let us not forget that on July 3 1988 Iran Air Flight 655, an Airbus A300 with 290 people on board, was blown from the skies by a missile fired from the guided-missile cruiser USS Vincennes as it flew over the Persian Gulf from Iran to Dubai. The fact is that the US is on Iranian region of influence not the other way around and this causes tension which leads to tragedy, war and loss of life. Furtive ground for news and journalism, furtive ground for arms sales and massive profits. Tea or Coffee anyone?

  17. We haven't heard from the Intelligence agency of any foreign ally,,that talks of an embassy assault was imminent. Somebody should have picked up something. If there was an assault planned, it wasn't planned over night.There would have been talk for weeks if not months. As usual, President Pinocchio strikes again.

  18. So if someone is continually insulted your standards of life, your life and beliefs are lied about, and your the one continuously shedding blood, no doubt you the 'receiver' would want justice in one way or another.

  19. A voter is not a moron, it is your neighbor, Etc. Finally Morning Joe got it right at slim Nation Point. That's why Trump is President you morons. Not because of deplorable people, but because your actual American Neighbors didn't want the human scum HRC

  20. FAUX NEWS and SINclair are taking advantage of people who FAILED history math and science. They're not MORONS but they're pretty UNEDUCATED. GOP+NRA+KKK=KGB.

  21. No matter how much you rationalize the actions of the madman Trump, the latest Trump embarrassment once again shows not only that he is unfit for office and engages in abuse in power as a matter of course, but is, as I've said, a functional madman. At this point, then, shame on us for not controlling this guy, but especially shame on the cowards in his own pathetic party. Precisely because they are NOT lunatics like Trump is, but nevertheless complicit in allowing him to undermine our democracy and to send the world's image of America into a steep nosedive, they're almost as guilty of incompetence and anti-American behavior as he is.

  22. Donny might really have done a personal inventory. However, joe is still a warmonger. Yes it is a result of Trump’s actions that the plane was shot down. It’s something our mothers teach us as children, their are unexpected consequences from our actions. Maybe joe was visiting grama the day mom was teaching that lesson.

  23. 1946 Hermann Goring › Naturally, the common people don't want WAR but,
    " That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country."

    Right out of the Nazi Playbook.

    Naturally, the common people don't want war … but after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.

  24. look, we ALL know, even his cult, that trump is a buffoon, imbecile, fraud, liar, conman and criminal. we ALL know he's the most incompetent, unstable, corrupt, amoral and dangerous madman who has ever held the Whitehouse. these aren't the issues anymore. the issue now is, as long as the trump's party decides to be every bit as corrupt as trump we have a REAL serious problem. and that's how do we remove trump from the Whitehouse before he can do out country and world anymore harm?

  25. It was ok for obama to take us into Libya and passionate Ghadaffi without congress.. Democrats set this precedent

  26. Who is to say that a consumer, because he or she may be my next-door neighbor, is not a moron. Mine is. S/he voted for our Moron -In-Chief.

  27. When the story changes daily, you know it's a lie!
    Trump needed new red meat for his rallies at the expense of our troops and citizens in the middle East

  28. Would it be to presumptive, I think that's the correct word, to suggest that may be It's time to "reinformate" the US citizenry of the direct intervention in Iranian politics by the British(in care of BP) and other sovereign nations by the US (us at the bequest of Standard Oil) Overthrow democratic ruler Install Military dictatorship Suppress or eliminate opposition Infuriate the populace enough to embrace religious zealotry in order to overthrow Western dominance and greed Apparently the prosperity wasn't enough to satisfy and or enrich the majority pre-Secretary Rumsfeld actually shook with Sadaam Hussein There's been a lot death and politics for quite a while Apparently it was France who set up uranium enrichment for Iran There is so much more than meets the eye As long as there is a call for oil there will be despots of one form or the other What else is guaranteeing loans for the arsenals So involved and convuluted Best stop before I further expose my ignorance

  29. No, Joe…you don't speak for me. Trumps' comments, the rhetoric he spews, the non-action he takes when it comes to the vulnerable whether that vulnerability comes from poverty or the results of catastrophes, ie: tornados, fire, earthquakes, gunfire, racism, children in cages, etc, etc etc. are disturbing. I have never seen Trump show genuine empathy. I don't see him even attempt to have good relationships with the countries around the world who the United States of America has always considered its' Allies. Instead he shows contempt for them as well as to the institution, to the people he serves, to everyone, including his own Party. Yes, I am Canadian and you would think that I would limit myself to Canada's issues and keep out of your politics. However, Canada is your neighbour and who you vote to install in the White House matters to us. It matters because his decisions could affect us. Trump, in my opinion, is dangerous…in his ignorance, his lies, his erratic tendencies, his lack of even having the capacity to listen and learn, his narcissism, his apparent contentment for division. Canada has very recently faced a huge loss that, in my opinion, was a result from your President making an extremely reckless decision that was either meant to assuage his ego, to throw shade on his impeachment or to try to win an election. We can only guess what his real reasons were, we don't know, because he changes his stories so often. Truth, integrity, empathy, intelligence, the ability to empower and inspire are qualities of a true leader, your President lacks those qualities. Vote Trump out in 2020!!!

  30. No Joe. Trump has Canadian blood on his hands. He caused the short chain of events that led to that plane being shot down. For shame! Trump is a terrorist.

  31. Donald Trump has the BLOOD of 167 innocent human beings on his hands. The Senate needs to do the right thing and CONVICT Trump and REMOVE him from the Oval Office immediately.


  33. Any political party that gives 1.4 billion to a terrorist country that kills American Soldiers and innocent people, that has to be love.

  34. Yet when Bush killed Bin Laden you all celebrated!!!! Was Bin Laden responsible for bringing down the towers? Only according to Bush he was. Yet who profited from those towers coming down? Were they not insured just months prior to the attack for BILLIONS more than they were worth? Didn't the building owner not slip up when being interviewed and admitted he made the decision to 'pull them' whilst they were burning? Bush and Silverstein were the profiteers and no one is going to convince me two arabs with no flying experience successfully guided two 747's with pinpoint accuracy into both towers and another into the Pentagon just a few feet off the ground!! Now Trump has done what Obama failed to do by getting rid of solly you all lose your minds!! Pathetic. Just say 'Thank you' and go about your day enjoying the best economy ever, lowest unemployment and falling crime rates and all the other benefits Trump has provided where no other President in history has done so before!!!

  35. Reframe this….Lev Parnas' evidence now given to HOUSE IMPEACHMENT MEMBERS, has proof Trump+Republican's have taken Russian cash for years!
    Trump+Republican's current rush to dismiss Trump's criminal impeachment charges, is only to get Trump cleared ahead of these newest crimes being exposed!

  36. What's a crying shame ?

    A Bus full of democratic socialists and MSNBC journalists going over a cliff and there's two empty seats !!!!

  37. 5:30 WTF! the country was founded by an oligarchy and to this day still is controlled. life have been lost because of a few rich people in the oil business, military complex pushing for war… for a politician to be treated serious in America it has to have a lot of rich people behind it or the media doesn't take it serious. AOC and Bernie are the exception, i bet when Bernie sander dies the media won't shut up about how nice he have been for years, and has always fought for the people, but right now because corporations and the rich hates him all u hear on tv is bad stuff about him and even compare him to evil dictators…

  38. That congress is making itself irrelevant is made worse by the fact that they do it under a total moron who doesn't understand anything and doesn't even want to.


    MILLION ON TRAVEL BY Obama over eight years

    million on travel by Trump in ONE MONTH

    Secret Service golf carts expense in 2 years on Trump properties

  40. "People are not morons, people are not idiots" Everything is relative, but to not see the bad consequences of supporting a man like Trump and his Dominionist allies for "trade policies," "job numbers," etc. make people look like cynical morons to me: they cannot add 1 + 1 = 2 and they don't care about consequences that they have the duty to care about.

  41. I thought Joe had a brain as for Obama, it is a wonder he maintained his composure being blocked at every turn by the GOP….Executive orders are what he had to use to get the job done..I guess a leopard does not change his spots Joe….disappointing !!!

  42. It was reported to be a Soviet missile . It was a Ukrainian Air plane . It was a Saudi Arabian embassy that was threatened months ago. Trump sells weapons to Saudi and makes or receives for himself financial holdings in Saudi Arabia . Tweets to Saudi Arabia from Trump show his duplicity and exaggerations in explanations for escalation are common and self serving as usual . In my opinion. Russian and Saudi interests in the oil for blood trade war is to keep the money out of the hands of growing democracies . Iraq was attacked by this drone strike . Now does Saudi Arabia benefit , Russia , Dictators United coalition's to stamp out democracy as socialism to support the rich getting richer and screw everyone else ? I've really tried not to hate anyone but this guy in the White house lies and American pick up the tab for his hotels. Now innocent people have died and he wants to be privileged so no one can hear the truth . Executive employee should be fired and pay back all the money he made off abusing the privledge of being President. CHARITY misappropriation of Funds .Trump should Resign and save America and himself from further daily embarrassments . In my opinion

  43. Yes trump my not have fired the on the commercial airliner but he started the heightened stress with the killing of Iran’s second in command

  44. When people say someone “loves a terrorist” I think that says more about them than it does the accused. Joe Scarborough is right. It’s just a disgusting trope when used against someone who questions the legitimacy of action.

  45. Tell me …did trump ever tell the truth? I’d hate to be a republican for this reason. To loose the ability to recognize truth when it is told is…well…

  46. You never mention the influence Netanyahu has on trump's foreign policies. For God's sake tell the truth mainstream media!!! it's embarrassing to youselfs. the population is well aware of this!

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