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Preschool Montessori Activities : Pouring Activities for Children

Preschool Montessori Activities : Pouring Activities for Children

This activity is called pouring one to one.
The very beginning of the year we might use very large pitchers with very large items.
Perhaps pom poms or something like that so when we pour them in if they fall the don’t
make any noise. The benefit is to kind of build up to the point where the children are
more self sufficient and can pour their own glass of water without spilling. Generally
we don’t add water into the activities until about January of each school year. So this
activity is called pouring elephant cups. When you show the activity make sure you show
how to hold both sides so they know to use two hands. Make sure you always have a sponge
with your work to clean up any drops. I’m going to return this to the shelf now.

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  1. why not just call it pouring???? Clear glass is a good idea with coloured water if you change the colour maybe but also change the containers often so it looks new and interesting when the children see it.

  2. Noooo the plastic jugs????? Shame….trust the child they can manage breakable items and if they do happen to break them they canclean the mess up as an activity as well.
    Also your presentations are really haphazard. Anyone watching this please be more exact in your movements when presenting to a child

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