Pratap Chandra Sarangi Campaign For Patkura Election

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Sarbojit excellent, at least I got some one who has experience like me. I am Ranjan Pattnayak living alone in a haunted house near Kolkata for last ten years with various experience, exposure & experiments finally leading to the logical conclusion that there exists some invisible, untouchable, intangible external energy with unbelievable capacity making the living beings practically handicapped before them. I was completely atheist having no faith & belief on God & Ghosts at all but certain incidents in my life forced me to search about them as I believed that spirits are cheaper than Gods to find out. Incidentally I stepped into this house unknowingly about these facts. Though people are scared of this house but for me it is a paradise as it opened my eyes to the greater world of non physical humanity. Sarbojit, you can join me for enhancing your efforts in establishing the fact on existence of non physical humanity who are in majority than the living humanity in this world with tremendous possibilities of exploration & exploitation on either end. My mobile number is 9051221078 , email: [email protected]
    Waiting for your response

  2. Sangarey sarathiani nahanty.. Mantri haba payn byasta thiley.. Sarathi nku pacharu thiley.. Kichhy khabara aayilaki

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