Power and Privilege: The Hypocrisy of Social Justice

if you have ever argued with a feminist or SJW you may have noticed a propensity for double standards and hypocrisy when you call these people out for saying sexist things about men or racist things about white people they will almost invariably try to dismiss your argument by tossing out the privilege plus power argument also notice the power structures argument it goes something like this sexism towards men slash racism towards white people doesn't exist because Society gives them privilege and power and they don't face systemic or institutionalized discrimination there are six reasons I can think of to explain why this is a poor argument one the SJW definitions which stipulate that racism and sexism must be systemic and institutionalized are not found in any dictionary as far as I'm aware nowhere in any dictionary does it stipulate that institutionality is a prerequisite of sexism or racism nor do they imply that lacking power and privilege precludes an individual from exhibiting either nor that only those who have power privilege could exhibit either here's the definition of racism according to merriam-webster 1 a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race to racial prejudice or discrimination here's the definition according to dictionary.com 1 a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others to a policy system of government etc based upon or fostering such a doctrine discrimination 3 hatred or intolerance of another race or other races and here's the definition according to oxford dictionaries 1 prejudice discrimination or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior to the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics abilities or qualities specific to that race especially so as to distinguish as inferior or superior to another race or races according to any of those definitions racism certainly can be exhibited by non-whites and since white people are raised racism can certainly be directed at whites I'm sorry but you don't get to redefine a word to give yourself a rhetorical advantage you can in fact be racist towards white people and if you are prejudiced or if you discriminate against white people you are in fact engaging in an act of racism you you are a racist now let's look at that definition of sexism according to merriam-webster sexism is one prejudice or discrimination based on sex especially discrimination against women to behavior conditions or attitudes that foster stereotypes or social roles based on sex note that even though it says especially discrimination against women it does not imply exclusivity nothing in this definition implies that you can't be sexist towards men according to dictionary.com sexism is one attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of gender roles – discrimination or devaluation based on a person's sex or gender as a restricted job opportunities especially such discrimination directed against women 3 in grains and institutionalized prejudice against or hatred of women misogyny notice that of the three definitions provided by dictionary.com characterizing sexism as institutionalized prejudice against women is only one possible definition not the only one and so sexism can indeed take the form of institutionalized or non institutionalized prejudice against men at least according to dictionary.com according to Oxford dictionary's sexism is prejudice stereotyping or discrimination typically against women on the basis of sex again this definition while implying that sexism is typically directed against women does not imply that 6 ISM is exclusively directed against women now I'm sure that feminists will try to argue that these dictionaries are wrong and to that I will point out how funny it is that these same people argue up and down about how feminism is about equality that's the definition it says so in the dictionary while completely ignoring all the anti-male screeching and lobbying and movement has become known for but really none of this should matter these dictionaries are not authorities who determine what words mean they simply describe what certain words are meant to convey in common usage and the definitions can and will change a society starts using words to mean different things it's kind of like how feminists like to point to the dictionary definition of the word feminism as advocating equality between the genders when in practice it's anything but because the actions of the people using the label do more to define it than whatever the dictionary says it's also kind of like how calling the act of people disagreeing with you on the Internet cyber violence doesn't make it violence just because the words racism and sexism are typically used when discussing discrimination of white people or men because of the common misconception that white people and men don't face discrimination that doesn't mean white people and men don't face nor does it mean that white people and men don't face racism or sexism but what really bothers me is the weight sjw's try to simply declare that racism or sexism have to be systemic institutionalized in order to count as racism or sexism or that sexism is only sexism if it's directed at women where do these people go off thinking that they can simply decide what words mean for everybody else in order to suit their own agenda where do they get off excluding themselves from having accusations of racism and sexism levied against them by redefining words to the benefit what astounding arrogance you people must be really privileged if you think you can get away with that to the notion that white people and men never face any sort of systemic or institutionalized discrimination is demonstrably false systemic an institutionalized discrimination against men exists it's not difficult to point out the numerous disadvantages given to men by major systems and institutions such as the fact that it's completely legal to circumcise boys but not to circumcise girls divorce proceedings are unfairly slanted in favor of women men get higher penalties than women for equivalent crimes men are more likely to be homeless even though homeless men are more likely to be employed than almost women men get rejected by domestic abuse shelters even though men are about as likely to be domestic abuse victims men pay higher income tax have proportion to the earnings gap public school systems have pathologized natural boy behavior and put boys at a disadvantage in the classroom leading to decline in graduation rates for boys men are subject to conscription and in many states are automatically signed up for Selective Service when they apply for a driver's license a woman who gets pregnant after raping a man or an underage boy can sue him for child support some states give a woman the power to give up a child for adoption and complete disregard for the wishes of the father and of course men face unfair vilification on college campuses where rape hysteria has created an environment where man can be subjected to criminal investigations and mob justice at the whim of any woman vindictive enough to make a false accusation and anyone who speaks out against this injustice is labeled a rape apologist and denied a platform to talk about it these are all forms of institutional discrimination faced by men and the sjw's refusal to acknowledge them as forms of institutional discrimination does not change the fact that they are forms of institutional discrimination this is sexism directed at men whether you want to admit it or not and if anybody wants to argue that white people never face any sort of institutional discriminate and I in value to look of the history of Irish and Italian immigrants in the United States the treatment of Jews pretty much anywhere outside of Israel the public perception of Germans during the first half of the 20th century or just ask anybody with red hair and freckles and yes racial discrimination may have it – minorities more often it does to white people but to say that white people never experience it is flat-out wrong just as an example according to FBI hate crime statistics about 1/5 of racially motivated hate crimes were motivated by anti white sentiment and there are places in the United States where white people are the most likely to be targeted for racially motivated hate crimes Washington DC is one of them all in guess white white people are responsible for a disproportionately high number of hate crimes it turns out you don't need privilege in order to assault somebody or vandalize a property what anybody really be stupid enough to argue that our racially motivated hate crime targeting white people doesn't count as racism just because it isn't being done by some powerful institution but that's essentially what these people are arguing these sjws are actually arguing that if something isn't institutionalized that it doesn't count and by denying that white people and men face discrimination by pretending and non men and non-whites can't be racist or sexist this gives sjw's license to act like bigots all they want it gives them license to say things like this right now kill them kill you Brad jeans kill yourself so you agree with Malcolm X that white people should be killed is that why you're here here's the thing whether or not the discrimination or prejudice an individual is experiencing is institutionalized or common makes no difference to the person who is experiencing it nor does it make their plight any less worthy of consideration if you hate somebody because of their race or gender and you express your hatred by discriminating against them or by committing a crime against them then you are making them a victim and they are not any less of a victim just because they have a certain skin colour or a certain set of genitals that is racism and sexism if you try to argue otherwise then you're actively arguing that certain groups of people don't deserve justice just because somebody else has it worse this is not how equality works equality is not as your some game you cannot give justice to one group of people at the expense of another and call equality that is discrimination and if you do not realize that then you're not just a bigot you're also a moron it takes a profound lack of introspection to believe something so patently bigoted and to not recognize it for the bigotry that it is free the logic of the power structures argument makes no sense imagine you're a lawyer and you're in court defending a black man who's being charged with a hate crime for assaulting a white man while yelling die honky die and white people of a devil you're trying to defend your client by telling the judge your honor my client couldn't possibly be guilty of a hate crime because he's black you see and black people can't be racist do you think that defense would hold up the prosecution brings in the evidence security camera footage of your client overpowering and attacking his white victim you then argue my client is black so he doesn't have any power never mind the surveillance footage which clearly shows him overpowering somebody he doesn't have any power so he can't be racist so this clearly isn't a hate crime do you think the judge or jury would be impressed having fooled yourself into believing you made a compelling case you then go on to say ladies and gentlemen of the jury I do not deny that my client has physically assaulted another human being but he is a black man and his victim is a white man as we all know white people have privilege but my client has none so he was just punching up and that makes it okay I mean he's allowed to hate his oppressor right after your client has been convicted and you have been disbarred would you then understand how stupid you sound once examine the logic of the power structures argument for a moment the premise of the power structures argument is that because prejudice and discrimination are institutionalized against white men ignoring the fact that this isn't even true anytime white men face prejudice or discrimination it isn't racism or sexism what this argument is basically saying is that because thing X happens to group one more that does to group two one thing X happens to group two it suddenly is in thing X anymore this isn't a straw man this is exactly the logically are putting forth when they make this argument they actually argue that because black people face racial prejudice and discrimination more than white people when white people experience racial prejudice and discrimination it isn't racism imagine if the same logic applied to any other situation let's say a white guy is caught jaywalking that five cops tase him and beat him down with night sticks using SJW logic we would say that the white guy wasn't a victim of police brutality for the simple reason that more black people per capita are beaten up by the police but nobody would be stupid enough to make that kind of argument or at least I hope not so these people who are using the power structures are they know it's fallacious but they use anyway because it's a convenient cop-out to excuse their own racism and sexism the power structures argument is emblematic of the hypocrisy of the SJW movement for the power structures argument is itself racist and sexist the idea that only certain classes of people can be racist or sexist because racism and sexism require privilege and power hinges on the categorization of individuals into racial or gender groups then ascribing certain attributes such as privilege and disenfranchisement to them based on those racial or gender categories so you basically have to make judgments about people based on their race or gender and in order to make those judgments you have to make assumptions and generalizations about their race or gender you then have to sort people into a hierarchy of consideration based on those racial and gender categories in order to determine who's allowed to have what opinions in order to say these people can racist but these people can I you have to make a racial judgment in order to say these people can be sexist but these people cannot you have to make a gender judgment now that I have pointed this out is there any way you could conceivably deny that either action is racist or sexist you are actively engaging in the judgement of people based on race and gender in order to justify your attitude towards them you are saying black people are allowed to say this because I have deemed them worthy to how could you say with a straight face that this isn't racism you are saying only women are allowed to say this because I have judged that they should be allowed to how is it's not sexism you are saying white men aren't allowed to say this because I judge that white men aren't worthy how is this not bigotry how is deciding what people should or shouldn't be allowed to do based on their race and gender not racism and sexism and no you can't divorce people from the cultural and historic context but you also can't divorce them from the context of the individual lives circumstances and experiences what anybody really be stupid enough to argue that homeless white man is more privileged than Oprah Winfrey just because other white people are better off than other black people or that other men are better off than other women the idea that white or male automatically equal privileged and black or female automatically equal oppressed is completely lacking in nuance and is entirely based on a refusal to look past the color of a person's skin or gender it is bigotry in its purest form it's looking at a person's most superficial attributes and using that to define them which is the very core of racist and sexist attitudes and of course just like all forms of bigotry that people as fasten this attitude believe it's completely justified 5 its self-defeating Cletus and JimBob down at the Walmart hanging a confederate flags on their pickup truck aren't representing a kind of organized system or institution so a for instance um has to be systemic and institutionalized for its account are they not being racist when I yell racial slurs at black people walking down the street if they are then why them yelling at people is a systemic or institutionalized so why are they racist if black people doing the exact same thing to white people aren't racist 6 it's a cop-out the people who say you can't be racist towards white people or you can't be sexist towards men or in the same boat as the people who say homosexuality is a choice it's all denial it's nonsense and they tell themselves that when they discriminate against a group of people they won't have to feel guilty about it sjw's tried to obfuscate the definitions of racism and sexism to make these words mean whatever they want them to means that they can condemn others as racist and sexist and not have other people passed the same judgment on them it's double standards and hypocrisy ladies and gentlemen and I don't know about any of you but I'm not falling for it as far as I'm concerned racism is very simple racism is when you make generalizations about the members of a particular ethnic group you make assumptions or judgments about individuals based on their ethnicity or you believe people should be treated differently than other people solely on the basis of ethnicity sexism is similarly simple sexism is when you make generalizations about the members of a gender group or you make assumptions and judgments about individuals based on their gender or you believe people should be treated differently than other people solely on the basis of gender and that is exactly what sjw's do sjw's believe some people should be given preferential treatment based on their skin color or whatever generals they have they believe one person's arguments should be given more weight than another person's based not on the merits of their argument but based on their skin color or genitals they believe people should or shouldn't be allowed to do certain things based on your skin color or genitals they judge people based on the content of the character put on their skin color and genitals they believe people should be segregated based on skin color and genitals sjw's are unequivocally racist and sexist and just like any other group of racists or sexist they will rationalize their bigotry with mental gymnastics such as the privileged plus power argument and this isn't to say that that doesn't ever exist a time when it's appropriate to treat somebody differently based on their sex or race for example it's a biological fact that men are physically stronger than women and this is why we have different sports leagues for men and women it's also a biological fact that some ethnic groups and more prone to certain medical conditions than others such as skin cancer or sickle cell anemia which is why your race matters in a medical context but to say that somebody shouldn't be allowed to voice an opinion on a subject well that somebody's argument to be given less consideration just because they're a member of a racial or gender out group is bigotry pure and simple if you say that men's opinions on sexism and white people's opinions on racism shouldn't be given equal weight or should even be disregarded entirely all you're really doing is avoiding points of view which don't conform to your narrative and prejudices and the only reason you would do this is either because your arguments can't stand with the scrutiny or you are a bigot sjw's are racists and sexist and the fact that the privilege plus power argument exists proves this you

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  1. Dude. Female and male circumcision are not the same AT ALL. What is wrong with you?

  2. I'm a white male but I'm not a racist or sexist. Black people can't help being black and I can't help being white. It was my ancestors who were cruel to people for being black, not me and I can't help having racist ancestors. So tell me, what makes you better than the KKK or Nazis if you hate white people because of the bad things their ancestors did?

  3. White people didn´t steal slaves from Africa.
    Wealthy blacks traded poor blacks for tools and iron.

  4. I'm black, and I believe very strongly that black people can be racist. If I go up to a person of Asian descent and Say ching chong is that not racist just because I am black

  5. For reference I'm in middle school.

    A few months ago I went into class and I hung around with my old friend from the year before, and all of a sudden he calls me a racist. I didn't do anything to him other than talk to him, and his argument was that "because I'm white". I'm already offended at this point so I tell him that not all white people are racist, and his ingenious response was to list every famous person he knew that was white, and there was only one I could remember that was actually racist (Christopher Columbus). I reported him to the dean of students in my school and I haven't heard anything racist from him for months. Then one time at lunch my hands were greasy, so I couldn't open my water bottle, so I asked the kid to help me open it. He than said no and than accused me of slavery.

    Man 7th grade is tough

  6. If your gonna blame someone that's race did something 200 years ago that they had no control over is asking a 9 year old why he didint help fighting hitler

  7. MLK said I want my kids to be judged by there personally not the color of there skin. That's the same thing white males are judged by the color of there skin not there personality

  8. Look at this

    “I grew up in Chicago.
    My father left when I was 9, and my mother struggled horribly to keep three kids fed, and on more than one Christmas eve, cried her eyes out when she couldn't afford even the smallest Christmas gifts for her children.

    I was told by the city I was the wrong color when a friend and I applied for the fire department. (For the inevitable naysayers: It was the mid 90's, and there's PUBLIC RECORD of a class-action lawsuit and settlement to support this claim)
    Several times, I'd been pulled over by the police and had my car torn apart, seats laying on the sidewalk, just because of the color of my skin. (I was informed it was because a white guy driving through a latino neighborhood is buying drugs)
    There were weeks I literally starved, checking newspaper box coin returns and street gutters, hoping to find 12 cents for a package of ramen soup.

    I'm first-generation american in my family. I was raised by immigrants who were murdered, enslaved, imprisoned, beaten, starved, etc by racists who make today's white supremacists look like boy scouts. Stories from my own grandparents about this time were depressing and horrifying, like my grandfather being stuffed in a cell with a dozen other men, fed only when a german working dog would die. They'd throw the prisoners the dead dog and let them fight over it, while laughing and making wagers with each other.

    10 years ago, I had nothing to my name but a bag of clothes slung over my shoulder, and with some help from a few family members, clawed, scraped, sacrificed and fought my way up to where I am today:
    Still saving, still fighting, struggling to pay SKYROCKETING chicago property taxes on a house that's dropping in value, while the housing around me is bought up by families subsidized by state and local governments. I'm not supposed to be bitter about that? My ward (23rd) was recently redrawn, and the democrat alderman here resigned immediately after winning his midterm election. He was replaced by a Hispanic woman who I understand was previously elected to a state rep position, but didn't feel like making the trip to Springfield twice a week, so she was GIVEN the alderman position without an election, while it was then announced publicly that the plan was for my ward to become a "Hispanic voting bloc". I was at a 7-11 last week, and was told by one of the new residents that "your kind isn't welcome here".

    Yet upon seeing me, I'm being told that I've been privileged all my life, based SOLELY on the color of my skin. No other reason.
    How is that NOT racist as HELL? And where's all this privilege I've been hearing about? All this politically correct GARBAGE about how it's wrong to judge people by appearance, yet I'm being judged solely by my skin color. And then the talking heads on the idiot-box in the living room wonder why racially-charged hate groups from ALL SIDES are on the rise? Give me a fucking break.
    The worst part? This post will be categorically dismissed and probably downvoted, based on nothing more than the color of my skin. Go ahead, I'm getting used to it.

    Edit: Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and support. It's really encouraging to discover I'm not the only one out there with the concerns for the future we're handing our kids. Thanks to a few posts here, I've decided to look into finding like-minded people who are also concerned with achieving real equality instead of the sick parody handed down by a bunch of slobs who talk from both sides of their mouth. (The politicians and their ilk)

    Brian Zdziarski

    Not one link!

    Anybody can claim something is in public records but you have to actually show a link in order to back that up!

  9. Look at this.

    “Should there be an "All Lives Matter" movement instead of the "Black Lives Matter" movement?

    Sure…as long as they show up and protest when people of any race are wrongfully killed by the cops.

    Also. Understand that BLM is about more than police shootings. It's about

    Unequal school education – unequal punishment of school offenses for people of different races
    Unfair sentencing by judges
    The constant ignoring of black accomplishments
    The historical mitigation of black suffering in America at the hands of the American government
    Police brutality..not just shootings
    So ALM would have their hands full. But I welcome them with open arms.

    But your going to have to figure out how to take that title from the current All Lives Matter group who's goal appears to be only coming out to protest Black Lives Matter.


    Also, if you want to work on White Lives Matter to help them out as well… that would be nice.

    Robert Strickland on Quora”

    Do I even have to say anything about this idiot?

  10. I'm a Native American. I've never once hated any white person for what their ancestors did over 100 years ago. Why would I?
    I know most Native's hate the whites nowadays because of the quality of their reservations, and it's understandable, but I wish we could all just love each other as people.

  11. 0:13 I also like to inject commical amounts of heroin and deep see dive 50 miles outside of coastal wasters without clotes pr gear for daily ritual.

  12. So…theyre primarily modern day Nazis. Isnt that one of their excuses for hunting jews? Because they killed jesus. Theyre fucking Nazis, this is crazy! I had no idea this game got this far out of control

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