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Pompeo Launches Commission To 'Reexamine' Which "Unalienable" Human Rights Deserve Respect

Pompeo Launches Commission To 'Reexamine' Which "Unalienable" Human Rights Deserve Respect

sadly the US and Israeli governments are all too happy to maintain the status quo in which they have all the power nuclear and otherwise that most others do not and now in one of the most chilling moves I have seen in a long time the leading violators of human rights in the world will now decide which inherent human rights should ultimately be respected this coming from anti war entitled Pompeo launches commission to study which human rights deserve respect and yes if you heard what I said before you heard that correctly I said inherent rights meaning they cannot be voted away they can be ignored by tyrannical governments but they can never be taken from you as a human being some of which are outlined in our very own US Constitution if you're an American which is which it seems now is up for debate I guess by some of the most morally ambiguous men in existence today now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday that he is launching I'm not kidding you what he calls quote a commission on unalienable rights that's his title a commission on unalienable rights which he described as being meant to review which human rights quote are entitled to gain respect really let that sink in for a moment I mean this seems to clearly suggest that Mike Pompeo here either does not fully understand what the word unalienable actually means or he simply does not care either way that is pretty damn alarming and just in case you know just for the sake of conversation unalienable meaning but simplistic terms that it cannot be taken away from you especially by a government and here he is bringing the Commission and even using the word unalienable in the title and saying that we're here to discuss which one of these so-called unalienable rights are going to continue to be rights are entitled to gain respect I mean this is alarming at least to me I don't know about you now Pompeo said that the proliferation of human rights claims so the proliferation of human rights claims have required quote one of the most profound reexaminations of the unalienable rights in the world again there's no examining unalienable rights I mean this is the moment this is classic this is just as ridiculous as a pre-emptive defensive strike this is what they do I mean this being the u.s. arm understand and human rights right so there is a lot of critics are expecting this to go pretty poorly some were critical of how you know little human rights play a factor in u.s. foreign policy today while others are expecting a religion centric study group which will try to endorse traditional judeo-christian concepts of Rights while disavowing more modern concepts which Pompeo described as being quote government prescribed rights we understand this this truly could not be more chilling what we're talking about here I mean honestly even if you actually have faith that Pompeo wants to do the right thing we're still talking about putting in the hands of a select group of people to decide or disregard or accept or disregard what we all accept as inherent rights as being human that should scare you is then add to that what Pompeo was actually accomplishing today and what the government he's a part of is actually doing around the world that is why everybody is so concerned that the u.s. is spearheading the most ridiculous among the ironically spearheading the Human Rights Commission now others clearly considering this religious aspect is something that we should consider and it's something that is alarming recognizing of course the Zionist aspect to it as well the religious push on what they decide is going to be basically handed down for the rest of the world and of course putting their beliefs on top of that is going to drive it at a very specific way now coming at a time when the UN Human Rights Commission for excuse me the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is right now criticizing the United States treatment of migrants and refugees the expectation is that the Commission will conclude that these groups simply don't have any such rights the try to deflect international criticism now of course this is speed this is thinking domestically which to a lot of Americans is much more important but recognize all of the other fields of war where there is far more reason for concern starving 20 million people to death in Yemen currently beginning to do the same in Syria killing 40,000 children in Venezuela I mean on and on and on and if you can then tweak what do you consider to be justifiable human rights and how that applies to what you're doing specifically around the world think about that power and it's what they're doing everywhere else right now rewriting history reality right in front of us because they're powerful enough to do it I mean in other words potentially one of the most overtly dishonest and disingenuous displays of political manipulation by one of the most flagrant violators of human rights and one of the most the worst obfuscators of human rights violations committed by US allies that just disregards human suffering because of course it hinders the US government agenda one step at a time here these powerfully rogue government's behind the largest collective military power the world has ever known are eroding the everyday diminishing ability of the average individual to hold these governments accountable or have any ability whatsoever to enforce or protect what you believe to be your rights as a person as an American as a citizen of the earth that is of course unless you do something about it

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  1. Pompass is a smug, Zionist, Swamp Creature. Sadly when he is gone from the geo-political stage another bottom feeder will rise to the surface. The District Of Criminals Inc. is a cesspool of excrement full to the brim. 🤮

  2. Unless you "do something about it".
    Do what?

    As long as the military defends this government, we are powerless to stop them. The onus is on the military, the men and women who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution from all threats, foreign and DOMESTIC. Oath breakers, the whole lot of them!

  3. Looks at that hog snorting or snarling cant believe we have idiots like that in our government need to over through these traders. Dont care we care hope he gets blank.

  4. This is the start of giving the sick trans community a human right to be trans you can bet your bottom dollar on it yeah that way the straight community will never be allowed speak out against a mentally ill community grooming little kids in primary schools yeah the lgbt are going to win the war

  5. The Administration that continues to break the Law wants to now determine what a Human Right is. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

  6. Probably a prelude to the implementation of world wide Noahide Law. We are living in the last days, WWIII is about to start and will lead us into the tribulation period where the NWO anti Christ beast system will come to power. The only way to escape the bondage of this horrific Orwellian existence is to accept the True Gospel of Jesus The Christ ( Grace through Faith) Simply admit your a sinner in need of a savior and repent (have a change of mind, stop trusting in yourself for your salvation and place it all in Him) then believe with all your heart and in His redemptive work on the Cross ( shed Blood, death, burial, and resurrection on the 3rd day, finally just call on His name as your savior. ALL who call on His name WILL be saved. Seek Him today for He is coming soon!!!

  7. easy answer: RESPECT ALL OF THE RIGHTS !!!!. Pompeo studying which unalienable rights are worth respecting..more like keeping…you have trashed enough rights….greedy , wants more….

  8. Abolish the accursed CIA!!! Prosecute the entire command structure and execute them for crimes against humanity.

  9. When 60 million christians make their own religion federal reserve money that a day civil war Jewish shows their true definition of zionist hatred for America

  10. The ongoing contest amongst government to see how stupid they can act, how far they can take the stupidity and will the people follow along.

  11. They want to build a 3rd Temple in Jerusalem and create a one world government and religion. I am having no part of it! Jesus is my only King and they can kiss my feet.

  12. One of the last people on earth you would want deciding on what rights you have. Truly chilling!

  13. In the UK, Tories have denied 'First Aid' lessons to children attending state-funded schools. Suppressed documents revealing the same children are being exposed to toxic levels of air pollution which will have long term damage on their undeveloped immune system and lung capacity. Suggested local governments drop children's rights to make up for funding cuts from central government. Cut all funding to Women's Shelters. Cut free school lunches for children who's families earn below the national minimum. Have systematically been abusing disabled people's human rights for decade and then simply flat out denied it when confronted with evidence and somehow turned it into them being the victim of a political attack. Set religious groups against each other as an election strategy. Silenced victims of the Westminster peadophile ring. Silenced the Windrush generation if they wanted justice. Stopped the criminal investigation into Rupert Murdoch bribing the police and illegally backing into people's phones. Banned the police from investigating the former Housing Minister responsible for deaths in Grenfell Tower. Provided their own lawyers to protect Tony Blair from ever having to go to court for war crimes. Wanted to hide all Brexit negotiations from the public and Parliament.

  14. The dems are in front of a republican court trying to defend another attack on obama care. Something like 20 million people would lise their healthcare. All this winning.

  15. Another human being can’t grant people human rights. They just are. They come from God. Just like you can write all the “laws” in the world, but real laws come from God. Natural Law. The gov’t thinks they are god cause they follow what Satan teaches.

  16. When Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, he meant that he was going to drain the swamp directly into his white house

  17. “A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial. That is when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud.”

    Our elites have exhausted fraud. What is left and can be expected from the leading human rights violators of the world?

  18. I must have missed when we voted Pompus Pompeo god of the United States. Personally, I prefer Jeffersons INALIENABLE rights, it is more decisive, no matter what John Adams wrote. And Pompeo is more than welcome to give up any and all of the rights GOD gave him. Let's MAKE AMERICA FREE AGAIN !

  19. Remember Trump ordered Nikki Haley to withdraw the US from the UN HR Council because everyone was angry with Israel for shooting Palestinians during their 'Freedom March' protests. Thousands were shot injured and maimed.

  20. Realize this, these people are the new nazis, therefore there is no surprise here, and this is the beginning…

  21. It’s not about human rights.
    It’s about the inhuman dictatorship *they* are bringing upon the world.

  22. This self admitted liar, thief and overall scumbag will never tell me what my rights are. I can read (probably better than Pompeo) He casn kiss my ass!

    PS I don't remember voting for this douchbag,and I certainly have no respect for him what so ever.

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