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  1. They put Grenada in the same category as the Italians in Africa and thr Horns of Hattin. Really. Its a great military blunder? That's just silly. That is even assuming the opinion of that one student that there was no real danger is correct, and one person's opinion hardly establishes that.

  2. taking "back" the holy lands for Islam? Strange idea since it was the crusaders that took back the holy land for christianity. At this time EVERY muslim nation was previously a christian nation taken in Jihad. ALL the middle east was christian before the muslims came along and killed everytghing in its path. A small fact thats often forgotten in the politically correct west where we eat dirt to satisfy Islam. Im a historical archeologist and think its a great shame that the facts are never pointed out nowdays. When I grew up it was common knowledge tho.

  3. Oh, so ep1 was anti west, ep2 was anti west… imagine my predicted surprised when ep3 is instantly anti west and talking up islam. Wowsers.

  4. And again at the very end of the video, the very last sentence leaves the watcher with the impression that in all three cases politicians left military and naval forces with tasks that we're impossible.once again I say they failed to prove this was the case with Grenada.

  5. The subtitle suggest that all subjects within will be great military blunders. Strange I don't see the blunder in Grenada.

    I think somebody had a political agenda here. IE politics through propaganda. To attach the Grenada operation to the idea of military blunders is to say the least not a complete truth.If the Grenada operations results were to become the standard for what is a military blunder, then the left would get what they want a weekend America. Their attempt to do so is why I label this political propaganda.

  6. The benefit of these far right lunatics is they are lunatics and lunatics tend to make serious mistakes. Probably the real reason the imperialists lost ww2. Probably the reason the alt right will die out in our time.

  7. Cherry picking bits and pieces of History to make Christendom look bad. Mohammedan's started the wars. Islam is a evil death cult.

  8. The Crusaders were initiated through the threat to the Christian Empire in the East. Prior to the Crusaders the Islamic Caliphate had subjugated the Christians of Syria, Egypt, North Africa, Iberia. They had invaded Southern Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and put siege to Rome twice. Who was the aggressor?

  9. The first crusaders answered the call to aid from the Byzantium Roman empire, to help regain all their lost territory in the Levant and Anatolia. A whole continent was fighting off and losing lands to jihad for hundreds of years by now. It was a pretty reasonable change of pace for the Christian kingdoms to stop fighting each other and fend off a foreign army, with the deadliest warriors being your own people who were enslaved as children.

  10. Dr George Albert, Granada medical student had only the impression of safety.
    Communist Cubans didn't confide in him.
    So how is Dr Bozo the
    "expert" witness on Granada.
    Remember, Comrade,
    Bolshevik Revolution,
    Mao Zedong China,
    Korea, Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia,
    Fidel Castro Cuba…….
    Dr Bozo needs to read communist history.

  11. And so it goes , on and on……from bankrolling fascists in Germany to get the European continent ready for a war to put a still democratic Germany with pretensions of equality with the three main colonial powers, back in her box ….Instead of helping a still democratic Germany in keeping a lunatic fascist fringe group (like they are in most nations) a minority….. As it worked out…some came out of that concocted conflict with flying colors , and wouldn't change history even if they could……
    Till today…..where other murderous Arab military regimes are tight buddies with Uncle Sam and his nato lapdogs , while Assad has to go because he doesn't say "Uncle" loud enough to the U.S. and Israel……with all the Syrian carnage that involves….
    Propping up fascist dictators became part and parcel of empire politics…..under the guise of "democracy & freedom" ……

  12. The largest most powerful military in the world took the time effort and expense to invade a impoverished island nation with fewer inhabitants than a small city…

  13. Islam victims SJW liars What a great idea for a web site. BUT I look at the "Politics By Other Means!" What a lie, Flagrant lie by liars who represent your World History business to question everything else you put out. Christian Crusaders went to the Middle East to protect The Jews and Christians who populated the Middle East until Islam slaughtered and spread Islam by the sword. Crusaders fought 10 battles where Islam started many 100s. You paint a lie with a lie of brutal deception against Christians who fought to protect he damned victims of islam. Islam victims just like the innocent victims who might feed on your deception. What greater condemnation can I charge you with. You are rewriting history!

  14. LOL,  picks a moment of history, that equates to 13 invasions of the crusades, vs the 100's under muslim warlords, greate credibility.

  15. In the Granada invasion you made little mention of the Cuban goals of subversion and conquest nor the presence of Soviet advisors. Most historians would not say the invasion was a plunder. Reagan's Democratic opposition were the only ones making the comments that it was not necessary or effective.

  16. …and we might add Maggie's murdered victims at Loughgall, Bloody Sunday, Gibraltar, hunger strike at Long Kesh, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFyuXXGvPew ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_-c__z7PfQ&t=95s ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1Nl9nY072E ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaS3vaNUYgs ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8rSFiDYpJ4 ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdcDiiFFgLc TAL!

  17. Rebuilding the hospital would have been a decent thing to do!
    Who was doing the shooting:

  18. The Crusades were launched in order to retake lands that were conquered by Muslims, which were still mostly populated by Christians, who were suffering under brutal Islamic rule. Making it into something that had anything to do with Christianity is disgusting and blatantly UNTRUE.

    By the way, Muslims had been AT CONTINUOUS WAR with Christian Europe for FOUR CENTURIES prior to the Crusades, and have been in constant unending military conflict with the non-Muslim world since Muhammad. Placing ANY of this upon Christians is diabolically false.

  19. Went through a lot of work to build up to "Evil Reagan." But then, you did paint the Islamic invasion of the Middle East as "evil west" vs "noble Islam."

  20. NAZI'S were not fascists national socialist party economic policies were largely socialist not fascist one must ask the question why do morons persist in calling them fascist and you must ask can you trust anything they talk about.

  21. This documentary is a farce. Regarding the Navy Seals in Granada. The facts are : "Neither mission was well briefed nor sufficiently supported with timely intelligence; causing the SEALs trouble from the very beginning. Delays in an airborne insertion caused their daytime calm-sea insertion to be pushed back to night time and a bad storm. One of their two transport planes missed its drop zone, and four SEALs were lost in a rain squall off the island’s coast. Their bodies were never recovered."
    Contrast that with what is stated in this farce of a documentary.

  22. The Muslims invasions from Arabia initially had killed thousands of European Christians. The Crusades were a defensive wave of battles to push back the Muslim invasions and retake European lands.
    Muslims start the wars but the Crusaders usually get portrayed as the bad guys. Even this "Historical" portrayal doesnt tell how the invading Muslims butchered the people of the lands they invaded that wouldnt convert to Islam. Muslims decimated North Africa and wiped out the native people in Egypt and other lands. Muslims killed the older men and women, shippef out castrated boys to be eunuch slaves to the East, and used the young women to breed and grow the muslim population. Heck , even Vlad the Impaler had history make him a villian for doing all he could to defend his Country from Muslim invasions.

  23. Landing an army in front of the hedgerows was a great military blunder you never hear about…It cost 10's of thousands of lives in a maze of small fields, embankments, and entanglements that were ideal for defense and a determent for offensive actions, and the Germans took advantage . Eisenhower could have chosen a better location, perhaps miles to the north…the Brits on the left had a better go of it because their area of operation was only partially covered by hedgerows. The French fields soaked up a lot of American blood.

  24. WTF? Hang on a minute. He can't just say, the Navy Seals sank to the bottom and drowned! Why did they? The water is their domain, so, how could 'crack' troops just sink and die? What's the answer?

  25. The fact that the USA has been at war in one way or another since 1783 to the present less 56 years of peace should be food for introspection.What's up with that?

  26. Carl von Clausewitz, in his book, "On War," wrote that, "War is the continuation of politics by other means." Every military officer in the world has heard that quote. War is a political act; period. Soldiers understand this. The makers of this piece clearly don't. So, every war can be understood from the perspective of what politically drove that conflict.

    I find the analysis in this piece to be amateurish, starting with the implied assertion that there is any war that is not politically driven. It didn't really get better.

    Lastly, any flag officer who claims politics isn't his field of expertise is lying. Generals and admirals play politics every day.

    Honestly, I listened to this while grilling steaks, and thanked providence I didn't waste time dedicated to watching this. It's really kind of crappy.

  27. take lefty timeline with a pinch of salt. to these commies facts and TRUTH don't matter, results is all that matters.  Timeline , journeyman pictures and bbc are the last ones I will get my facts from, pushing their lefty Marxist narrative. Google too having been changing our History online for some time nowseeing as the left run the media and schools and liberal Marxist teachers indoctrinating our vunerable children. you get the picture.

  28. The holy lands were Christian until moslems wiped out the Christians. The Crusades were an attempt to restore the lands to Christian rule. http://www.outono.net/elentir/2017/08/21/the-20-islamic-offensives-that-suffered-the-christian-territories-before-the-crusades/

  29. OK, in the interest of political correctness, they left out the Muslim more recent invasion (of a city which I cannot remember the name of right now. Starts with an A) which triggered the Crusade. Not the invasion 300 years prior.

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