Politicians react to U.S. drone strike in Iran that killed Qasem Soleimani

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  1. Stupid politicians may god curse you all. My hearts prayer for you all especially to freaking trump on his disgust face

  2. “We had plenty of opportunities to take him out, why now?” Impeachment…. nobody is going to follow through with impeaching a president during any part of a war…

  3. This war is as partisan as the rest of the country’s views on things, the republicans are all for it and the democrats are all against it. What a screwed up country America has become.

  4. The biggest mistake is killing Qassem, He’s a man that didn’t want ISIS, he fought against it and he loved people around him, MANY AMERICANS agree with that.The people happy that he died are either siding with ISIS or are part of it, because the iranians/Iraqi’s that are happy about this are literally part of isis because EVERYONE knows that Qassem didn’t want wars to happen and for THIS reason iran didn’t strike america before even though iran would’ve shut america down a long time ago… America is asking for a big war and i hope they fight back and fight back hard so that they can take their revenge because this isn’t fair, if you want war they will give it! It’s sad how iraq was put in the middle of this, People have died from iraq and they weren’t even part of the equation ??? I hope iraq fights america back too so that they can finally get this over and done with.

  5. Good thing that there's a nuclear deal with Iran to prevent them from building and retaliating with nuclear weapons.. Oh wait… 🤦‍♂️

  6. Chuck Schumer said "The need for advance consultation and transparency with Congress was put in the Constitution for a reason, because the lack of consultation and transparency and can lead to hasty and ill-considered decisions," and "When the security of the nation at risk, decisions must not be made in a vacuum." The President is Commander in Chief and there's nothing in the Constitution that says that the President must consult with Congress before exercising their office. Schumer is lying again.

  7. Why u America allow this administration to carry out the illegal attack ?? What is done is done ? If u think they are a threat to America…prove it….dont just say so and act illegally….than saying you did it to save america…???

  8. You know what else would save American lives? Not sending them to countries where they are not wanted. Why target the general responsible for the defeat of ISIS in Iraq?

  9. If you went back in time and killed Hitler in his youth and thus averted WW2 how would you explain it to folks at the time?
    This man was a serious threat to peace. We have no idea of the information that Trump was presented with by the most sophisticated intelligence gathering apparatus on the planet. Until we do then we should not give in to wild accusations and conspiratorial paranoia.

  10. This will "maybe" give us a break from 24/7 coverage of as Maxine Waters would say impeach, impeach, impeach. LOL Now they actually have something that is actual news to talk about.The media does not care as they all get paid whether it is real or fake news. I don't think Nadler, Schiff and Pelosi ever missed a paycheck.

  11. Throw a bomb on Bin Salman, the aid of Trump and on every Saudi king who follows him but doesnt ask the USA to leave!

    By AbdAllah

  12. He had to do it. What was he supposed to do?He cannot let them attack the US Embassy, that is a red line that cannot be crossed. If he would have done nothing, that is a green light to go ahead and attack US Embassies all over the world. He sent them a loud and clear message, that attacking US Embassies will not go unpunished.

  13. oh, we messed up Dems pay to play sand buddies, Americans want their trillions of Tax Payers MONEY BACK!!!!!!!

  14. huh, if Hillary would have become president we would be in WAR you dumb Dems and you know it! If we go to War their WILL BE NO STANDING DOWN LIKE Obama made our Troops DO!!!!………….

  15. Now, for Repercussions, of what President Trump started, taking out their General ? If Iran hated us before, they certainly HATE us Now !! Have to keep praying for our Country !

  16. The imbecile dummy Trump got played by the dubious Zionists members of his administration to carry out
    this stupid decision in order to shackle together the US with the dreadful destiny of Israel in the middle east so the
    US would have no escape but to fight Israel wars and also defend it through the nose.

  17. Even if USA nukes a country and show that it was to save their country then stupid public will believe it. Who knew this general before today? No one! Poking to welcome WWIII…. Billions will die because of USA'S democracy

  18. Iran has wished death on Americans for over 50 years. How can you defend the Iranians Democrats. You guys are straight clown, I don’t want war and I don’t think trump does but some times you need to stand up for yourselves, right liberals

  19. Pelosi, Schiff have just demonstrated how irrelevant they made themselves along with the rest of Congress. Good going dems. Hahaha. Trump has my permission to do whatever.

  20. What a shame that eight years of the ball less head imam obummer has created a generation of wring their hands pussies who just can't handle a president with a pair of balls.

  21. You put lots American lives in risk now…
    Wait for the reaction..
    RIP general Soliemani.. thanks everything you've done for great nation and thanks for send 🇺🇸🇺🇸pigs to hell

  22. Iran Trump and Pence and Pompeo and the republican party and Fox Nes is your target not innocent American who don't support Trump and the GOP.

  23. This will launch a new refugee crisis in europe and finally europe should show its true color this sht democracy only function if you got less poverty go deal with it now with your ideology you hipocrites

  24. I like tulsi Gabbard approach when it comes to the middle east, there are bad guys all over the world, is it our job to take them out? Why are we still in Iraq? Why is only US have problems in the middle east, Britain, Germany, France, China, Russia …… none have as much conflict as we do. Is it really worth?

  25. An extrajudicial mafia style hit designed in-part to initiate a reaction and therefore justify the escalation of overt hostilities in the region. Trump had no idea, he was sent on a pilgrimage to win over the vote of the moneyed right-wing evangelicals and the votes of their congregations.

  26. Liars liars liars and Americans are sooooo stupid and your government have blood on his hand for centuries soo dont even start pffffffff American government disgust me pfffffffff liars killers……..you morons believe a government that always lies

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