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  1. Let us see, the Liberal government throws 1.5 Billion CDN taxpayer dollars to CBC and other media outlets who are favorable to the Liberals and their agendas,, and intends to fine giant social media platforms like Google and Facebook if they do not censor and ban people and organizations who oppose the Liberal government, their policies, worldview, actions……but CBC shall go the way of the Dodo bird ultimately, because it is centralized controlled media, whereas the social media platforms are now where many of us get our news and information, because it has been proven that the public can not trust politicized government funded centralized controled media like the CBC

  2. As governments try to control social media platforms, I can see a development of new political parties in Canada like the Google Party of Canada, and the Facebook party of Canada. The only reason the Liberal government is losing public support of many Canadians and is doing this now is because they want to censorship the ideas and views of anyone online who actively opposes and critiques their views and objectives, as they try to win the fall election 2019.

  3. Reining in the social media platforms and reining in governments who are attempting to control all narratives and are attempting to censor all opposing narratives need to be reined in ………….since this all is impossible, the only solution is to allow all narratives …..quit trying to use things to infringe upon the rights and freedoms of people in Western Nations……..no more communistic/totalitarian control of the masses.

  4. shut them down now just before the elections the left is so predictable along with bias media

  5. A good synopsis of how the business model currently popularized by technology is underminining the very atonomy it promises…
    Thank you Mr. Jim Balsillie … well spoken .

  6. Google Facebook cockroaches oh, somebody is funding these people to keep that their stock price up so high then they make nothing that people or consumers can use, all their money is through advertising come there's no way that stock price of both Facebook and Google can be supported by the advertising and or their apps. No way somebody is pumping money into it because it is being used as a political weapon cama. No if ands or buts about it they've already made it clear and extremely overt that they are acting as a political tool thus there is great incentive for collusion between Facebook Google and some corporations as well as politicians to ensure that a special interest group will continue to monopolize the economy the benefit of a few at the expense of the majority. If you are against the fascist practices of Google and Facebook and you still have an account with Facebook or you buy Google apps, then you're contributing to the downfall of the majority of society as they use these stealth corporatist strategies by which to subvert your Constitution and rule of law to such a degree that they will eventually send you back to the plantation regardless of the color of your skin LOL oh, it's been done before VW, Audi, BMW Nestle in the list of Corporations goes on and on we're all able to successfully Lobby government to take humans as actual slaves. All this political correctness an sjw stuff is all with the intention of ultimately removing whatever Freedom's you have remaining to life liberty and private property and send you on a one-way ticket back to the plantation with absolutely no means to mitigate once it is already been initiated be careful of sitting idly by thinking that you're okay everything's fine, because it's not!

  7. if the governement funded a filter for twitter,facebook and google applications then just like how 80% of tweets are made by 20% of the users, only these users would support and use the echo chamber

  8. Thank you God!Vengence Is Yours…, Sayeth YOU!❤👀
    ❎™We need to turn the Hammer surveillance techno back on them for a few years….individually and corporately.🔨❌™

  9. Censorship in Liberal Canada . Once they succeeded in ending democracy and turning Canada into a one-party dictatorship, the Liberals orchestrated a massive propaganda campaign to win the loyalty and cooperation of Canadians. The Liberal Propaganda Ministry, directed by Justin trudeau, took control of all forms of communication in Canada: News networks newspapers, magazines, books, public meetings, and rallies, and radio. Viewpoints in any way threatening to Liberal beliefs or to the regime were censored or eliminated from all media. During the spring of 2019, Liberal student organizations, professors, and librarians made up long lists of books they thought should not be read . Schools also played an important role in spreading Liberal ideas. While some books were removed from classrooms by censors, other textbooks, newly written, were brought in to teach students blind obedience to the party, love for trudeau. After-school meetings of the trudeau Youth and the League of Left wing Girls trained children to be faithful to the Liberal party.

    " Liberal Socialism was not simply a party like any other; with its total acceptance of criminality it was an incarnation of evil, so that all those whose minds were attuned to democracy, Christianity, freedom, humanity or even mere legality found themselves forced into alliance. Banned, underground political parties contributed one source of opposition. Can anybody guess where this is from?

  10. How about asking the population what they have for priorities, nobody asked the government to do this and we wouldn't.

  11. In other words the government should be the only one feeding you lies. Too many people are learning the truth with social media and there needs to be interference.

  12. Boycott phony fakebook. They are an amoral platform that only cares about views and impressions. They sell your info cheap and studies show it makes you unhappier participating in these networks.

  13. People should be free to post whatever they want on whatever platform they choose to use. The government should not limit what anyone posts, and leave it for everyone else to decide what they believe, and what they don’t believe.

  14. People should simply stop using these platforms but too many are addicted! Let’s not be fooled as the true objective of the Liberals is for their own gain and censor their critics, nothing to do with anything else… here is a great vid https://youtu.be/QUr6eN9-NlE

  15. Facebook and Twitter were started by the CIA/FBI/NSA/DOJ!
    Mark Zuckerberg has all the hallmarks of an inside man! Notice how robotic he is!

  16. You can see the CBC pick and choose their stories and avoid painful truths that's why social media is important🇨🇦

  17. The very Chinese Face of our invention, like the seafood no can afford lobsters in Canada because of the Hong Kong king Khanjob, pirates asset stripping Great Canadian Businesses

  18. Sheri Lanka shut down platforms before or after the Shariah Jihad Warriors killed Christians, en mass,,,,

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