Politicians Don’t Give A Damn About Hypocrisy

represent a bill Cassidy Republican
louisiana now running for several years Mary Landrieu well here’s what he has a saber make up
for Christ Obama man there’s a groom there’s a a program
called Medicare Advantage at work for seems prisons I don’t bomber
ripped it out several in sixteen billion dollars remember in the 2012 campaign problems kept talking about this all but
one cup think it will only be willing dollars in a bag bill Cassidy said among the
things the president’s health care law does is it cuts medicare Advantage you’re
looking up a senior citizens now you know how ballistic I go when
President Obama offers the cut what they call
entitlements now cause you’re entitled to those cuz you work your whole life
for that night Social Security and Medicare you paid
into that retitled every red cent you put in and that
you’re supposed to get back but Medicare Advantage was not one of
those things the $716 billion dollars didn’t go to the people who put money in america
the citizens if it did other been squealing from the rooftops
on it no it was specifically to private
corporations who delivered the same exact product but skim 760 million miles off the top it was the one of the best things the
president obama did and I gotta 200 criticism President Obama just
checked YouTube new littered by criticism of Obama that I
have done probably more so certainly substantively than any
republican house okay but getting ready Medicare Advantage is
Samia seven hundred million dollars was fantastic they were just the middleman basically
robbing us blind but then the republicans sold by the way
that’s not the sewer problems didn’t dislike Obama
doing that in spite of that they dislike Obama
doing that because I’ve that CBK as greg we will always says the
flight is by this because up republicans Lopid when the private
corporation skim off the top you know extra services and the poll
also let money back to them in campaign contributions so they fought against it now later may problems also want to balance the budget
sewed every proposal going forward they did the same exact thing bill
Cassidy the guy now complaining about it board
the same way he bolted district 27 sixty million
dollars at American because otherwise you can balance the
budget they figure Obama did already anyway okay let’s go for right when asked about
the so well below but OK but if they so if they’re taking the
savings ’em that and putting it back in the trust fund
I’m okay with that actually I wanted to do that at one point haha in other words you just admitted you voted to do the same exact thing that you criticize President Obama for
2011 to go to medicare the savings and loan I add okay then Paul Ryan when asked wait a
minute you’re the leader of the budget for the republicans you got your guy who
always put it together it’s Paul Ryan budget that we vote on a you did the same car Obama did that
you criticize them for during the campaign he said no no but you gonna send I love
this quote cuts to Medicare call makes it easier to
balance the budget yeah I think that’s when President Obama
said but their unbelievable man they just don’t give a damn about
hypocrisy and then we turn to bill Cassidy and in his communication
director the simple you also supported the Paul Ryan budget
and Paul Ryan budget does the same cut I love it she says quote the legislation
was embryonic where’s Obamacare passed the
came into law that sounds like abortion me but okay anyway good so is a goner know what
I before we were a republican budget that didn’t have a chance to passing
anyway so it was embryonic and so was okay to rip that out okay i’d
Obama’s pass up from my bow so tell us about but look overall you know Republican a
boxy the main reason I’m tell you the story
is if you’re not clear about it yet wake up look at who who were here republicans don’t give a damn about
protecting Medicare and Social Security a the never have from day one they oppose
bottle those programs be eminently and they’ve been fighting
them ever since so I can’t believe that we
have citizens to this day in age and by the
way journalists so-called journalist who take this is a real issue but
there’s a lot a legitimate criticism President Obama but have youth and by the way I think
he’s a republican lite in that he does want to a grand bargain
we actually cuts Medicare and Social Security to real
recipients he hasn’t done it yet but he does want to strike a deal I know
that because I’m not reading the tea leaves he proposed that
in one of his budgets now they’re published Dockers as a for
that because the reality is the republican party has always and continues to this day love
the idea of cutting Medicare and Social Security so it’s not a real debate it’s not a
real discussion it you know you can question how much
the democrats earlier legitimate in there protection of
Medicare Social Security but you can’t possibly think if you’re
past the backs in reality at all if you paid any attention to politics in
this country for the last seven decades eight decades you can’t possibly think the republicans would like to protect Medicare Social
Security more than the democrats that’s just not reality

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  1. why would republicans care about hypocrisy? no one on fox news will call them on it, rush limbaugh isn't gonna talk about it, glen beck won't bring it up, they aren't gonna hear about it from their pastors. there is zero blow back against them for being as hypocritical as they want so long as they don't piss off any of those people.

  2. Yeah we get it, Vote Democrat, anything you think is bad is completely equated to Republicans.. snore, heard this line from you guys so long that is all I hear anymore. 

  3. All politians are hypocrats it is part of their profesion. We have to vote for them, for them to get a job and stay in their comftable overpaid seat. The choice is selecting the lesser evil. And hope for the best. They know we know that they are hypocrats, but they belive that we are to comftable With the system to do anything about it, thus we are no better then them, that the status quo and democracy at it's best.

  4. Our bought/paid for government is doing exactly what their puppet masters are telling them to do. Bankers fund both sides to divide and conquer. Americans are too stupid to figure out this grand illusion!…

  5. Republicans/Conservatives only care about winning as if they're rooting for a football team. They are not concerned about right or wrong.

  6. If IQ tests were required in order to vote the republican party would die (faster than they already are that is)

  7. You want Hypocrisy I live in a neighborhood full of right wing retied government employees that hate fucking  government debt.

  8. Republicans speak the party line first and quick to give FOX their sound byte, the base only believe what they've been told to think by "approved sources". Everything else is "liberal lies" so when the hypocrisy is spoken it never reaches the GOP base without first being prepped and spun.
    When your Moral Compass always points at you, it's probably that extra special stupid big iron belt buckle that's doing it. The GOP has a virtual version of just that.

  9. Republicans not caring about hypocrisy… yeah sorry this doesn't count as news. News implies something new.

  10. So, after watching TYT for a while I came to the conclution that they probably don't like the Republican Party too much…

  11. Republicans don't just don't give a damn about hypocrisy they also don't give a damn about blacks, latinos, women, immigrants, poor or even conservatives they just care about making their donors who pay them off happy.

  12. Keystone pipeline its nothing but a wreck don't buy the very rich to make a profit for themselves putting over a pipe line over middle classes backs to feed other countries oil needs.. More or les fuck off middleclass people we rich folks run you in your face tactics

  13. I wouldn't trust any politician at this point , Republicans or Liberals 
    I mean is not like politicians  feel compelled to always say the truth to their Citizens 

  14. The American people will get the government they want.   Republicans don't care about Social Security, education, health care or any program that actually helps the Middle class or poor.   Google;  George Carlin and the American Dream

  15. "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."
    —- Alexis de Tocqueville

  16. Bill Cassidy is truly Sarah Palin's DICKLESS and BALLESS BITCH and PUSSY! Palin PWNS this RINO hypocrite in every single way! President Palin will expose his PUSSY for the whole world to see! Palin and other true conservative white christian republican women are PURE of hypocrisy while RINO men like Bonerless, Cassidy, McConnell are FULL of hypocrisy!

  17. Why would Republicans want to cut Social Security when money is paid in that the people then later get back,?

  18. Ahhhh yes the Repulican party.
    The party of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps 
    Working hard and earning your money.
    But ran Bush and Romney, who started off with wealthy families.
    "do as i say not as i do"

  19. If you think their is any differnce between demopublicans and republicrats, you have not been paying attention. Rich people are a side effect of the survival paradigm that is ruining this world, people ensure survival by hording as much as they can to the detriment of everyone around them…hence the 1%ers. Money, as a checks and balances of personal responsibility, only works if it is in circulation. Otherwise, you create the massive despairity in wealth we see today….which is why, due to an ever enlightening population and the realization that giving a third of your life (an average 8 hour workday) to make someone else rich is the highest form of BS, our monetary system is going the way of the dodo….and good riddance to bad rubbish. Namaste. Have faith that all things work out in the end and that love will prevail.

  20. Republicans care a lot about hypocrisy.  Being hypocritical is one of the main pillars of their party strategy.

  21. False – The republican icon you are using as a graphic started using inverted pentagrams awhile ago. Youz haz outdated icons! Gotta wonder why the bothered switching such a minute detail tho..

  22. If you don't like corporations you might love Islam. Whether liberals agree with Islam or not they have to at lest admit that Islam provides a perfect form of wealth redistribution. No one would go hungry or homeless in an Islamic country that did what it was supposed to do. Also Islam says that natural resources belong to the people, and not greedy corporations. 

  23. I wanna see a story of someone shitting/pissing on Fred Phelps grave not something we all know is true.
    (However there are some people in this page that try to make the issue seem 50/50, but we rarely ever see a democrat spouting out insane shit. The republicans do that far more and are way more fucking radical, to say anything to the contrary you are a GOP slut claiming to be different and you know it.)

  24. What would be refreshing to hear from an American politician would be "Fuck this charade, let's extend Medicare to everyone, results will determine was it good or not".

  25. It's like people don't remember that Democrat and Republican stances aren't just opinions out of nowhere, they're a part of political theory. 

  26. Republicans are red, Democrats are blue, and neither one of them cares about you. So quit blaming the other side and work together for a change. Both political sides in the government are screwing us over and if we continue to fight and miss the big picture, freedom will soon diminish. Liberals and conservatives here in Texas have already banded together and on May 16th, that should change. People regardless of gender, religion, political affiliation, skin color, race, and ethnicity will walk together as one in Washington D.C. and peacefully protest, unarmed, for the restoration of our Constitution and impeachment of leaders in Congress regardless of political affiliation. 

  27. Republicans don't care about lying and hypocrisy,they are Satan's counterfeit Christians.they insult God every time they mock the poor

  28. The Affordable Care Act was a good first step ~ it's not quite as good as creating a European-style single-payer system, but it'll do for now … I can understand why democrats are proud of the ACA and the republicans keep trying to repeal it …

  29. Its so sketchy to hear anybody called hypocritical by a media outlet. Especially one as arrogantly so as the major TV and net sources.

  30. get rid of the dems, get rid of the reps. Time to for a whole new gov. I vote middle class organic hardworking farmers for president. no more oil or banking presidents or ex lawyers.


  32. Who are the bigger hypocrites? The GOP or conservative voters? I think the voters are bigger hypocrites parasites and puppets of the richest 1% you don't  see liberals trying to cut programs that people in their own families are on now or will need in the future to stick it to a black progressive president.Conservative voters eat their young and old.

  33. Republicans don't care about hypocrisy cause MOST people these days have the memory of a goldfish. They'll forget the bs very soon. I think they know that, and take advantage of it all the time.

  34. Watching live RT news last night around 6:30 (pst) I saw the story about the BBC altering used footage, changing the words of a female Syrian doctor from napalm to chemical weapons during the controversy, specifically to provoke anger in the west. Wow! So I took two mins and had a look on YouTube and found no less than 3 other recent mainstream examples! FOX NEWS attempting to pass footage of a burning Athens off as the election protests in Moscow, CNN international reporters on camera faking being shot at in Libya; quite poorly I might add, and then Anderson Cooper's satellite interview of an actor pretending to be a Syrian rebel, even calling for gunfire as soon as the interview started to add drama as well as flat out lying about the regime killing over 200 people and the events before he went live; all thanks to someone leaking the pre-interview footage. Chenk, Mrs. Kasparian please do a show (or series of shows) exposing this pro war propaganda! More people need to know this is going on, and I am sure there's many more examples than what I could dig up in a few search queries.

  35. I think it was a bad idea to have touch Medicare. That money should have been redistributed elsewhere in Medicare. Now the reactionaries are using this as a weapon against their opponents. Obama should have called for Medicare for All and eliminated this fodder for reactionary rhetoric.

  36. Start calling them "Earned Benefit Programs" now. Conservatives can no longer be the ones to frame the issues.

  37. NONE of them care about hypocrisy. Dems, Reps, the whole lot. It is all about keeping their scams in and playing it up when the otherside has to take one out. And you know what, They both know it! And it is just a game to them! Because they know there will be legislation right around the corner to get back whatever they lost and then some.

  38. You know what's a really sick and fucked up defense of money in politics? We are a capitalist nation, and capitalism LITERALLY means to look out for ones self interest. Kinda mind fucking huh?

    Like if you like so maybe they'll see.

  39. The republican party is an unsustainable party. In order for it to function, they need to FUCK over 90% of the people they rule. Simple science, vote these crazy cock suckers out of office. The dems are not clean either but holy hell the GOP don't live in reality.

  40. Maybe I've just been watching the wrong videos, but I don't think Cenk criticises Obama quite as much as he thinks he does.

  41. Oh, those silly-willy Republicans.  Getting more like the liberal, (err…"Democrat"), party every day.  Kinda like John Kerry, [D], & Secretary of State, who said, "I voted for the Iraq war, before I voted against it".  Plenty of hypocrisy to go around.

  42. This is all politicians, Republican and Democrat. It's all about money. They don't care about your rights, they only care when they get paid to care, how do they fight for your well being, someone funds the politicians to care. Only one thing runs things in our country! and it's money.  How you feel means absolutely jack. It's what you have to offer them. It's all about keeping the pigs fat and happy. The moment you quit feeding it, you will quickly see how much it really cares.

  43. Hypocrisy is rooted in subjectivity. While all human beings have a subjective cognition framework, which can also be thought of as an interpretive framework, some are much more subjective than others. High degrees of subjectivity are characterized by persistent belief contrary to known evidence, and inability actions and behaviors in distinct contexts as failing to adhere to a consistent or coherent value set.

    Some societies can produce copious quantities of people with high degrees of subjectivity – and these societies over time tend to disintegrate. Dis-integrate, meaning they fail to cohere and maintain existence, and either become a different society with different values, or are displaced by a different society. Often the transformation of societies in history can be thought of as a movement towards, or away from, subjectivity.

    In the late 1800s, the US government gave – as we all know – massive subsidies to the railroad corporations in the form of land grants or even direct subsidies. The purpose was to create a robust and efficient transportation network. The effort to do this was, on the whole, successful, but not without corruption private and public.

    At the exact same time that the government was handing over immense wealth to private companies, in the 1890s, there was a terrible drought in south Texas, which threatened to wipe out tens of thousands of farmers. Eventually these farmers, facing destitution, were encouraged by a bill that had passed Congress granting $100,000 in relief to these farmers – which was only enough, and not really enough, to buy seed grains that they otherwise could no longer afford. Cleveland vetoed this bill, and said "Federal aid in such cases . . . encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character." He, of course, said nothing remotely like this when granting government wealth to the railroads, to the bondholders, to the bankers, and so on, who made literally hundreds of millions through government subsidies, giveaways, or "trades".

    This is subjectivity. Cleveland here failed to see that granting aid to the enormously wealthy while denying it to poor farmers – farmers who were also working and performing a social utility – was a contradiction and a hypocrisy. He failed to see it, and could not recognize it, for what it was. The domination of the capitalist class, and the exploitation of everyone else.

    The highly subjective politicians of today don't recognize their own subjectivity – they actually believe they are consistent – because they are products themselves of a highly subjective system called capitalism.

  44.      It has always been the goal of politicians to extort money from "boob" America and give it to their criminal friends. Why should Republicans ever be concerned with hypocrisy when it has worked so well in their favor.Hypocrisy is American as apple pie. 

  45. just live your life. dont judge another persons character. it doesn't make you any better. we are all decent people. some people just have to realize that u cant always really on another person. u made your own choices and its up to u to do what u have to. just because your broke and your family is hungry does not mean other people have to come to your aid. yes there are genuine people out there that will help people in need like churches and other things like that. There are people who rely on other people and those who work. either way they are not evil. murder happens because of hatred and jealousy. thats so stupid. people stop caring about what others think. Do what you have to do or let yourself die.

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