Politicians Admit They’re Owned By Wall Street!

john made of the republicans outreach to
wall street that seems to be curious i reach out to
wall street uh… but for the republicans aside for
a logical and is a time to catch it and john major has gotten himself in a
little bit of trouble here by being very explicit about that uh… article you’ve had with the quote
article for you mister bainer told mister dime in the head of j_p_ morgan uh… congressional republicans had
stood up to mister obama zebra stick current pay and impose new regulations they’re saying look we were on your side we try to make sure you got all your
petty on wall street and that you have no new regulations
deal and he did ten years the republican leader also said he was
disappointed many on wall street continued to donate money to democrats
according to people familiar with the matter at the wall street journal on that issue now eric cantor is also quoted here he’s of course a second i house
republican and the top wall street fund raiser for
his party and he said quote i sense a lot of the satisfaction a lot of buyer’s remorse on wall street referred out what should give more money
democrats on last lecture cycle anne saying see now they try to hold you accountable unilever always count on the republican
party and never hold you accountable to make sure we got your back and work bainer in cantors request are perfectly legitimate it if your awash tree banker anyone of protector pay and you want to be able to give much
risk as you like and you want to give bailed out by the taxpayer while the
republican party’s definitely your part remember bush is the one that did the
bailout they got a lot or was the architect of the whole
bailout was hank paulson the treasury secretary for bush and he is the former goldman sachs ito
upon all the money to go over size and j_p_ morgan all those companies so there
was tree banker yellow republicans there your boys i’m surprised they donated all the
democrats but they do and to be fair in two thousand eight wall street exams well it more specifically securities and
investment industry executives gave of allah fifteen million dollars an alien became in four seven million
dollars i think a lot of a war in the simplicial
what we all work enough the republicans are destroying the
economy even if it means organic you know did a little tighter regulation the
democrats and cetera or better that happens then these republicans drivers
of a plat having said that now the democrats are
in charge even a tiny little better regulation which isn’t very much at all is apparently way too much for wall street some of
their skin so now again the wall street journal reporting that through the third
quarter campaign finance reports show that some major wall street players have
begun to increase their share of donations for the republican party hutu bank of america which is to give a
little bit more the democrats is now getting a little bit more the
republicans an honor on and on it does and senator phil
gramm’s also quarter isabel architect of that republicans mc making sure to sell up to the bankers to collect their paychecks and then go
to work for the bankers was here in fact is exactly what he did and we told you i’m sure before but i
was uh… white got rich off of that he got
rich off of that the company’s he advocated for through the deregulation one of actually
losing billions of dollars but he didn’t really matter the grams because they
collect their paychecks and went home effect phil gramm still i would
investment firm of u_b_s_ securities pelosi any still collecting paychecks for driving companies into the ground
and deregulating itself further upon the parties back an
advertising saying hey wall street were on your side a great development if you’re a democrat
’cause that’s terrible parts of course the democratic party never miss an
opportunity that miss an opportunity so democrats are in the press today talks saying now all of them well some of them say now though we can start wall street even then the republicans what are you doing well that’s a problem they’re right
they’re both competing over who can pleasure wall street more so here’s henry waxman who i like and other instances but he
said one he makes a case uh… in helping
them posted these interviews uh… during the bailout debate that he called diamond personally and a diamond a day ahead of j_p_ morgan
quote impressed upon me how much he needed spot wax is basically say oregon one
updater i called dot that’s some what i’ve got a blank
check what you wanna bought it during the bailout pastors why did you do with that bombarded knitted because if that’s what
you’re doing that arul and he said we also the distillers i don’t
wind up open wall street frank lautenberg a democrat of new jersey uh… says that uh… when asked if it is a politically
parallels to you’ve seen on the side of wall street this is i don’t think so i think that a lesser some really grease behavior i think they should support bus and i
think we should be willing to accept their now in other words we’re open for business give us the money don’t get to the
republicans and who cares if we look like whichever
you’re just will serve your interest essence this is the politicians on both sides say we don’t give it dad what you think the the american people love you’ve got a nurse and the way we
win elections is by collecting campaign money rich donor and wall street’s got a lot of rich
donors we’re open for business and we’re having an auction here the sea who’s going to be the highest bidder and
if they give us more money will supplement if they give them more money
will some of the reality is they’re both they’ve both sides the
money bank of america uski fifty six percent the democrats
that earning fifty four percent for the republicans or vice versa and given a both sides and that’s why both sides are due to
whatever the hell they want yes there was not get anything out yeah in you guessed it but the record expert they’re not open to business for us it goes on and i represent no white
democrat of north carolina chairman the financial services subcommittee might be
rather relevant holed up in the post is quote no republican or democrat slant to wall
street issues you’re a hundred percent right now your boat given intro here you see the stuff anne it gives you
almost no hope nyc upbeat a little fairy you goodbye quoting
barney frank who was you know pat been fighting for finance
reform sin some of those regulations in my opinion if our two week but is the
uh… this is doing something at least he’s smart enough to realize
that they have made it huge mistake and the democrats should be happy about that
and not going to the press and phone them oh yea i will do even better he said about venus comments can i help him say that can advise from
national t_v_ time to say that unsurprising tough if that’s a good
message but he’s pretty make it frankly i’m glad that he’s been out on
it well but you should specter fellow
congressmen and senators is a trip to the democrats do in the banking
committee obviously most important committee in this regarding the house they stack it with a lot of the group
democrats who or in close races now what what’s
that implication of that well those people in close races or in districts that are more
conservative supposedly right and a lot of cases yes they are more
kisser their districts and since they’re in tight races there need more money so they put them on the banking company they put fifteen of them in so the banking committee no longer is
progressive even those controlled by democrats it’s not a conservative that those fifteen wind up voting with the banks y one day to go back on the heart felt
different about about over the past which is so crazy but nobody tells them on that but number
two they go back to the banks and go hey
look is the most important committee and i selected big time where’s my pager so that way guess what no strong financial reform coming out of the banking committee because the republicans the cursor
democrats working hand-in-hand and democratic leadership putting those democrats an activity to be able to do just that and then of course they continue to have
no regulation gonna run amok again and it’s gonna blow
up on us

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  1. I love how TYT ALWAYS goes back to Bush and his administration when the current administration is in shambles. Why can't Cenk just say Obama and the current administration is doing horribly and has no backbone? Is it really that hard you fanboy, Cenk?

  2. What new taxes? there are no new taxes that have passed! Name one new tax. The president has cut taxes for 95% of Americans threw the stimulus and hopefully the job bill.The only thing that could be considered a new tax is George Bush's tax cut for the top tax payers is coming to an end by law the law say's these tax cuts have to end.this is not a new tax and it has not happened yet……Crybabies

  3. chuckyfunk1 – dude, Cenk attacked Obama Admin weeks at a time about the Goldman Sachs payout, bailout, and campaign donations. he had a like a 11 minute rant about it. dude, Cenk is FAR from partisan ESPECIALLY when it comes to Financial Reform. Be honest man… damn, you're an idiot. Go to his page and type "bank", "AIG, or "Wallstreet" in search field and you'll have my proof, Chucky the Birther.

  4. Money is the root of all of mankinds evils. Well that and religion. We need to get rid of both of them for mankind to move forward. Cenk is explaining it to you pretty plainly. But fails to get to the bottom of the issue.

    Seems the web address I posted is being blocked by You Tube, as it won't allow me to post if the address is in the comment. You Tube sucks.

  5. It's not really "buyer's remorse." In 2008 it was clear that it was Democrats year. With wholly incompetent governance for years and a financial crisis it was obviously Democrats year, regardless of whatever money wall street poured into the campaigns. So, it makes sense to contribute to a party you may not even like because you are attempting to, if you will, buy insurance against their future policies – hopefully weakening them. They never really liked democrats.

  6. Apparently, you can't post website addresses on You Tube. That is truly lame. I have to ask why?

    The Venus Project started by Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows is the only way for us to go. The current system is broke and there is no fixing it.

  7. move your money to smaller local banks with fair rates, that way banks like bank of america wont be deemed "to big to fail" and require bails outs in a tax payers money cycle. then they can just fail and we'll let the fair banks manage our money.

  8. Wall Street just bet on the pony they knew would win: dems. They knew the public was sick of R's and decided to stay one step ahead by buttering up democrats. seems to have worked so far…

  9. We are NEVER going to get anything done in Washington as long as the banks run the place and it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon… We're so fucked.

  10. @LiberalHuntingSeason, shoudn't you be MORE concered with crazy bible thumpers, that are too busy with "god" and imaginary friends, that are using those beleifs to shape there policy's that also effect us?

  11. @cocogrrl

    " Hey, Cenk, will you have the same reaction will you find out the Democrats are just as guilty? when it comes to Wall Street it takes two parties to tango"

    Cenk just said that Democrates are just as guilty as the Republicans in this very video, not to mention, he's had many videos blasting the Dem's and OBAMA for being complicit with Wall Street, either you weren't listening or didn't watch the full video.

  12. dishonest Cenk fails to advise you all brain dead progressive Kool Aid drinkers that big organized labor gives 100% of their monies to the depraved DEMS

    also, trial lawyers of America basically OWN the DEMS, hence no Tort Reform in health care bill! Surprise, surprise

  13. @LiberalHuntingSeason, Your question regarding my mom and where I would leave her has nothing to do with my arguement. I would rather have a rational liberal or conserative that bases his policy's in logic and reailty rather then a bible thumper who use a 2000 year old book that has contradictions and different interpetations depending on who's reading it shaping his world view.

  14. Oh come on man, I am Arab and not even I blame all Jews like that. Yes there is a disproportional number of Jews in media (so I've been told), but that doesn't at all necessitate that they are all bad.

    These people represent their own corporate agenda, just as the Christians in the media, rather than that of Judaism. And it is not just Liberal media, but also conservative media, each moguel bashing the agenda that will take him to the top at our expense.

  15. @genie0390, yes the republicans were the main people driving the economy off the cliff's and the democrats kept giving them gas money, the economy collasped under Bush's watch, it's a fact that Clinton handed bush a 250 billion dollar surplus and bush handed Obama a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit, so is really the biased prick?

  16. I feel more like it's WE'RE polishing the brass on the Titanic, while THEY'RE loading the expensive china on OUR life boat, all while reminding us that our tickets are nonrefundable.

  17. Are you people seriously just now coming to the realization that America is a fascist nation? Take your money out of the banks people,they have power because of YOUR money.

  18. You turned off the tv in 2004? I think you turned off your brain in the 1800s. Elizabeth Duke is not Jewish. Maybe your theories would hold water if you used facts to back them up.

  19. @sidiggy1 Ok thanks but now i'm even more confused. You only said good qualities, then why people like LiberalHuntingSeason hate liberals? I dont get it… Are they evil ppl and hate those good things?

  20. They are probably also doing it as a type of cultural colonialism. Get Arabs thinking they are white and the same as Europeans, and they will eventually think the are Europeans,abandone their culture for a european one and will give the West unprecedented loyalty. That is quite important as now the West is fighting for influence in the ME, especially Iraq.

    Though there are white, blond etc.. Arabs, they are usually only in the more northern nations – Syria, Iraq and Lebanon cont…

  21. cont: However, you are correct the majority are significantly darker in skin colour to Northern Europeans – they are like Mediterranean people or darker. There is also some who are black, and Arabised Africans – Africans who speak the Arabic language.

    To be honest, I doubt Jesus was white like how he is portrayed often, nor completely black. In reality I will put my bets on him being olive-skinned or brown. Take care man.

  22. Using hyperbole to prove a point proves that your viewpoint is based on emotion, not facts.

    You cannot be manipulated without emotion.


  23. Don't you dis sheep them make wool and good meat meaning that they are actually useful. All republicans give are seizures.

  24. hoping does nothing. thinking or talking does nothing. doing does something. americans are soft lazy people in a TV trance who want their potatoe chips and porn…beer, ect. We are doomed to a continued life of slavery, all our rights are an illusion and the world government is in place. the last remaining goal for the elites now is de-population since technology can almost support the rich people standards of living with the help of a few trainable over seas peoples to run the machines.

  25. You have to take into account the Supreme Court ruling on McConnell v. FEC. This magnifies the impact of Wall Street on American politics and the Conservative Republicans (who pushed for this decision) know it. They have no problem selling out the American public.

  26. If the corps fund the 2 lame parties, and they also run the TV stations, then theres no way in hell the 3rd parties have a chance without publicity or money.

  27. The US governmental system is a quasi-corporo-fascist institution designed to keep and prop up the stock market at the literal and virtual expense of 85% of its own population.

  28. It is still true at the time the goverment had a dem majority and dems backed it and voted for it! I'm not changing anything you can't wash your hands and say he was tricked into signing it and then say only obama's decisions held back a collapse. you can't have the glory when signing the blame. and if they are so dumb to be tricked, none of them should be in power, dem and rep

  29. The people who control politicians use wallstreet through the private federal reserve to buy our politicians.

  30. Gather around children I have a story.Along time before discovering fire there were two tribes.One a nomadic group that wandered,never settling down, growing crops, or building houses. Then one day they came across a happy,peaceful, hard working group living by a large rushing river. The nomads wanted it.They could not use force, so they begged to live there and this was the beginning of our two political parties the Democrats and Republicans.The Republicans are not the nomads.

  31. The bottom line is, "We, the people…" are represented by no one. It's disgusting. The only solution is to vote every politician out of office. That is the only power we have. Get rid of every one of them.

  32. CENK…when will you get out of the fog and in to the light.most of your viewers know the whole thruth or can figure out when your leaving out the most important parts in your storys.
    stop the half truhs and the propaganda we know when ur doing it.
    i hate alex jones i dont like many things about him specially how religious he is.but when it comes to some truths and commoncense hes totally right. get down with the majority of your viewers and stop the half truths and you will dominate youtub

  33. Godamn Media People are helping with the destruction of this counrty. WAKEUP YOU BASTARDS YOUR MONEY ISNT GONNA BE WORTH SHIT EITHER SOON!

  34. Yes, very depressing, to say the least. It's all about Bait and Swith, or BS for short. You have these candidates that make these campaign promises and as soon as they are in office, they do whatever they please. Bush ran on fiscal responsibility, small government, no nation builidng, etc. Obama runs on openess, change, transparency, troops out of the MidEast, etc. They both lie…bait and switch…BS. Voter every politician out of office. Then they will get the messsage.

  35. no one gives these candidates any money…none.zippo. the dems and rep both are sent out on campaign trails and get you the people to donate money and give it all to the big banks.
    They all are bank whores! America was sold yrs ago. HOW? Because banks bought the tv networks first. Now if you can figure out how to vote out the tv networks and big banks and secret scocietys…you'll win.

  36. Young Turks is 110 percent liberal and he hates America just like all liberal idiot loons. Notice how he doesn't mention Libs and Dems as much? He is an idiot loon

  37. Why does he hate America? And so hes' a liberal but he doesn't mention libs or dems?

    Your ignorance and incoherent statement says a lot about you.

  38. geez, i'm a liberal, and i fought for my country, raised my kids, give to charities, vote, and i was even a scout leader. now i find out that i hate america. gosh i wish i would have known that years ago. the only ones who love america are the rich and the mindless sheep that believe all the bullshit thrown at them by big money and want to keep them mind less sheep!

  39. Watch Fall Of The Republic guys, this will all make sense. Just Youtube it, Its full and in HQ.

    Knowledge isn't given, Its in the pursuit of it in which we retain some.

  40. Both of them are Keyenesians, we need more laissez-faire. What incentivizes more lobbyists? A system where the government gives out subsidies and actively tries to run the market or one where the government gets out of the way and businesses have to go to you? The answer is clear, laissez-faire.

  41. @SkankinRep – Except that without government intervention you get slavery, child labor, indentured servitude, lead dumped in drinking water, food sold en masse containing toxins or blatant carcinogens… you get run away monopolies. The system also fails without Fed intervention. So deregulation as a panacea is as moronic as statism as a panacea. The government & our economic system will never be perfect. Get over it.

    Here's an analogy: Cars kill people – Therefore do away with all cars?

  42. @CO2Junkie Slavery, child labor, etc. are all the same type of action: forcible cohesion. They are all products of forcing individuals to cooperate. Force is justified only in one sense: to defend individual rights. The concept of socialism is, by nature, demeaning to every individual and (according to the Founders) unconstitutional. Though they labelled the practice levelling. Madison writes in the Fed papers about the dangers of democracy usurping individual and property writes vs a Republic.

  43. @SkankinRep – It seems u tried to be deep & profound & instead achieved chauvinistic & non sequitur. "They r all products of forcing individuals to cooperate."

    Both side of the equation force cooperation. Kingdoms force cooperation. Democracies force cooperation. All government is by force. All capitalism & the property rights & territories it depends on r by force.

    The free market requires uninterrupted interstate commerce & creative freedom et al. Such freedoms exist by forced cohesion.

  44. @SkankinRep – "The concept of socialism is, by nature, demeaning to every individual." Says you. Founding father quote mine & FAIL.

    Jefferson talked up freeing slaves & suffered for it politically. Part of Thomas Paine's lack of success in politics was his unwavering commitment to end slavery. Jefferson acknowledge that for democracy to survive there needed to be some degree of economic equity or else democracy would decay into oligarchy.

    "Some degree of economic equity" is not socialism.

  45. @CO2Junkie You've obviously never read Cicero, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, or Ayn Rand. I'll agree government is by forced-cohesion, but any practice by forced-cohesion is not, by nature, capitalism. Capitalism is a system of free choice and recognition of rights. Government does exist to protect these rights but as Thomas Paine wrote there is a separation of government and society. While government protects capitalism (and may arguably be a pre-requisite) it is separate and not the same thing

  46. @CO2Junkie Capitalism and law are not the same; in fact they are quite different. It may be argued that the failure of early America was not installing a full-fledged capitalist system (ie: Not enabling every man their inherent and natural rights devoid of forced-cohesion to the greatest extent possible). However, the rights they declared were capitalist when implemented. As you point out, there is an inconsistancy; this points to the need of extending rights and not employing full slavery.

  47. @SkankinRep – That's like saying how people behave in traffic & traffic law are not the same thing. Of course they are not, but yet one influences the other. They are dependent upon each other.

    Capitalism or specifically the 'free market' is only possible in an organized society with property rights, copyright laws, trademark laws, trade laws, and some economic equity… among other things. All of that cooperation is in large part due to forced cohesion instituted by government.

  48. @SkankinRep – "While government protects capitalism (and may arguably be a pre-requisite)…"

    Now u r keeping up. And u r now contrary to your earlier argument that any forced cohesion by government is unneccessary & unconstitutional. As I pointed out – many of the pros of society (including capitalism) are also due to forced cohesion.

    It's great u r so well read but it seems u r only making connections that u want to make, instead of making all the connections that THERE ARE.

  49. @CO2Junkie I agree, freedom and law are interdependent; but as Thomas Paine wrote, they are opposite in nature. "Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one; […]" Capitalism is the recognition that government serves to protect individual rights beyond simply living. It is the affirmation of an individual's right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. That's why slavery is inconsistant with it.

  50. @CO2Junkie Refer to my other post. Also you're arguing that the government ought to guide society to what is best. The argument descends from Hegel, not a road you want to go down. There was no inconsistancy in what I say or have said, what is inconsistant is your interpretation of the context. The constitution creates a limited government in more than three branches because ultimately all three would still expand Fed power. England had a 3-branches system. Our founders sought more than that.

  51. @SkankinRep – You've done a complete about-face but that's fine.

    Let me set u straight on your own misinterpretation – *I BELIEVE* Americans should do what is best for themselves & use their representative government to that affect (while considering minority rights & efficiency issues). Federal Government should be a tool of the people, not of an oligarchy.

    Where else would this seemingly magical guidance you write of come from? Elites? Fine – as long as they are elected & term limited.

  52. @SkankinRep – Well now you're getting into epistemology of government. Which is a different issue than what elicited my response.

    Unfortunately & despite what any philosopher or 'founding father' may have said 200 to 2,000 years ago… Government will always need to step on one person's freedom to protect another's freedom. C'est la vie. I prefer to err on the side with the larger number of people. Thus for me, the freedom of the masses trump the needs of the would-be-oligarchs.

  53. @CO2Junkie No about-face here. My point here has always been that Government and Society are separate and that government is a necessary evil. That's consistant with laissez-faire which Ayn Rand wrote required a government to protect base rights. Here's an example to help explain: War is bad, but sometimes necessary to defend peace. This seems like a reversal but is more consistant and logical than someone who refuses to fight at all as that belief leads to the encouragement of tyranny.

  54. @CO2Junkie Compare the depression of FDR to the depression of Coolidge. Look at this current recession and where it started: the housing market. It hit at the same time that the government was admitting that their quasi-governmental corp.s (freddie and fannie) were over $5 tril in liabilities. The Fed Reserve's current existence removes the Congressional check on budgetting (observe government bonds returns compared to interest on their loans where banks make money by laundering for the govt)

  55. @CO2Junkie Capitalism and good government are one and the same: the affirmation of individual rights. At such time as the government usurps rights it has begun to corrupt or is null and void (Cicero/Locke/etc.). There is a recognizable difference betwen a necessary evil and class warfare or controlled society. Marx, President Wilson and James Madison all agreed on one thing: Democracy will become socialism. That's why Madison chose a Republic. A government exists of and for all, not groups.

  56. @DillonX : The GOP swiftly moved to take control of the Tea Party, and to subvert it with help from the major outlets. If there's one thing that makes the NWO crowd nervous, it's exposure and populism.

  57. We have to be the stupidest people in the world. These politicians admit they are all baught and paid for and yet we keep argueing over which party is more loyal to main street. It seems that where this country is going is no mystery anymore. Down nonstop and i don't even care anymore cause we totally deserve it by letting our corrupt leadership get away with it. As soon as they decided to bail out these
    bastards we should have all marched on DC with pitchforks. God help the innocent children!

  58. As long as Republicans don't take back the White House, then I'm content. I'm not happy with either of the parties, but the moment the GOP take control of the presidency is when our country will have done a 180 degree spin, we can't afford to let that happen.

  59. And now we know that both parties are owned by Goldman and Sachs, yet so many people to this day are refusing to accept the truth. Once Obama is replaced he will begin his job at Goldman and Sachs and what will he be doing? The same thing that he did in the White House, making money for Goldman and Sachs. Wake up America, it's already 50 years too late.

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